A Surge in Abandoned French Bulldogs

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Author: Tilly Walker

It is only in the recent past that French Bulldogs popularity has gone up because of their looks and distinct ears, however this fashion has been associated with a lot of negative effects. The blog post explores different problems faced by breeders, pet owners and animal welfare institutions through a complex black box called French Bulldogs.

A Surge in Abandoned French Bulldogs

A Surge in Abandoned French Bulldogs

The report from RSPCA (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) unfortunately reveals a rise in cases of abandonment within French bulldog breeds. These range from medical complications experienced by breeds themselves to instances where they are not taken care of well by their owners. This growth demonstrates that fashion now outweighs knowledge on its good care needs.

Recent data from England and Wales[1] has highlighted a concerning trend: the number of abandoned French Bulldogs has increased sharply. The RSPCA reports that the number of French Bulldogs dumped rose from eight in 2020 to 582 in 2023, marking an increase of over 7,000% in just three years.

The Cost of Popularity: French Bulldogs and the Celebrity Influence

They say everything celebrities do becomes a trend since people watch them. Consequently, these breeds become status symbols among the rich people who therefore create an unexpected demand for them leading into unethical breedings which only aims at serving clients regardless future diseases they are susceptible to.

Health Risks and Veterinary Costs: The Hidden Price of Flat-Faced Breeds

French bulldog comes under brachycephalic or flat-faced breed. They have many illness such as breathing problems, skin issues or spine diseases among others. So far, there remains no option but for Veterinarians to spend huge amount money on addressing these issues thereby making some people abandon dogs due financial constraints.

The Kennel Club’s Stance on French Bulldog Standards

Therefore Kennel Club had begun emphasizing health rather than beauty during the breeding process. This way it will allow breeder against focusing more on physical appearance at cost of wellbeing including less exaggerated face formation among French bulldogs thus improving their overall fitness levels.

RSPCA’s Campaign Against Brachycephalic Breeds: Born to Suffer

These campaigns by RSPCA target educating individuals how squashed faced dogs are suffering. They aim at educating people about the health problems that might be experienced by these dogs and also discourage them from buying these dogs so that they may not suffer for the rest of their lives.

The Cost of Living Crisis’s Effect on Pet Ownership

Many raise in living standards has made it impossible for many people to keep pets. The increasing prices make it hard for some pet owners, more especially those with breeds like French Bulldogs which could require costly medical attention.

Save, Don’t Buy: The Argument in Favor of Saving Dogs with Brachycephaly

After learning about the challenges that faces a French bulldog, animal rights movements insist that prospective dog owners opt for adoption instead. Therefore, to buy one such dog suffering from brachycephaly can save his/her life and protest against unethical breedings that eventually lead to diseases among the kind. Majority of such animals inevitably end up in shelters as well as rescues.

To sum up, nothing is simple or straightforward when it comes to French Bulldogs but breeders, owners and animal welfare as well as society at large must work together on this matter. It is crystal clear reminder that care should always come before style and beauty are just extras.


  1. Davis, N. (2024, March 16). Number of abandoned French bulldogs increases sharply in England and Wales. The Guardian.
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