Are Dogs Allowed in Post Offices Uk? Quench Your Curiosity Now

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As a dog parent, you have to take care of your dog, you cannot leave him alone at home. And that is the sign of a good dog owner. But are dogs allowed in post offices of Uk? You must have faced these kinds of questions till now, whenever you want to go out with your dog, you have to check the rules and regulations of whether that place weather they allows dogs or not.

Post offices in the UK are not dog friendly. You are not allowed to take dogs to the post office unless they are assistants or guide dogs. In the UK assistance and guide dogs are allowed almost everywhere, including in post offices.

Unfortunately, pet dogs are strictly prohibited in the post office. Because of the risk of nuisance and disturbance. Let us discuss other reasons why dogs are not allowed in the post office of the UK.

Dogs in Post Offices in the Uk

As dogs are not welcome in the post office because of many reasons. But if you have assistance or a guide dog, then they are allowed because the person who is having an assistance dog must be physically challenged and cannot walk without their dog.

Dogs in post offices in the
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According to Assistance Dogs UK “Assistance dogs are trained to support disabled people and people with medical conditions in a variety of ways. From guide dogs to medical alert dogs, from autism dogs to hearing dogs, assistance dogs change, and often save, the lives of their owners and their families.”

So the question of nuisance and disturbance can not arise with assistance dogs. They are well-trained to behave well with people in public places.

Why Dogs Are Not Allowed in the Post Office?

You might be wondering if you have a very small breed of dog and he doesn’t even bark at someone, then why is your dog not allowed? The answer to this question is, It is not all about nuisance and disturbance in the post office. Rules must be the same for all.

The post office is a workplace and the workplace must be safe for its employees. What if a dog is aggressive and bites someone? Not only that but also If someone is allergic to dogs and finds dogs in their office, they will face some serious health issues.

Moreover, many dogs also carry germs with them and someone can get infected if they leave those harmful bacteria behind. Additionally, if the dog does his business there, the question of cleaning will remain the same. Therefore, it is better to keep dogs outside of the office.

What to Do If You Have an Assistance Dog

Prepare your assistance dog before visiting post office
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Before you take your dog out in public, there are some measures you should consider.

  • Train your dog with commands. Master basic skills to control your dog in a panic situation like Teach sit, down, leave it, and go to your bed. This will help you to remain relaxed in public as you know he will obey your command.
  • Socialize your dog. Take him to the crowded places gradually. Introduce him one by one to people so he gets familiar with strangers and doesn’t get panic or anxious in public. For this, you can use a reward system.
  • Also, you should tie his identification and harness on the whole time. He should be easily recognized by the security at the gate. so they you enter with the dog.
  • Generally, assistance dogs are allowed everywhere, including in the post office. But it would be better if you read their guidelines before you left home. In case they have any special requirements.
  • Lastly, if you can bring someone with you then that would be more convenient for you. So pre-plan accordingly.


Are dogs allowed in post offices in the UK?

Except for assistance or guide dogs, dogs are not allowed in the post office in the UK.

What is the penalty for bringing a dog into a post office in the UK?

There is no specific penalty mentioned by them. But office staff might ask you to leave the office, in case you bring a dog without their permission

Are there any exceptions to the rule of not allowing dogs in post offices in the UK?

There is no specific rule for it but some post office allows dogs because they are located inside a larger store. Therefore, it is better to check their guidelines before you visit there.

Why are dogs not allowed in post offices in the UK?

Dogs are not allowed in post offices for the welfare of the staff and hygiene of the office premises. Also, it is to avoid the good for the safety of customers.


Your doubt about whether are dogs allowed in post offices in the UK must be solved. We can conclude that in the UK dogs are not allowed in the post office. But if you have assistance or a guide dog, you can bring your dog with you with some precautions.

Definitely, exceptions are always there as some post office allows pet dogs, but most of them don’t. Therefore, you should check the instruction of the post office before you visit the post office.


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5 thoughts on “Are Dogs Allowed in Post Offices Uk? Quench Your Curiosity Now”

  1. The remarks about hygiene and causing a disturbance are farcical. All of the cafe’s in Lincoln, and most other towns allow dogs in. Except of course anywhere run by the council, who are decades behind the real world in acceptance. Likewise government run organisations

    • Cafes and post offices are very different environments. Cafes are louder, more chaotic spaces where a dog may not stand out as much. Post offices tend to be smaller, quieter spaces where a dog could be more disruptive.

      • No more disruptive than toddlers! Most dogs are well behaved and I’d nor staff can ask the owners to remove them (unlike children). As foe safety of staff that is a farcical response given they’re behind screens. I cannot take my well behaved spaniel to the PO, but he is happily accepted by the Costa across the road…which, btw, isn’t noisy at all

        • I understand the desire to bring dogs into more public spaces, but post offices have legitimate reasons for restricting pets that we should respect. The article outlines concerns around hygiene, potential disturbances, and staff/customer safety that are all valid in the confined setting of a post office.

          While I’m sure many dogs are perfectly well-behaved, it only takes one incident to cause real issues. Postal workers are dealing with stressful jobs and tight schedules – a dog fight or aggressive dog could be very disruptive and dangerous in their workplace. Even well-meaning dogs may get anxious around crowds and unfamiliar noises in a busy post office.

          And as the article states, post offices must consider those with allergies or fear of dogs too. Their health and comfort matter.

          So while a blanket ban may seem harsh, it’s likely the most prudent policy for post offices to maintain their safe and orderly operations. Dog owners have many options that welcome pets – sometimes we have to accept reasonable restrictions for the greater good. Perhaps post offices could set up tie-up areas outside to accommodate dogs where possible. But the indoor restriction seems a sensible precaution.

        • I get where you’re coming from, but we gotta look at this from the post office’s view too. Even the goodest dogs can have accidents or freak out around crowds and noise. Toddlers have adults watching them – dogs rely on training that ain’t perfect. The post office’s just worried about problems happening, and that’s fair enough in their workspace.

          I love dogs too and wish more places would welcome them! But we can’t expect every business to be cool with pets – some limits make sense for safety and allergies and stuff. Maybe we could push for more dog parks or tie-up areas instead of forcing dogs where they aren’t allowed. If we hear the post office’s concerns, we can probably find a compromise that works for everyone.


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