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Best Artificial Grass Cleaner For Dog Urine UK

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If you have a dog and artificial grass, you may have encountered the problem of dog urine on your synthetic turf. Dog urine can cause unpleasant smells, stains, and bacteria growth on your artificial grass. Fortunately, there are products that can help you clean and disinfect your artificial grass from dog urine.

In this article, we will review some of the best artificial grass cleaners for dog urine in the UK, and how to use them properly.

Best Artificial Grass Cleaner For Dog Urine UK

Key Takeaways

  • Artificial grass cleaners are products that can help remove dog urine, stains, and odours from synthetic turf.
  • There are different types of artificial grass cleaners, such as chemical, natural, enzyme, oxygen, vinegar, and baking soda.
  • To use artificial grass cleaners effectively, follow the instructions, cover the affected area, let the solution dry, and blot the excess moisture.

Best Artificial Grass Cleaner For Dog Urine UK

For helping you find the best artificial grass cleaner for dog urine UK, I have curated this list that is quite popular in the market. Our team at Wewantdogs has conducted a thorough analysis and reviewed different prospects and come up with a list that includes a variety of artificial grass disinfectants and cleaners.

So, let’s begin with our top picks for the best artificial grass cleaner dog urine UK:

1. Pro Kleen Artificial Grass Cleaner

For allergen-free and dog-friendly artificial glass cleaner, Pro Kleen Artificial Grass Cleaner for Dogs is a suitable choice. This artificial grass cleaner will target the source and get rid of the urine smell. The formula used in the product is strong enough to clean the surface and also disinfect it.



In addition, the cleaner will not only mask the dog urine smell but, also provides a refreshing smell afterwards.

Key Features:

  • Hospital grade
  • Strong fragrance
  • Concentrated formula

Further, once the solution is used, make sure you wait for the turf to get dry before allowing your furry friend to go back out there.

  • Cleans the surface effectively
  • The dilution ratio with water is less (10:1)
  • Disinfects the surface and provides a fresh scent
  • Can cause irritation in the eyes of dogs

2. Artificial Grass Cleaner For Dogs by Paw Original Store

Paw Original Store brings you Artificial Grass Cleaner for Dogs that are usable as concentrate. The formula is pet safe and can clean, disinfect and provide a nice fragrance. You can make up to 10 litres of the solution and still maintain the strength and odour of the product.



The cleaner instantly gets rid of bacteria and viruses and is completely pet safe. In addition, it will also prevent the growth of moss and algae in your artificial turf.

Key Features:

  • Hospital grade
  • Concentrated 3-in-1 formula

In addition, the solution is also helpful in cleaning bowls, bedding, and much more. Also, the manufacturer insists on not rinsing the surface with water after use.

  • Fresh-cut grass super smell
  • Kills bacteria, and viruses, and stops the growth of algae and moss
  • 1 litre of solution can make up to 10 litres
  • The scent doesn’t remain strong after diluted

3. PetSol Artificial Grass Cleaner for Dogs

PetSol Artificial Grass Cleaner for Dogs is an effective cleaning solution for neutralising odours specific to dog faeces. As per the manufacturer, one single bottle can cover up to 300 square metres and it’s easy to apply on the surface using a can.



After applying the solution, you can rinse the synthetic turf using clean water to make it disinfected, moss-free and provide a fresh scent.

Key Features:

  • Grass cut fragrance
  • 3-in-1 super-concentrated disinfectant

Further, the cleaner also provides an invisible coating on the surface to stop future bacterial growth.

  • Useful as a disinfectant for floors, and bowls
  • Insulation/coating on turf to stop bacteria growth
  • One bottle can make 30 litres of diluted solution
  • The scent is not effective

4. Simple Solution Patio & Decking Pet Stain and Odour Remover – 4 Litre

Simple Solution Patio & Decking Pet Stain and Odour Remover is a natural product and useful for dog owners who are looking for a cleaner that is not only pet-friendly but, also environment-friendly. This cleaning solution is helpful in neutralising tough stains, smells, faeces, urine and vomit.



This artificial grass cleaner breaks down odour-causing bacteria and removes stains at the source itself.

Key Features:

  • Pro-bacteria
  • Enzyme formula

Further, this cleaner has the capacity to handle both old and new problem areas and will neutralise the odour and not just cover them up.

  • Multi-surface use
  • Useful for both old and new stains
  • Safe for herbs, plants, and shrubbery
  • Not effective in removing heavy stains
  • Smells bad if the dog pees again after applying the solution

5. Fresh Pet – Disinfectant Deodoriser Artificial Grass Cleaner 

For dog owners looking for a powder form artificial grass cleaner, Trade chemical store provides Fresh Pet, artificial cleaner and the best disinfectant for dog urine for killing off bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The solution will target the source and get rid of the viruses and other organisms.



The solution also leaves a fresh smell after being applied and is safe to use around dogs. However, make sure you avoid using it on your plants.

Key Features:

  • Powder formula
  • Less carbon footprint

Further, you can add more amount of substance to the water mix to get rid of the bacteria or viruses completely.

  • Dilution ratio with water 100:1
  • Available in different fragrances
  • Low efficiency in terms of removing odour
  • Smells bad, causing irritation issues

6. Pawbits Artificial Grass Cleaner

Pawbits Artificial Grass Cleaner for dogs is one of the best disinfectant for dog urine uk, a deodoriser, and cleaner that delivers instant results. The solution helps in killing off dangerous bacteria, removes stains, and neutralises dog urine smell.



The unpleasant smell is neutralised at the source itself. The bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms are broken down and fresh scent is left behind.

Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose use
  • Quick-action solution

In addition, the solution is also helpful in cleaning patios, tennis court surfaces, kennels, and astroturf.

  • 30 Litres of solution can be made from 1 Litre bottle
  • Gets rid of unwanted algae and moss spores
  • Expensive
  • The scent is lost after dilution

7. BUGALUGS Artificial Grass Cleaner

For removing deep stains, and neutralising the odour of dog urine smell along with the harmful bacteria, BUGALUGS Artificial Grass Cleaner is a definite option to consider. This artificial grass cleaner is easy to use and works fast.



Further, the cleaner can be used for various turfs and you can also make up to 10 litres of solution on dilution with water. A single bottle covers up to 100 square metres of area.

Key Features:

  • Fast-acting solution
  • Super-concentrated formula

In addition, this artificial grass cleaner is dog-friendly but, make sure the turf is dry before you allow them to go back.

  • Cleans of deep stains
  • Suitable for all types of artificial grass
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t deal with dog urine smell effectively

8. Doggy Bag Artificial Grass & Patio Cleaner

For dog owners looking for multi-purpose artificial grass cleaner, Doggy Bag Artificial Grass & Patio Cleaner will be a good choice. The formula is super-concentrated and you can expect it to target the stains, and odours quickly.



In addition, when you dilute 1 litre of this cleaner with water, you can make up to 10 Litres of solution for cleaning stains and getting rid of the bacteria.

Key Features:

  • Super-concentrated
  • Fresh grass fragrance

Also, there is no need for other cleansing products as they can also work on patios, astroturf, kennels, and tennis courts.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Expensive
  • Can cause irritation in the eyes and on the skin

Buying Guide: Best Artificial Grass Cleaner For Dog Urine UK

Artificial grass cleaner for dog urine products help you clean the synthetic turf you have and keep it fresh from your dog’s urine. The products mentioned above help in eliminating the odour, stains, and bacteria from the artificial turf you have, and prevent mould, discolouration or damage.

When you decide on buying an artificial grass cleaner for cleaning dog urine, you must identify the purpose. This means you need to recognise whether you are looking for an artificial grass disinfectant /cleaner that will get rid of the odour or remove the stain. Once you decide on the intent, you will have a sense of clarity.

Features of artificial grass cleaner

While buying an artificial grass cleaner, you need to have a closer look at the features. This helps in determining whether it’s suitable for the removal of stains or reducing the smell from the artificial turf you have in your backyard. Below are the features an artificial grass cleaner must have:

#1. Odour and stain removal

The cleaner you pick should help you remove stains and odours caused by dog urination. Also, the cleaner must help in stopping the urine from oozing into the soil, as it can result in bacteria growth or cause mould.

For getting rid of foul smells and stains, many cleaners use enzyme surfactants or biodegradable polymers that help break down the urine molecules and remove the odour-causing bacteria.

#2. Sanitisation and disinfection

Many cleaners use chemicals to sanitise and disinfect artificial grass from germs and bacteria. The chemicals used contain ammonia, bleach or hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals do help with sanitisation and disinfection, but, can cause issues for the dogs. So, it’s crucial to use it properly with complete safety.

#3. Ease of use

Artificial grass cleaners for dog urine come in different forms i.e. spray, granules, tablets, or concentrates. You can use them with a sprayer, hose, brush, or sponge and clean the turf. In addition, these are easy to use and you will not have to scrub or rinse for removing stains or odour.

#4. Eco-friendliness and safety

Many of the artificial grass cleaners for dog urine use chemicals but, there are some eco-friendly and safe solutions available as well. They are made using natural ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, or lemon juice for neutralising the urine smell without causing damage to grass fibres.

Types of Artificial Grass Cleaners For dog Urine

Based on the ingredients, application method, and effectiveness, there are different types of artificial grass cleaners for dog urine. Here are the common types of artificial grass cleaners you may find:

  • Chemical cleaners

These artificial cleaners will have chemicals like bleach, hydrogen peroxide or ammonia in them. They have a strong smell and can kill bacteria or germs on the grass easily. The prices for such cleaners are not much high but, the composition of chemicals can cause damage to the grass fibres and also not good for the dog.

  • Natural cleaners

For avoiding the harmful effects of chemical cleaners, natural cleaners are more suitable options, especially for dog owners who prefer environment-friendly products. Natural cleaners have ingredients such as lemon juice, baking soda, or vinegar in them.

They will have a mild smell but will work like other cleaners and deodorise the grass without causing any damage or harmful effects on the pet. However, you may not get the result that artificial cleaners provide and may have to use them in more quantity.

  • Synthetic turf cleaners

These types of cleaners are formulated specifically for synthetic turf/grass. In general, they retain surfactants, enzymes, or biodegradable polymers that can break down the dog urine on artificial grass and also get rid of the odour-causing bacteria.

Synthetic turf cleaners are easy to use and there is no need for rinsing or scrubbing once you apply the solution to the grass. Also, the formula of ingredients used is normally safe for dogs but, is quite expensive.

These were some of the common types of cleaners. Now, let’s have a look at artificial/synthetic grass cleaners.

  1. Enzyme cleaners – these artificial grass cleaners use natural enzymes for getting rid of stains and odours and also, break down urine molecules. You can spray them on the affected area and leave the surface to get dry to show the effect.
  2. Oxygen cleaners – use oxygen to oxidise the dog urine and eliminate the odour and stains from the artificial grass. You can use a sponge or a brush and mix these cleaners with water and wipe out the turf.
  3. Vinegar cleaners – the vinegar helps neutralise the urine smell and acts as a natural disinfectant in this type of artificial grass cleaner. You can dilute the cleaner with water and spray it on the turf.
  4. Baking soda cleaners – baking soda helps in absorbing the dog’s urine smell and also, in deodorising the grass. The solution is normally sprinkled on the grass and left out there for a few hours before rinsing or vacuuming.

Factors affecting the cost of artificial grass cleaner

You saw the different types of artificial cleaners that are useful in cleaning artificial turf. Now, let’s understand different prospects that affect their prices.

#1. Type

Natural cleaners, synthetic cleaners, and chemical cleaners are the main types and each one of them has its benefits and setbacks. For instance, chemical cleaners might provide nice cleaning but, leave an odour that may irritate dogs and their owners if they are in contact.

Likewise, natural cleaners might not cause this issue but, will have less effect on the odour and stain left because of dog urine. In addition, synthetic cleaners are specifically made for dealing with the stain and odour left because of dog urine and have advanced ingredients so, the cost is more.

#2. Size and quantity

In general, you will find different sizes of artificial grass cleaners for dog urine. They come in quantities of 1 litre, 5 litres, or 10 litres. The more size or quantity, the higher goes the price. Also, the ingredients used inside influence the prices as well.

#3. Demand and availability

Many of the artificial grass cleaners are in high demand and hence, their prices are normally high. This happens because they are the ones bought frequently with less availability. Also, sometimes, the location where the product needs to be shipped is isolated or let’s say remote, and the shipping charges are added regardless of which brand it is.

On the contrary, the cleaner in less demand will cost less and is available more often. These are probably low-quality products but, if you dig deep, you may find the one with proper features and good quality.

#4. Brand and quality

The quality of the product and its brand reputation also has a huge effect on how high the price gets. So, a reputed brand will have higher costs because of the quality of the ingredients they use and the effectiveness of the product.

Further, less popular brands will cost less as they use less premium quality ingredients and are less effective while in use. But, some of the brands which are not quite popular provide good quality and are cheap as well. To find such products, you may have to conduct some extra research but, you’ll find them.

#5. Extra features

The prices of some artificial grass cleaners are high because they are useful for cleaning other turfs as well. Also, some of them come with a specific formula that is useful in cleaning deep stains, killing off bacteria and viruses and preventing further growth as well.

Using Artificial Grass Cleaner

There are different types of artificial grass cleaners for getting rid of dog urine smell, stains, and kill of bacteria. Thus, it’s crucial to follow the instructions mentioned on the product label to avoid damage to the grass. In addition, you also don’t want to risk causing health issues for the dog, or yourself.

So, here are some of the tips you can consider while using artificial grass cleaner on your synthetic turf:

#1. Clean the turf

Before you apply the artificial grass cleaning solution, you need to make sure there are no solid objects or solid waste present. Because they might disrupt the cleaning effectiveness and even make the condition worse.

For instance, a food item lying in the turf may react with the ingredient of the solution and cause a reaction which might increase bacteria growth.

#2. Shake the container

The bottle or the container must be shaken before use. This is crucial to facilitate the mixing of the ingredients and make the formula active. Once you mix the solution, try using it on a small area and see how it reacts with the turf.

This will help you know whether it’s damaging the turf or not. If there is any discolouration or damage to the grass, you may have to change the solution.

#3. Use the cleaner wisely

Applying the cleaner randomly in different areas of the turf might not be effective. So, while you use the cleaner, make sure that you cover the areas with stain and odour to get better results. Use the solution in the target source and spread it in quantities which will cover deep layers of the artificial grass.

However, make sure you don’t use an excessive amount of solution in one area. Because it may run off and get wasted. For ensuring optimal use, you can use a spraying nozzle or attach the cleaner with your garden hose and use it directly.

#4. Allow the solution to get dry

You need to allow the solution to get dry so that it can penetrate and break down the urine molecules and remove the odour from the target itself. Different products will have different buffers for drying and hence, you must follow the instructions to get the best effect.

You must not rinse the surface even after the dwelling period is over. Because some of the artificial grass cleaner work products mention this and suggest not rinsing. Likewise, the cleaners that will need rinsing will have instructions on how long you must wait and whether to use hot or cold water or scrub it.

#5. Dabbing or blotting

Dabbing or blotting the area using a clean cloth is necessary. This is mainly to remove the excessive moisture and residue from the artificial grass smells of dog urine. Also, for removing deeper stains you might have to continue applying pressure and cleaning the surface.

#6. Repeat the process

At times, the stain is a lot deeper and it’s difficult to get rid of them in one attempt. So, you might have to continue using the cleaner and follow these steps a few more times. This will help in cleaning old stains and also get rid of the bad dog urine smell.

Perks of using artificial grass cleaner

  • Helps in removing dog urine smell and stains from the artificial grass
  • Provides fresh fragrance to the turf once cleaned
  • Stops growth of mould, bacteria, and fungi
  • Maintains proper condition of the turf and extends its lifespan

Drawbacks of using artificial grass cleaner

  • Expensive, especially if the usage is more
  • Can cause discolouration or damage to the artificial grass if not used properly
  • A time-consuming process, especially if instructions are more specific about the product
  • Toxic chemicals in the solution can cause health issues for dogs if inhaled or ingested

Things to avoid while using artificial grass cleaner

Using artificial grass cleaner for dog urine and fresh smell on your synthetic turf is good but, there are some things you need to avoid while using it for preventing issues. Here are they:

  • Avoid using the wrong type – many artificial grass cleaner retains toxic ingredients and using them without assessing the composition can damage your turf.
  • Don’t use it directly – you must not use the cleaner directly on the entire turf. Use it in a small area. Observe the reaction and if there is no issue of discolouration or damage you can apply it on the entire turf.
  • Avoid using too much or too less – using excessive cleaner at once will not help and it will only get wasted. Likewise, using less quantity is also not good as it will lower the effectiveness and not help clean the stains or, get rid of the odour.
  • Don’t wipe off the turf immediately – many dog owners make the mistake of wiping off their turf after applying the solution for better cleaning. But, this doesn’t work. Wiping off the turf immediately prevents the penetration of the solution and hence, there is no breaking down of the molecules and no getting rid of smell or stain.
  • Exposure must be less – you must avoid exposing your dog to the cleaner as it may cause skin or eye irritation. Also, if they ingest the substance, you may see them have digestive issues. While applying it on your turf, you must wear a mask to avoid irritation issues in your nose.


What is the general cost of artificial grass cleaner for dog urine in the UK?

Determining the general cost is difficult because they come in different sizes and quantities. In addition, there are many factors like type, quality, brand, features, and shipping costs which impact their prices. However, if we consider the quantity, for 1 litre of solution you might have to spend roughly £5 to £20 and for 5 litre of artificial grass cleaner, you might have to spend £10 to £50 or even more.

Is it OK to use artificial grass cleaner for dogs’ urine smell?

You can use artificial grass cleaner for dogs’ urine smell and also for cleaning synthetic turf. It helps in removing the odour by targeting the source and breaking down the molecules of the dog’s urine. Some of them are even made to kill off the bacteria and prevent further growth.

What features indicate the best artificial grass cleaner for dog urine?

The best artificial grass cleaner for dog urine will have biodegradable, natural, and non-toxic chemicals in them. In addition, some grass cleaners will also have enzymes or bacteria in their composition to eliminate the odour and get rid of the stain. So, these are safe to use around dogs.

Are there any homemade alternatives for artificial grass cleaners for dog urine?

Yes, there are some homemade alternatives for artificial grass cleaners for dog urine. Vinegar, water, baking soda, and detergent are some of the alternatives to consider. But, using one of these elements for getting rid of stains or dog urine smell will not be effective. You may have to use a mixture of these elements and test on a small affected area before using it for a vast area.

Final Remarks On Best Artificial Grass Cleaner For Dog Urine UK

An artificial grass cleaner for dog urine products will help you keep your artificial turf clean and fresh for your furry friend to roam around. This cleaner can help remove stains and bad odour from the turf and also help prevent further growth of harmful micro-organisms. Buying one won’t be a problem if you follow the instructions and use it wisely.

However, if you are not careful with the use, your dog may suffer from health issues and your family members may also get respiratory issues because of the smell. It’s crucial to allow the solution dry before going out with the dog to ensure it does its job effectively and avoid rising exposure to the chemicals.

I hope the products mentioned in the article helped you with your quest of buying the best artificial grass cleaner for dog urine uk. You may have observed the perks and potential drawbacks of using these products so, make the choice accordingly. Still, if you are stuck in a decision-making loop, mention your query in the comments. I’ll be happy to provide you with the best way to clean artificial grass from dog urine.

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