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The 10 Best Dog Ball – Make Fetch Play Safe and Exciting!

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Author: Jacob Kay

At some point, as a dog owner, you must have used balls to play with the dog. You may have done this to satisfy their urge to chase their prey or simply to provide them with the much-needed exercise. But, not all dog balls are suitable for your furry friend. As an experienced dog owner, you may have realized this prospect at some point. So, it’s important to consider buying the best dog ball for your furry friend.

If you are a newbie then you are in luck. Your furry friend will get to play with the best dog ball after you go through our article and pick the one suitable for them. Don’t worry, there is a detailed guide in the article which will guide you through various prospects to consider while buying the dog ball like, features, perks, drawbacks, and tips on using it effectively.

Best Dog Balls

Dog balls are designed differently from normal or, regular balls. They are made using materials which are safe for dogs. Also, the texture of the dog balls is adjusted to meet the requirements of dogs. In addition, some of the dog balls have a design which allows dog owners to put some treats inside. Also, some dog balls have interactive modes which include smart features.

There are many choices available in the market and it can get confusing which one to buy. So, considering different parameters, our team at Wewantdogs has conjured a list of some of the best dog balls that will help you get the perfect toy for your furry friend.

1. ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

If you are looking for a durable high bounce floating rubber dog ball then, ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Dog Toy is the dog ball you need. This dog ball is made using natural rubber and offers high bounce, buoyancy, durability, and visibility. The design of this dog ball is suitable for playing the game of fetch with the dog.

In addition, this natural rubber dog ball is durable and can be used for a long duration without any issues. Also, the colour of the ball increases the visibility so, easy for dogs and owners to spot the ball in low light.

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

Key Features:

  • Floats
  • Natural rubber
  • Ultra-high bounce


Further, this ball can float so, suitable for use in pools, lakes, or rivers. The surface of this rubber dog ball is easy to clean as it can resist dirt to some extent.

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable natural rubber
  • High-visibility colours used
  • Ultra-high bounce to make fetch play exciting
  • Small in size for some dogs
  • Heavy and bouncy for some dogs

2. PetDroid Interactive Dog Ball

For dog owners looking for a rolling dog ball with an automated motion feature, PetDroid Interactive Dog Ball will be the optimal choice. This dog ball has two modes, random rolling mode and crazy bouncing mode. The rolling mode comes in handy on hard surfaces and the bouncing mode is helpful in making things exciting.

This interactive rolling dog ball has a built-in G-sensor for touch activation. So, the ball will roll once activated.

PetDroid Interactive Dog Ball

Key Features:

  • Durable
  • Motion activation
  • Rolling and bouncing


As per the manufacturer, this dog ball is feasible for both indoor and outdoor use. Dog owners can also put on a ball cover with velcro to make the ball look proper.

  • Two mode support
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Interactive pet feather accessory
  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers

3. SPORTSPET High Bounce Natural Rubber Dog Balls

If you are seeking a dog ball at a low price and in bulk then, SPORTSPET High Bounce Natural Rubber Dog Balls are the ones you need to consider. SPORTPET provides dog balls in bulk at a low price. You can buy six dog balls in one pack at a reasonable price. It is made with natural rubber and bounces high.

In addition, these balls can float so, useful in pools, lakes, or rivers. Dogs will enjoy engaging in the chase when you use these dog balls while playing fetch.

SPORTSPET High Bounce Natural Rubber Dog Balls

Key Features:

  • Durable
  • High bounce
  • Natural rubber


Further, the manufacturer of these dog balls claims that they are compatible with the high-bounce ball launcher.

  • Easy to clean surface
  • Thick core and compressed air
  • High-visibility colour for low-light
  • Unflavoured

4. BOOMER BALL by Company of Animals

The BOOMER BALL by the Company of Animals is a perfect choice for dog owners who prefer having big size indestructible dog balls for their highly energetic furry friends. This dog ball is designed for chasing so, suitable for dogs who prefer intense exercise. Dogs who get bored easily benefit when playing with the BOOMER BALL.

In addition, the material used in making this durable dog ball is polyethylene so, the dog won’t be able to rip the ball or puncture it.

BOOMER BALL by Company of Animals

Key Features:

  • Durable
  • Floating
  • Indestructible


The manufacturer claims that the dog ball can also be used for therapeutic purposes and keep the dog mentally stimulated for hours.

  • Puncture resistant
  • Bigger than dogs’ mouth
  • Suitable for highly energetic dogs
  • Price is high
  • Heavy for some dogs

5. PawsOnlyUK Treat Dispenser Dog Toy Ball

Some dog owners prefer having multiple features in a single dog ball, if you prefer having such a dog ball then, the PawsOnlyUK Treat Dispenser Dog Toy Ball is a suitable option. This dog ball is designed such that it can provide exercise to dogs while feeding them. It is an interactive treat dispensing ball which keeps dogs physically and mentally stimulated.

The gaps in the ball allow dog owners to insert food treats. So, you can insert the stick inside the ball and your furry friend will have the treat while playing with the ball. This dog ball can reduce separation anxiety in dogs as they remain engaged with the food treat and play while you are away.

PawsOnlyUK Treat Dispenser Dog Toy Ball

Key Features:

  • Portable
  • Non-toxic rubber


Further, the grooves of this dog ball clean dogs’ teeth and improve their overall dental health. Also, the light mint flavour keeps their breath fresh.

  • Bite resistant rubber
  • Strong elastic rubber
  • Prevents digestive issues
  • Some food treats might not fit in

6. Chuckit! Indoor Ball For Dogs Soft Dog Toy

For dog owners seeking soft dog balls, Chuckit! Indoor Ball For Dogs Soft Dog Toy is an option they must surely consider. This dog ball is soft and made using chenille fabric. The soft fabric protects the surface of the house. As per the manufacturer, the surface of the house is protected because of the Bounceflex core technology which makes this ball hard-wearing.

This soft dog ball is perfect for use indoors. Small dogs will enjoy playing fetch with this ball. The colours used are bright enough to ensure high visibility.

Chuckit! Indoor Ball For Dogs Soft Dog Toy

Key Features:

  • Durable
  • Soft fabric


In addition, the additional layer in the dog ball makes this soft dog ball suitable for chewing as well.

  • Bouncing technology
  • Lightweight design and soft fabric
  • Makes fetching exciting for small dogs
  • Only suitable for small dog breeds

7. Petizer 3-Pack Floating Dog Pool Ball

If you need a floating dog ball that is useful in the pool then, the Petizer Floating Dog Pool Ball will be the perfect fit. This dog ball has a built-in squeaker to lure dogs and trigger their hunting and playing instincts. The floating and bouncy feature allows you to toss and play fetching games with the dog.

In addition, the unique shape with spikes helps in stopping plaque and tartar buildup in dogs. It also satisfies dogs’ instinct to chew and massage the gums to improve overall dental health.

Petizer 3-Pack Floating Dog Pool Ball

Key Features:

  • Bouncy
  • Squeaky
  • Spikes buffer


Further, the spikes buffer on the surface of the ball stop dogs from choking while playing with the ball.

  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Squeaky and floating
  • Spike buffer to prevent choking
  • Made using non-toxic material
  • The smell is strong, some dogs might not like it

8. Petface Super Tennis Balls

Petface Super Tennis Balls will be a good choice for dog owners who simply need a tennis ball for playing with their dogs. These tennis dog balls are lightweight and useful both indoors and outdoors. The colour is bright and dogs will enjoy chasing these balls so, perfect to play fetch with them.

The manufacturer of these tennis balls provides a pack of 12 so, you’ll have a spare. Also, using multiple balls is possible as well.

Petface Super Tennis Balls

Key Features:

  • Soft
  • Lightweight


In addition, the manufacturer claims that these tennis balls can be used as rewards during dog training.

  • Durable rubber coating
  • Perfect for outdoor exercises
  • Vulnerable to dog chewing

9. Vivifying Dog Ball 

Some dogs are known to wander and get far away from their owners, Vivifying Dog Ball helps prevent this situation. This dog ball has a connecting rope which allows dog owners to control their furry friend’s movement while playing with them. The rope restricts movements and the dog will not escape or get far while playing.

In addition, this rope dog ball also enables dog owners to put food treats to feed their dogs and improve the overall experience.

Vivifying Dog Ball 

Key Features:

  • Rope
  • Durable
  • Natural rubber


As per the manufacturer, you can play catch, fetch, and tug of war with the dog to provide more stimulation and relieve anxiety.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Rope to restrict dogs’ movement
  • Spikes on the surface to clean dog’s teeth
  • Not indestructible, some dogs chew through easily

10. Cheerble Interactive Dog Ball

Smart device fanatics can consider buying Cheerble Interactive Dog Ball for their furry friend. This interactive dog ball has three interactive modes i.e. normal, passive, and gentle mode. Normal mode will make this dog ball roll and bounce when touched, Passive mode will shake the ball, and Gentle mode will either roll or shake the dog ball.

This dog ball is made using natural rubber and doesn’t pose any risk to dogs’ teeth or gums. Also, the smart design of this interactive rolling dog ball automatically avoids obstacles and plans new routes to roll.

Cheerble Interactive Dog Ball

Key Features:

  • LED lights
  • Natural rubber
  • Interactive modes


As per the manufacturer, this dog ball is not feasible to use on thick carpets.

  • Safe for dogs’ teeth
  • Produces low sound
  • High elasticity and easy-to-clean
  • Only suitable for medium-sized dogs

Buying Guide: Best Dog Balls

The above list shows some of the best dog balls available in the market. Now, some of you may have picked up the best dog ball for your furry friend and others might have gotten confused with the choices available. So, if you are stuck with multiple choices, don’t panic!

This buying guide will help you filter the choices and you’ll be able to find the best dog ball that will be suitable for your dog. So, let’s start by analysing the reason why dog owners need dog balls in the first place.

Best dog balls – why do dog owners need them?

Dog balls are made for dogs to play with. They can play with them alone or with their owners. The material used in making the dog ball is either plastic or fabric. For example, a normal ball has a round, hard, and smooth surface whereas the dog ball has a softer, textured, and irregular surface.

The intent behind making the dog balls is to provide stimulation to dogs and make fetch more exciting while ensuring dogs’ safety. Regular balls, for example, a cricket ball or a golf ball, are heavy and can cause issues like choking or severe dental damage.

One of the prominent reasons why dog owners need dog balls for their dogs is to play with them and also, control the excessive chewing behaviour. But, it is not limited to these prospects, there are some other reasons as well. Below are some other reasons why dog owners need dog balls for their furry friends:

  • To help stimulate dogs’ natural prey drive – dogs have natural instinct to chase and catch moving objects. So, to help meet dogs’ hunting instincts and prevent boredom, dog balls are used for the dogs.
  • Provide exercise and teach dog motor skills – dog balls can help dog owners provide their dogs with much-needed exercise and improve their agility, speed, coordination skills, and persistence. Exercising dogs using dog balls can also help burn calories and keep them healthy.
  • Bond with dogs and improve social skills – playing with dog balls can help dog owners bond with their dogs and also, interact with other humans and dogs.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels – dogs while playing with balls will feel relaxed and happy. This is because of the endorphins released while playing with the dog ball. This chemical is known to distract the dog from emotions of fear and help them cope with challenging situations.

Now, you are probably wondering – why not use a normal playing ball? What could go wrong?

Well, many dog owners use normal playing balls and the chances of dogs sustaining injury or choking are high. Yes, it doesn’t happen every time or to every dog owner but, why take the risk?

Here are some of the prominent reasons explaining why you should avoid using normal playing ball for the dog:

  1. Dental damage – the fuzz on a normal playing ball, let’s take a tennis ball, could wear down the enamel of dogs’ teeth. The risk is higher if the ball is covered in dirt. It could trigger a different set of dental problems for the dog. Also, normal balls are hard and can break dogs’ teeth as well.
  2. Choking hazard – normal playing balls could cause issues for the dogs. They are small in size and if the dog swallows or ingests parts of the ball or the entire ball then it could choke them, suffocate, or lead to internal injuries. The ball needs to be firm and of proper size to avoid this issue.
  3. Toxic material – a regular ball will not have dog-safe material and is certainly not suitable for animal consumption. There are many toxic chemicals or substances present in them. So, if these toxic substances or chemicals enter dogs’ bodies via their mouth then it could lead to poisoning or illness.

Features to consider in a dog ball

You know the reasons why dog owners need the dog ball. Now, let’s have a look at some of the features that you’ll have to consider while buying a dog ball:

#1. Size of the dog ball

A dog ball can easily cause choking or dental issues for the dog. So, it is crucial to make sure that the size is big enough to prevent swallowing but, also, small enough to allow dogs to hold it in their mouth. A dog ball that is too big will cause dental problems in dogs and a smaller-than-usual size dog ball will get swallowed by the dogs.

#2. The material of the dog ball

The material composition of the dog ball you buy should not contain toxic substances. Toxic substances could harm dogs if licked. Make sure that the material of the dog ball is durable. A highly durable material can sustain dog chewing and biting to protect the surface.

However, the material should not have loose parts, sharp edges, or stuffing. It can harm dogs and the issue is likely to escalate if they ingest the material.

#3. Bounce of the dog ball

The dog ball you choose should have a good bounce. It keeps the dog engaged and excited. Also, a dog ball with unpredictable bounce can challenge dogs’ reflexes and skills. But, the bounce of the dog ball is subject to personal preference.

#4. Colour of the dog ball

A dog ball with bright colours can lure dogs’ attention. The brightness of the ball makes it easy for dogs to find the ball in different environments. Yellow, green, and blue are better choices for a dog ball compared to other colours.

The high visibility of the dog ball or glowing feature makes it easy for dogs to spot the ball in the dark, snow, or grass.

#5. Buoyant and weight

The dog ball should float on the water, especially if you regularly go swimming with a dog or camping with a dog in an area surrounded by a lake or river. This is crucial as dogs might dive into the water if the ball doesn’t resurface which could result in drowning. A lightweight will prevent such instances and make it easy for dogs to fetch balls from the water without diving deep.

#6. Treat facility

Some dog owners like feeding their dogs while playing and if you are one of them, you need to make sure that the dog ball you buy has holes or compartments which allow you to keep the food treats in them. These holes are small and will keep dispensing food while you play fetch with your furry friend.

Factors Affecting Prices of Dog Balls

As a responsible dog owner, before you buy a dog ball for your furry friend, you need to analyse the prices of the dog balls. So, it’s important to have a peek at factors affecting the prices of dog balls. Below are some of the prominent factors which influence the prices of dog balls.

#1. The material and quality of the ball

Dog balls are made of non-toxic substances such as plastic, rubber, or fabric. Compared to vinyl or latex, the prices of these materials are high. The reason is simple, they are highly durable and last longer than latex or vinyl. Also, they are safe, meaning, dogs’ gums are not damaged when they hold the ball with their mouth.

In addition, the quality of these dog balls is good and they don’t wear off or break easily. So, less risk of ingestion of any part of the dog ball and minimal risk of choking.

#2. Shape and size of the dog ball

A normal playing ball could cause choking issues for dogs. The size and shape of these balls are not suitable for use to play with dogs. Also, the material used on the surface is toxic for dogs and can also, cause dental issues for the dog.

However, a dog ball is made differently to avoid issues such as choking and prevent any dental issues. The size and shape are not too small or too big and prevent dental damage or a choking hazard. Hence, the price is high compared to a regular playing ball.

#3. Additional features

Some dog balls include extra features such as sound-making, treat-dispensing, or glowing which can elevate the price of dog balls. For instance, if you pick a dog ball that has a glow-in-dark feature, it will cost more. Likewise, few of the manufacturers add sound to the dog ball. This feature in a dog ball produces sound when it bounces on different surfaces. The price of adding these features is high which is reflected in the overall cost of the dog balls.

#4. Types of dog balls

There are different types of dog balls available and each type has different qualities and features. Some of them will have lights i.e. the ball glows up when bounced, some will have sound features, and so on. The cost of adding these features to the ball is high.

For example, a glowing dog ball will need batteries, LEDs, or phosphorescent materials to make the dog ball light up. The production cost elevates to make sure these features are added properly without compromising dogs’ safety.

Types of Dog Balls

Different dogs will have different preferences and requirements. Based on the dogs’ behaviour, temperament, and requirements, you need to pick the dog ball that will be feasible for use. Below are the different types of dog balls available:

#1. Hard dog ball

A hard dog ball is durable and made using hard materials. This dog ball type is made using plastic, metal, or rubber. Dog owners use this hard dog ball for dogs who are prone to chewing or biting behaviour. The durability of a hard dog ball ensures there is minimal damage to dogs’ teeth.

#2. Soft dog ball (Plush ball)

Flexible materials like fleece, fabric, or latex are used to make a soft dog ball. It provides a comforting feel to dogs while playing. Also, the material of the dog ball is soft which is gentle on dogs’ gums and teeth. However, the soft materials used in the soft dog balls are always susceptible to damage and dogs may ingest some fabric or other pieces resulting in issues like choking or intestinal obstruction.

#3. Rolling dog ball

The rolling dog ball is made such that it rolls on its own or with the help of battery power, or motion activation (interactive). This dog ball is good for stimulating the dogs’ senses and can come in handy for solo play or chasing. Some of the rolling dog balls also make a noise or dispense treats which makes it more exciting for the dogs.

#4. High bounce dog ball

This type of dog ball bounces high after being thrown or dropped. To play fetch, the high bounce dog ball is a feasible choice. It can also be used to allow the dog to play solo or simply chase it until the ball keeps bouncing. But, this dog ball type is only suitable for outdoor use. Using it indoors could cause lots of damage to different household items or furniture.

#5. Floating dog balls

A floating dog ball can float on water. It is suitable for dog owners who frequently play water sports, fetch, or solo play with dogs near pools, lakes, or rivers. You can get bouncy, squeaky, or durable floating dog balls for your furry friend. However, these dog balls might not be fit for usage on land or other surfaces. It is made for usage in water and contact with different surfaces might make it dirty or worse, damage the floating dog ball.

Additional types

The previous section mentioned some of the prominent dog ball types but, the distinction was based on features. Now, let’s observe the common types of dog balls that are available in the market:

  • Dental balls – these dog balls have bumps, ridges, or grooves on the surface which clean dogs’ teeth and also, massage the gums. So, dog owners who have energetic dogs with excessive chewing or biting behaviour will benefit the most from this.
  • Spiked balls – there are spikes on the surface of these dog balls. The intent behind this is to help massage dogs’ gums, stimulate dogs’ senses and improve dogs’ overall dental health. Some spiked dog balls also make noise or dispense treats. But, they are not durable enough. If the dog is a powerful chwer then, the ball may break into pieces and cause choking or obstruction issues for the dogs.
  • Lightup balls – these dog balls have lights in them as an attractive feature and also, provide visibility in a dark environment. It is also helpful in playing fetch in low-light conditions. However, these dog balls are not suitable for powerful chewers. The chewing may break the light-up balls and the wiring mechanism or the LEDs will get exposed and possibly cause issues for the dogs.
  • Rope balls – some dog owners will like dog rope balls as they come with a drop attached to the bowl. It allows you to restrict the distance while playing fetch with the dogs. Some of these balls are even made using ropes. Dog owners can use it to play tug-of-war, fetch, or solo play.
  • Treat-dispensing balls – these dog balls have holes in them which help to dispense the food treats while playing. You can place kibble or small food items in the holes or compartments of these dog balls.

Using dog balls

The structure of dog balls is different from the regular ones. You’ll have to train the dog to get used to the structure of the dog ball for effective usage, especially if your dog is used to playing with the regular ball. Below are some of the tips which you can consider:

#1. Pick a dog ball of proper size, material, and shape

The dog ball you purchase for your furry friend should be of optimal size, and shape, and made using dog-friendly material. The size of the dog ball should not be too big or, too small. Otherwise, it will pose the risk of choking or intestinal blockage. If the material used in the dog ball is not safe for the dog, it could lead to digestive or severe health issues.

In addition, it is crucial to ensure that the dog ball matches the preferences of the dog and meets its requirements. Selecting a random dog ball will only lead to boredom or frustration.

#2. Introduce your dog to the new dog ball

If your dog is trained to play with regular balls or different objects then you can skip this part. If not, you need to introduce them with the dog ball. The texture and look of the dog ball might make some dogs anxious so, it is important to help them feel comfortable. Below are some steps you can consider while introducing the dog to a new dog ball:

  • Set up the ball in a comfortable area. It can be outdoors, indoors, or anywhere else in the room. Your furry friend needs to feel comfortable while examining the new dog ball.
  • Allow the dog to sniff, touch, or push the ball. Dogs have the instinct to sniff, touch, or push away new items. You may have done it hundreds of times while introducing new items but, it is important to follow this step while introducing the dog ball as well.
  • Once your dog starts to get comfortable i.e. rolls the ball and plays with it, you can try and roll other dog balls in their pathway. Observe their reaction.
  • Some dogs will get confused with multiple balls and might get anxious or fearful. If you notice such signs it is important for you to proceed slowly. However, if your dog is exhibiting joy, there is no need for interference.

Repeat this exercise until your dog gets used to the new dog ball. Encourage them to play solo as well.

#3. Make experience joyful

Your dog will need some acknowledgement for the positive behaviour from your side. Use different food treats and let them know that they are doing well. You can also use some other toys to make them happy, this will improve the experience.

In addition, if your dog is energetic or likes challenges, you can hide the dog ball in a pit or under the bed. The challenge will excite them and they will receive mental and physical stimulation while searching the ball.

#4. Monitor dogs’ activities

While your dog is playing with the ball, make sure you analyse their behaviour while playing with the ball. The dog might choke while playing with the ball, sustain a dental injury, or feel discomfort while handling the ball with their mouth. If you observe any of these signs then, make sure that you check their teeth and other mouth region.

Keep repeating this until you feel your furry friend is comfortable and confident with the bounce, sound, or other features of the new dog ball. Some dogs get bored with the same colour ball, the same exercises with the ball, or the same location to play with the ball. Hence, it’s crucial to keep changing the ball, and location as well.

Perks of Using Dog Balls

If you manage to follow the tips for using dog balls effectively, you can leverage several benefits for your furry friend. From improving their mental health to physical, below are some of the prominent perks of using dog balls:

#1. Improve dogs’ strength

While playing with the dog ball, dogs will stand on the ball, sit on it, or simply push it and chase it themselves. All of these activities can help improve their core, balance, and muscles, and support joints. Chasing the dog ball will help dogs remain healthy and satisfy their instincts as well.

#2. Help dog recover from injury

Dogs suffering from injury or recovering from surgery can benefit from the use of a dog ball. The movement can help recover from injury as it will stimulate blood flow to the injured area. This can deliver oxygen and nutrients, reduce waste products, and facilitate healing. Also, when playing fetch the limb or joints are affected and it can prevent stiffness, maintain muscle mass, and restore range of motion.

#3. Reduce the risk of obesity

Playing fetch or simply allowing the dog to solo play with the dog ball can significantly reduce the risk of obesity. This is possible because they engage in intense physical activity and this helps burn lots of calories. So, even if your furry friend is used to having excessive food, the risk of obesity can be minimised.

#4. Improves coordination and balance in dogs

Dogs have to manage their posture while they attempt to stand on the ball or move the ball using their paws or their nose. These movements test their core muscles and help improve stability. Also, while playing with the ball dogs need to coordinate their head movements, and limbs as well.

In addition, dogs have to synchronize their eyes, paws, and mouth to manipulate or catch the ball. So, their agility and motor skills are significantly improved.

#5. Provides mental and physical stimulation

You just saw how dogs need to use different core muscles and coordinate different organs to play with the dog ball. Now, these aspects not only provide physical stimulation but, also help provide mental stimulation to the dog. The dog has to use their senses, instincts, and cognitive intelligence to interact with the dog ball, especially if it’s an interactive dog ball.

A simple game of fetch can provide much-needed physical and mental stimulation to the dog. Your dog will bring back the dog ball you throw and while they are chasing the ball, their vision, physical fitness, and coordination are stimulated (tested).

#6. Prevents boredom behaviour

Bored dogs often tend to exhibit radical behaviour such as chewing, barking, digging, or jumping. One of the prominent reasons for such behaviour is the lack of physical activity. They get bored, feel anxious and exhibit their frustration through these activities.

But, if you engage them in a physical activity like chasing the ball, or simply provide them with the dog ball to play with, they will be entertained. Once they get used to the dog ball, you’ll observe a significant drop in the boredom behaviour of your furry friend.

Perks for dog owners

The benefits of using dog balls are not limited to dogs. Dog owners also get several benefits when using dog balls for their furry friends. Let’s have a peek into various perks that dog owners might leverage:

  • Less stress and anxiety – dog ball surely keeps dogs busy and joyful. Dog owners like seeing their dogs have fun while playing with the dog ball. This reduces their stress and anxiety to a certain level as they don’t have to worry about their dogs while they work or go out without taking them. They feel confident because of the dog ball, especially if it allows food treats in it. A dog can spend hours solo playing with such a ball with food inside.
  • Improves bond – when playing with a dog ball, owners communicate with the dog a lot. Based on the dog’s response to different commands, body language, and overall behaviour, dog owners can continue with the game or change it if required. Sometimes dogs need encouragement to play so, when dog owners use other toys or food treats, it makes a positive impact on the dog. This also helps in improving the bonding with the dog.
  • Helps maintain fitness – while playing with the dogs, owners often have to run with their dogs to accompany their dog to chase the dog ball or to let them know that they are playing as well. Regardless, they receive physical exercise when playing with their dog which in turn helps them maintain their physical health.

Things to Analyse in Dogs Before Buying a Dog Ball

The perks of using dog balls are tempting but, as a dog owner, you need to analyse a few prospects before buying the dog ball for your furry friend. Here are some of the things to analyse:

  • Size and breed of the dog

All dogs have different shapes, and sizes of mouths. So, dog owners need to consider this prospect and make sure that the dog ball you pick matches the size and shape of the dog’s mouth. As mentioned earlier, the dog ball should be of optimal size i.e. not too small or too big.

A big dog ball can cause dental problems, for example, a broken tooth and a smaller size dog ball will pose the risk of choking. Also, some dog breeds have extremely small mouths and will have difficulty playing with balls.

  • Personality and the preferences of the dog

You may have played with your dog using a normal ball or a toy. They have a specific preference when it comes to these things. Some dogs may like playing with a durable hard dog ball while others may prefer a soft dog ball. Based on your furry friend’s personality, you need to select a suitable dog ball.

For instance, some dogs are highly energetic and enjoy a dog ball with a high bounce or a ball that rolls unpredictably. Whereas the other dogs will prefer steady bounce or low bounce. Hence, you need to figure out which personality. Also, it is important that dog owners know what type of surface dogs feel comfortable playing. Some dogs will enjoy playing on a flat hard surface while others might prefer playing on an uneven mudded surface.

  • Age and health condition of the dog

Young age dogs are highly energetic and are more curious compared to adult age dogs. Their stamina is high so, dog owners can choose a dog ball that utilises the energy and provides them with physical and mental stimulation. Dogs with dental issues, obesity, or arthritis will need different types of balls to meet their physical and mental stimulation requirements.

For example, a soft dog ball with less bounce and rolling speed will be a suitable option for a dog suffering from arthritis or bone-related issues.

  • Training of the dog

Dogs’ training and socialising skills are crucial prospects to consider before buying a dog ball. Some dogs are well behaved, well trained, while others exhibit radical or aggressive behaviour. Some dogs are even fearful and shy so, dog owners should pick the balls as per their dogs’ training, behaviour, and need for socialisation.

  • Environment and lifestyle

Different dogs live in different environments, the exposure to the environment has a significant impact on which dog ball will be suitable for them. For example, dogs who live in rural areas or in remote locations are likely to play outdoors in terrain. The surfaces in that region mandate the use of a durable and hard dog ball for their dog.

Also, the rural areas are likely to have different canines and companions for the dog to play with. So, the ball size will also differ based on this prospect. Now, for dogs residing in urban areas, the material used in the dog ball doesn’t need to be durable or hard like the ones used in rural areas.

Drawbacks of Using Dog Balls

After going through the perks, it seems unlikely that there will be any drawbacks to the dog balls. But, that isn’t the case. There are some significant drawbacks as well, especially if dog owners are not careful with the usage of the dog balls:

#1. Dental damage or injury

Some of the dog balls are made of hard material and can cause injury or damage to the dogs. The damage done is more if dogs have sensitive gums or weak teeth. Tennis balls can damage the teeth of dogs and cause severe pain issues. Below are the possible dental issues dog might face because of the dog ball:

  • Blunting – the abrasive structure of tennis balls can cause pain, and sensitivity, and possibly break the dogs’ teeth.
  • Choking – while playing with the dog ball, it’s possible that the dog may swallow it. The pieces of dog ball can get stuck in the airway and the dog might face severe choking issues. The swallowing of different pieces can cause suffocation in dogs.
  • Fracture – the sharpness of some dog balls can break the teeth of dogs and lead to issues like infection, tooth loss, and inflammation.
  • Blockage – if the materials from the dog ball get stuck in the digestive tract of the dog, it can lead to digestive issues, diarrhoea, and constipation.

#2. Aggressive behaviour

Some of the dog balls allow dog owners to put food treats inside, and often dogs get overprotective of such dog balls. They begin to protect the dog ball like they protect other food items, bones, or toys. This possessiveness often leads to aggression and it is not good for the dog and the owner. The dog might bite the owner to protect the dog ball.

#3. Produces annoying sound

The sound produced by a dog ball can be annoying. Squeaky or whistling dog balls make noises which can irritate dogs and people around. Also, the sound can make dogs bark even more and this can create a disturbance around. The sound of a dog ball and the dog barking can get frustrating.

However, if you are in a remote location or place with less crowd it won’t be an issue but, if you are using such ball and playing in the park or even in your own backyard, people may have issues with the disturbance.

#4. Environmental problems

The materials used in making some dog balls can cause environmental issues for the dogs. So, if dog balls are made of material such as synthetic or plastic they can pollute the environment. This happens when the ball gets lost in the wildlife or gets discarded. Over time, the dog ball will begin to break down and degrade. This will release the chemicals, or microplastics into the water or soil.

#5. Loss of interest in other activities

Once the dog starts to get interested in playing with the dog ball, they might lose interest in other activities. They are likely to lose interest in playing or other training activities if they are using an interactive dog ball or one with a treat dispenser.

Things dog owners must avoid while using dog balls

To avoid issues and keep dogs safe while using the dog ball, dog owners need to avoid certain things. Otherwise, it could lead to unwanted incidents which is not good for both the dog and its owner. Here are some things dog owners must avoid while using dog balls for their furry friends:

  • Using a dog ball of the wrong size – The dog ball size should not be too big or too small. It could cause dental issues if it’s too big or choking issues if small.
  • Avoid using the wrong type of dog ball – Using a dog ball type that is not suitable for the dog can prove to be dangerous. For instance, using a regular ball. The surface may contain material which is not suitable for dogs and may cause digestive issues.
  • Excessive usage of the dog ball – The dog ball should not be used more than required as it could make the dog possessive or obsessed with the dog ball. Also, excessive playing sessions with the dog ball can be exhausting for the dog. Hence, dog owners should avoid using the dog ball for a longer duration.
  • Avoid ignoring dogs’ behaviour – Dog owners should not neglect the signs of the dog getting tired, or exhibiting discomfort while playing with the dog ball. Ignoring these signs may cause health issues for the dogs. They might feel tired, stressed, anxious, or in pain so, make sure you address the issue.
  • Forgetting to provide water – The excitement when playing with the dog can make owners forget about keeping their dog hydrated. So, it’s important to keep providing fresh water to the dog and keep them hydrated. Ignoring this prospect can cause health issues for the dogs.
  • Forcing the dog to use the dog ball – Some dogs resist the use of the new dog ball as they are used to playing with regular balls or are probably not comfortable with the material or the scent of the new dog ball. This results in dog owners forcing them to comply and this can trigger aggressive behaviour in the dogs.
  • Avoid using the dog ball as a form of punishment or bribe – To feed dogs food or make them comply to follow commands or cues during training, dog owners often use dog balls as a form of bribe or punishment. Some dog owners bribe their dogs with dog balls and lure them into eating their meals while others avoid providing them with the ball to make them comply to eat. Regardless, it’s not good to misuse it in these ways.
  • Throwing the dog ball in a dangerous area – Dog owners should avoid throwing the dog balls near crowded areas, water, or into the wild where they might encounter sharp objects. The reason is simple, they might bump into people and panic causing chaos around, if the water is too deep they might drown, and thorns in the wildlife could injure them.

These are some of the prospects dog owners need to avoid when using a dog ball for their furry friend. Avoiding these prospects will make sure the experience remains positive for both the dog and its owner.

FAQs for Best Dog Balls

What is the general price of a dog ball in the UK?

The general price range for a dog ball in the UK is between £2-£10. As usual, these price range varies based on different parameters such as type, size, brand, and quality of the dog ball. Some dog balls also have smart interactive features which elevate the prices significantly. Dog owners can expect to pay more than £25 for such smart-designed dog balls. However, it’s not necessary to buy it unless you need it. You can easily get the best dog ball at a reasonable price within a budget of £2-£20.

Which type of surface is best for playing dog ball with dogs?

It is hard to suggest a specific surface that is best to play with dogs using a dog ball. This is mainly because the texture and design of a dog ball play a crucial role in deciding which surface will be good and safe for dogs to play. For example, rubber dog balls are durable and bouncy so, suitable for use on hard surfaces but, may slip. Likewise, dog balls with spikes are good to use on rough surfaces but, might get stuck in the mud.

Is it OK to use an automatic ball thrower while playing with dogs?

An automatic ball thrower is a useful tool for dog owners as it minimises the physical stress that dog owners suffer while throwing the dog ball. The automatic dog ball thrower comes in handy for dog owners who have highly energetic dogs. Dog owners can set up the ball thrower and allow the dog to play solo. It also allows dog owners to adjust the angle of the thrower and make playing challenging and exciting for the dog.

What colour dog ball should I use for my dog?

Dogs can see colours but, are not as good as humans. They can comprehend the distinction between blue and yellow but, not red and green. So, if the colour of the dog ball is red it will be difficult for the dog to spot in green grass. A blue colour ball will have better contrast and will be more visible to the dog. Also, a yellow colour dog ball will be a feasible choice. However, besides yellow and blue you can also use dog balls of the following colours – orange, pink, or white. Just make sure like red and green, you avoid using brown, black, and purple colour dog balls. The colour of a dog ball you choose should be based on the environment you play in to avoid visibility issues for the dog.

Why are tennis balls not good to use for dogs?

Tennis balls have materials which are not safe for dogs. Also, dogs often pop the surface of the tennis balls and ingestion of the material can prove to be fatal for the dogs. It can lead to issues like choking. Also, regular tennis balls are abrasive like sandpaper and can wear dogs’ teeth off quickly and make them susceptible to various dental problems like gum disease or cavities. In addition, the colour of the tennis ball makes it difficult for the dog to see it. This can lead to frustration and anger. A rubber ball is considered comparatively safe and also, suggested by vets instead of a tennis or a regular ball.

Conclusive Remarks on Best Dog Balls

Dog balls are common yet one of the most popular toy items. They are the go-to toy for any dog owner when they are confused or unsure about what to buy for their furry friend. This perception is not wrong and dog owners, especially the newbies, can benefit a lot by purchasing the best dog ball for their furry friend.

But, not all dog balls are the same and dog owners need to consider the size, type, quality, and durability of the ball before buying one. The material used in a dog ball must not harm the dog and also, withstand the aggressive behaviour of the dog such as chewing or biting. Also, the surface of the dog ball should be non-abrasive to provide dental protection to dogs.

Lastly, as a responsible dog owner, you need to ensure that you pick the perfect type of dog ball for your furry friend. It’s not necessary that you pick the ones that are used more or, suggested by someone. For example, rubber dog balls are common but, based on your furry friends’ preference and behaviour, you might need a rope dog ball or an interactive smart dog ball. If you are stuck between different types then you can share your concerns and our team will help you out.

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