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The 10 Best Dog Drying Towel UK

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Hello, there reader! If you are searching for the best dog drying towel UK online and still, have confusion deciding which one to buy, then this article will help you narrow down the choices and provide you with some clarity.

There are so many options available and it gets tough while analysing different features. For instance, some may have the proper size, but not the material, and some may have a quick-absorbing feature but, not of the proper size or not suitable for the breed you have.

So, keep reading, and by the end of this article you will be able to pick a suitable dog drying towel for your furry friend. For help with decision-making, you will also find a buyer’s guide that will provide you with different prospects and highlight crucial details about dog drying towels.

Best Dog Drying Towel UK

A dog drying towel is tailored for dogs and it absorbs the water and dirt from them without compromising their skin. These towels are made to facilitate quick dryness and provide warmth and comfort to the dogs. But, there are many factors one must consider before buying it.

So, I have formed a list of the best dog drying towels that are available in the UK for you. Let’s have a closer peek at them:

1. Lucky Paws® Dog Towel

If your dog gets wet or dirty frequently, and you need a drying towel that has a high absorbing capacity, Lucky Paws Dog Towel is the perfect choice. This dog drying towel doesn’t hold air like a normal cotton terry towel and will dry up fast after you use it. The towel can hold 7 times its own weight and 3 litres of water.

Lucky Paws® Dog Towel


In addition, the side whipstitch stitching on the trim is dense making it more durable. Thus, the dog hairs fall away and don’t stick to the fabric.

Key Features:

  • Durable
  • Sewn-in hanger
  • Super absorbent

This dog drying towel is soft and washable but, make sure you avoid using softener or don’t bleach.

  • Machine washable
  • Quickly dries after use
  • Thick and soft material
  • Side whipstitch stitching
  • The colour comes off after a wash

2. Geyecete Dog Drying Towel

For dog owners who are looking for a towel that can be used as a dog drying coat i.e. robe, Geyecete Dog Drying Towel is an option you can consider. The microfibre of this dog drying towel quickly removes, wetness, sand, mud, and dirt from the pet’s coat.

Geyecete Dog Drying Towel


This dog towel is basically a bathrobe dog towel so, you can put it on instantly after a dog bath. The inner layer draws the moisture from the dog’s coat and the outer layer keeps the dog warm and dry.

Key Features:

  • Elastic foot strap
  • Super absorbent
  • Foldable high collar

In addition, the coat also removes mud from a dog’s skin and the material is soothing so, the dog feels comfortable while wearing it.

  • Washable using machine
  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • Hook and strap to secure the towel
  • The cost for bigger sizes is high

3. Zellar Dog Bathrobe Towel 

Zellar Dog Bathrobe Towel is perfect for dog owners who are looking for a multipurpose dog drying coat or towel. This dog drying towel has the capacity to absorb water rapidly and also helps to keep their body warm and protect them during cold weather. You can think of it as a dressing gown as well.

Zellar Dog Bathrobe Towel


You will find a waist belt to fit this bathrobe towel to properly put it on the dog’s body. In addition, the stitching on the edges makes it more durable.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Super absorbent
  • High-quality stitching

Further, a different range of sizes is available for all dog breeds.

  • Adjustable strap for easy use
  • Stitching on edges for durability
  • The towel can be hand washed, machine washed, and tumble dried as well
  • Fitting issues in some sizes for some dogs

4. PAWPUP Dog Towel Super Absorbent

For dog owners who have multiple dogs and need multiple dog drying towels for a low price, PAWPUP Dog Towel Super Absorbent is a feasible option. This dog drying towel is made using polyester and polyamide and is ideal for drying dogs after their bath.

PAWPUP Dog Towel Super Absorbent


In addition, the loop design has a black ribbon which works as a strap. The strap facilitates quick drying and handling the towel is also easy.

Key Features:

  • Bacteria resistance
  • Ultra-soft and comforting
  • Super absorbent microfibre

Further, the material used in this towel is dog-friendly and you can also use it for keeping your dog warm.

  • Easy to wash
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Loop design makes it dry quickly (after use)
  • Only suitable for medium-sized dogs
  • Colour remains on dogs having white fur


TAIYUNWEI Towels are designed for small-medium-sized pets in general. So, you can use it for your dog as well. The towel uses high-quality absorbent material that absorbs moisture from the dog’s fur and provides dryness quickly.



The towel is breathable and soft so, a dog easily adjusts to the towel because of its softness. In addition, this towel is reusable and recyclable and includes no harmful ingredients.

Key Features:

  • Fast drying
  • Ultra-soft absorbent material

In addition, this dog drying towel can be useful for every dog breed.

  • Low price
  • Machine washable
  • The super absorbent fibre material
  • Material is thin
  • The size is a bit small

6. Elite Paws®️ UK: Luxury Large Microfibre Dog Towel

Dog owners looking for thick dog drying towels will surely like to have Elite Paws UK’s Luxury Large Microfibre Dog Towel. This dog drying towel is thick and has high-quality stitching ensuring it’s reusable.

Elite Paws®️ UK: Luxury Large Microfibre Dog Towel


This microfibre dog towel dries quickly as it soaks out the water like a sponge. In addition, the softness of this towel is because of the coral fleece microfibre material.

Key Features:

  • Large size
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Soft and thick material

Further, the durability of this towel also allows you to use it as the mat in their crate for them to relax.

  • Machine washable
  • Non-irritating for dog skin
  • Suitable for every dog (small, middle age, or adult)
  • Expensive
  • Frequent use lessens absorption power

7. HezzLuv Microfibre Dog Towel

Hezzluv Microfibre Dog Towel is a multipurpose towel that is useful for dog owners looking for a dog drying towel and robe that also helps keep their dogs warm during winter. The material of this dog drying towel is soft and lightweight.

HezzLuv Microfibre Dog Towel


The design of this microfibre dog towel allows you to use it as a bathrobe. There is a velcro closure around the neck and waist that connects to the chest and neck.

Key Features:

  • Quick dryness
  • Light and soft material
  • Velcro fastener (multifunctional)

In addition, the overlock stitching of this microfibre dog towel keeps dogs warm and comfortable.

  • Machine washable
  • Dog’s skin remains healthy
  • Available in different sizes
  • Cost is high
  • Fitting issues

8. Aoweika Dog Bathrobe Towel

Aoweika Dog Bathrobe Towel is designed to work as a towel and bathrobe. The microfibre used in this dog drying towel is fine and is soft and gentle on the dog’s skin. The towel is easy to put on and take off thanks to the hook and loop design.

Aoweika Dog Bathrobe Towel


In addition, the towel won’t shed or deform but, the colour may fade slightly while using it the first few times.

Key Features:

  • Fast drying
  • Soft material

Further, this dog drying towel can also be used as a sitting mat. Place it on the sofa, crate, or in your car seat.

  • Multiple usage
  • Adjustable belt
  • Easy to clean
  • Colour comes off
  • The hood doesn’t stay on long

9. Dog Drying Coat by Lola®

Dog Drying Coat by Lola is durable and made using highly absorbent fabric material. You can use it after your dog’s bath and see this dog drying coat absorb the moisture rapidly. In addition, there is a hook and loop fastener to make dogs easily wear this dog drying coat or take it off.

Dog Drying Coat by Lola®


Also, the fabric is double-layered, so, you can use it during cold weather conditions to keep the dog warm and cosy.

Key Features:

  • Integrated velcro straps
  • Hook and loop design
  • Thick fabric

Further, the fabric may be soft but, it’s both hand and machine-washable.

  • Fine stitching
  • Neck and chest adjustable tape
  • Poor manufacturing
  • The stitching comes off after using few times

10. Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat

For dog owners looking for a vet-recommended dog drying towel, Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat is the one they are looking for. The design of this dog drying coat is like a robe that absorbs moisture and keeps skin clean and dry. The velcro helps in adjusting this dog’s drying coat properly around the dog’s body.

Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat


In addition, the double thickness of natural cotton provides dogs with comfort while they dry off. Also, it provides warmth during cold winter so, can be worn for protection while going out.

Key Features:

  • Velcro fastening
  • Extra wide-belly flap
  • Super-absorbent cotton

Further, the manufacturer also claims that their dog drying coat is the winner of BBC1’s ‘The Customer Is Always Right’.

  • Adjustable hood/collar
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Cost is high
  • Currently available in only XXXS size

Buyers Guide: Best Dog Drying Towel UK

Now, that you have seen the dog drying towel products list, you may have bookmarked a couple of them in your mind. If you haven’t and are still, unsure about the most suitable option, don’t worry.

This guide will provide you with different information that will help you figure out the best dog drying towel for your furry friend. Let’s begin with understanding how it’s different from normal towels.

Dog drying towel – features

Dog drying towel is specifically tailored to dry dogs after their regular bath, walk, or any other activity like exercise which makes them wet and dirty. Here are some of the features showing how they are different from regular towels:

  • The dog drying towel is made using microfibre. It’s a synthetic material that has small fibres and can absorb water and dust in more quantity and easily in comparison with other fabrics. In addition, the fabric dries quickly and is more durable when compared with other materials.
  • The size and shape of these towels are big enough and cover the dog’s entire body. One can easily clean their ears, legs, tail, and head. Some of the dog towels even have gloves or pockets in them and you can use them to rub their fur and skin gently.
  • These drying dog towels have a smooth and soft texture. So, there are fewer chances for the dog to suffer from issues like itching, irritation, or scratching. Also, they do not leave any residue or lint on the dog’s fur.

Further, some dog drying towels also have different prints and patterns that match a dog’s personality and breed. You can pick those to make your furry friend look more stylish and cute.

Factors affecting the cost of dog drying towels

You had a peek at the features of a dog drying towel. Now, let’s analyse some of the factors that influence the cost of dog drying towels.

  • Size and Material

Big-size dog drying towels need more fabric for better absorption. So, the cost of a big dog drying towel will remain high in comparison with the smaller one. Also, the fabric material used while producing the dog drying towel will also increase the prices.

For instance, microfibre is a synthetic material that is durable and highly absorbent. And because of its high capacity to absorb moisture, its cost is high in comparison with natural cotton that is used in some towels.

  • Features and design

The features and design factors are appealing and often influence the prices. The reason is simple, some dog owners look for features such as adjustable straps, hood, multi-functional prospect, and many other features while buying a dog drying towel whereas, some of them look for luring designs, colours, patterns, or embroidery.

Regardless, both prospects demand high costs during production. Because the manufacturer will have to be precise with the measurements and functionalities of each feature maintaining the quality of the dog drying product. Likewise, in design, they need to ensure that the stitching or colour used doesn’t come off easily.

  • Availability and demand

Demand and availability of dog drying towels suggest how many of them are actually being sold in the market. Towels with high supply may have low prices and probably low in quality on the other hand, best-quality towels may have higher prices and low supply.

Further, the cost of a dog drying towel is also influenced by different seasons. During the rainy season, you will see prices soar because they are more in demand but, less in supply.

  • Brand and reputation

The brand name and the reputation of the dog drying towel have a crucial impact on the prices. Dog owners spend their money based on brand name and reputation. Because these brands are endorsed by different customers and reviewed by experts.

In simple words, they have customers loyal to their brand because of its reliability, quality, and value. So, the prices of branded dog drying towels will remain high. However, this doesn’t imply that less popular brand doesn’t provide quality product.

Types of Dog Drying Towel

The requirements of dog owners differ and hence, you will see various types of dog drying towels in the market. You will have to analyse different prospects and see which of them is helpful for your furry friend. Here are some of the types:

#1. Standard dog drying towel

The simplest dog drying towel is a large piece of cloth that retains microfibre. You can wrap it around your furry friend while they are wet and allow them to get dry. While the material is made for absorbing water, you still need to rub it gently to dry your dog quickly.

The reason for this is simple, other dog drying towels or robes have better material and have super absorption features, whereas, standard dog drying towels don’t.

  • Perks
    • Easy to use
    • Affordable and available easily
    • Can be used in cleaning, bedding, or grooming
  • Drawbacks
    • Not durable enough for long-term use
    • Not effective or efficient, may leave some dirt spots behind
    • The material might feel rough or cause static electricity on the dog’s coat

#2. Hooded dog drying towel

This dog drying towel comes with a hood attached to protect the dog’s head and ears. The hood keeps them cosy and warm while also drying up their fur. In addition, the hood also stops water from dripping on the floor and furniture of the house.

Further, there are some buttons available for securing the hood around the dog. This is to make sure that dogs don’t escape the towel.

  • Perks
    • Covers head and ears
    • Provides warmth and prevents cold or sickness in a dog
    • Secure strapping due to buttons or velcro, the dog can’t escape
  • Drawbacks
    • Hard to wash because of the thickness
    • Might restrict the dog’s regular movement or compromise its vision
    • Not suitable for dogs with heavy fur as they might feel overheated

#3. Robe-style dog drying towel

This type of dog drying towel will appear like a coat or robe. It includes a collar, sleeves, and a belt that is helpful in fitting the towel around the dog’s body. You will find openings for adjusting the dog’s legs for free movement.

The robe-style dog drying towel is an ideal choice for dogs that have long hair and get cold easily.

  • Perks
    • Stylish look
    • A dog feels comfortable and gentle
    • Dries fast and suitable for dogs with thick long hair
  • Drawbacks
    • Cost is high and availability is less
    • Difficult to use, especially the put-on and take-off process
    • Is loose or tight for some dogs and they might fall off because their legs get tangled

#5. Mat-style dog drying towel

This dog drying towel looks like a mat or a rug and you can place it on your bed and allow your dog to rest on it. Once, they lie down, the dirt and water from their fur will be absorbed. They will also feel warm and comfortable while lying down on the drying mat-towel.

So, if your furry friend is highly energetic and is habitual of rolling around while in bed, this type of mat will be suitable for drying their fur.

  • Perks
    • Simple usage
    • Space is big for dogs to roll
    • Dogs can relax while getting their fur dry
  • Drawbacks
    • Not clean
    • Soaks less water and dirt in comparison to other towels
    • Hard to carry it, especially after use as it gets thicker

Tips on Using Dog Drying Towel

A dog drying as mentioned earlier, is designed slightly differently from normal towels. Different types of dog drying towels are helpful for different dog breeds in different ways. Here are some tips on using dog drying towel:

#1. Pick the right dog drying towel

Analyse your dog’s temperament, and size, and take measurements to make sure you pick the right dog drying towel for your dog. You may need different types of dog drying towels to meet their size requirements and make them feel comfortable at the same time.

For example, if you have a dog with short hair, you may need a small-medium-sized towel to clean or dry the skin. Whereas, for long-haired dogs, you may need an extra-large dog drying towel.

In addition, if your dog is highly energetic, you may have to consider a hooded dog drying towel or a robe that has straps available for holding them still while drying their fur.

#2. Prepare the dog drying towel

For quicker and better results, you need to prepare the dog drying towel before bathing your dog or making their skin dry after they get wet. You must wash the towel in warm water and remove the dirt and dust from it. Dry it and make it smooth. Doing this will reduce the chances of skin irritation or itching on using the towel.

#3. Dry the dog immediately after they get wet

You need to use the dog drying towel instantly after bathing or any time your dog gets wet. This will help in preventing them from getting cold, shivering, or shaking off the water in the house. Here is how you can use it –

  • Wrap the towel around the body
  • Gently rub or part their body with a towel on
  • Use hand pockets or adjustable straps for lifting their tail, legs, ears, or face and dry them thoroughly

While your dog’s fur is getting dry, you can massage its skin and help fasten the drying.

#4. Change towels

To stop the spread of bacteria or fungus on a dog’s skin or fur, you need to frequently change the towels. The towels need to be changed instantly if they get dirty. Have a spare towel ready. You may have observed some of the products on the list provide multiple towels at low prices.

Further, you can also pick a towel that is reversible, meaning, you can use both sides. Make sure the microfibre used in the towel helps dry the fur quickly and helps with stains as well.

#5. Store the dog drying towel properly

To ensure the quality of towels remains the same for long-term usage, you need to store the dog drying towel properly. Make sure you wash and dry it after using it on your furry friend. Remove the dirt and dry it in the sunlight. Fold the towel neatly and keep it in a clean and dry place that is moisture-free.

Potential health hazards of using dog drying towel

Even if you have a good quality dog drying towel with you, not maintaining it and using it without cleaning it properly can cause some health issues for your furry friend. Here are some of the health hazards of using a dirty or low-quality dog drying towel:

  • Skin infection or irritation – many dogs have sensitive skin or have allergies to some chemical or fabric that is used in dog drying towels. Also, if these towels are not washed regularly, they will manifest bacteria, parasites, or fungi. So, to contain or prevent this situation, it’s crucial for you to wash the towel after every use.
  • Ear infection – while cleaning a dog’s ears using the towel, you risk damaging their soft ear canal or leaving some dirt inside from the towel, or a small thread of fabric. This can cause infection issues in their ears. Use a soft towel and make sure there is no presence of fabric inside their ear.
  • Electric shock and skin coat issues – dogs having thick and long coats will suffer from skin coat issues and electric shock problems if the dog drying coat is not dried properly. So, while rubbing the towel on the dog’s coat, you will see them generate static electricity causing electric shock because of friction so, use a dog drying towel that is designed using microfibre for grooming purposes.
  • Burns or frostbite – If the towel is too hot or too cold, your furry friend may suffer from burns or frostbite. So, if the towel is hot you will observe burns on the dog’s skin, and if cold they will suffer tissue damage. Thus, to avoid such issues and prevent blisters, swelling, or tissue death, you need to maintain a moderate temperature of the dog drying towel.
  • Hypothermia or hyperthermia – low body temperature of a dog is referred to as hypothermia and high body temperature is hyperthermia. Both conditions are possible because sometimes the towel is too wet which can lower the body temperature. Likewise, a dry or hot dog drying towel will elevate the body temperature causing hyperthermia.
  • Abrasions or lacerations – some towels have rough or sharp edges and can lead to abrasions or lacerations on the dog’s skin. This can cause infection, scarring, and sometimes bleeding issues. Hence, it’s best to avoid dog drying towels that have rough or sharp edges.

These were some of the health issues pertaining to the usage of dog drying towels. But, you can easily avoid these situations by using a good-quality dog drying towel.

So, use it safely, keep it clean and maintain it for minimising the chances of skin infection or other health issues. Below are some of the tips for you to maintain the dog drying towel that you use on your furry friend:

  1. Wash the towel regularly. Make sure you use hot water and mild detergent to remove the bacteria, dirt, and foul smell.
  2. Dry the towel before putting it back in your room to avoid mould or fungus growth on it.
  3. Change the towel when it’s worn out, stained, torn, or lost the absorption capacity.
  4. Pick a towel that doesn’t retain any allergic component causing infection issues for the dog. Also, make sure the size and type are suitable.
  5. Avoid using bleach, fabric softener, or dryer for cleaning and drying purposes. They can compromise the quality of the fabric used in the towel.
  6. Do not use human towels on dogs. The fabric is rough for a dog’s coat and it can damage their hair and skin.


What are the benefits of using a dog drying towel on my dog?

Dog drying towel is made keeping in mind the dog’s body to prevent possible skin health issues. They are beneficial in reducing the risk of ear and skin infections, improving a dog’s coat condition, and facilitating quick drying. You can use dog drying towels after bathing the dog, swimming, or any time they get wet. There are different types of dog drying towels available and you can use the one that suits your dog and helps get them dry fast.

What is the general cost of dog drying towel in the UK?

The general cost of a dog drying towel in the UK falls between £7 and £30. But, you can expect these prices to vary as per the demand, availability, and brand of the dog drying towel. Also, there are many other prospects such as size, colour, type, or features that influence their prices. So, it’s best you analyse different dog drying towels yourself and buy one.

Which towels are not suitable to use on dogs?

Human towels, Electric towels, or Paper towels are towels that are not suitable for use on dogs. Human towels have different chemicals and the fabric is also rough for the dog’s skin. Paper towels are thin, weak and too abrasive for the dog’s skin and coat. Electric towels are heated with electricity, they are hot and risky because the dog’s skin can burn from the hot temperatures of the heated mats, pads, or blankets.

Why should I buy a dog towel robe?

A dog towel robe is a dog drying coat that is specifically designed for wrapping around the dog’s body and absorbing the water from the dog’s fur. This is similar to what a normal dog drying coat does but, with a dog towel robe will also have a hood, belt, and pocket cover. The design helps keep the dog still and it can also be used to provide warmth during winter.

Best Dog Drying Towel UK – Final Take

Dog drying towel is useful for dog owners in keeping their furry friend dry after they get wet. Normal towels can compromise their skin health so, it’s important for dog owners to buy dog drying towels. They are made precisely for using it on a dog’s fur and you can prevent any potential shedding and maintain skin health.

In addition, on the basis of your preferences, you can pick the towel that suits your furry friend’s skin. Because these dog drying towels are made using different materials and come in different sizes. Also, you need to consider other prospects such as ease of washing, durability, absorbing capacity, and softness as well.

Lastly, I hope the product list featured in this article helped you get insights into some of the best dog drying towels in the UK. These product lists are curated considering different parameters and you can buy the best dog drying towel for your furry friend. Still, if you feel like having queries about any of the products or prospects of dog drying towels, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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