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5 Best Double Ended Dog Lead UK for Dog Walking

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Author: Jacob Kay

Are you one of the dog owners who take your furry friend out for a walk daily? If so, you might have encountered different situations while dog walking and possibly broke the lead at some point. Regardless of the reason, it’s annoying when the dog lead wears or tears off. So, to improve the walking experience with your dog, you’ll need the best double ended dog lead UK.

The article includes a list of some of the best double ended dog leads out there in the market. For picking a proper double ended dog lead, I have also included a buying guide that will provide various details regarding double ended dog leads such as features, factors affecting their price, and perks of using it.

Best Double Ended Dog Lead UK

A double ended dog lead has two clips. Both clips are attached at each end and can be used to connect different points on the dog’s harness or collar. It provides flexibility and options to walk the dog safely and have better control over their movements. 

So, if you are looking to buy a double ended dog lead for your furry friend, below are some of the best double ended dog lead UK:

1. HALTI Double-Ended Lead

Many dog owners prefer having a dog lead that has more utility, HALTI Double-Ended Lead is one such lead. It is multipurpose and can be used in 8 different ways. Dog owners can easily dual-control head collars and harnesses.


In addition, this double-ended dog lead has adjustable length, easy to use a tether, is hands-free and two dogs are easily controlled.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Adjustable length
  • Woven reflective strip
  • Waterproof

Further, the double-ended dog lead has a soft neoprene handle lining for comfort and is safe to use on dogs.

  • Multipurpose
  • Strong nylon material
  • Sturdy metal trigger clips
  • Stitching comes off after regular use

2. Nobleza 360°Swivel Rotation Double Ended Dog Lead

For dog owners looking for better movement while handling multiple dogs, Nobleza 360°Swivel Rotation Double Ended Dog Lead is perfect for them. It’s tangle-free. The two sturdy 360°Swivel snaps can be easily connected with the dog’s harness or collar.


Hence, walking two dogs at once is quite simple while using this double ended dog lead. Also, the reflective stitching helps with visibility while dog walking at night.

Key Features:

  • No tangle
  • Rust resistant
  • Reflective stitching
  • Durable and lightweight

Further, the reflective stitching is done with quadruple stitched technology for more thickness, and that makes it extra durable.

  • Has a safe lock hook
  • Tensile-proof and shock-proof
  • Suitable for small pups, medium and large dog
  • Too heavy for small dogs

3. YankMooM Double Ended Dog Lead 

YankMooM Double Ended Dog Lead is suitable for dog owners who have aggressive dogs with higher chewing instincts. The lead uses a double layer of nylon for durability and is not easy for dogs to chew through this double-ended dog lead.


In addition, the lead has a 360° swivel rotation buckle that is useful in handling the dog and changing direction without tangling.

Key Features:

  • Durable hook
  • Adjustable length
  • Soft and flexible

Further, maintaining a safe distance while walking is easy because of the two solid hooks and three sturdy rings which help control the distance of traction.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Strong zinc alloy hook
  • Wearable on the waist (hands-free)
  • Heavy and poor stitching

4. FIRSTPAW Double Ended Lead

For dog owners looking for a double ended dog lead that is useful for every dog breed and for any age, FIRSTPAW Double Ended Lead is a viable option. It has two D-rings and O-rings that help in adjusting the length and is suitable for dogs.


In addition, the seamless stitching and padding improve the strength of the material and is sustainable for all weather condition.

Key Features:

  • Durable
  • Soft padded
  • 360° rotating carabiner

Further, this double ended lead can also be used for training dogs or walking two dogs.

  • Suitable for every dog breed
  • Hands-free (wearable on the shoulder)
  • No wrist strap
  • Material not strong (dog chews through)

5. SYCozupy Double-Ended Lead

SYCozupy Double-Ended Lead is useful for dog owners who are looking for a heavy-duty double-ended dog lead. This double ended lead is made using strong nylon material and has durable stitching. In addition, the lead has a 360° tangle-free closure and offers the dog much freedom.


Further, this double ended dog lead has two heavy-duty alloy snap hooks which make it stronger and easier to control dogs while using.

Key Features:

  • Alloy lock
  • Double stitching
  • Hand-sewn leather parts

Furthermore, the lead contains three O-rings and two fixed carabiners which are helpful in handling two dogs at the same time.

  • Reflective lining for safety
  • Bite-resistant (hard plastic material)
  • 360° tangle twistable durable closure
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for small dogs
  • The dog chews through the material

Buying guide: Best Double Ended Dog Lead UK

Till now, you have seen various options for double-ended dog leads. Now, to help you pick a suitable double ended dog lead, I have provided this buying guide which will provide you with detailed insights. 

Features of double ended dog lead

  • Two clips – multiple clips are present in a double ended dog lead. This is for more safety and better control over dogs. The front clip is used to steer the dog away and the back clip is for applying pressure for halting their movement. 
  • Adjustable length – the double ended lead allows dog owners to adjust the length to manage different situations that they might encounter while dog walking. For instance, the length must be short in public areas whereas in parks or open spaces, the length can be adjusted to medium or long. 
  •  Durability – double ended lead is made of leather, nylon, or rope. These materials are strong and can withstand the pulling pressure exerted by dogs. Also, it’s soft so, comfortable for dog owners to handle.
  • Visibility – Many double ended dog leads have reflective strips stitched on them. These provide extra visibility and help keep the dog safe while being outdoors.

Types of double ended dog lead

There are five different types of double ended dog leads that one can use to control their dogs. Based on the size, material, durability, and preferences, you can pick the best double ended dog lead for your furry friend.

#1. Standard double ended dog lead

This one is the most basic type and has a length of roughly 1-2 metres. You can use it to attach to the front and back of your dog harness or collar to control the movement and change directions.

Further, you can also adjust the length of the lead using rings alongside the lead or loop one of the ends over. In addition, you can also, clip it back on the lead to switch to single-ended lead mode.

#2. Slip double ended dog lead

Slip double ended dog lead is a combination of a double ended dog lead and slip collar. You can use this type of double-ended lead for training dogs to walk properly without misbehaving or lunging.

The mechanism for slip lead is simple when the dog pulls, the slip collar will tighten and exert some pressure suggesting dogs halt their movement.

#3. Martingale double ended dog lead

Martingale double ended dog lead is useful for dogs with small heads and thick necks. For instance, greyhounds. This lead has a martingale collar and a double ended dog lead that prevents slipping of the head from the lead.

#4. Head collar double ended dog lead

A head collar double ended dog lead will have a combination of a head collar and double ended dog lead. This lead is helpful in controlling strong dogs and the ones that are difficult to control using different leads.

The head collar fits around the dog’s muzzle, behind the ears and helps gently steer them away when they pull.

#5. Shock absorbing double ended dog lead

The shock absorbing double ended dog lead has an elastic section that reduces the strain on the dog and their handlers on the pull. It also offers comfort and flexibility to dogs allowing them to have more flexible movements.

In addition, you can also attach a dog collar or harness, or use one end as the handle for better control.

Factors  affecting prices of double ended dog lead

The price of double ended leads will depend on several factors. Here are some of the prominent factors that impact the prices of double ended dog lead:

 #1. Durability and Quality  

A strong lead made using nylon, leather, or rope material will have more durability. The double ended dog leads made of these materials will have the strength to withhold the pressure exerted because of a strong dog pull. 

In addition, the material is soft and comfortable for dog owners to use. They are washable and can work well even in different weather conditions. So, brands using premium-quality material for durability will cost more. 

#2. Size and weight of clips

The clips on double ended dog leads must be of ideal weight and size. They should be strong but, not bulky or heavy for the dog’s collar or harness. The rings must be smooth and well-adjusted to the length of the lead. 

Now, the rings of double ended dog leads come in plastic, metal, or snap hooks. Based on the size and weight the prices for each of these types will differ. 

#3. Length and width of the lead

The length and width of the double ended dog lead will impact their prices significantly. The longer length will have high prices as the dog will get more freedom to move around in comparison with a short or medium-length double ended dog lead.  

In addition, the width of the double ended dog lead must be wide enough to handle the dog’s movement. Because narrow leads are more suitable for small dogs and are cheaper in comparison with wider ones.

#4. Design and features

The features and design of the double ended dog lead are crucial factors that determine the prices. The variety in designs and features such as adjustable clips, handles, or heavy stitching will decide on the price of the double ended dog lead.

Thus, if there are more additional features in double ended dog lead, the prices will be high.

These were some of the factors affecting the price of double ended dog leads. In fact, you can also, consider these as the buying prospects. Below are some of the reasons why these are buying prospects:

  • A thorough assessment of quality is required. In simple words, the material used and durability should be considered while buying the double ended dog lead.
  • Length and adjustability are crucial to consider when buying a double ended dog lead. Because short length leads will offer less control over your furry friend whereas, a flexible adjustable double ended dog lead will provide more freedom.
  • The double ended dog lead you buy must feel comfortable on your hands and easy to grip. A good grip lead will provide better control over the dog and also, make it easy for you to restrain them in different situations.

Lastly, the cost of a double-ended lead is also a prominent buying prospect. You don’t want to end up buying a double-ended dog lead that is of high cost but, not suitable for your furry friend or you.

Using Double Ended Dog Leads

Once, you buy a double ended dog lead, you must know how to use it. Because, unlike normal lead, they have different working mechanisms and you might need to practice before using them.

So, before we see how to use double ended dog lead on the dog, let’s have a look at some of the ways you can prepare yourself to use this lead on your furry friend.

  • Read instructions and watch videos

Have a look at the instructions on how to use a double ended dog lead mentioned by different brand products. The brands providing these types of dog leads will also, suggest the ideal length, material, and size that fits different dog breeds.

Further, you can also have a peek at some of the videos online, and see how you can fit the lead, adjust it and use it safely. After a thorough analysis, you can begin practising the steps mentioned in different tutorials.

  • Practice without dog

After thorough analysis, you need to practice the holding and clipping of the double ended dog lead in your hands without connecting it with the dog. try various ways to hold the lead. Likewise, try clipping the lead in different ways, for instance, attach both clips to a single point or connect one clip to the other.

In addition, you can try to practice adjusting the length of the lead while moving hands or clips along with it. You have to execute this practice without attaching the lead to your furry friend. Try using a dummy dog toy instead to avoid any injury risk.

  • Practice with dog

Once you feel confident about using the double ended dog lead on a dummy dog, you can begin practising with your dog. But, you cannot directly initiate the exercise. You need to train your furry friend with a new double ended dog lead.

Below are some of the steps you can follow to train your dog:

#1. Introduce them to the double ended lead

Take the double ended dog lead near your furry friend and keep it near them. Allow them to sniff the lead. Once they are done examining the lead, reward their positive behaviour. Afterwards, make them wear the harness for small periods.

#2. Put on a double ended lead

After your dog sniffs the double ended dog lead, you can try and put it on them. Allow your dog to roam around with the lead without holding it. This will make them feel comfortable and the transition from normal lead to double ended dog lead will be much easier for them.

However, you must put the lead properly on the dog to avoid injuries. Below are some steps for putting on the double ended dog lead:

  • Join one end of the lead to the front attachment point and the other one to the back. Make sure you fasten the clips and also, not tangled or twisted.
  • One clip should be attached to the loop on the dog’s bag and the other to the loop of the chest clip. This attachment will help in using the back clip as the brake and chest clip for steering the movement of the dog.

#3. Command train

While your dog is roaming around the ground, use different commands and take control of the lead. Slowly use the lead to make the dog change direction and follow your commands. Use commands such as heel, stay, sit, or stop and see whether your furry friend follows them or not.

If they are following your commands or cues, provide them with a food treat or a reward. This gesture will register a positive response and reduce the chances of your dog resisting putting on the double ended lead.

#4. Practice in the backyard

Once the dog is comfortable wearing the double ended dog lead and also, follows your commands, you can walk them in your backyard. You can train them as per your preferences and use different obstacles to apply brakes to train them to change directions while you exert pressure.

In addition, make sure you are not pulling lead too hard, it can cause issues for your furry friend and might even make them aggressive. Continue practising in the backyard and when the dog is ready, you can take them out for a walk with a double ended lead.

Perks of double ended dog lead

Proper training for dogs to walk while double ended lead on them can have various benefits. Both dogs and owners gain benefits when double ended dog lead is used. Let’s have a peek at different perks.

Benefits for dogs

  • Comfortable walking experience, as less pressure on their neck or throat.
  • Get trained to walk calmly without being punished or corrected roughly with the lead.
  • Have more freedom to roam and explore the surroundings.
  • Fewer injury risks for dogs.

Benefits for dog owners

  • Have more control over the dog’s movement thanks to the flexibility and adjustable length features.
  • Training dogs to walk without pulling gets easy.
  • Easy to handle dogs in different situations or in public places, and in traffic.

Drawbacks of double ended dog lead

There are many perks of using double ended dog lead for both dogs and their owners but, it has some disadvantages as well. Below are some of the drawbacks:

Disadvantages for dogs

  • Not suitable for puppies because they are heavy.
  • They get confused with different signals, and pressure from clips of lead and get frustrated.
  • Risk of tripping because of tangling of legs in the lead.
  • Impacts behaviour, loose confidence while walking because of restraint.

Disadvantages for dog owners

  • Need to practice using lead properly for effective use.
  • Maintaining the quality of lead is tough.
  • Not compatible with all harnesses or dog collars.

Further, dog owners have to be careful while using double ended dog leads. Otherwise, the dog’s behaviour may change, they might sustain injuries, and face other issues. Here are some of the things dog owners must avoid while using double ended lead:

  1. You should avoid forcing your dog to wear the double ended lead and let them wear it when they feel comfortable.
  2. Avoid using a lead of low quality. They are cheap but, can break easily while dog walking.
  3. Don’t use extreme force to restrain your dog’s movement. Otherwise, they might choke.
  4. Avoid using random harnesses or collars. Make sure there are two connecting points in the harness or collar you use to connect both ends of the lead.
  5. Double ended dog leads without a swivel mechanism will not be useful in walking two dogs. So, you need to pick one that has one if you plan on walking multiple dogs.

FAQs for Best Double Ended Dog Lead UK

What is the general price of a double ended dog lead in the UK?

The general price range for a double ended dog lead in the UK is between £5 and £18. However, this price range is not fixed and it may vary depending on the quality, price, and brand of the double ended dog lead you to pick. For instance, shock-absorbing double ended lead will cost more because of its feature i.e. between £15 and £18 or even more. Whereas, other types of double ended dog leads will cost less.

Why should I use double ended dog lead with handle?

A double ended dog lead with a handle is a type of lead that has a clip on both sides and a handle in the middle. It can be used to connect different points on the dog’s collar or harness such as the front and the back or the front and the side to gain better control over the dog and prevent pulling.

What features to look for in the best double ended dog lead?

The best double ended dog lead will have features like durability, and flexibility, and will be comfortable for dogs and easy to use for dog owners. In addition, it will be of perfect length and easily adjustable as per the owners’ preferences. They come in different combinations and types so, pick the one that has the proper features.

Which dog breeds cannot handle double ended dog leads?

Different dogs have different preferences and react differently to the type of lead you use. So, it’s difficult to determine the exact breed which may not handle double ended dog lead well. However, some common factors such as the size of the lead, the material used, the weight of the lead, and the dog’s personality can provide some insights into which dogs may not handle these leads well. For example, small dogs will not respond well to heavy weight double ended dog leads.

Best Double Ended Dog Lead UK- Conclusive Remarks

I hope the reviews provided for the best double ended dog lead UK, helped you get clarity on which one you can buy. After a thorough analysis of factors such as quality, durability, functionality, and customer reviews with our team at Wewantdogs, this list was curated.

However, you must invest some time, and conduct your own research alongside. The reason is simple, You will have different types of double ended dog leads with different features and material designs at your disposal. Pick the one that matches your preferences and is safe to use on your furry friend.

In conclusion, in comparison with a standard lead, a double ended dog lead is likely to provide more options and flexibility for you and your furry friend. But, because of the variety and risks involved while using this durable lead, you should have a talk with a professional dog trainer or consult a vet before you use it on your dog. As it’s possible, your furry friend might not handle it well.

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