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8 Best Portable Dog Washer UK – Clean Your Dog Anywhere!

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Dogs are amazing but, they are messy, especially if they are highly energetic and love exploring the environment with their dog owners. They get dirty while playing in the mud, chasing their prey, or rolling in the grass. So, as a dog owner, you may have looked for the best portable dog washer uk to make sure your dog stays hygienic, especially if you like going on camping trips or at any other location to have fun with your furry friend.

If you are looking for a portable dog washer then keep reading. This article includes a list of some of the best portable dog washers out there in the market. You can analyse the features and other prospects to pick a suitable dog washer for your furry friend. For better understanding, there is also the buyer’s guide which provides detailed insights into portable dog washers.

Best Portable Dog Washer UK

A portable dog washer is an efficient tool that can help dog owners keep their dogs clean at different locations. It consists of a water tank, a nozzle, and a hose, dog owners can spray with different patterns and adjust the pressure while cleaning different areas of their furry friend.

The water tank can be refilled and the dog washer is usually lightweight for carrying around. Some portable dog washers also help keep the water warm. Below is a list of the best portable dog washers that I have curated with my team at Wewantdogs:

1. Mud Daddy Dog Washer

If you need a compact and mobile portable dog washer then Mud Daddy Dog Washer is the one you are looking for. This portable dog washer can be taken anywhere to clean the dog and has an excellent 5-litre storage capacity.

This dog washer uses water pressure to spray water on dogs without any need for batteries or electricity. The brush attachment helps scrub and wash the dog’s fur and there is a shampoo dispenser as well for effective washing.


Key Features:

  • Silent-action
  • Multi-purpose
  • Environment friendly
  • Durable and water-resistant


Further, dog owners don’t have to worry about wasting water as it uses 80% less water in comparison to a jet pressure washer, and 90% less of a hose pipe.

  • Good water tank capacity
  • Keeps water warm for more than two hours
  • Uses the precise amount of water needed for cleaning the dog
  • Low pressure so, cleaning excessive dirt from the dog’s skin can be tough

2. Petacarium Insulated Portable Shower

Many dog owners prefer providing a shower experience to their furry friend while washing, Petacarium Insulated Portable Shower is the dog washer they are looking for. It can help dog owners provide their dogs with shower experience and clean their bodies.

The scrubbing of a dog’s fur is possible with a brush attachment and the shampoo dispenser makes the washing process simpler.


Key Features:

  • Multi-functional shower
  • Insulated neoprene jacket
  • Durable and water-resistant


Further, this multifunctional dog washer comes in handy on camping sites as dog owners can not only clean their dogs but, also their muddy legs or shoes.

  • Multiple usage
  • Uses less water
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Neoprene jacket may rip off

3. Aquapaw Dog Washer

Aquapaw Dog Washer combines a sprayer and scrubber in a single device. The integration of a sprayer and scrubber allows dog owners to control the water flow using a single hand. Thus, dog owners can scrub and massage dogs with their other hands and provide them with a proper bathing experience and thorough cleansing.

In addition, this dog washer also has a hose adapter so, if you wish to make your dog bathe outside, it’s feasible. The Aquapaw dog washer is wearable in hands so, dog owners can easily switch their hands while bathing their dogs.


Key Features:

  • Adjustable straps
  • High-quality silicone for durability
  • Two-in-one design (sprayer & scrubber)


Further, the on and off button on the dog washer makes it easy for dog owners to use the water and apply pressure when needed.

  • Durable material and ergonomic design
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Integrates scrubber and sprayer for optimal usage
  • Fitting issues on different sizes of hands

4. Eletorot Camping Portable Dog Shower

If you like camping with your furry friend regularly, you may need a portable dog washer like Eletorot Camping Portable Dog Shower. Yes, you read that right! This portable dog washer is versatile and can be used by dog owners to clean themselves and their dogs.

This portable dog shower can be easily hung up with the help of a hook and holder. The flow of water is easily directed and pressure is good enough to get rid of mud from the dogs.


Key Features:

  • Rechargeable
  • Flexible Hose
  • LED-indicating battery power


Further, to avoid the leak from the water connection, dog owners have to make sure they insert the O-ring into the water connection.

  • Supports warm water shower
  • Hook and handle for hanging
  • Decent water pressure to clean dogs
  • Charging with an adapter of more than 5V can compromise rechargeable feature

5. Karcher dog washer

The Karcher dog washer is battery-powered and has a spiral hose and trigger under its removable water tank. The water pressure is low but, is still effective in cleaning dirt from your furry friend. Its cone-spray nozzle helps in washing sensitive areas like dog paws.

In addition, the Karcher dog washer also has a detachable water tank and filling it back up with water is easy.


Key Features:

  • Compact design
  • Water level indicator
  • Spiral hose and trigger gun


Furthermore, the integrated lithium battery used in this dog washer runs for a longer duration and has a flashing light indicator to show a low charge.

  • Gentle cleaning
  • Removable water tank
  • Compact design, easy to carry around
  • Cost is high

6. Kurgo Portable Outdoor & Indoor Dog Shower 

For dog owners who are enthusiastic dog walkers, Kurgo Portable Outdoor & Indoor Dog Shower is a perfect option for dog washing. This manual dog washer is simple to use and has no complex design or structure. All a dog owner has to do, is fill up the bottle and it’s ready for use.

Once, dog owners tighten this shower head onto the bottle-neck, they can squeeze it and use it for cleaning their dog.


Key Features:

  • Small size
  • Rubber silicone PVC material


The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on this portable dog shower, so, you must consider buying this compact dog washer.

  • Simple using mechanism
  • Made using safe materials
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Bottle empties quickly

7. Soneer Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Some dog owners are conscious of keeping their dog’s paws clean, so Soneer Dog Paw Cleaner is perfect for them. The 360° design makes it easy to wrap this dog paw cleaner around the paws and get rid of the bacteria and dirt.

This cleaner is lightweight and cleans the paws without injuring a dog’s paws.


Key Features:

  • Detachable design
  • Silicone plastic material


Further, cleaning this dog paw cleaner is easy. Dog owners simply need to unscrew the lid and remove the silicone brush to keep the portable dog paw cleaner clean.

  • Lightweight, so, easy to carry
  • The material used is soft and durable
  • Only useful for cleaning dog paws

8. HYF Collapsible Pet Dog Bath Pool

HYF Collapsible Pet Dog Bath Pool is suitable for dog owners who prefer providing proper a soaking bath to their dogs while having a normal or camping trip. The foldable feature makes it a portable dog bath-type washer, and dogs can enjoy the bath and get clean.

In addition, this portable dog bath pool is spacious and multiple dogs can have a bath at the same time.


Key Features:

  • Temperature resistant
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Drainage holes at the bottom


Furthermore, this foldable dog pool has drainage holes at the bottom which helps in removing the water easily after the dog’s bath.

  • Durable and foldable material
  • Drainage holes for emptying the dog bath
  • The size is smaller than expected
  • Dog bites may damage the material

Buyers Guide: Best Portable Dog Washer UK

The list of portable dog washers may have provided you with clarity on the portable dog washer you were looking for but, it’s possible that the choices may have confused you. So, to clear such confusion and help dog owners provide more clarity, here is a buying guide that will analyse features, and benefits, and provide some insights on how dog owners can use portable dog washers.

Portable dog washer features

A portable dog washer device enables dog owners to wash dogs at any place. The portability eliminates the need for a hose or a tub. In general, these dog washers are handheld and have a water tank, a nozzle, and a pump that can spray water on the dog. Let’s have a closer look at these features,

  • Water tank – holds the water that is used to clean dogs. The size and capacity of the tank rely on the brand and model of the portable dog washer. Some of the water tanks can fill up the warm water as well.
  • Hose and nozzle – help in delivering the water from the tank. The length and flexibility of the hose and nozzle have an impact on how simple it is to manoeuvre and spray water on the dog. Many nozzles and hoses are connected to different accessories such as shampoo dispensers, orthopaedic inserts, or brushes.
  • Pump – creates the water pressure and flow to spray water on the dog. The pressure and the capacity of the pump vary based on the brand and model of the portable dog washer. You can change the spraying mode and adjust the speed as per your dog’s preferences. In addition, some pumps provide the facility to be charged with batteries or plugged into a power source.
  • Cover and liner – is for protecting the portable dog washer from dirt, or damage. The cover and liner are removable, washable, and resistant to stains, tears, water, and odour. Dog owners may also, find anti-microbial or anti-slip features to stop the growth of bacteria.

Types of portable dog washers

Based on the power source, water tank size, hose length and other features, below are some of the common types of portable dog washers:

#1. Manual portable dog washers

These types of dog washers are operated manually. However, they do have a built-in water tank that is filled with water and pumped to generate pressure. The manual portable dog washers are powerful in comparison to other portable dog washers but, demand more maintenance and effort.

#2. Battery-powered portable dog washers

The portable battery-powered dog washers use batteries for operating and they can offer a constant flow of water for a specific period. The battery-powered portable dog washers are lightweight and easy to carry around.

#3. Cordless portable dog washers

Cordless portable dog washers do not need a power source and are easy to operate with hands. The cost for these dog washers is less but, they lack water pressure capacity to clean larger dogs.

#4. Rechargeable portable dog washers

The rechargeable portable dog washers can be charged using an adapter or a USB cable. Compared to battery-powered portable dog washers can offer longer run time and are eco-friendly and convenient to use.

The above-mentioned types are detailed based on power source criteria. These portable dog washers can also be included in the following categorisation for portable dog washers:

  • Portable dog showers – These types of dog washers include a hose and nozzle. Dog owners can connect the portable dog showers to a water source or use a built-in water tank. Portable dog showers are available in all four types i.e. manual, rechargeable, battery-powered or cordless.
  • Portable dog washers with brushes – In this type of dog washer, dog owners will find a combination of brushing and spraying in one. This integration is normally done using a rubber or silicone rubber brush head. These portable dog washers can be attached to a bottle or faucet or will have a built-in water tank. They are available in manual, battery-powered, rechargeable, and cordless type as well.
  • Portable dog baths – These dog washers are foldable, rigid, and inflatable and include a hose or a drain plug to empty the water. However, these types of dog washers are tubs or a pool. So, only feasible to use inside the house as it requires more space. This dog washer may not be carried to different places but, allows a dog to soak in water, especially for the bigger dogs. The portable dog baths don’t have any power source, they are available as a manual dog washer.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Portable Dog Washer

The type of portable dog washer you pick will surely have a major impact on the prices of portable dogwashers. But, there are some other factors as well which impact the price of a portable dog washer. Let’s have a peek at them.

#1. Device shape and size

Portable dog washers are designed differently and their material is different as well. Also, the equipment and labour of producing such a complex shape device and the big size influence their prices. Complexity and size have higher production costs, so, dog owners may find it costly to buy a big portable dog washer.

For instance, some dog washers have glove-shaped fits on their hands some have wand-like shapes. Both are different in size and the cost for manufacturing will differ and will be decided based on their sizes (capacity to hold water will be more).

#2. Function and features

The variety of features and functions included in a portable dog washer helps improve its utility. Hence, if a particular portable dog washer has more functions and features it will provide more benefits and the prices will also be high. For instance, some washers will have a scrubber, while the other may have a water dial, or multiple spray modes that allow adjusting pressure and control direction of water.

Likewise, some dog washers will provide minimal features and functionalities to reduce the price. But, this doesn’t imply they will be less efficient. If the features and functionalities of such a portable dog washer match your preference then it’s buyable.

#3. Durability and quality

Higher quality materials used in portable dog washer and their durability will certainly influence the cost. If the portable dog washer is high in durability, it will not break even if there is continuous usage by the dog owner.

The device will keep working without leaking or breaking. So, they can expect the dog washer to last long but, they might not be available cheaply.

#4. Demand and availability

The availability and demand of portable dog washers will have a major impact on their prices. A portable dog washer with high durability, and high demand, will cost more in comparison with the other ones. If the supply of such devices is less, the prices will be higher.

On the other hand, portable dog washer devices that are in demand can also have low prices because of the competition in the market. Different manufacturers competing for the same dog washer product may put lower prices for better sales.

Tips on Using a Portable Dog Washer

As mentioned previously, Portable dog washers come in different types. Each type has a different working mechanism. Dog owners need to analyse the working mechanism and use it accordingly. For effective and safe usage of a portable dog washer, below are some of the tips from my side:

#1. Portable dog showers

Pick a portable dog shower that has a long hose length and a low noise level. Use warm water so, that the dog may feel comfortable and relaxed. Have some food treats and toys to encourage positive behaviour. Here is how you must use portable dog showers:

  • Fill the water in the water tank or simply attach the portable dog washer device to a source.
  • Turn on the device and adjust the temperature and pressure as per your dog’s convenience and your preference.
  • Initiate spraying the water on your dog’s body from the back and slowly move upwards towards its tail, legs, and then the head. While spraying the water, make sure you don’t end up spraying it directly into their nose.
  • If needed, apply the shampoo on the dog’s fur for proper cleaning and rinse it thoroughly after a proper massage.
  • Turn off the device and dry your furry friend using a dog drying towel.

#2. Portable dog washers with brushes

A portable dog washer with brushes must have soft bristles. Pick the one with ergonomic design so, it is easy to control mats and for the safety of your dog. To improve a dog’s coat health and reduce shedding, use close water while using portable dog washers with brushes. Below are some instructions on how you can use them,

  • Connect the portable dog washer with brushes to a bottle, or faucet, or fill the water tank with the water.
  • Turn on the device, adjust the water pressure and temperature as per your preference and make sure your furry friend is okay with it.
  • Brush the dog fur using the portable dog washer with brushes and initiate the cleaning from the back. While brushing the head, make sure the brush doesn’t make contact with the eyes, nose, or ears.
  • If you have applied shampoo, thoroughly rinse your furry friend’s body. Afterwards, turn off the device and dry your furry friend’s wet body.

#3. Portable dog baths

Portable dog baths are bigger than other portable dog washers. You need to pick one that is easy to manage, clean, and suitable for your dog. Make sure it’s rigid and also, comfortable for the dog to move around. Following are the usage tips to consider while using portable dog baths:

  • Set up the portable dog bath pool or tub in a suitable location i.e. backyard or bathroom. Make sure it is stable and safe for dogs.
  • Based on the weather conditions, or your dog’s preference, fill the tube with warm or cold water. Add some essential oils and salt to make their bathing more soothing.
  • Allow your dog to soak in the water, you can massage their body or apply shampoo for better cleaning. Use a sponge to clean their fur properly.
  • Drain the pool or tub and dry your furry friend using a dog drying towel.

Perks of using a portable dog washer

Using a portable dog washer effectively can have ample benefits. Both dog and dog owners gain benefits while a portable dog washer is being used. Let’s have a closer look at the perks of using a portable dog washer for dogs and their owners.

Benefits of dog owners:

  • Freedom and convenience – portable dog washer is easy to carry around. Dog owners don’t have to worry about the water source or rely on fixed power outlets. Some of the dog washers are even suitable for outdoor use. In fact, some of the portable dog washers are made for dog owners who travel more, are regular dog walkers, or campers.
  • Less use of water and less mess – in comparison to standard dog washing equipment, a portable dog washer uses less pressure water. Many portable dog washers allow to control the water pressure and temperature. The water flow is adjustable as per the dog’s size and fur length.
  • Cost efficient – for maintaining proper skin care for dogs, owners have to spend some money for professional dog grooming. Using a portable dog washer of good quality can reduce such expenses as it can provide proper dog grooming without any additional costs.

Benefits for the dogs

  • Odour removal and effective cleaning – A normal bath may not get rid of the bacteria or other germs but, a portable dog washer does. Thanks to its cleaning capacity it can get rid of germs or bacteria from sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, ears, legs, paws, and tail of the dog. In addition, it also gets rid of bad dog smell and keeps the dog smell clean and fresh.
  • Enjoyable and fun bathing experience – portable dog washers come with different attachments, especially the manual ones. Dog owners can use it as a toy and make the bathing experience of their furry friend more exciting and enjoyable. In addition, accessories such as a massager, brush, or glove, can improve the bathing experience of the dog and make them more relaxed.
  • Improved skin health – A portable dog washer enhances the dog’s health as it helps reduce the shedding of fur, prevent tangles and mat, and improve blood circulation. The skin soothes and dog skin gets shiner and healthy after frequent effective usage of a portable dog washer.
  • Less injury risk – regular hose or shower always poses a risk for the dog. For instance, the water can directly enter their eyes, exposure to warm water, injury from water pressure or possibly electric shock. A portable dog washer eliminates such risks as it offers adjustable pressure, temperature, and proper hose for better control. Thus, dogs will suffer fewer injuries.

Drawbacks of Using a Portable Dog Washer

There are many perks of using a portable dog washer for both the dog and the dog owner. But, there are some drawbacks as well. Below are some of the drawbacks of using a portable dog washer for canines:

  • Water pressure is low – for less risk of injuries, the water pressure in the portable dog washers is low. This is not a drawback until you think of large-haired dogs. Low pressure doesn’t clean the dirt present on such dogs. Even with proper pressure some portable dog washers run out of water before the washing is complete. This ineffectiveness can in turn frustrate dog owners and they may resent using such products.
  • Constant refilling or recharging – some of the portable dog washers run out of water fast and need to be refilled continuously. Also, the ones with battery power and rechargeable features, need frequent recharging as the device runs out of power rapidly. If the battery power is compromised it can hinder the dog washing process and make it time-consuming.
  • Splashing or mess – many portable dog washers are designed for indoor use but, still, they can cause splashing or mess on the walls and the floor. This makes the job of cleaning more tedious and dog owners can get frustrated as they have to wipe out their furniture, walls, or floor after using a portable dog washer inside their house.
  • Malfunctioning – Whether it is a manual, battery-powered, rechargeable, or cordless portable dog washer, each of these types can break down or malfunction. In general, this issue occurs when the quality or durability of the device is low or compromised. But, at times, dog owners’ reckless usage can also lead to such issues. Regardless, there is always a potential risk of the device not working properly if broken.
  • Compatibility issues – some of the portable dog washers are not compatible with hoses, or faucets and need more connectors or adapters. This issue can complicate the installation process of the portable dog washer and also, increase the expenditure of dog owners as more tools are required to connect the dog washer. But, this doesn’t guarantee the stable working of the portable dog washers.
  • Tough to maintain – Dirt or bacteria in the water tank or the nozzle of some portable dog washers is tough for dog owners to remove. This issue can trigger different health issues for the dogs like infection, or irritation of the skin. In addition, the bacteria and dirt can clog the nozzle or damage the pump which makes it difficult for dog owners to use the dog washer.
  • Fire hazard or electrocution risk – Portable dog washers with battery powers may work fine but, there is always a potential fire hazard or electrocution risk for the dog. A dog is likely to have electric shocks if the insulation on the portable dog washer device is not proper.

Precautionary measures

The risks involved with using portable dog washers can cause severe issues. To avoid such issues and drawbacks while using portable dog washers, below are some precautionary measures dog owners can take while using a portable dog washer (things dog owners need to avoid) on their furry friend:

  1. Spraying water directly into eyes or ears – Spraying water directly into a dog’s eyes or ears can lead to irritation or infection issues. Sometimes dogs may even panic because of the sudden burst of water into their sensitive areas. It’s best if dog owners avoid doing this and simply use a sponge or cloth to clean their ears and face.
  2. Avoid using human cleaning products – dog owners get carried away and end up using human cleaning products or shampoos to clean their dogs. This reckless approach can cause skin issues and damage the dog’s fur as well. Dog owners must only use cleaning products that are tailored for usage on dogs.
  3. Using too cold or too hot water – using water that is too hot or too cold can cause issues for dogs. Extremely hot water, can burn a dog’s skin and cause some severe damage. On the contrary, extremely cold water temperatures may not cause such damage but, can lead to shock or hypothermia.
  4. Use of incompatible or poor-quality devices – Dog owners must completely avoid using a portable dog washer of low quality or incompatibility. The reason is simple, low quality, incompatibility, and less durability means the device may not work properly. For instance, it may break down during usage, have a faulty nozzle, low pressure, and poor temperature control. These prospects can hinder the cleaning process and may also risk the dog’s safety.
  5. Ignoring maintenance – After buying a durable and high-quality portable dog washer dog owners don’t feel the need to maintain the product by cleaning it, especially the portable dog washers. They are difficult to clean but, ignoring cleaning them may be dangerous because the dirt or dust accumulated in the nozzle or the water tank can cause health issues for dogs. In addition, it can also damage the pump and the device might stop functioning properly.

FAQs for Best Portable Dog Washer UK

Which portable dog washer is better – The Mud Daddy dog washer or the Karcher dog washer?

Both Mud Daddy dog washers and Karcher dog washers are popular for their features and functions to clean dogs. But, they are slightly different. The Karcher dog washer has small water tanks, cone jet nozzles, battery-powered motors, and motorised operation whereas the Mud Daddy dog washer has bigger water tanks, integral brushes, manual pumps, and operates silently. So, based on the budget, dog’s comfort level, and preferences dog owners can pick any of these two dog washers. Still, the Karcher dog washer has an edge over the Mud Daddy dog washer because of its adjustable pressure, long hose length, and universal suction hose, and useful for different purposes.

How much will a portable dog washer cost in the UK?

In general, you can expect the cost of a portable dog washer to fall between £10 to £80. But, based on the size, type, features, quality, durability, and brand, this price range may vary. For instance, simple portable dog washers that are easily attached to plastic bottles or faucets and spray water with a nozzle will cost about £5 to £10. A medium-sized device with a built-in water tank, shower head, and hose will roughly cost between £20 and £50. Likewise, a portable dog water with a high-capacity water tank and a powerful motor with a rechargeable feature will cost about £100 to £200 or more.

Why should I use portable dog washers and not a dog washer machine?

A dog washer machine helps clean dogs effectively but, they are stationary, bulky, and expensive machines. A portable dog washer may not provide enough water pressure or accommodate large dogs like a dog washer machine does but, it is less noisy, mobile, and can be used at different locations. A portable dog washer is cheaper in comparison with a dog washer machine and provides more freedom to both the dog and its owner. Still, based on the dog’s temperament, preferences, comfort levels and budget, you can pick the one that fits the best.

Is a homemade portable dog washer effective?

The commercial portable dog washer is less effective than the dog washer machine. Now, if you make one at home, it will be of less cost but, may not be convenient for your furry friends and probably be less effective. The reason is simple, the attachments may break off or the material you used may break down easily while using it to wash the dog. So, you will have to repair it yourself to make it work again. It’s better if you simply buy one instead of making one at home.

Why do some dog breeds not benefit from portable dog washers UK?

Portable dog washers have low pressure and are just not feasible to use on some dogs because of it’s their body. Dog breeds that are large in size, have long legs, and thick fur will not receive optimal cleaning. For instance, Great Danes are big, and tall and have big paws and long legs, so a portable dog washer may not reach out to these areas, Likewise, one of the tallest dog breeds i.e. Scottish Deerhound will face a similar issue. The portable dog washer will not be able to reach out to their body parts hence, cleaning will not be proper. In addition, portable dog washers have a tough time penetrating the Newfoundland dog breed’s thick water-resistant fur to remove the dirt.

Best Portable Dog Washer UK – Final Opinion

A portable dog washer can help get rid of dust, germs, or bacteria from the dog and provide a joyful bathing experience. It is a cost-effective solution and dog owners don’t have to opt for expensive grooming services or take their dog to a dog washing station. I hope the product list for the best portable dog washer UK helped you narrow down the search and helped you pick a suitable dog washer for your furry friend.

However, you need to analyse different prospects before buying one. There are different types of portable dog washers available in the market and each of these devices has unique features, and different cleaning capacities, and will help different dogs. In addition, some of them support warm water some don’t, and some are versatile, meaning, useful for cleaning other items.

Hence, picking up the best portable dog washer UK will not only ensure your dog’s hygiene but, also provide you with the mental relief of not finding a dog washing station, especially if you are out camping, hiking, or on a trip. If you get stuck with any aspect of a portable dog washer or have a tough time deciding which will suit your dog breed the best, mention your queries in the comment. Our team at Wewantdogs will be happy to provide you with more clarity.

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