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The 5 Best Ultrasonic Dog Toothbrush UK for Better Dental Health

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Author: Jacob Kay

If you are looking for a sophisticated and effective way of cleaning your furry friend’s teeth and gums, you may have thought of buying an ultrasonic dog toothbrush. If so, you have come to the right place. This article is intended to highlight some of the best ultrasonic dog toothbrush UK and help dog owners improve their furry friend’s dental health.

However, these devices are not that popular or common in the UK and there are some limitations as well. Thus, I have included a detailed buyer’s guide that will help you get some useful insights into this product and also, some tips on how you can use it effectively on dogs. So, keep reading and find out the best ultrasonic teeth cleaner for dogs.

Best Ultrasonic Dog Toothbrushes UK

Dog ultrasonic toothbrushes generate ultrasonic waves to eliminate the dirt and bacteria accumulated on the dog’s teeth and gums. After assessing different prospects of these toothbrushes with my team at Wewantdogs, here are the 5 best ultrasonic dog toothbrushes dog owners can consider for improving their furry friend’s dental health:

1. Emmi-pet ultrasonic dog tootbrush

Dog owners having small or medium-sized dogs can use Emmi-pet ultrasonic dog toothbrushes to clean their teeth. The ultrasonic chip in the brush head ensures thorough cleaning of gums, and teeth reducing germs, impurities, and bacteria from the dog’s teeth and providing fresher breath.

The Emmi-pet dog ultrasonic toothbrush goes through the smallest of gaps and cleans the dog’s teeth and gums. In addition, it also removes biofilm and plaque on teeth, loosens tartar, and gently eliminates gingivitis in dogs.


Key Features:

  • Short size
  • Curved brush neck
  • Ultrasonic chip in brush head


Further, the cleaning of the dog’s teeth and gums is done without scrubbing so, there is minimal chance of pain-inducing in the dog’s gums.

  • Recyclable
  • Noise and vibration-free
  • Replacement heads available
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs
  • Bristles wear out quickly

2. Techmira Cleany Teeth Toothbrush

Techmira Cleany Teeth Toothbrush is an ultrasonic toothbrush which uses the latest technology to clean a dog’s teeth and gums. There is no scrubbing so, dog owners don’t have to worry about any pain or damage to their dog’s teeth or gums.

The three-sided head of this brush facilitates proper cleansing of teeth and it lays deep effects into a dog’s gums reducing gum inflammation, removing tartar and dealing with prophylaxis.


Key Features:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Three sided head
  • Lithium-ion battery (Rechargeable)


In addition, this ultrasonic dog toothbrush comes with ultrasonic toothpaste that has nanoparticles which help with the cleaning process.

  • No noise and vibration
  • Rapid cleaning of teeth and gums
  • Operates gently and is pain-free for dogs
  • Stops working on vibration mode after frequent use

3. Emmi-pet 2.0

For dog owners who need a complete set for dental care of their dogs, Emmi-pet 2.0 is the perfect choice. This ultrasonic dog toothbrush is similar to the previous one but, has slight variation and is of different size. According to the manufacturer, it has ultrasonic technology that produces 96 million air vibrations per minute.

As a result, tiny bubbles are formed that remove the bacteria and plaque from dogs. The bristles of this toothbrush are soft so, no risk of dental injury or gum injury.


Key Features:

  • USB charger
  • Rechargeable battery


In addition, emmi-pet 2.0 includes ultrasonic toothpaste which you can use for better results.

  • No scrubbing
  • Reduces inflammation in gums
  • Removes coatings and biofilm
  • Cost is high

4. Xiton 1PC Professional Electric Dog Toothbrush Ultrasonic Technology

For dog owners having large dogs, Xiton 1PC Professional Electric Dog Toothbrush Ultrasonic Technology is a definite option to consider. It has a flexible and independent toothbrush head that helps clean both sides of the dog’s teeth.

In addition, the ergonomic design makes it easy for dog owners to use this ultrasound dog toothbrush even if they are moving.


Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Flexible brush heads


Further, the material of the bristles is soft so, less risk of damage to the dog’s teeth or gums.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Flexible and independent brush heads
  • Suitable for large dogs only

5. POPETPOP Ultrasound Toothbrush for Dogs

POPETPOP Ultrasound Toothbrush for Dogs is feasible to use on small and medium-sized dogs. Thanks to its ergonomic design, dog owners can use this dog ultrasonic toothbrush to clean the teeth of dogs with different mouth shapes.

The flexible heads help clean both the sides of the dog’s teeth and gums in a single stroke which saves dog owners’ time.


Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Flexible brush heads


Further, there are two replacement heads available along with this dog ultrasound toothbrush.

  • Suitable to use for small and medium-sized dogs
  • Can be used on different mouth shapes
  • Run out of power quickly
  • Doesn’t come with the batteries

Buyers Guide: Best Ultrasonic Dog Toothbrush UK

You had a peek at some of the best ultrasonic dog toothbrushes that are available in the market. Each of the products seems purchasable so, to make sure you are buying a proper ultrasonic toothbrush for your dog, I have included valuable information regarding the best ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs UK.

Dog Ultrasonic Toothbrush – features

An ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs is a type of electric toothbrush that utilises high-frequency vibrations to break down tartar and plaque in dogs. These toothbrushes are made such that the plaque and tartar are removed without causing any distress to dogs.

Below are some of the eye-catching features of ultrasonic toothbrushes:

  • Uses high-frequency vibrations to break down plaque and tartar without inducing pain or discomfort in dogs.
  • Doesn’t rely on physical motion to clean teeth like other electric toothbrushes. It operates silently and is effective, and gentle in comparison to other dog electric toothbrushes.
  • Reaches deep into the gums and removes debris and bacteria that are difficult to reach using normal dog toothbrushes.
  • Its battery life is longer, and it comes in different brush head sizes and types.

Types of ultrasonic dog toothbrushes

There are many types of ultrasonic dog toothbrushes available in the market, each of these types is helpful in cleaning up dog’s teeth differently based on their size and brush heads. Following are some of the prominent types of ultrasonic dog toothbrushes:

  1. Dual-head ultrasonic toothbrushes – This type of dog toothbrush has two brush heads of different sizes. Both of these heads are utilised to clean different areas of the dog’s mouth rapidly without any issues.
  2. Sonic ultrasonic toothbrushes – These dog toothbrushes use ultrasound and sonic technology to generate thousands of brush strokes per minute to gently massage a dog’s gums. In addition, it also has a dual-head design that helps in brushing both sides of the dog’s teeth at once.
  3. LED ultrasonic toothbrushes – You get an LED light in this type of toothbrush. This helps get a better view inside your furry friend’s mouth. In addition, using an LED ultrasonic toothbrush, you can also check for possible tooth or gum issues. These toothbrushes are waterproof and have pulsating brush heads that break down the tartar and plaque from the dog’s teeth.
  4. Biodegradable ultrasonic toothbrushes – These toothbrushes are made using eco-friendly materials that can be recycled. They have curved designs and soft bristles that provide better grip and comfort to dog owners.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Ultrasonic Dog Toothbrush

The different types of ultrasonic toothbrushes for dogs will have different prices. Their prices are based on features, technology, quality, durability, and accessories. Let’s understand how these factors affect the cost of an ultrasonic dog toothbrush.

#1. Features and technology

Ultrasound technology is used in ultrasonic dog toothbrushes. The high frequency of vibration helps in producing sound waves that can easily break down plaque and bacteria. Some of these dog toothbrushes have sonic technology which refers to physical motion and can improve the cleaning effect.

These features and technology affect the cost significantly because of their power, precision, and cleansing ability.

#2. Quality and durability

The quality and durability of an ultrasonic dog toothbrush determine how well it works and for how long. The durability makes the cost higher because their design and material are made to sustain for longer periods without getting damaged.

So, dog owners don’t need to buy another dog toothbrush for a long time after buying a high-quality and durable ultrasonic dog toothbrush. For instance, the best ultrasonic dog toothbrush with titanium transducers will cost more than ceramic ones because of their production cost.

#3. Replacement brushes and additional accessories

The ultrasonic dog toothbrush brush heads need to be replaced after using it for three to four months. The replacement brushes cost more so, the price of ultrasonic dog toothbrushes will be decided based on this prospect.

Further, additional accessories like rechargeable batteries can also, have a significant impact on the prices of ultrasonic toothbrushes.

#4. User preference

You have already seen different types of ultrasonic dog toothbrushes and based on the dog owners’ preference and convenience, the prices are affected. For instance, if the user looks to get a complete cleaning of a dog’s gums and enamel and has a durable ultrasonic toothbrush the price will be higher.

Likewise, some users will prefer using cheaper toothbrushes which can clean dogs’ teeth similarly, but the material is less durable.

Dog Ultrasonic Toothbrush – Working and Usage

The ultrasonic dog toothbrush generates high-frequency ultrasound waves that are not audible to humans but can penetrate deep into different gaps between gums and teeth. So, let’s get into the details of how it works and also, how dog owners can use it effectively.

#1. Turn on the toothbrush

The dog ultrasound toothbrush has a battery and transducer. These components convert the electrical energy into ultrasound waves. The toothbrush has a brush head with bristles which help in the transmission of these ultrasound waves towards dogs’ teeth.

#2. Hold the toothbrush against the teeth

Once the power is on, put it against the dog’s teeth to allow the waves to initiate cleaning. For better results, use an ultrasonic toothpaste. The nanoparticles inside will make a bubble once the waves hit the paste. You will see some bubbles formed near the region which will eliminate debris or residue.

#3. Move the brush to different areas

Without scrubbing the toothbrush, gently move it towards the dog’s front teeth and then move towards the back teeth covering both sides of each tooth. Repeat this for few times and while cleaning different teeth of dogs, make sure you rinse the brush head in between. Make sure you turn off the device while rinsing the brush heads.

Perks of using dog ultrasound toothbrush

If you use the ultrasound toothbrush effectively to clean your furry friend’s teeth, you can leverage several benefits. Below are some of the benefits of using a dog ultrasound toothbrush to clean dog teeth:

  • Keeps gum and teeth clean – In comparison, to the conventional electric toothbrush, the ultrasonic toothbrush will reach out to small gaps between a dog’s teeth and gums to remove the bacteria and plaque.
  • Eliminates tartar – Tartar is a hard deposit on teeth and causes inflammation and infection issues in the gums of dogs. It also causes bad breath, An ultrasound toothbrush for dogs can remove bad breath issues, and also, stop tartar buildup and prevent gum disease.
  • Improves oral health – dog’s teeth and gums keep getting better after continuous use of dog ultrasound toothbrush. Their overall oral health improves and they can enjoy their meals, and the rest of their activities without any pain issues in their gums or teeth.
  • Less injury risk – there is no noise and vibration induced while the ultrasound waves are generated. Also, there is no requirement for moving or scrubbing the brush head so, less risk of damage to the enamel or gums of the dog.

Drawbacks of using dog ultrasound toothbrush

Using a dog ultrasound toothbrush has its benefits but, there are some drawbacks as well. Below are some of the drawbacks of using a dog ultrasound toothbrush:

  • Fearful feeling – Dogs may get scared or afraid of the electronic ultrasonic toothbrush you use because they have never seen it before. The brush head’s movement against their teeth might make them feel uncomfortable. It’s also possible that they may associate the device with pain if they had dental treatment previously.
  • Side effects – many dogs can suffer from infection, inflammation, irritation, or bleeding issues after the usage of the dog ultrasound toothbrush. This issue can be caused because of the piece of material getting stuck inside or the ultrasound waves can trigger certain infections or allergy issues.

These are the drawbacks for dogs, now, let’s have a peek at some of the disadvantages for dog owners:

  • Expensive – Ultrasound toothbrushes for dogs are very costly. The cost is even higher if there are different features and pristine technology used to make it. Also, the specific toothpaste to be used adds to the budget of dog owners. In addition, maintaining these toothbrushes is costly as there is a need for the replacement of brush heads.
  • Availability and compatibility – The ultrasound dog toothbrushes are made with specific materials and mechanisms. Not many manufacturers build them so, the supply is less. In addition, dog owners have to use compatible toothpaste i.e. ultrasonic toothpaste with it.
  • Stiff learning curve – Dog ultrasound toothbrush has a different mechanism and it doesn’t make noise or vibrate much like conventional electric toothbrushes which is good but, dog owners find it tough to get used to these types of toothbrushes. Turning on and off, and adjusting the brush head against the dog’s teeth is quite challenging.
  • Maintenance – The perks of using a dog ultrasound toothbrush are significant but, maintaining this toothbrush is slightly tough. Some of them have rechargeable batteries so, following the charging instructions is crucial. The brush head needs to be changed constantly and continuous cleaning of the surface is required to avoid corrosion or any other damage.

Preparing Dog for Ultrasound Toothbrush

To ensure dogs don’t resent while you use an ultrasound toothbrush on them, it’s important to train them to get used to the new brush. Here are some tips you can consider to help them with the adjustment.

#1. Introduce the toothbrush early

By introducing the toothbrush early, I mean you should initiate the use while your furry friend is young. The reason is simple, They are more receptive at a young age and adjust to change quickly. Senior-age dogs are likely to resist and it will be tough to train them to remain patient and gentle but, it’s not impossible.

#2. Make the transition exciting

While introducing your furry friend to a new ultrasonic dog toothbrush, make sure they don’t get bored. Try making the brushing process more exciting by using different toys and keep encouraging their positive behaviour.

#3. Pick right time

You need to pick a time that is convenient for your dog. This means, avoiding brushing their teeth when they are hungry, distracted, tired, or after exercising. Because if you pick such a time, they might resist and this uncoperation can cause some significant damage to their teeth and gums.

#4. Follow the instructions

There are specific instructions mentioned on the dog ultrasound toothbrush for safe and effective use. This will minimise the risk of injuries and your furry friend’s dental health will improve without any hassle. If required you can also refer to different tutorials online as well.

Things dog owners must avoid while using ultrasonic toothbrush

If you are cautious with the approach, it will be easy for your furry friend to get used to the new dog ultrasonic toothbrush. In addition, dog owners need to handle the toothbrush with care and avoid certain prospects to ensure their dog’s safety. Below are some of the things they must avoid while using a dog ultrasonic toothbrush:

  • Use of wrong toothpaste – a toothpaste that is not compatible with dog ultrasonic toothbrush can cause issues for dogs, especially if it’s human toothpaste. They might contain substances which may cause irritation in the dog’s gums or teeth. Also, there is no presence of nanoparticles like in ultrasonic toothpaste so, cleaning will not be proper.
  • Movement and pressure – The ultrasound toothbrush doesn’t need excessive movements from the dog owner’s side. Also, the pressure while cleaning teeth must remain steady. Applying extra pressure can cause injury or irritate a dog’s gums or teeth. Scrubbing is even worse. Allow the ultrasound waves to do their things as it only takes a few seconds to clean.
  • Excessive usage – Dental hygiene gets better after using the dog ultrasound toothbrush but, dog owners must not overdo it. Otherwise, the ultrasonic waves can cause issues like sensitivity, inflammation, bleeding, irritation, or infection around a dog’s gums and teeth.
  • Less usage – Unlike excessive usage, dog owners must also avoid underdoing the brushing dog’s teeth using an ultrasound dog toothbrush. Because not using it will compromise the dog’s dental health and the dog ultrasound toothbrush will be less effective.
  • Dependency – Dog owners must not solely rely on ultrasonic dog toothbrushes for brushing their furry friend’s teeth. Because if the dog gets used to regular cleaning with the ultrasonic dog toothbrush, they might resist if the dog owner uses a normal toothbrush. Also, it’s costly and as mentioned earlier, excessive usage can cause different issues in the dog’s gums and teeth.

Lastly, under no circumstances dog owners ignore any symptoms of dental issues such as drooling, bad breath, missing teeth, swollen teeth, or bleeding gums while using an ultrasonic dog toothbrush. It’s crucial to deal with the issue or take your dog to a clinic for professional dental treatments.

FAQs for Best Ultrasonic Dog Toothbrush UK

Is it safe to use ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs?

Ultrasonic dog toothbrushes are safe for dogs if used properly after a vet’s consultation. Because these toothbrushes use high-frequency vibrations to eliminate bacteria and plaque without any movement, noise, or vibration. The ultrasonic waves remove the dust from their gums and teeth but, if not used cautiously there are some risks involved as well.

What is the general cost of an ultrasonic dog toothbrush in the UK?

The general cost of ultrasonic dog toothbrushes for dogs in the UK lies between £5 to £250. The high range must not surprise dog owners as there are fewer brands producing quality and durable ultrasonic dog toothbrushes. There are some medium-price range ultrasonic dog toothbrushes but, they might not be efficient.

Which dental conditions prevent the usage of an ultrasonic dog toothbrush?

If a dog is having pathological demineralisation such as cavities, or erosion, the high-frequency vibrations generated from the toothbrush may damage the dentin and enamel of the dog’s teeth. Also, using the brush on teeth with root canals, or exposed pulp can lead to infection, pain, or inflammation issues. In addition, if the dog is suffering from fractures or cracks, using a dog ultrasonic toothbrush increases the risk of tooth loss and if the teeth are loose, there is a risk of dislodging which can lead to trauma and bleeding issues.

Which dog breeds are unable to handle ultrasonic dog toothbrush cleaning?

There is no exact justification as to whether a particular dog breed is vulnerable to the usage of a dog ultrasonic toothbrush. But, there are some factors like size and shape, dog temperament and personality, age and health, which can make certain breeds susceptible. For instance, chihuahuas are prone to dental issues like decay, misalignment or overcrowding so, using an ultrasonic dog toothbrush is not feasible. Greyhounds have thin enamel which makes their teeth vulnerable to erosion and sensitivity, and Shih Tzus are small dogs and have dental issues like missing teeth, overbites, and underbites.

Best Ultrasonic Dog Toothbrush UK – Conclusive Remarks

Ultrasonic dog toothbrushes are devices that operate on high-frequency vibrations to clean up the bacteria and plaque from the dog’s teeth. But, they are not common in use or that popular in the UK. Thus, there are fewer products available in the market.

However, I hope the product list mentioned in this article helped you find the best ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs UK. But, before you decide on buying the best dog toothbrush UK with an ultrasonic feature, make sure you analyse the perks and drawbacks of the ultrasonic toothbrush you have picked. Yes, they are designed for cleaning dog’s teeth and gums gently but, some dogs may have a hard time adjusting to the change. Hence, getting a professional opinion from a vet is crucial for your furry friend’s safety.

Lastly, make sure you analyse your dog’s requirements, preferences, and dental health condition before buying the ultrasonic dog toothbrush to ensure they don’t face any issues while you use it on them. If you have any reservations against using this product you can mention them in the comments. Our team at Wewantdogs will get to the bottom of it.

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