Can Dogs Eat Brussel Sprouts? Let’s Find Out!

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You are preparing a special dinner using Brussels sprouts, and suddenly, with an innocent face, your dog came over like he was asking for Brussels sprouts treat. If you’re still unsure whether dogs can eat Brussels sprouts or not.

Yes, Brussels sprouts are considered a safe food for dogs. With a few precautions, feeding your dog raw or steamed Brussels sprouts is safe. Too many Brussels sprouts can upset his stomach.

To be honest, you can serve your dog some of the fruits and vegetables that you eat, but you don’t have to. If you are serving adequate dog food according to his breed type and age, then your dog is getting all the nutrients he needs.

Can Dogs Eat Brussel Sprouts
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Is Brussel Sprout Good for Dogs?

Brussel sprouts can be a good option for a morning snack or treat for your dog. Serving Brussels sprouts in moderation will not have a detrimental effect on his stomach. Brussel sprouts have a high fibre content (two-three grams), several vitamins, very little fat, and only 38 calories

Brussel sprouts come from the cabbage family, these kinds of veggies carry the compound isothiocyanate in them, which helps prevent the bad effect of flatulence in dogs. I would suggest you follow the thumb rule of 90:10. Feed your dog 90% of their dog food and occasionally 10%  dog-safe vegetables or fruits.

I know you like to feed extra nutrients to your dog, but is it really necessary? No, you can feed your dog food other than dog food, but it should be in moderation. Moreover, before feeding any kind of fruit or vegetable, make sure your dog is not allergic to them.

Upsides and downside to feeding Your Dog Brussels Sprouts

To answer your question about whether can dogs eat brussel sprouts? You need to see the good and bad sides of brussels sprouts. So that you can decide whether it is worth feeding Brussel sprouts to your dog or not

Benefits and downside of Brussels Sprouts
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The Upside to Feeding Your Dog Brussels Sprouts

  • As I mentioned earlier, Brussels sprouts are full of nutrients like vitamins, fibre, and antioxidants, which are not only healthy for humans but also for the canine family.
  • Firstly, if we talk about vitamins, Brussel sprouts are full of alphabets of vitamins like K, which is good for blood clots, bone growth, and the heart. C, A, B1, and B6, calcium, folate, iron, potassium, kaempferol, and manganese.

Brussels sprouts are a great source of vitamins C and K, which makes them great for boosting immunity and improving bone health

  • Antioxidants in brussel sprouts regulate blood circulation in the body. not only that it also saves against free radicals. Because of its low fat content, you can use it as a dog treat as well.
  • Brussel sprouts aid in digestion and remove all tract food in the digestive system.

While brussels sprouts offer some benefits, you may be wondering about other healthy options like pineapple. But is pineapple good for dogs?

The Downside of Brussels Sprouts

After reading benefits of feeding brussels sprouts, you might be wondering if it is that healthy, then why we don’t feed it daily? Only because there is a notable downside to it, which is too much gas. Brussels sprouts are gas-producing food. 

It contains a high level of isothiocyanate that helps the intestine muscle to grow the strength to push and throw waste out through the gastrointestinal tract. It causes gas in the digestive system.

If you feed too many brussels sprouts, it makes your dog’s stomach upset and diarrhoea. Even a small amount of brussel sprouts can cause flatulence.

The most common cause of flatulence is a change in diet or from the dog eating something spoiled (dietary indiscretion),” says Tammy Hunter, DVM from VCAHospital.

Even after all these downsides, feeding brussels sprouts to dogs is not toxic in nature for canines. If you notice any negative symptoms after feeding brussel sprouts for more than 2 days, then I would suggest you consult your vet as soon as possible.

While brussels sprouts offer some benefits, you may be wondering about other healthy options like cheese. But is cheese bad for dogs?

Preparation and Serving

If you are offering any food other than dog food to your dog, then you should first consult your veterinarian. It is better to confirm that your dog is not allergic brussel sprouts or can dogs eat sprouts or not.

  • Choose plain brussels sprouts: Always buy fresh and frozen brussels sprouts(organic is possible). Do not keep brown leaves. Old sprouts will cause watery stools. Make sure there are no added seasonings or preservatives.
  •  Cook until soft: Sometimes raw brussels lead to choking and making lots of gas. It can be dangerous for your dog to eat raw brussels. If you want to serve raw brussels, first chop it into small pieces. Cooking brussels will make them softer and eatable for dogs. If your vet has suggested you avoid fatty food, then you should not roast brussels. Either you can use a microwave for six to eight minutes or boil it for fifteen to twenty minutes. This process will preserve all the required nutrients.
Preparation of Brussels Sprouts
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  • Avoid adding seasonings: Seasoning the brussels sprouts can be very poisonous for your dog. Never add any spices, not even salt. it can dehydrate or poison your dog. Also, avoid onions and garlic, they are toxic for your dog.
  • Allow them to cool: Do not serve them just after boiling or steaming. It can burn his mouth. so let the brussel sprouts get completely cold-down to an eatable temperature.
  • Cut them into smaller pieces: Even if you are giving steamed or cooked brussel sprouts, you should cut them into small pieces to avoid choking. Especially when you have a puppy, thay can not eat large pieces.
  • Portion based on the size of your dog: Consult your veterinarian before serving brussels sprouts to determine how much to serve and to what size dog. Initially, give a small amount of sprouts and watch your dog, if he is comfortable with it or not. Ideally, offer your dog ¼ to ½ of a sprout the first time you feed. Then you can give it as a treat, which is 10% of the whole day’s intake.
  • Extra things to take care of: With extra care, you should wash the brussel sprouts to remove chemicals before start cooking, only if you buy them from the supper market.

Do Dogs Like Brussels Sprouts?

Most dogs like brussel sprouts. They love the taste of brussel sprouts and if we talk about texture, then we humans also love its eye-catching texture.

Do not hesitate to serve brussels sprouts to your dog. You just need to take small precautions before giving a healthy treat to your dog.

Can Puppies Eat Brussels Sprouts?

Can puppy have a brussel sprouts? Yes, they can eat brussel sprouts but it is not recommended. If an adult dog eats one brussel sprout and only one can upset his stomach then it can leave a stronger effect on the puppy.

Can puppy eats Brussels Sprouts
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Still, if you want to feed your puppy brussels sprouts then first consult your vet and then start giving one leaf at a time not more than it.

Do Brussels Sprouts Make Dogs Fart?

Definitely, brussel sprouts make lots of gas. A small piece of brussel sprout can also make gas in their digestive system.

This is because there is one ingredient present in brussel sprouts which is isothiocyanate. It helps the intestine muscle to grow the strength to push and throw waste out through the gastrointestinal tract. It causes gas in the digestive system.


Can dogs eat frozen brussel sprouts?

No, eating frozen brussel will lead to choking hazards. If it’s too hard then it can damage the dog’s teeth. Therefore, serve only cooked, steamed or boiled brussel sprouts. Make sure it is properly chopped and plain (without added seasoning).

Can dogs eat raw brussel sprouts?

Yes, make sure you are maintaining the quantity. Too many brussel sprouts can make their stomach upset and diarrhoea. Even a small piece of it can make you cover your nose.

How Many Brussel Sprouts Can A Dog Eat?

Normally, one brussel sprout a day is a healthy option. But half brussel per day would be the best amount to treat you dog.

Can Dogs Eat Brussels Sprout Leaves?

Definitely, dogs can eat brussel sprout’s leaves but they should be fresh green and make sure that they are not brown or wilted. Just be careful about the quantity as they would eat in actual brussel sprout.


I hope your doubt has now cleared whether can dogs eat brussel sprouts or not. So now onward, without hesitation, you can feed your dog brussel sprouts. You just need to take few mentioned precautions into consideration like how much and how to feed your dog brussel sprouts. Before you start feeding brussel sprouts to your dog, make sure to check your dog with the vet.

Now that you know dogs may safely eat brussels sprouts, feel free to serve these nutritious treats in moderation. Also, if you’re wondering whether pumpkin is safe for dogs, read our guide on can dogs eat pumpkin for more details.


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