Can Dogs Eat Cat Food? All You Need to Know!

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One common thing that every pet parent must have experienced is that their pet has a habit of sneaking into other’s plates. Right? If you are parenting a dog, then you probably have noticed that they are crazy about other foods, including cat food.

But can dogs eat cat food? Is cat food bad for dogs? Cat food can be replaced with a regular meal?

Here’s everything you need to know! As you continue to scroll, you will get a fair view, and most of your doubts will be cleared in this one blog.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food
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Can Dogs Have Cat Food?

In general, it has been observed that dogs love eating cat food because of its smell and texture. They just couldn’t resist themselves. Allow your canine to have a few bites from the cat food bowl.

However, make sure he is eating at the limit, and not getting used to cat food. This is because cat food is rich in fat and protein, which is not good for a dog’s sensitive stomach. As it can lead to digestion issues, and other health problems.

Furthermore, it has also been observed that dogs with severe sensitive stomach issues cannot even have a few bites of cat food. This is because they are already dealing with sensitivity issues, and other health issues like kidney issues, sensitive gastrointestinal tract, etc. And consuming excessive fat, and protein can lead to more health issues only.

Is Cat Food Harmful to Dogs?

Cat food is not counted as harmful food for your dog. But, if given in large quantities on a daily basis, is also not a good option. Plus, it is never recommended by any expert to pet parents.[1]

cat food harmful for dogs
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So, cat food is bad for dogs if given on a daily basis, and replaced with their mainstay meal. Cat food is rich in fat and protein. But it is not suitable for dogs’ body because they require other nutrients also for proper development of the body.

This is why if you keep on feeding him cat food, it can affect his digestive system. Dogs have a sensitive stomach, which leads to various other health issues. Such as obesity, liver issues, pancreatic, digestive issues, etc.

Can Dogs Get Sick From Eating Cat Food?

Yes, if your canine is eating cat food on a regular basis, and not having his own dedicated meal. Then he might land up upsetting his stomach or impacting his digestive system.[2]

dogs get sick from cat food
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As we know, cat foods are rich in protein, and fat, which is not ideal for dogs, they have a sensitive stomach so might just impact their digestive system, and lead to stomach issues, vomiting, and other related problems.

Regular feeding cat food to your dog is a big no, and never replace it with a mainstay meal.

What to do if Your Dog Has Eaten Cat Food?

As we already discussed, dogs can eat cat food. It won’t hurt his tummy, only if it’s been ingested on an occasional basis. Furthermore, cat food is not counted under the harmful food list for dogs, so if your pup has eaten or taken a few bites of cat food it’s fine.

dog eats cat food
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However, if your pup has eaten cat food in large quantities, then he might end up facing stomach-related issues, such as vomiting, diarrhoea, upset stomach, pain in abdominal, and other related issues.

In such a case, it is suggested to observe him and in two-three days he will be fine. But still he shows up the symptoms, then taking him to the vet will be preferable and start his medication to avoid any future health issues.


Can puppies eat cat food?

If your puppy tries to sneak a cat food bowl and has a few bites, it’s completely fine, let him enjoy the cat food taste. But make sure you are feeding dogs food as a meal, and not replacing it with cat food. This is because it can affect his body’s growth and cause stomach issues also.

Why do dogs love cat food?

Dogs love the smell and texture of cat’s food. This is because feline’s food is rich in protein, and fat, which attracts dogs to have a bite from their food bowl.

Can my dog eat canned cat food?

Yes, like once in a blue moon it’s fine to let your dog eat from the cat’s meal bowl, a few bites of canned food won’t impact his digestive system. But a gentle reminder, do not make it a habit of feeding him cat food.

Can you feed dog cat food in an emergency?

If you are out of dog food, you can feed them some cat food, it won’t harm his health. However, do not make it a habit of feeding him cat food on a regular because it can lead to stomach issues such as stomach upset, abdominal pain, and other stomach-related issues.

Can I mix cat food with dog food?

It’s true that dogs like cat food, and its texture is more tempting to them than their own meal. Some pet parents mix cat treats with their dogs one and serve him. Experts/vets don’t recommend mixing cat food with dog food because both contain different levels of nutrition, and this can upset your dog’s nutrition.

Can dogs eat dried cat food?

No, dogs should not eat dried cat food on a regular basis. Well, dried cat food like treats are formulated by keeping cat’s needs in mind. If dogs regularly intake dried cat food, then it can impact their health. It can lead to digestion issues, stomach pain, vomiting, and other related health problems.


Dogs can eat cat food, but a few bites only. To avoid health problems, especially related to a sensitive stomach.

Cat foods are mostly rich in protein and fat, which is not an ideal choice for dogs. This is because they have a sensitive stomach, which cannot tolerate high protein and fat dosage.

Dogs have sensitive stomachs, so they might face digestion issues, vomiting, stomach ache, etc.

It is suggested not to replace the mainstay meal. If your canine shows up with severe symptoms related to digestion or stomach, take him to the vet for better treatment.


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