Can Dogs Eat Fig Rolls? Unveiling the Truth

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The most difficult thing as a paw parent you might face is being not able to share food with your fur baby. Especially when they are looking at you with those puppy eyes, you tend to melt down. You may want to share your food with your fur babies but may be confused about whether it is safe for them or not.

Can Dogs Eat Fig Rolls?

Fig is one of the fruits which your dogs can consume, they are safe for them and can be served in moderation. But what about fig rolls are they safe for your dogs?

Is Fig Poisonous to Dogs?

No, a fig is not poisonous to dogs, in fact is one of those fruits which your dog can eat. Fig is rich in fibre, potassium, magnesium and calcium[1]. It contains natural sugar, thus fulfilling the sugar requirement in your dog’s body. Fig also has cardiovascular advantages associated with it too.

If your dog is suffering from high blood pressure, fig can be beneficial as it helps regulate high blood pressure. However, fig contains several seeds that contain oxalic acid and it can lead to upset stomachs in animals.

Are Dogs Allergic to Fig Roll?

Normally dogs are not allergic to fig roll, but they may be allergic to ingredients present in it. To check if your dog is allergic to fig rolls or not, see how your dog reacts after feeding fig rolls. If your dog suffers from vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, rashes, itching of the eyes, coughing, etc. then your dog might be allergic to it.

Are Fig Rolls Healthy?

Whether fig rolls are healthy or not depends upon how the fig roll is made up of and what ingredients are included in it. If the fig rolls are high in sugar and salt content then they might not be healthy for your fur baby. Normally fig rolls are made up of wheat flour, sugar, butter, salt and some nuts and spices.

This ingredient used to make fig rolls may not sit well with the digestive system of dogs. Fig rolls can only be healthy if they are made sugar-free and with ingredients which are non-toxic to dogs.

Are Fig Cookies Bad for Dogs?

Yes, fig cookies are bad for dogs. Be it fig cookies or fig rolls anything high in sugar content should not be served to dogs. Due to high sugar and salt content, your dog suffers from a critical illness like diabetes which is irreversible.

Are Fig Cookies Bad for Dogs?

Apart from that most of the cookies may contain chocolate, which is toxic for dogs. Feeding such cookies can lead to discomfort and illness in your dog.

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Can Dogs Eat Dried Figs?

Yes, dogs can eat dried figs. Dried figs are rich in nutrients and minerals and serve several health-related benefits[2]. They can be a great alternative to packed and processed treats. However, dried figs may have higher sugar content and calories, and consuming them regularly can lead to obesity.

But dried fig does not go well with all the dogs. For most dogs, it suits really well but for some, it may not and cause gastrointestinal issues and vomiting.

Can Dogs Eat Figs Skin?

Fig Newtons

Yes, dogs can eat figs skin. Figs skin is rich in fibres and has antioxidant properties. They are low in calories and have no side effects. But, while feeding your dog figs skin make sure you have removed its stem. If your dog consumes the stem of a fig it can lead to choking and blockage in the stomach.

Can Dogs Eat Fig Newtons?

Fig newtons are cookies typically made for humans, not dogs. Although it is not meant to be fed to dogs many people offer them. Some of the ingredients in fig newton are not suitable for dogs.

Ingredients in fig newton:

  • The sugar content in fig newton is 7 grams per 1 newton, which if fed to your dog on a regular base can lead to obesity, lethargy and diabetes.
  • It contains cotton seed oil which can cause gossypol poisoning.
  • Other than that it also contains artificial colourings which is not good for dogs.

While the occasional fig roll likely won’t harm healthy dogs, owners should be cautious about sharing all people foods, like sweetcorn which can cause intestinal blockages if fed improperly. For more details check our guide on, “can dogs eat sweetcorn.


Can my dog eat fig bars?

Generally, it is advised not to feed your dog fig bars. Most of the fig bars contain sugar and salt, which are not good for your dog’s health. If your dog accidentally consumes the fig bar in small quantities then it will not cause any harm. Worst to worst your dog may vomit but apart from this if you observe some serious symptoms then rush your dog to the vet.

Can dogs eat fried figs?

Yes, dogs can eat fried figs as long as it has no ingredients added to it. Figs are rich in fibres, calcium, potassium and magnesium which serve great health benefits. Even though fig is healthy and safe for dogs, it should not be given to them in high quantities as it may lead to vomiting and diarrhoea in your dogs.

Are fig rolls healthy?

Figs are healthy but fig rolls may not be healthy and safe for your dogs. Figs rolls are made up of whole wheat flour, dried fig, butter, sugar, salt and even some spices and nuts. Some of the ingredients in a fig roll may be toxic to dogs and not go well with their digestive process.

How many figs can a dog eat?

Generally how many figs dogs can eat depends upon their size. For a healthy grown-up dog, you can feed 1-2 figs per week and for small size dogs or a puppy feed the fig in moderate quantity.

Can dogs eat fig rolls every day?

No, dogs cannot eat fig rolls every day, as it has high sugar content and salt. Feeding your dog fig rolls every day will increase the sugar content in their body. The higher sugar content can lead to obesity which may give rise to several life-threatening diseases. It may also cause diabetes, which is an irreversible condition.


Fig rolls are not dog food, and this is what should be kept in mind by paw parents. You out of love may want to share your food with your fur baby, but with precautions.

Fig rolls if consumed once in a while in less quantity may not harm your dogs unless they are allergic to it. So after feeding fig roll observe your dog and if you see any abnormal symptoms consult a vet immediately.

Before feeding your dog any food which is not particularly dog food be careful and stop feeding it if it doesn’t suit your dog.

While the occasional fig roll won’t necessarily harm most healthy dogs, pet owners should be very careful about people food. For dogs with health issues, sticking to low protein dog food or other veterinarian-approved diets is essential.


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