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To make our dogs feel safe and happy again there are plenty of tools available. One of them is calming collars for dogs. In a world where loyalty is met with love, dogs have held that special place in our hearts. They are filled with boundless energy, wagging tails, and jumping with joy bringing happiness into our lives.

Do Dog Calming Collars Work

But there are times when dogs don’t feel at peace. They get anxious, stressed, or fearful, leaving us confused about how to calm them. In this article, we will understand what is dog-calming collars and do dog-calming dollars really work? and if they do then how?

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Do Calming Collars for Dogs Work?

Various things can cause a dog to become anxious. The noise of a thunderstorm, fireworks, or the sound of construction are some things that can cause stress to dogs. But how can you help your pet to feel comfortable?

They are adjustable collars that fit around the neck of your dog and help keep him calm throughout the day[1]. They are safe and affordable and simply rest around your dog’s neck like all other dog collars. There are two basic types of collars:

Do Dog Calming Collars Work
  • Pheromone Collars: A dog calming collar normally has synthetic pheromones which mimic the hormones that mother dogs release when they were caring for and nursing them while they were puppies this enables a dog to relax if the stress triggers, suggests data from PubMed.
  • Aromatherapy Collars: Lavender has soothing effects that can calm anxiety and reduce stress[2].  A small amount of oil can calm your dog when they are anxious. “To reduce anxiety and ease depression, put a few drops on a piece of cardboard and put it near his bed or carrier”, suggests The Magazine Dogs Naturally.

However, the quality, type, and amount of synthetic pheromones used in a calming collar may not be enough to affect your dog.

The dog-calming collar may only work in dogs with mild anxiety and in dogs with severe anxiety and behavioural issues.

In such cases, it is highly recommended to consult with the vet and follow their guidance to calm your dog.

Do Dog Calming Collars Work

When to Use a Calming Collar?

Now that we know what are dog-calming collars, we will dive into how they work and when to use them. As per Dr. Wailani Sung at PetMD, some of the most common causes of anxiety or fear in dogs:

  • Forced into an unfamiliar and frightening experience
  • Deprived of social and environmental disclosure until 14 weeks of age
  • Phobias and panic such as being locked in a crate
  • Separation anxiety
  • History of abandonment, repeatedly abandoned or rehomed
  • Any illness or painful physical condition
  • Ageing changes linked with the Nervous system
  • Toxic conditions that lead to behavioural problems

How to Use a Calming Collar?

Identify situations and choose the right type of collar according to your dog’s breed, size, and needs. You may also consult with your vet to determine which collar is more suitable for your dog. Ensure proper fittings to avoid irritation and use collars made from high-quality materials.

If your dog never used collars before then gradually introduce them for short periods. This will increase their familiarity and avoid any discomfort and enough time to adjust. Use them only when it is needed.

Do Dog Calming Collars Work

According to Dr. Patrick Mahaney, “Calming pheromone collars work in dog patients exhibiting anxiety in situations like a firework, thunderstorm, separation, etc. also in situations like inappropriate urination/defecation, aggressive tendencies, and more.”

He also adds, “Create a treatment journal by noting the dog’s response on a calendar. In addition, filming your dog may help as well. Something very easy for your vet to review.”

With collars, you can also use alternate techniques to calm down your dogs. Here are some of them:

  • Exercise or walks in nature
  • Physical Contact
  • Massage
  • Music Therapy
  • Time-Out

Playtime and exercise are essential for a dog’s mental and physical health. In addition to burning off excess energy, regular exercise releases endorphins, which reduce anxiety and stress in dogs.

Do Dog Calming Collars Work


What Are the Side Effects of Dog-Calming Collars?

Generally, there are no side effects with a calming collar. Some dogs may have mild allergic reactions. In a few cases, it can cause dogs to vomit. Watch your dog’s behaviour and remove the collar if your dog has any negative reaction.

Do Vets Recommend Dog-Calming Collars?

Vet-Recommended: Adaptil Dog Calming Pheromone Collar. While one of our Rover reviewers wasn’t impressed with the feel or the effects of the collar, other pet parents had more success. Some pet parents did note that the collar takes time to work—even as much as a month.

Reviews of a Dog Calming Collar?

We’ve been using this collar for several years, and we’re pretty happy with it. It is used to potentially help mitigate some of your dog’s anxiety. They also sell a spray (with the same chemicals/pheromones as what is in the collar). We haven’t seen any benefit from that spray, & she shows no interest at all.

How Long Should a Dog Wear a Calming Collar?

Each collar will last up to 4 weeks and should be replaced around that time for maximum effectiveness. The collar should be removed during grooming and bathing, but other than that, your dog can safely wear it at all times.

How Effective Are Calming Collars?

Yes, pheromone collars do work—in the sense they reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress. Pheromone therapy won’t change your dog’s behaviour though. I’ve heard some pet owners swear that using an Adaptil diffuser (pheromone therapy wall plug-in) stopped a puppy from pottying in the house.

Best Calming Collar for Dogs?

Adaptil Calming Collar. Best Overall Calming Collar. CPFK Calming Collar. Best Long-Lasting Calming Collar. Adaptil JR. Best Calming Collar For Puppies. CPFK Calming Collar Two-Pack. Best Calming Collar Two-Pack. Healex Dog Calming Collar. Most Affordable Calming Collar. Sentry Calming Collar.


In conclusion, if you ever wonder Do dog calming collars work? then understand that they do work with dogs with mild anxiety or stress.

These collars have given effective and useful responses in difficult situations. However, it is important to remember that every dog is unique and needs different treatment according to their specific situation.

So, always consult with your vet whenever you find yourself stuck regarding your dog. Keep them safe and secure and enjoy those furry cuddles!


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