How Many Toys Should a Dog Have? Paws and Playtime

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There remains a curiosity among pet owners regarding their dog’s interests. Toys have been very useful to indulge your pet toddler in playful activities. You might want to buy a variety of toys to please your pet. But have you ever wondered how many toys are enough for your pet?

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Providing toys for your furry companions is an essential aspect of their overall well-being and happiness. Just like humans, dogs benefit greatly from playtime and interactive engagement. Toys play a crucial role in keeping dogs mentally stimulated, physically active, and emotionally satisfied.

But, the number of toys that a dog should have varies depending on various factors. These can be the dog’s age, breed, personality, and preferences of the dog owner.

Why Do Dogs Need to Play?

Playing is an important part of a dog’s life. Dogs often feel lonely as staying in a house is not their inheritance. Thus, toys help them keep entertained. Along with that, it also helps develop skills and cognitive functions.

Owners should always encourage dogs to play as it can benefit their long-term health and well-being. It is also a great way for your dogs to realize their energies. When the owner accompanies them, it increases trust and bond among them.

Moreover, toys are available in a wide range of colours and varieties. This is beneficial for developing great skills as well as intellectual development. Playing can also help owners to train their dogs by teaching commands and actions through play.

Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog

It is important you purchase the right toys for your dog according to their size, age and breed. This matters a lot because playing with toys is a type of fun activity for a dog. A toy should be such that it keeps the dog entertained even when you are not around.

Along with that, the size of the toy also matters. You should never give your large dog small-sized toys. A small toy in the mouth of a large dog can easily become a choking issue. Make sure that the size of the toy matches the size of your dog.

Toys should play a huge role in the raising, training and bonding process with your dog. They can provide oral activity, and relieve boredom. Also, toys can be a reward for good deeds and provide great exercise.

Should Dogs Have Toys All the Time?

While it is good for dogs to play with toys, it is not necessary to have them all the time. This is because the dog won’t understand its value and will soon start destroying it. Also, dogs soon get bored when involved in just one activity and to get rid of their boredom, they start destroying toys.

Let your dog play with newly purchased toys under your supervision. Monitor your dog; how they play with it, help them cope with it and make sure it does not rip off or destroy the toy. These activities will help you understand the dog’s behaviour and help you choose a better toy next time!

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Toys are just a medium to make the dog feel interested and entertained. Apart from toys, you should also involve your pet in outdoor activities like walking, running or hide and seek. This will help improve strength and physical fitness.

Number of Toys a Dog Should Have

Well, there is never a perfect figure of how many toys a dog should have. It totally depends on your dog and your preferences. There are many dogs who enjoy indoor and outdoor activities with their parents. However, there are dogs who encounter loneliness in their parent’s absence every day.

It’s a good idea to rotate the toys periodically to keep your dog interested and prevent boredom. This way, even if you have a smaller number of toys, you can provide variety by introducing different toys on different days.

Remember to choose toys that are safe, durable, and appropriate for your dog’s size and chewing strength. Regularly inspect the toys for wear and tear, and discard any damaged or broken toys that could pose a risk to your dog’s health.

Average Number of Toys for Your Dog

If you spend most of the time with your dog, keep a minimum of 5-6 toys and keep rotating them whenever your dog needs them. The reason behind this is instead of keeping the dog busy with toys, you can spend quality time with your pet.

Choosing the correct toy is crucial in this case. The minimum toys should be interactive and interesting for your dog. This could include puzzle games to improve your dog’s cognitive function and mental ability; chew toys to improve their oral activity and dental fitness. You can give your dog some soft toys too.

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If you leave your dog alone at home, then it becomes important to have at least 10-15 toys. Being alone, dogs get bored, frustrated and anxious. It is important to provide them with appropriate toys to play rotationally.

Toys provide stimulation for dogs. Thus, it’s recommended to have a variety of toys available for your dog to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. This can include toys for chewing, interactive toys, puzzle toys, fetch toys, and plush toys.

What Toys Should You Not Give a Dog?

When choosing toys for a dog, it’s important to consider their safety and suitability for their age and size. Here are some types of toys that are generally not recommended for dogs:

  1. Small toys or toys with small parts: Avoid giving dogs toys that are very small. Dogs might swallow or pose a choking hazard. Also, small toys or toys with small detachable parts can be dangerous if ingested.
  2. Toys made of toxic materials: Ensure that the toys you choose are made of safe materials. Avoid toys that contain toxic substances.
  3. Hard or sharp toys: Toys that are too hard or have sharp edges can potentially damage the teeth or injure the mouth of dogs.
  4. Toys with strings or ribbons: Toys that have strings, ribbons, or long pieces can pose a risk of entanglement or ingestion. Dogs may accidentally get tangled around their necks, leading to potential injuries.


  1. Can you give your dog too many toys?

    Just like you, dogs do get bored and can grow tired of even their favourite toys.

  2. How long should a dog toy last?

    Depends on how often owners need to replace their pets’ toys depending on the animal’s level of toy chewing and play intensity. It may be a matter of minutes for some pets and a matter of months for others.

  3. Can dogs get jealous of toys?

    Dogs can be possessive over their owners as well as their toys or food. This makes your dog extra protective of you and keeps your dog on high alert when there’s no real threat.

  4. Why do dogs destroy their favourite toys?

    If your dog has a high prey drive, they view the toy as their prey and destroy it, as they have been bred to do for hundreds of years.


Well to wrap up, there is never a perfect answer to how many toys a dog need. It depends on your dog’s individual needs and preferences, as well as your own preferences and budget.

There is no specific or set number of toys that all dogs should have. Some dogs may have just a few favourite toys, while others may have a large collection.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to provide your dog with a few suitable toys that they enjoy. As well as help them promote their physical and mental well-being.

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