How Much Does a Chihuahua Cost In The UK?

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Chihuahuas are mini dogs and are adorable because of their small size. They are cute and can go almost anywhere with you. So, if you are looking to pet one, great! But, how much does a chihuahua cost? 

The cost to accept one of these, cute puppies will vary with location. The exact breeder, bloodlines, and markings significantly affect the chihuahua dog prices. Females and males generally go for the same price. At times, it’s also possible that the price may cover charges for vaccinations, veterinary puppy care, spaying/neutering, and testing performed before it is open and ready for adoption.

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How Much Does a Chihuahua Cost?

In comparison with other dogs, chihuahuas are not that expensive. Their price ranges from £50-2500. In addition, they require less food, smaller doses of medications, and small beds & bowls. Still, the maintenance can elevate the budget of the pet owner after a year or so.

Here are some of the factors that influence the cost of these cute pups.

#1 Breeders

A Chihuahua puppy from a well-known breeder can cost you about £600-2000. This cost often relies on the parents i.e. their health & lifestyle, pre-adoption tests and the grooming from the breeder. In addition, the health and quality of the puppy also have a huge role in outlining the cost.

#2 Appearance

Appearance and size also have a major say in chihuahua prices. Chihuahuas are 12-20 cm long and weigh no more than 6 pounds. These aspects are often taken into consideration and the closer they are to the reed standard, the more appealing the dogs are for the people.

#3 Health

Breeders make sure that the chihuahuas pass medical tests. These medical tests are standard and vet-approved. So, a healthy chihuahua is going to cost more as it meets the standard criterion. It’s also possible that you may get spayed or neutered dog.

#4 Life-expectancy

Chihuahua cost also depends on their life expectancy. The general stats suggest that they live approximately for 15-20 years.

These were the prominent aspects affecting the cost of chihuahua. Now, let’s have a peek at some reasons why the budget for the owner increases.

Expenses After Buying a Chihuahua

Image by: mikefoster / Pixabay

Once, you buy a chihuahua the cost of maintenance gets high, more specifically the first-time expenses are high. These costs rise even more for a beginner. Following are some reasons why these expenses add to the budget of owning a chihuahua:

  • Accessories

The equipment such as the leash, collars, or crates is some of the accessories that will impact the cost. A collar helps you place the ID or license tag on the dog. The crate is useful in providing a safe space for your puppy and also helps potty train them. And a leash assists owners to handle the dog while walking outside.

The approximate price range for these accessories is £20-120. The price varies as per the quality of the product.

  • Toys

It’s important to buy toys for your canine friend. They help them engage in physical activity and are beneficial for improving their chewing habits. The toys for chihuahua will cost you about £15-100.

  • Food

Chihuahuas will do just fine if you serve them half cup of high-quality dog food. Feeding them supermarket food is fine

  • Grooming

Generally, these cute pups tend to shed a lot. There are two types: long-haired and smooth coat. The cost is minimal for a smooth coat i.e. you can brush their coat once a week. But, the long-haired coat types need frequent grooming.

  • Training

A chihuahua requires training because at times its behaviour becomes impulsive and gets stubborn. So, if you are a beginner then you may need assistance from a professional dog trainer. They can train your dog and also provide specific instructions to calm such behaviour and also help you to set up their routine.

The approximate budget for training chihuahua is £250-500.

  • Vet Care

These cute dogs mainly suffer from patellar luxation i.e. slipped kneecap. In addition, they also face issues such as eye problems, collapsing trachea, dental issues, hydrocephalus, and cardiac conditions. The conditions are rare but, if treatment is necessary you may have to spend some money.

If you have picked up the dog from a shelter or rescue home, you may also require to get a vaccination for them. Further, as per the vet’s instructions, you may have to schedule regular appointments as well.

Healthcare expenses can start at a mere £50 and go up to £10,000. The range is high because of the treatments that are necessary for chihuahuas suffering patellar luxation or patent ductus arteriosus.

Where to Buy Chihuahua?

We saw the expenses that come while buying a chihuahua. So, if you are in search of one where to find it? Let’s see the places where we can find these chihuahuas,

  • Reputed breeders

You can get a chihuahua from breeders who have already trained the dogs. The cost may seem high while buying but, because of the training from the breeders, you’ll have to spend less money. Also, instead of training your puppy yo u can save ample time.

  • Rescue or shelter house

Surprisingly, many owners let go of their puppies and put them into shelter houses. In addition, these rescue houses include different age groups of chihuahuas. They might not have a proper health condition but, that is manageable. In fact, if the dog is spayed or neutered there won’t be any expense for such medical procedures.

  • Ads

You can refer to online ads or newspapers to find out who is selling these Mexican cuties. However, check out the details and make sure the ads are not misleading.

The Behaviour of Chihuahua Dogs

Now, before you buy a chihuahua it’s necessary to know their behaviour aspects and how they respond within an environment. Let’s analyze some of the crucial behavioural prospects of a chihuahua.

Image by: didegman / pixabay

1) Can’t let go easily

These Mexican cuties are exceptionally caring. They adore sleeping, cuddling and, playing with the owners all the time. In fact, they prefer being carried around the places within the house.

So, once they “attach” themselves to you, there’s no letting go from their side! This also means that if you were to leave them alone in the house they can get aggressive or furious. They don’t like being alone, so, you’ll have to make sure you have a continuous human presence around them while you are out.

2) Are always cold

There is a common notion among pet lovers that chihuahuas are always shivering. And this one is absolutely correct.

Chihuahua dogs have basically zero tolerance for cold temperatures. So, anything at or below 4 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for them. This level of temperature can cause your pup dehydration, hypothermia, or even worse condition.

This cold temperature is harmful to older, younger or weak pups. It’s best to avoid temperatures lower than 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The main reason for this shivering is the remarkably thin fur coats. Also, the little body mass is not enough for tackling such extreme temperatures.

3) Fragile Breed

Chihuahuas are fragile. A big part of that is rather obvious from their physical appearance. They are tiny and slim, so even the tiniest knock by someone’s foot can break them.

Further, if chihuahuas ump off a high place, for instance, from your arms or a table they can end up getting hurt. So, as a dog owner, you have to remain vigilant of their instinct to jump off such high places.

4) Shedding

Chihuahuas may have short fur but they shed and they shed a lot! If not, at least the majority of them do. However, sometimes owners get lucky and get a Chihuahua that doesn’t shed much. So, it’s basically your luck whether your Chihuahua will shed or not.

Regardless, Chihuahuas have relatively short fur and don’t make too much of a mess while shedding. Hence, as long as you vacuum clean regularly, you won’t face any issues.

How To Save Money While Buying Chihuahua?

So, you adore these Mexican pups but, also wish to save money. Then this section will provide some useful tips on how you can adjust the budget.

Tip #1 Adoption or Rescue

This is one of the best ways to cut costs. You’ll also be saving a pup’s life by adopting them from a rescue or shelter house. In addition, you can also refer to agencies which have adopted policies for dogs.

Tip #2 Carry out the training and grooming at home

Instead of hiring a professional trainer for grooming or training, you can carry out these activities by yourself. It’s true that you will have to buy shampoo, brush, and nail clippers for grooming but, it’s less costly than what a professional might charge you for one session.

Similarly, for training, you can use some toys or engage in some exercise with your dog. The simplest training is to fetch the ball. But, make sure you don’t engage your chihuahua in jumping activities, especially from heights. Their bones are weak and could get snapped.

Tip #3 Puzzles and Toys

The chihuahua loves puzzles and games. Buying toys can increase the budget to make it more economical and fun, you can use toys and puzzle games that are already in your house. For instance, old clothes, paper towel tubes, or treats. Hence, you can easily make your own toys and puzzles for engaging your dog in activities to provide mental stimulation.

Tip #4 Pet insurance

Chihuahuas normally don’t get sick or face serious medical conditions. However, when they do, the treatment bills can elevate instantly. So, having a pet insurance plan can come in handy in such situations. You can take help from government-backed institutions like Money & pension services to get an estimate for pet insurance.


How much are chihuahuas in the UK?

Chihuahua’s price is not that high, you can get one at a minimum of £50. But, if we consider the set-up costs and other expenses the total can sum up to £8,900 throughout their lifetime.

How much is a chihuahua puppy?

Generally, the average professional breeder sells their puppies for roughly £700.  However, the chihuahuas cost more. Still, you can find chihuahuas puppies in most areas for approximately £300 – 2000.

Is Chihuahua worth buying?

Chihuahuas are lovely and loyal. They are considered good pets for first-time owners. These little cuties have nice personalities ranging from aggressive and outgoing to shy and modest. They will merrily follow their owners everywhere they go.

Are Chihuahuas easy to train?

Chihuahuas are smart, so, they are easy to train. The majority of dog breeds are smart, but, in comparison, some are brighter and easier to train than others. Chihuahuas in particular are a bright species and are easy to train for compliance.

How Much Does a Chihuahua Cost – Concluding Remarks

In general, the average pup can cost about £200 to £3,000 + in the UK. However, the minimum cost of buying a Chihuahua is £50. The costs elevate once you buy a chihuahua puppy. This happens because of the extensive care that is required to prevent any radical behaviour and avoid injuries.

Hence, you should carefully outline your budget and buy a chihuahua puppy. The first-time expense will be high but, afterwards, the annual cost for maintenance will lessen. The only situation where it may spike again is in medical emergencies that too if you don’t have pet insurance.

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