How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell Outside Naturally?

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Getting rid of dog urine smell is a hefty challenge for dog owners, especially for beginners. They are not sure about their peeing schedule and have no idea about cleaning the mess their dog leaves. For the owners who own a backyard, the challenge is even bigger. Because many of them love gardening and are often thinking – how to get rid of dog urine smell outside naturally?

This article will highlight different methods for dog owners to get rid of the urine smell naturally. You can use them and get rid of the smell of your dog’s pee without damaging your plants, flowers, vegetables, or a patio setup in the backyard. But, before we get into the details let’s see why your yard smells like dog pee.

The yard smells like dog pee

Your furry friend will run around the backyard and every few hours they will have to relieve themselves. So, they will pee in the yard and this goes on for hours while they are playing or simply spending time in the backyard.

Further, when they smell their urine while roaming in the yard, they will take it as a cue for peeing again. So, they keep urinating in the same area and the smell keeps getting worse. Also, the acidity of the urine kills the grass and damages other setups in the yard, for instance, the patio.

How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell Outside Naturally?

The simplest way to get rid of the dog urine smell is to rinse the area with excessive water. There is no need for using any additional ingredient or chemical. Many dog owners have simply used water for getting rid of the dog urine smell.

In the majority of the instances, dog owners didn’t have to use any other substance. So, if water works fine, why use other substances? Well, nowadays dog owners have begun to own multiple dogs. Thus, it’s obvious that all of these dogs urinate in the same area of the backyard or garden.

Hence, it is difficult for the owner to get rid of the urine smell of multiple dogs with just water. The dog urine smell remover products are simply to provide an efficient alternative. But, many owners are hesitant of using these products as they contain toxic elements which can damage the grass and also make the dog sick. So, let’s see how you can neutralise dog urine smell using home remedies.

Home remedies for dog urine smell

There are plenty of other household products you can utilise. Let’s have a look at each of these remedies and see how they help in getting rid of the dog urine smell.

  • Water
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As mentioned earlier, it’s the simplest natural remedy for neutralising the dog pee smell in the backyard. If you are using it immediately after the dog pees, you can easily get rid of the smell. You simply have to pour water using your garden hose or spray on the spots where your dog urinates frequently.

If your dog has urinated on the grass, you’ll see lighter spots. If they pee on the patio, you will see some stains and you can try and remove those stains using a wet cloth. For reducing the efforts, consider monitoring your dog while they are in the backyard.

This can help in determining a tentative schedule and you will know when your dog will possibly pee. Using this timeframe you can clean up the areas where they relieve themselves.

  • Vinegar

This household product will easily help in neutralising the urine smell of your furry friend. You can use apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar. Both will work fine and help you remove the pee smell from the area. Vinegar will not harm your lawn but, it will release a strong scent.

Here is a simple breakdown of the vinegar-based solution:

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar with four cups of water in a spraying bottle
  2. Add some baking soda after sprinkling the vinegar solution
  3. Clean the area with a vacuum or cloth
  • Baking Soda

Using baking soda is good for the yard and the flooring you have near the area. You can spread the ingredient on the grass and the flooring. After an hour, you’ll see the baking soda will soak the moisture from the grass or flooring.

Once the moisture is gone, rinse the area thoroughly using water. You can also pour vinegar for better neutralisation.

If you are planning to use a spray here is what you can do:

  1. Mix roughly one teaspoon of baking soda with 4-5 cups of water in a spraying bottle
  2. Use the spray on the spots with urine
  3. Scrub the areas with furniture or cement flooring
  • Citrus

You can use citrus such as orange peels and lemons to get rid of the urine smell from the backyard. not only will they get rid of the smell but, they also emit a fruitful smell. No damage to the grass or floor and you get fresh fragrance.

Here is how you can use the citrus water:

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of concentrated orange or lemon juice with water
  2. Spray on the area where your dog passes their urine
  3. If the smell is more, you can increase the concentration and after the area dries clean it

These were some of the natural solutions for removing the dog urine smell outside on the grass. If you are looking to get rid of the smell of concrete there are some specific options. Here are these options:

  • Cornstarch

With the help of cornstarch, the urine and its smell get absorbed. But, it will only soak in the urine that is on the surface level. Anything that is inside the soil will remain there. The drawback of using cornstarch is that it can lure pests such as ants and roaches into your backyard.

  • Charcoal

The charcoal will also remove the odour like cornstarch. But, like cornstarch charcoal will work on flat hard surfaces and not on the grass layer. The charcoal is effective in removing the smell, but, it will leave a black residue and you will need to clean up afterwards.

Benefits Of Using Natural Remedies

There are ample benefits to using natural remedies. The most noteworthy benefit is that you avoid any contact with any toxic chemicals. Following are some other benefits of using natural remedies for getting rid of a dog’s urine smell:

  1. Safe for the dogs- there is no presence of toxic chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide so, no concern regarding the dog getting an infection or disease.
  2. Effective- the commercial products may work or not but, the natural home remedies to get rid of the smell is effective.
  3. Cost – the effort required to make the solutions is more but, the cost is less. Commercial dog urine smell neutralisers are high in cost.
  4. Availability – these natural remedies are easily available in the house and you don’t have to rush to the supermarket if you don’t have one item. For instance, you don’t have vinegar in your house, so you can use baking soda.

Prevent Dog Urine Smell In The Backyard

There are many natural elements you can use for dealing with the urine smell. But, you can try and minimise the hassle of making solutions for removing the urine smell from the backyard and controlling this smelly situation.

Yes, you cannot make your dog pee, but, you can manage the areas and train them to use a specific spot that doesn’t accumulate much smell. So, how will you gain control over this situation?

Well, you can try and make sure your dog doesn’t develop a habit of peeing in the backyard all the time. This is a basic step which can actually work out well if your dog is potty trained and goes potty inside the house. In addition, here are some of the ways you can get control the dog urine smell in the yard:

#1 Give your dog a specific spot for urinating

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If your dog has a habit of urinating in the backyard, it’s difficult to make them not to. So, you can try training them to pee in a specific region of the backyard and see how they respond to the change. Use some basic cues you normally use to make them sit, or move towards a specific place and so on.

In addition, you can also use fencing for that specific spot after they start urinating in that spot. This will suggest to them that you want them to pee within that specific area.

#2 Use stone mulch

Using stone mulch can help in preventing urination in different areas of the backyard. These small stones are part of the dog-friendly landscape and your furry friend can easily walk on them. The stones in the path will make sure your dog doesn’t urinate at any random spot. But, because of the obstruction, dogs may get frustrated and uncomfortable.

#3 Water ingestion

In contrast with the common notion of feeding less water to the dog for less urination, we suggest you provide them more. The reason behind this is simple, water will dilute their urine and reduce the bad odour.

The intensity of the smell is minimised because of the changes in the nitrogen composition in their urine. It is significantly reduced after intake of water. In fact, my fellow writer and Vet advisor at Wewantdogs, Jacob Kay, suggests using wet food for solving the smell issue in the urine of the dog.

#4 Urine-resistant ground cover

This strategy can come in handy as it can help get rid of the smell. Plants like clover, rye, or fescue grass are more resilient in comparison with normal grass and you will see the urine will not seep through easily through these plants.

#5 Artificial turf

An artificial turf has good drainage and the dog’s urine easily passes through the turf. The quick drainage ensures that the urine doesn’t stay above the turf and there is less smell because it’s through the ground.

The artificial turf will work but, you must bring more. They are not big in size and you will have to place different small turfs across the yard to cover it entirely with the artificial turf.

Now, before we conclude the article, it’s crucial to know that not every time natural remedies will work. If the smell of the dog urine is strong, you will have to use a cleaning product. Yes, these cleaners may have some toxic elements in them but, they get the job done.

You have to use such substances only when you are out of options. So, this means there is an alternative in the cleaning products as well. The answer is yes. You can use a bio-enzymatic odour eliminator for tackling this issue.

Bio Enzymatic Odour Eliminator

Bio enzymatic odour eliminator is a non-toxic liquid which retains different bacteria and natural enzymes. These natural bacteria and enzymes easily break down organic matter. In this situation, the organic matter is the one causing the bad odour in the dog’s urine.

This non-toxic solution has bacteria which can easily break down the urine and neutralise the source of the odour at the same instance. But, how? Well, the bacteria in the bio-enzymatic solution consume the organic matter of the dog’s urine.

Further, while breaking down, they release beneficial enzymes that neutralise the smell. The process is safe and natural and will continue until the smell is no longer there.

Using bio-enzymatic eliminator

Here are some of the basic tips for using a bio-enzymatic eliminator:

  • Look for the area where the smell is coming from and spray the bio-enzymatic eliminator.
  • Use a sprinkler in the yard or simply connect the liquid with the garden hose and spread them.
  • Wait for about 24 hours. You will see the bacteria are slowly neutralising the urine and the smell is getting less. After 24 hours, you will observe there is no smell at all.

The results are good and if the smell is persistent you need to repeat the process. Further, the bio-enzymatic eliminator doesn’t contain toxic elements such as hydrogen peroxide so it’s safe for the environment. Here are some other benefits that will help you decide whether you should use it or not:

  • Safe and Environment-friendly – as mentioned before, no toxic substance is present in the bi-enzymatic solution. So, there is no danger to the surrounding environment.
  • Safe – the substance is not having any chemicals and is made of natural elements. So, the risk of infection for the dog or the owner is almost negligible.
  • Efficacy – this bio-enzymatic solution is not only safe but, also effective. The bacteria within the solution will properly break down and neutralise the urine smell.


What household items can help neutralise dog urine smell?

Vinegar, baking soda, and soap are some of the prominent household items that are useful in neutralising the dog’s urine smell. These items eliminate the component of the urine and help in absorbing the scent as well. You can also use citrus such as lemons and oranges to get rid of the urine smell.

Why is baking soda used more for neutralising dog urine smell?

Dog urine has high pH and is acidic by nature. The traces of bacteria, ammonia, and uric acid make the dog’s urine smell bad. To counter the high pH of the urine, baking soda is one of the best choices. The low pH of the baking soda will absorb the smell and neutralise the urine after a few hours.

Which chemical to avoid for cleaning dog urine outside?

You must avoid using substances which has ammonia in them. This chemical can irritate your furry friend’s eyes, nose, throat, and skin. Ammonia is also a component of urine so it may confuse your dog, they might think that the spot is marked by another animal. Also, the scent of ammonia will only lure other dogs and animals to pee near that area. In addition, your dog may also pee again in the same spot to mark their dominance.

How to get rid of the dog urine smell in the house?

The simplest way to get rid of the urine smell in the house is to spread some baking soda in the spot where your furry friend has urinated. Let the soda remain in the spot overnight. The next day, you’ll observe that the odour has been neutralised and there are no traces of urine. This happens because the baking soda absorbs moisture.


There are plenty of options available for getting rid of dog urine smell naturally. From baking soda to vinegar, there are many products and tricks you can use, if you run out of them, don’t worry. The Internet is full of tricks and trips, you can use any of these tricks.

However, not every time baking soda, vinegar or lemon will save the day, especially when you are cleaning on hard surfaces. You’ll have to mix these natural remedies and form different solutions for getting rid of the smell and also clean up the surface. You can try using the bio-enzymatic eliminator for better results.

Lastly, whatever solution you use, make sure you don’t use any solution like a commercial chemical cleansing product or any such product which may harm the dog or your family members. They retain toxic substances.

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