How to Rehome My Dog? The Complete Guide.

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You plan to be with your dog forever, but things are not going well. This is life. So, Thinking about How to Rehome your dog?

Maybe someone in your family is allergic to dogs, or your job may require you to travel a lot. Maybe your dog has a behaviour or health condition beyond your control.

Now you find yourself trying to make a difficult decision: Should I find my dog ​​a new home?

This is a difficult choice and one that is sure to cause a lot of emotions.

Even if you feel guilty, recycling is a responsible thing to do when you are not able to take care of your dog.

What is Dog Rehoming

Key Takeaways

  • The process of rehoming a dog is a complex and emotional journey
  • Financial struggles, medical challenges, or behavioural issues are the main causes of Dog Rehoming.
  • Responsible Rehoming is an act of love, providing dogs with the opportunity for a better life.
  • It may take one week for dogs to settle in the new environment after Rehoming.
  • The focus should always be on the well-being of the furry companion.
  • Understanding your Dog’s emotions is very necessary before rehoming.

What Is Dog Rehoming

Dog rehoming is a sensitive and responsible process that involves finding a new home for your furry and loyal pet dog.

This situation is very common in the life of dog owners, however, now they are facing challenges in providing adequate care.

What is Dog Rehoming?

So, dog rehoming is considered the perfect decision made for a dog’s well-being by ensuring that they receive attention, care and environment at their new homes.

The Reasons for Dog Rehoming:

There are many reasons why people look for homes for their dogs. A common situation is for a dog to have more energy than he needs.

Other people get rid of their pets because they have different expectations about pets in other places.

Some lives have changed and they are moving to another home that does not accept pets, while others are struggling to meet their dogs’ medical needs.

Reasons of Dog Rehoming

Anxiety problems, aggression problems and theft problems are other reasons why people start looking for a new home for their dogs.

When you need to be responsible and work safely with your animals, some different homes are the best solution for everyone.

Let’s dive into some more common challenges for Dog Rehoming.

Financial Struggles

Struggles related to finance can appear unexpectedly, This can impact the need to provide proper care to your pet and it can lead towards dog rehoming

Financial struggles can lead towards problems like the cost of food, veterinary care and other essential things.

So, the owner considers Rehoming the dog as a good option to reduce the financial strain.

Medical issues in Dog

Pet’s medical problems can be emotionally exhausting and financially evacuating. In case if dog requires special medical care, then the owners may think of rehoming their dog to ensure that the pet gets the necessary treatment for their better health.

Medical issues of dogs

“Royal Veterinary College states that the top three most commonly diagnosed health problems in dogs are gum disease, ear infections and obesity”, The Kennel Club

Behavioural Changes in Dogs

Some dogs became more aggressive over time. Also, it is observed that dogs have severe anxiety issues.

This can strain their relationship with their owners. Despite efforts to address these problems, rehoming might be considered the best option to provide dogs with a more suitable and supportive environment.

Behavioural changes in Dogs

How to Rehome Your Dog Safely

If you think rehoming is a good option, it’s time to find the best home for your dog.

Take a few minutes to fill out a profile about your dog, including your dog’s name, age, weight, health problems, and medications.

Describe your dog’s personality and behaviour, making sure to identify any behaviour problems or special needs.

In most cases, the best home for your dog is with family or friends. In addition to the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is in safe hands, you can visit your dog regularly.

Correct way of Rehoming a Dog

You may want to contact a local dog rescue group to see if they can accept your dog into the program.

If you have a purebred dog, contact a rescue group in your area. Be aware that some facilities will charge you a fee to cover the cost of your dog’s treatment.

Things to keep in mind before rehoming your dogs:

  • Prepare to Keep Them Longer:

Try to find new owners who are ready to keep your dog for a longer period in a suitable and safe environment.

  • Assess Your Dog’s True Needs:

Before Rehoming your dog, try to understand the individual needs of your dog. Consider the energy level, suitable environment and some specific requirements.

This can ensure the most suitable Rehoming for your dog.

Advertise Your Dog

Advertising is crucial for finding the best owner for your dog. It helps connect with suitable and potential adopters.

Then it is very much necessary to provide detailed information about your pet’s requirements, personality, and habits.

Use reputable platforms to reach the individual owners.

Screening Potential Adopters

The most important task is to select the right adopter[1] for your dog.

It is very much necessary to screen adopters through interviews, checking references and ensuring that they have proper resources for your Dog.

Transfer Ownership

Now it is the time to say goodbye to your pet dog!!

So, be sure to provide all the details from the past of your dog to the new owner. This can help the new owner in many ways like maintaining a suitable environment for your dog.

Transferring Dog ownership

Legal and practical steps ensure that the new owner has all the necessary resources to take care of the dog properly.

How Does a Dog Feel When Rehomed?

Rehoming may be a necessity for you and your dog. You may feel guilty and sad, but you also can understand what happened and why it is best for everyone.

On the other hand, your dog will be confused and afraid of this change. Dogs often experience stress or anxiety during the transition and benefit from a calm, friendly relationship with new people and animals.

Most dogs will settle in their new homes within one week and will become happy and comfortable in their new house.

Understanding Dogs Emotions:

Understanding  Rehomed dogs behaviour

Dogs are considered the rulers of emotions. So, they will show a range of emotions when rehomed this will include confusion, stress or relief.

Dogs are considered the best friends of humans . So, a sudden change in environment can lead to emotional discomfort for them.

Preparing Your Dog For Rehoming

A sudden change in environment can lead to higher discomfort for your dog. So, it is very much necessary to gradually introduce the dog to their new environment.

Try to maintain familiar routines and make them comfortable by providing items such as toys or blankets.

Spend quality time with them to ensure a strong bond with the new owners.


Why might someone consider rehoming their dog?

People may consider rehoming their dog due to unforeseen financial struggles, the need for specialized medical care that they can’t provide, or challenging behavioural issues. Rehoming is often a difficult decision made in the best interest of the dog’s overall well-being.

Is rehoming a dog a responsible decision?

Yes, rehoming can be a responsible decision when the owner is unable to meet the dog’s needs adequately. It ensures the dog has a chance at a better life in an environment where their requirements are met, and they can thrive physically and emotionally.

How can I prepare my dog for the rehoming process emotionally?

To prepare your dog emotionally, gradually introduce them to their new environment, maintain familiar routines, and provide comfort items. Spend quality time with them during the transition, reassuring them and helping them build a positive connection with their new owners.

How can I support my emotions after rehoming my dog?

Supporting your emotions after rehoming involves seeking support from friends, family, or professional counselling services. Acknowledge the difficulty of the decision, focus on the positive impact it has on your dog’s life, and give yourself time to process and heal emotionally

Final Thoughts

Maintain open communication with the new owners to provide insights into your dog’s preferences, habits and medical history.

The process of Rehoming Dogs can be emotionally challenging for the owner. So seek support from your loved ones.

In conclusion, dog rehoming is a thoughtful and caring process that involves emotional discomfort for both the owner and the dog.

But it is necessary for ensuring positive outcomes for your dog’s future.


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