What Are Spiked Dog Collars For? Unraveling the Mystery

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Dive into the world of spiked dog collars, exploring their purpose and considerations. Uncover the reasons behind the use of these collars and the factors to weigh when deciding if they are suitable for your canine companion.

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Key Takeaways

  • Spiked dog collars serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.
  • Consider your dog’s temperament, safety, and local regulations before choosing one.
  • Striking a balance between style and comfort ensures a suitable and well-fitted collar.

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What Is a Spiked Dog Collar?

A spiked dog collar is a type of dog collar that has metal spikes attached to its surface. The spikes are usually made of metal such as steel or brass. It is worn around the neck which makes the dog look more stylish. It is one of the necessary accessories needed for your dog.

Remember that ‘spiked dog collars’ are different from ‘prong collars‘. Spiked dog collars are flat collars with spikes facing outward, away from the dog. A prong collar is a training tool used to apply pressure-and-release training for dogs.

Uses of Spiked Dog Collars

Spiked collars were initially designed for the protection of some dog breeds especially, service dogs to protect the area around their neck. It was also used by some tough breed dogs for their protection.

The neck of any animal is the most sensitive part and predators always tend to attack or bite this part of the animal to weaken their prey. Thus, for this reason, trainers and owners started using spike collars to protect the animal from predators.

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But now, spiked collars are used as a decorative means. Today spiked dog collars are a fashion statement, but they can still serve a purpose. A heavy spiked collar is protective neck armour, if it is wide enough it will also distribute force and help prevent damage to the throat when the dog pulls on the leash.

Features of the Collar

Spike collars are available in different sizes and varieties. To best know which collar will best suit your dog, always look for the following features in the collar:


A spiked collar is for the protection of your dog and it must hold the predator’s attack for a longer time. Thus, for a protection collar, it is necessary to be durable. It must withstand the hard bite of an attacker as well as usual wear and tear. For this, the collar should be tough and strong.

Usually, the collars of thick and hard leather or nylon material are advised to use. It is always recommended to invest more to ensure high-quality durable collars


Adjustability is also one factor to take care of. It is important for your dog to be comfortable while using the collar. Every dog has different age and size and thus different neck sizes. Also, your dog may grow more or less in the future.

Thus, you should prefer buying an adjustable collar. This will help you adjust the straps according to your dog’s size. For dogs, it is necessary to wear collars of the correct size in order to feel comfortable.


When it comes to style, nobody wants to compromise. Every owner wants their dog to look stylish and fashionable. Dog collars have a variety of choices and you can choose the best fit for your dog. According to the toughness and physique of a dog, its collar is chosen to make him look more strong.


Spiked collars can be rough and easily hurt the skin if worn for a longer period. Opt for a properly padded collar where the studs won’t get in contact with the skin. If you opt for a cheap quality collar then it would lack breathability, which can damage the neck and loss of hair from that area.

Do Spiked Collars Hurt Dogs?

Spike collar does not hurt the dog because the spikes never contact the skin. The spikes are pointing in an outward direction to stop the attacking animal and at no point, the dog gets hurt.

dog hurt itself due to spiked collar

But, there is of course a chance of a dog poking itself on the paw while trying to scratch, and this could cause a moment of discomfort. To overcome this, the spikes are specifically designed with slightly-blunted tips that prevent any significant injury.

However, they hurt other dog or animal which tries to attack your pet. This is the primary role of a spiked collar.


Are spiked collars the same as prong collars?

Spiked collars are a much healthier and more ethical option than prong collars. Prong collars are specifically designed to cause the pup pain as a method of training.

Can I put a spiked collar on a smaller dog?

Of course! A spiked collar can be put on any breed. On a small dog, it could look funny or intimidating.

Can I put a spiked collar on my dog at night?

Of course not. A spiked collar cannot be put on for 24 hours. They are just used as a means of protection. Using it at night can harm the dog and make him feel uncomfortable.

Are spiked collars popular?

While the original purpose of having a spiked collar around your dog’s neck has diminished, these collars still hold some value. They are still popular among dog owners with breeds like Pitbulls, Boxers, and Doberman Pinschers.


Spiked collars were designed for the purpose of protection but now the primary use has become style and fashion. Especially owners of tough-breed dogs use this collar to make their dogs look stronger.

However, the main purpose of this collar is still served by the trainers who make their worker dogs wear a spiked collar for their protection against predators.

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