Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats? An Overview!

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Dogs or cats who make a good pet? This is a long going debate some prefer cats but most of them like dogs. While both dogs and cats are loved by people due to their unique characteristics and features, dogs still rule the hearts of people.

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

Dogs due to their loyal, loving, affectionate and playful nature are considered the most while getting a pet. Dogs and cats are different from humans, yet dogs adapt better to humans than cats.

Dogs have high social intellect and have great emotional connections to their owner, whereas cats prefer solitude. There are many other reasons why dogs are preferred above cats as a pet, let’s have a look.

Dogs Are Loyal and Supportive

When it comes to dogs, loyalty is the adjective used to describe them. Dogs have natural instinct to be loyal. Due to their dependent nature and loyal behaviour, they are deeply connected to their owner.

They not only support you but are always there whenever you need them. Dogs provide you with their loyalty and unconditional support and in return expect nothing but love.

Dogs Adapt Better

Dogs have the special trait of adaptability. They easily adapt to changes in the situation, new places and new people. This makes it easier for their owners, to travel and accommodate without worrying about them.

For someone who is in a constant house-hunting spree, dogs are best, as they will adapt without any discomfort.

Even if you have a busy social life and guests coming over, you don’t need to worry about dogs as they will easily adapt to new people coming.

Dogs Are Protective

Dogs have an inbuilt protective nature and can protect their owner at cost. Dogs have a special ability to sense danger and strangers. They will alert you with a loud bark on sensing the arrival of a stranger.

They are brilliant at guarding and due to the same reasons have also secured their place in the defence sector of various countries. With their great sense of smell and protective nature, they have contributed immensely to the security of countries worldwide.

Training Dog Is Easy

Dogs are easy to train, they have great learning power. They grasp everything rapidly making it easy to teach them even the most complex commands[1]. They enjoy the training process and their foody nature makes it even more convenient.

Once trained they tend to behave and act accordingly. By providing them with treats and constant praises you can get anything done from dogs.

Training Dog
As quoted by Victoria Schade in petmd, "Learning to read what your dog is communicating is one of the most important things you can do to strengthen your relationship with them. While every dog will have their own unique nuances to their communication style, most dogs rely on similar postures to convey how they’re feeling."

Dogs Are Friendly

Dogs have been considered human’s best friend and loyal companion for ages. They will never leave you alone and will provide you with much-needed emotional support. You will forever reside in their heart and will mean the world to them once they are attached to you.

Dog Helps You To Stay Active and Fit

A dog’s body is generally very active and requires exercises on a regular basis. To fulfil their requirement for exercise you too have to join them as they are dependent on you. Thus you too will have to be active with them and it will lead to improvement in your health making you fit.

No Litter Box

Dogs aren’t required to use a litter box. They don’t poop and pee around in the house unless you haven’t trained them. As dogs learn quickly they tend to adapt the potty training easily.

In the beginning, you have to train them for at least a week or two then they will learn to litter outside. Unlike cats dogs don’t require a litter box, they poop and pee outside generally during walks.

Dogs Are Cleverer and Smarter

Dogs are cleverer and smarter, this is the reason they are used for many security purposes. They are a great benefit to the defence sector. They have an amazing sense of smell through which they can help catch a criminal, find stolen objects and guard better than humans.

Dogs Have Excitable Energy

There’s never a dull movement with dogs. They are always full of energy and life. Dogs are ever ready to play and how can we forget their endless zoomies.

After long hours of stressful work when you finally return home they are present to greet and welcome you with full energy and enthusiasm. They can even turn your sadness into happiness with their funny banters.

Dogs Provide Emotional Support

In today’s stressful environment, when each one of us is seeking emotional support, a dog can provide us with that support. Dogs understand emotions better and are always there for you.

Not only emotional support dogs also contribute to our mental well-being[2]. They are unpaid therapists and tend to show empathy naturally. They can even be great travel partners.

Dogs Are Obedient

Dogs are very obedient and obey their owner’s commands. Dogs to please their owner are bound to be obedient. They develop a sense of trust with their owner. While training dogs develop bonds with their owners.

The best example of a dog’s obedience nature is service dogs. Service dogs are trained to assist people with disabilities and they do their jobs very well. Especially for the visually impaired people dogs obey and act as their eyes.

Perfect Playmate

Dogs have a very playful nature and are ever ready to play. Especially for outdoor sports. They are not only great players but also play enthusiastically. One of the most common and loved games to play with dogs is fetch. Throw a frisbee or a ball and they will happily fetch it. You may get tired but your dog won’t.

Dog playing

Other than fetch dogs love activities like running, jumping and other activities which involve crossing obstacles and showcasing their intelligence. Apart from that dogs love swimming too which makes them the perfect playtime and travel companion.

Dogs Can Help Reduce Allergies in Children

Microbes found in dogs strengthen children’s immune systems. According to research children brought up with dogs are less prone to allergies and asthma. These children have strong immunity power and fall ill less frequently.

Dogs Are Social Connection Booster

Dogs are social animals and are people pleasers. They have high social intellect and connect well with people. You might have often noticed that dogs are even more well-known than their owners. People tend to interact more with dogs and in turn, it can increase your own social connections too.

Dogs Are Social Connection Booster

Especially for people with a shy and reserved nature, who find it difficult to make social connections dogs can be helpful. Dogs will help you form new bonds and boost your connection as they love human interaction a lot.

Dogs Are Less Prone to Allergies

Unlike cats dogs are less prone to allergies. Generally, it is seen that cats suffer from allergies very often and are at higher risk of developing allergies. Whereas dogs too suffer from allergies but not as frequently as cats.

There Is More Variety in Dogs

There is a variety of dog breeds available and each of them differ from the other in terms of nature and characteristic.

  • The most common dog breeds as a pet are Labrador, Golden Retriever, Pomeranian, Beagle etc
  • If you are looking for a guard dog you may prefer a Doberman, German Shepherd, etc.

Dogs Enjoy Travel

Dogs really enjoy a lot to travel due to their social nature. They are the best travel companions and can adapt to most of the weather conditions easily. They tend to enjoy travelling and are never tired of it. So getting a dog will not restrict your travel but will boost it adding new experience and adventure to it.

Dog Sleeps Throughout the Night

Dogs adjust their sleep cycle according to us. Cats are more prone to remain awake at night, while dogs don’t. Dogs sleep throughout the night not disturbing your sleep cycle.


Why are dogs better pets?

Dogs make good pets, due to their loving, and affectionate nature. They are loyal and are always there for you no matter what. They easily bond with humans and adapt according to situations. They make even tough situations lighter with their banters. They are not only human’s best friend but their emotional support too.

Are dogs more loyal than a cat?

Yes, dogs are more loyal than a cat. Dogs are obedient and loyal to their owners and can do anything for them irrespective of the situation. Whereas cats like to be alone and on their own. They don’t share the affection with their owner like dogs do. This doesn’t mean that cats can’t be loyal, they are loyal but according to their desire.

Which is more intelligent a cat or a dog?

Both cats and a dog are intelligent and have their own mental abilities. Dogs are considered more intelligent as they are easy to train and grasp commands easily. Dogs even have high social intellect as compared to cats.

Why do dogs lick you?

Typically dogs lick you to show their love and affection, but there can be other reasons too. Dogs can even lick you when they are anxious, to release stress or simply because you taste good to them.

Why do kids like dogs more than a cat?

Due to dog’s friendly, playful and affectionate nature kids tend to like them more than cats. Dogs not only prove to be loyal and faithful animals but can also be good companions and friends to your kids. Dogs have natural protective instincts and can be perfect playmates.


It is clear that dogs due to their loving, caring and affectionate behaviour are good at winning people’s hearts. They are friends and supporters everybody needs. They are obedient and have a dependent nature which increases your bond with them. They are social and adapt easily. Due to all these factors, they are the preferred choice of most animal lovers.


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