Why Do Dogs Scratch the Carpet? Reasons and Pro Tips to Stop!

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Can’t overlook the fact, dogs have some annoying habits. One of them is scratching the furniture, floor or carpet, and making a lot of noise. But, why do dogs scratch the carpet in the first place? What steps should be taken to overcome this issue?

For your convenience, we will answer these questions, and also provide you pro-tips to overcome this unusual behaviour in the future. So, in this blog, you will get a clear view, which will help you to take the next step and give you an idea of how to handle the situation wisely.

Reasons Why Your Dog Is Scratching the Carpet

Let’s explore some of the reasons why your dog is scratching the carpet, and some pro-tips to overcome the issues. This guide will definitely help you to figure out the reason easily, and in time you will be able to solve the issue. Scroll down to know better.

1. Boredom

If you don’t pay much attention to your canine companion, leave them alone with no activities. Then there are chances out of boredom they just adopt unusual behaviour. Just, to overcome their boredom or frustration, carpet scratching might be one of the ways to stay engaged.

To overcome this issue, you have to give him plenty of time and just cannot ignore his playing sessions. Take him out for a walk, or give him a puzzle to keep them engaged for a longer period. In this way, his mind will not divert towards unusual behaviours, and will automatically reduce the scratching habit.

But, if still he is not overcoming it, then taking him to the vet is the option left with you. As. they will give you better advice or check with him if is there any health reason behind this behaviour.

2. It’s in Their DNA

Dogs have this natural instinct of digging and scratching the ground to make a comfortable place for themselves. It is possible, this natural instinctual behaviour is deeply engraved in their DNA, and some breeds are prone to this behaviour. Such as beagles, huskies, dachshunds, etc… If your pup is also carrying out such behaviour without any major reason, then this might be one of them.

its in their dna

Furthermore, if your pup is scratching the carpet excessively, then you may consult the vet, for advice on how to stop this behaviour. Plus, provide them with alternative things for their instincts.

3. Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety could be one of the reasons behind his scratching habit. This is because when something bothers them, they get stressed. So, to release the stress they adopt unusual behaviour, in which scratching is one of them. Just to express what he is feeling, he might start scratching your essential things like furniture, floor, or carpet. Because he knew very well, by doing this you will give him attention, and then he will express his feelings.

If you don’t want any such behaviour from your canine companion, it is recommended to give him attention and resolve the issue, which is giving him so much stress. Plus, train them that carpet scathing or any other thing is a bad habit, and you might punish him also to get rid of this habit.

4. They Smell Something Interesting

Well, dogs have strong noses as compared to humans, and they can smell the things, which we are unable to smell it. Such as animals, danger, food, etc… So, yeah, it’s possible one of the reasons could be he might have smelled something, which you are unable to smell it. Just to find it, and out of curiosity, he might be scratching the carpet to figure out if is there anything. Such as food, breadcrumbs, other animals, or dirt.

they smell something interesting
Credit: Adene Sanchez

To overcome this behaviour, you don’t want your pup to repeat it. Then in such cases, it’s recommended to keep the carpet clean, and free of any food particles, this will automatically reduce your pup’s urge of scratching the carpet and finding it out.

5. Grooming Their Nails

We can’t overlook the fact, dogs have the urge of grooming themselves, including their nails. So, if his nails are not trimmed properly, or are overgrown. Then there is a possibility to give the shape or filing their nails, they will try to scratch their paws on the furniture, or the carpet area. It’s their way of getting rid of poor nails, or pain.

So, if grooming is the reason, it can be resolved by giving proper nail trimming sessions or taking them to a professional groomer. After getting a good nail grooming session, there is a possibility he won’t carry out his scratching behaviour.

6. Seeking Comfort

Another possible reason why does my dog keep scratching is that they are seeking comfort, and want a cosy area to sleep or spend their time. As we have an idea, dogs have the habit of digging in the sand when they feel cold or hot. Similarly, they will try to scratch the carpet, when they want a comfortable place to rest.

seeking comfort
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You don’t have to worry much, this behaviour can be easily resolved by providing them a cosy bed and blanket to sleep in. If they still continue to carry out the scratching behaviour, it becomes worsen with time. Then you can seek a vet’s advice on how to stop the behaviour.

7. Excitement Factor

As we know, dogs have a lot of energy to release, and digging or scratching is one of their way of releasing the energy. To express their excitement or happiness, they prefer digging in the garden area or scratching the carpet area. They might be excited to spend time with you, or by seeing their favourite guest or other pets in the surrounding.

If you want to control this behaviour, you need to give him daily time, take him for the walk, and dogs park. In this way, he will excite less by seeing others and will get normalised by receiving an amount of time from you.

8. Marking Their Territory

One of the possible reasons why does my dog scratch the carpet is that they are marking their territory. In other words, dogs have scent glands on their paws, and toes, which release the chemical scent wherever they scratch or rub their body. By doing this, it helps them to leave their scent in that area, and mark their territory.

This behaviour is their way of indicating to other dogs, pets, or new members that this place belongs to them, so stay away from it. You can correct this behaviour, by training them or giving them assurance no one can take his place in the house or in your heart.

Tips to Stop Your Dog From Scratching the Carpet

Now, you have got an idea why your dog is scratching the carpet. Right? So, apart from solving the issue and identifying the cause, it’s also important to teach them the correct thing. To help you out with this, we have jotted down a few pro-tips, which will help you to prevent him from adopting such negative habits. Let’s have a look.

  • You need to provide enough physical, and mental exercise activities to keep them engaged. This will prevent them from boredom and frustration mode.
  • Re-train your dog, by teaching them to adopt positive behaviour. Such as laying on a bed, or mat, when they feel like scratching the carpet.
  • You can offer them a variety of chew toys, and try to keep them engaged in a puzzle game. In this way, they will not think of carrying our scratching habit.
  • Reward your canine companion’s behaviour with tempting treats when they don’t repeat this mistake.
  • Groom their nails, in this way, they will not feel the urge of scratching and won’t affect the carpet or their nails.
  • If the scratching continues or gets worse, talk to a veterinarian or a professional dog trainer. This might mean that the dog has a medical or behavioural problem.
  • Apply deterrent spray or spray on the area where he used to scratch his nails. This will automatically discourage dog scratching carpet behaviour.

Well, these are a few pro-tips, which will definitely help you out in preventing the scratching behaviour of your canine companion. We recommend you try it and be patient with your pup, don’t punish or force him to leave the habit.


Why do dogs randomly scratch the floor?

They might be marking their territory, or claiming what they want from you. As we know, they have a scent gland on their paws, the anal area, that they use to leave their mark on other dogs. Or they might smell something, and so they scratch the floor to find out.

Why is my dog scratching the floor at night?

One of the possible reasons could be your dog suffering anxiety issue, or being scared by something, which makes him adopt this behaviour to express his feeling. You can stop this by giving him comfort, and ensuring he is in a safe place, and his life is not in danger.

Why does my dog stare at me?

Generally, dogs stare at you to communicate, express their love, observe your action, try to seek attention, etc… There could be many reasons behind your dog giving a staring look, so you need to observe it very carefully, and try to find out the reason behind his behaviour.

Why do dogs circle before pooping?

Well, there are several reasons why dogs circle before pooping. For instance, they ensure their safety and check whether any predators are in that area. They make their pooping spot more clean, and more comfortable by circling. In addition, they also do this just to mark their territory by leaving their glands, so that other dogs do not try to occupy that place.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Now, we know, why do dogs scratch the carpet. There are many reasons such as boredom, anxiety, digging instincts grooming habits, etc… This natural behaviour can damage your carpet, floor, or furniture, and can even hurt your pup’s paws. So, as we discussed, you can prevent this habit by following our some pro-tips.

For instance, make sure your canine companion gets enough mental exercise, a positive environment, a secure place to rest, feel comfortable, retrain them, and other related points. By following these tips you will be able to control his habit, and slowly get rid of this scratching nature.

So, yeah, it’s very important to know the reason, try to solve it, and ensure them they are in safe hands. It is important to be patient and consistent with your dog, and to cherish the bond you share with your canine companion.

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