Why Do Dogs Spit Their Food? All You Need to Know!

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As we know, dogs show up a good deal of weird behaviour, spitting out food is one of the behaviours which is not acceptable by pet parents. When they do such a thing, it creates tension for their pet parents, and common questions pop up in their minds.

Do you wonder why your dog chews and spits out food? This article will explain the possible causes and solutions for this habit.

Why Do Dogs Spit Their Food
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Key Takeaways

  • Dogs may spit out food for various reasons, such as health issues, taste preferences, food quality, or boredom.
  • You can train your dog to eat properly by serving fresh food, changing the flavor, feeding wet food, or taking them to the vet.
  • The most common question about dog eating behavior is why they scatter their food around.

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Reasons for Dogs Spitting Out Their Food

Well, yeah, dogs do spit out their food. It has been observed that they will eat the whole meal, or sometimes just will ignore the meal and spit it out of their mouth.

There are many reasons behind his behaviour, we have jotted down a few possible reasons which the majority of pet parents face when their pup is not in a mood to eat.[1]

Let’s have a quick look

1. Dog Not Feeling Well

When dogs are under medication or not feeling well, they don’t like to eat much, so this could be the reason that he just has a few bites and the rest of it spit out from his mouth.

dog not well
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In such cases, consult the vet and if they say that during medication they will behave similarly then try feeding him a liquid diet so that nutrients get into his body and will help in better recovery.

2. Not So Hungry

Your canine is not hungry right now! If you feed him at odd timing or his tummy is already full because he had something heavy in the lunch, so he is not ready for dinner, and won’t eat it. This could be one of the reasons he comes to chew and runs away to the other corner of the house where he can spit his food out of your eyesight.

dog not angry
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The simple advice is to not overfeed him if he is not hungry then wait for a few minutes or an hour, and then offer him a meal. Plus, avoid feeding him at odd timing, follow his schedule and also do not overfeed him treats.

3. Change in Food

Well, yeah, this could be one of the reasons behind your dog chewing and spitting out his food. They don’t like many variations in their schedule, especially if you will change their food, they won’t accept it in one go. This is because they are set to one type of texture or taste, and frequently don’t want to change their meal.

dog food change
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Here’s a friendly tip for you if you want to change his meal for his better health. Then try feeding him mix meal, i.e. combine the new meal with the older one. And go for a similar texture type, it will help to divert his mind, and will happily come to have his meal on time rather than spitting it out of his mouth.

4. Something Is Wrong With the Food

Just like human foods, dog meals also get soiled, and packed food has its expiry. If you do not keep track of their packed meal and serve them soiled ones. Then also increases the chances, that he will just ignore the food bowl or will simply chew and spit out his food.

Pup Is a Picky Eater
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So, always keep a track of your canine’s food. Do not serve him staple food, which can impact his health, and could lead to digestion-related complications in future.

5. Your Pup Is a Picky Eater

If your dog is one of the picky eaters, it’s common for him to spit out his food. This is because they like some specific texture, smell, and taste of the food. So, if you keep on experimenting with his food or serve him different flavour meals, he won’t like it, and will just spit out his food.

In such cases, it is recommended if you want to serve him a variety of food then go for similar texture food. It will help you to convince him that there is no variation. Furthermore, select similar ingredients which will not bring major changes to the meal.

How Do You Get Your Dog to Stop Spitting Food?

Being a pet parent, you already have trained your furry pal very well, regarding eating habits. But if he continuously carries out the spitting food habits, then it’s necessary to stop them. So, to help you out, we have jotted down a few tips. This will guide you to train him well, and he will start adopting good eating habits.

  • Serve them fresh food, even if you are mixing their food make sure that they are at room temperature and not soiled.
  • If your canine is spitting food because of taste, then change the flavour of the food.
  • For picky eaters, it’s tough to select one variety of meals. It is suggested to wait patiently, and offer them what they eat.
  • Try feeding wet food to your canine, it will keep his body hydrated and won’t spit out his food.
  • If your dog is suffering from medical issues, take him to the vet, and start his medication.
  • Take your dog to another room where no one is around. He will not feel shy and will easily have his food from the bowl.
  • Keep a habit of commanding him whenever he spits out the food.

These tips will surely help you in controlling your dog’s spitting out of his food habit. If still he doesn’t stop, then contact a vet for better guidance.


Do dogs get bored with the same food?

It solely depends upon the individual dog, as the majority of them can have the same kind of food and won’t demand varieties. On the other hand, there are cases, where canines will not eat the same type of food and will give you a signal to change the food, kibble for a different taste.

Why does my dog scatter his food?

Dogs do push their food bowl, and as per experts, it’s counted as a common behaviour only. It’s not necessary every canine will do it, they scatter their food on the floor and then eat it. There could be many reasons behind this behaviour, such as the food bowl being small or not cleaned enough can be one of them.

Why does my dog bring his food to the carpet to eat?

As per the survey, it has been observed that many dogs have the habit of taking their food to the carpet or any other corner of the house. This is because they think that someone will steal their food, and they don’t want to share it with anyone. It’s also possible that they want privacy to eat, so search for an escape zone where they can peacefully have their meal.

Why do dogs look at you when they eat?

One of the reasons could be your pup wants what you are eating. They love tasting their pet parent’s food, and also indicate to them that he is hungry and feed him.


Canines enjoy having their meal, but it’s true sometimes they just chew and spit out their food.

Dogs spit their food when they are feeling nauseous, or suffering from any underlying health issue such as pancreatitis, organ issue, digestion issue, etc.

If they are not so hungry, they will simply avoid eating food or just spit out their food.

You can overcome a spitting out habit by re-training him, you can serve them fresh food, try feeding him wet food, take him to the vet for medical issues, etc.


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