Why Does My Dog Eat So Fast? Understanding The Behaviour

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Dogs are prone to exhibiting weird habits, but these weird habits do not always end up well. Some of these habits which might seem normal to us can be fatal for your canine companion. One such habit is your dog eating food fast, this habit is not just weird but can cause several health issues in your dog.

Why Does My Dog Eat So Fast?

Through our blog, “Why does my dog eat so fast?” we will try to provide you insights regarding the causes and effects of this habit. We will also provide you with some solutions which will relieve your stress.

Why Does My Dog Eat So Fast?

Here are the reasons why your dog is eating so fast:

  • Some breeds have the natural inbuilt instinct to eat fast. Breeds like beagles and labradors are prone to eat food fast, it’s like they are inhaling their food. This is their breed tendency and quite normal for them.
  • If you own multiple dogs then to compete with each other dogs can eat fast. Even if you don’t own multiple dogs but still if your dog has previously lived in such an environment then he can continue to exhibit this habit.
  • If your dog is stressed, bored or even frustrated then it can reflect in his habits. Dog eating fast can be the reaction to this. To remove the frustration or relieve the stress and boredom the dog can eat fast.
  • Your dog might be eating fast due to the fear of food being taken away. If you or someone else has previously taken away the dog’s food then he may instigated fear. This prevailing fear can lead to this fast-eating habit in dogs.
  • Health issues like worms, gastrointestinal disease, or dental issues can lead to discomfort for your dog. To relieve this discomfort your dog can eat fast.
  • Apart from all these reasons the most common one can be the food is too tasty or your dog’s favourite. If you have cooked your dog’s favourite food then he may want to finish it as soon as possible resulting in fast eating.

The Risks of Fast Eating in Dog

Here are some risks associated with fast eating in dogs:

The Risks of Fast Eating in Dog


Due to eating the food fast[1], the food is not chewed properly by the dog. This unchewed food when inhaled gets stuck in the dog’s throat leading to choking. If not paid attention then this choking can result in breathing difficulty and even death.


Due to fast eating your dog will not be able to digest the food properly. This undigested food can result in the vomiting in your dog.

Digestive issues

Fast eating by your dog leads to the food not being digested properly, this undigested food leads to digestive issues in them. Some of the digestive issues are constipation, diarrhoea, or bloating. If this habit of your dog is not controlled in time it can give rise to serious health conditions.


Due to rapid eating your dog might develop Gastric dilatation Volvulus GDV a fatal condition. In GDV the dog goes through stomach twisting, which further cuts off the blood supply in the dog. This condition if worsened can result in either your dog collapsing or his death.

As mentioned by Jennifer Coates, DVM in petmd, "Most dogs love to eat, but problems can arise when dogs wolf down (no pun intended) their food. Fast eaters tend to swallow more air than do slow eaters, which is a risk factor for a potentially fatal condition called gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), especially in large and giant breeds of dogs. Research in people has also pointed to a link between fast eating and obesity and type 2 diabetes."

The Solutions for Fast Eating in Dog

If your dog is eating too fast and you need a solution to this problem then here are some tips to help you:

The Solutions for Fast Eating in Dog
  • Use a slow feeder bowl. This is a bowl designed in such a way that your dog has to eat around. A slow feeder bowl prevents your dog from consuming a large chunk of food altogether.
  • Puzzle toys can prevent your dog from eating fast. This puzzle toy has a small section, you need to store food in each section. Your dog will require time to solve the puzzle thus making him slow down while eating the food.
  • Use a snuffle mat. A snuffle mat is a fabric mat in which you need to sprinkle the kibble. Your dog being attracted by the kibble sniffs it and requires time to search the food.
  • You can even try hand-feeding your dog. While feeding your dog with your hand you can take your own time. You can intentionally slowly feed your dog, this will prevent the fast-eating in dogs.


Why does my dog eat so fast?

There are several reasons why your dog is eating so fast. It can be due to stress and anxiety, or if your dog has a large appetite. If you own multiple dogs then it too can cause fast eating in dogs to save their food from other dogs. This fast-eating habit in dogs can also be due to health issues.

How do I stop my dog from eating so fast?

If your dog is eating so fast and you want to break this habit then you can try a puzzle feeder. It will prevent your dog from eating too fast you can also try hand-feeding your dog and feeding small and slow bites. You try the puzzle toys to stop your dog from eating too fast it will engage your dog in mental stimulation and solve your problem too.

Can a dog throw up from eating too fast?

Yes, dogs can throw up from eating too fast. Eating too fast can lead to food not digesting properly and digestive issues in dogs. Due to this food remaining undigested, it makes the dog throw up. Not only throwing up, but eating food fast can lead to choking and breathing difficulty in dogs.

When should I consult a veterinarian about my dog’s eating habits?

If your dog is eating too fast for a prolonged period or if you notice abnormal changes in their eating habit you should consult a vet. The abnormal changes include instant vomiting after eating, frequent diarrhoea, bloating or change in appetite. If you notice any of these abnormal changes then consult a vet immediately.

Can a dog choke from eating so fast?

Yes, a dog can choke from eating so fast. Eating too rapidly can lead to the food getting stuck in the dog’s throat which can result in choking. Due to fast eating a dog does not chew the food properly which leads to the inhaled piece getting stuck in the dog’s throat resulting in choking.


This habit of your dog of eating fast can give rise to many health issues and at the same time can be an indication of parasite infection or stomach worm. Even if this habit does not affect your dog’s health it will not even benefit them.

If a dog eats the food fast it keeps the food undigested, due to this dog cannot gain the complete nutrition of the food. Lack of nutrition in dogs acts as a hindrance to their growth.

We hope that our blog, “Why does my dog eat so fast?” has provided you with the required information and helps you deal with this situation. If your dog faces problems like choking, difficulty in breathing or any other health issues consult a vet immediately.


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