Why Is My Dog Staring at The Wall? Reasons Explained

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Dog’s behavior always makes us question why he is acting so weird. Suddenly you see your dog and wonder why is my dog staring at the wall. Many dog owners get scared after noticing this, and on the other side, many just think their dog needs something.

There can be any reason behind this, but rarely turn out as a medical reason. So you can take a chill pill. Most people also wonder whether can dogs see ghosts, but you do not need to worry. There are other possible reasons for it so let’s focus on it.

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Reasons Why My Dog Stares Into Space or at the Wall

Dogs are known for their curious and unpredictable behavior, and one unusual thing a dog might do is stare at a wall or an empty space in a room for no apparent reason. While it can be difficult to determine exactly why a dog is staring at a wall, there are a few possible explanations for it.

Reasons why my dog stares into space or at the wall
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They Sense Something

Dogs are unpredictable but they don’t have superpowers. They cannot sense something which is not there. It is very funny to think that they are sensing something which we humans cannot. Instead, there are more possibilities like he heard or smell something and trying to find it through his senses.

You can clear your doubt by doing your own investigation. See in your home if you can smell some food. Also, try to find out if there is any voice coming from the wall.

You might need to give extra effort because the smelling and hearing ability of dogs is way better than humans. You will probably find out that there was something behind the wall, which made him stare at the wall.

Moreover, make sure the wall is empty and if it was not then there is a chance that he was staring at a painting, showcase, or curtain on the walls.

Dog Wants Your Attention

If you are not paying enough attention to your dog or are not able to spend enough time with your dog, then they often act differently to gain your attention. If you have ever paid attention when they stare at the wall and made it a big deal. Then dogs will use it to gain attention.

Whenever they feel alone or bored, they start repeating that behavior so you again pay attention. It is like reverse psychology.

Dog Wants Your Attention
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To make it stop you just need to do two things. First, give him enough time, and if he does anything to gain attention then try to ignore it or act just normal. Slowly he will stop doing it.

Compulsive Disorders

Dogs also feel stress, anxiety, or frustration, and they act abnormally to compensate for their compulsive behavior. Mostly dogs do the chewing, licking themselves, biting their tail or paws, and, yes, even staring at the wall. It sounds weird but it’s common.

According to By Debra Horwitz, DVM from VCAHospital There may be a genetic predisposition to compulsive behaviors.”

when your dog acts compulsively and stares at the wall, observe whether he also doing other destructive things like chewing, licking, etc. If the answer is yes, then you should take him to the vet as soon as possible.

Normally, after checking the dog’s behavior, the vet will suggest some medication. Medication will help them to stay calm and also allow them to change this behavior.

Focal Point Seizures

Seizure is a big word for dogs. Whenever you heard the word seizures, you will end up imagining outcomes like shaking, foaming at the mouth, collapse, and loss of bladder control. But it is not entirely true.

There are many other symptoms that can be seen but are hard to find. They can act totally differently. In most cases, they do “fly biting” which means they will bite in the air without any reason. Also, facial twitching, stiffening or staring off into space.

Focal Point Seizures in dogs
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The easiest way to check whether he has seizures or not is just to call his name when he is staring at the wall. If he turns towards you then there might be another issue, but if he doesn’t hear you, then you need to call your vet as soon as possible.

(Note: In this case, record a video of his behavior. It will help the vet to cure your dog.)

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Generally, this occurs in aged dogs. CCDS (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome) is also known as “Canine Dementia“. Since there are no tests for it, it is very hard to decide if he has CCDS or not. But normally, older dogs tend to act differently and meet more accidents in your home.

This syndrome in dogs has been compared to dementia or Alzheimer’s in humans,” says Stephanie Howe, DVM from PetMd.

There are some more symptoms which are loss of appetite, incontinence, restlessness, anxious behavior, decreased desire for things like playing and self-grooming, excessive barking, constant licking, disorientation or confusion, inability to locate their bed or food bowl, displaying odd behaviors, like staring at the wall.

Diabetes or Loss of Vision

Owners who are having diabetes pets already know what are the possibilities. It is normal for diabetic dogs to have blindness or loss of vision. If you have a diabetic dog then he might be unaware that he was positioned facing the wall.

Diabetes Or Loss Of Vision in dogs
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When you notice that your furry friend is crashing into things at the home and staring at something like a wall for a long, then that could be diabetes. As soon as you notice that he might have diabetes then you have to take him to the vet.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Stares at the Wall?

Do not worry if you see your dog staring at the wall. When your dog acts like this, you should engage him in some activities with toys or play with him. If he is doing it to gain your then do not pay much attention. But if you are seeing that there might be something else then take your dog to the vet.

You should be prepared before you take yours to the vet. Note down his behavior and details about the time period and the place where he was staring. Also, note his posture as it also indicates the problem. After that, it would be very helpful for your vet to diagnose him. And do not forget to take a video. The vet can decode his behavior more efficiently than you.

After getting adequate information, the vet can provide the right cure as he knows the exact reason why he was acting like that. It will also help to cure in a more effective way by choosing the right way to do diagnosis, either by medicine, treatment plan, or behavioral therapy.


What medical issues can cause dogs to stare at walls?

Medical issues that can cause dogs to stare at walls include seizures, brain tumors, and neurological disorders. It’s important to consult with a veterinarian if the behavior persists or seems abnormal.

Can anxiety or stress cause dogs to stare at walls?

Yes, anxiety or stress can cause dogs to stare at walls. It’s important to provide a calming environment for your dog and consult with a veterinarian or a certified dog behaviorist if the behavior persists.

What can I do if my dog keeps staring at the wall?

First, rule out any potential medical issues by consulting with a veterinarian. If your dog is healthy, try providing more physical and mental stimulation, providing a comfortable environment, and consulting with a dog behaviorist if necessary.

How can I prevent my dog from staring at walls?

Providing regular exercise, mental stimulation, and a comfortable environment can help prevent your dog from staring at walls. Additionally, ensuring your dog has a regular feeding and sleeping schedule can help prevent boredom or stress.

Can dogs see ghosts or spirits, causing them to stare at walls?

There’s no scientific evidence to support the idea that dogs can see ghosts or spirits. It’s more likely that your dog is reacting to a physical stimulus, such as a sound or movement that you may not be able to perceive. However, if you’re concerned, it’s always a good idea to rule out any medical or behavioral issues.

Final Thoughts on – Why Is My Dog Staring at the Wall?

In conclusion, if you notice your dog staring at the wall, it’s essential to pay attention to this behavior and determine the cause. While dogs may show interest, stress, or boredom, persistent wall-staring could indicate a more severe medical or behavioral issue. Consulting with a veterinarian or certified dog behaviorist is crucial if you’re concerned about your dog’s behavior.

By providing proper attention, care, and stimulation, you can prevent your dog from staring at walls and ensure their happiness and health for years to come. So, keep your eyes on your furry friend and seek professional help if necessary without hesitation.


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