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If you are planning to travel and have a dog then the biggest stress for you must be to find a suitable stay. Premier Inn are a hotel chain which provides quality service to its customers. They are known for their wonderful hospitality, which makes them the first choice of anyone to stay, but, “Are premier inns dog friendly?”

Through our blog, we will provide you will all the required information saving your previous time.

Are Premier Inns Dog Friendly?

What Are Premier Inns?

Premier Inn[1] are a hotel chain based in the United Kingdom. They are one of the largest hotel brands located in the UK. The premier Inns have around 800 hotels and somewhat 72000 rooms which makes them the largest hotel chain in the UK.

Premier Inns is part of Whitebread Group one of the leading hospitality business Groups. Along with Premier Inns, they also own brands like ZIP, Costa Coffee and Beefeater.

Due to their customer friendly services, they are popular and loved by people all over the United Kingdom. They offer the most comfortable accommodation at an affordable price. Be it cities, suburbs or airports they have their hotel chains spread over in almost all the locations. This makes it easy for people to find even the last minute stay easily.

Why You Might Want To Travel With Your Dog?

Travel With Your Dog

Here are some reasons why you might want to travel with your dog:

  • Travelling with your dog strengthens your bond with them. It provides you with the quality time to spend with them that you might not get usually.
  • You may not need to worry about accommodating your dog at pet care centres. This will reduce your stress and save you money too.
  • This will provide you with a lifetime memory to cherish and give you happiness seeing your dog happy.
  • Travelling will help your dog to explore and help boost their physical and mental well-being.
  • Dogs being social animals, will help you form new bonds and interact with people easily while travelling.

Are Premier Inns Dog Friendly?

No, Premier Inns are not dog friendly. They have a strict pet policy which does not allow the stay of dogs at any of their hotel chains. According to the pet policy of Premier Inns, they only allow the stay of assistance dogs.

Assistance dogs are trained dogs who provide their service to disabled people. These dogs are trained to assist the disabled person wherever they go and provide them help to go from place to place.

Premier Inn allows the stay of service dogs but they should be well-trained and not have aggressive or trouble-causing behaviour. The assistance dogs should always be on leash and not wander to avoid inconvenience to other customers.

Though Premier Inn does not allow the stay of dogs at their hotel they do offer other ranges of pet friendly hotels. They help you to find the stay with your pet near the location.

Tips for Making Your Dog’s Stay Comfortable at Hotels

Dog’s Stay Comfortable at Hotels

Here are some tips to make your dog’s stay comfortable at hotels:

  • To make your dog’s stay comfortable at a hotel, choose the best pet friendly hotels. These pet friendly hotels have all the required facilities to make the stay of pets happy and comfortable.
  • Choose the room on the ground floor, this will make it easy for you to take your dog out for a pee and poop break. Also, you will get easy access whenever you need to walk your dog outside.
  • Carry your dog’s food, along with their bowls, this will make them relax knowing that they will get the food on time. To make them feel more homely you can carry their bed too, this will give them peaceful sleep.
  • Take your dog’s toys and treats along with you. This will provide them with great playtime and help to control them.
  • Make sure you keep your dog on a leash to avoid any unfortunate events from taking place.

As mentioned in petmd,

“Choosing to stay at a pet-friendly accommodation while traveling with your dog ensures they’re welcome and that you’ll have everything you need to make their stay comfortable.”

“Even though a hotel is pet-friendly, you should still call ahead to ask what their pet policies are.”


Are premier inns dog friendly?

No, premier inns are not dog-friendly hotels. They have a policy which does not allow pets to stay in their hotel. The only exception here is that they allow the assistance dog, but that the dog has to be well-trained and well-behaved. But if you still wish to take your dog to the hotel it is advisable to check once before planning the trip.

Can dogs stay with you in hotels?

If your dog can stay with you in hotels, it depends on the pet policy of the hotel you wish to stay. There are many hotels that do not allow the stay of a pet with you whereas there are few that allow the pet to stay. If you have a pet then while planning the trip you should always check for their hotels and their pet policy. You should opt for the one which allows the stay of the pet.

Do Holiday Inn allow dogs UK?

Yes, the Holiday Inn hotels based in the United Kingdom allow the stay of the dogs. They have a pet-friendly policy which allows dogs in their hotels. According to their policy, the dog must be well-trained and should be always kept on the leash. To know the charges of staying at the Holiday Inn hotels along with your dog you can contact the hotel and they will provide you with all the required information.

Can dogs sleep at Travelodge?

Yes, the Travelodge hotels based in the United Kingdom allow the stay of the dogs. They have pet-friendly policies which allow the stay of 2 dogs per room. The general charges to stay in the hotel per night along with your pet are £20 charge per pet. According to their policy, the dog must be well-trained and should be kept on the leash.

How many pets can you take to a hotel?

The number of pets you can take to the hotel depends on the individual pet policy of that respective hotel. Every hotel has its own policies that are designed according to their convenience and keep the best interest of their customers in mind. There are some hotels that allow the dogs to stay and many don’t. 


No doubt Premier Inn provide the best stays but they are not dog friendly. In this case, if you are travelling with your dog make sure you find other best hotels with all the services required to stay with your dog. We hope that through our blog, “Are premier inns dog friendly?” we have provided you with a brief guide.

Dog friendly hotels might be expensive but while choosing you should choose the best stay keeping your dog’s best interest in mind.


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