12 Best Dog Beds UK to Make Your Dog Sleep Well

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If you landed on this article while looking for the best dog beds UK then, today is the day your quest for finding the best dog bed ends. I say this because our article includes detailed insights and explanations about different dog beds which will help you buy the best dog bed in the UK.

In addition, this article has a detailed buyer guide which explains reasons why dog needs dog beds, factors affecting the prices of dog beds, types of dog beds available in the market, perks of using dog bed, tips on using dog beds, things to avoid while using dog bed etc. So, keep reading and pick out the best dog bed available in the UK.

Best Dog Beds UK

A dog bed helps dogs relax and provide a cosy sleep and a personal space to hang out. The dog beds are made differently and come in different types to help dogs. Yes, dogs can sleep in a normal bed, on a couch, carpet or on the floor but, a dog bed enhances their sleeping cycle and improves their overall health.

So, to help you provide your dog a good sleep and improve their well-being, below are some of the best dog beds you will find in the UK. Each of them has its unique feature and you can pick the one that suits your dog and its preferences.

1. Bedsure Waterproof Dog Bed

If you need a versatile dog bed with good-quality fabric and is also waterproof then, the Bedsure Waterproof Dog Bed is the option you must explore. This dog bed is made of oxford fabric and its cushion and cover are machine washable. The fabric makes the dog feel comfortable and the ni-zipper design ensures their safety.

This rectangle dog bed is ideal for use in the house and can be used as a bed for a dog’s crate, as a pillow, and also, adjustable in the car. The tufted dots in this dog bed ensure the appearance of the bed remains the same after each cleaning.


Key Features:

  • Oxford fabric
  • No-hair sticking
  • Machine washable
  • Water and stain-resistant


In addition, the design of this dog bed is such that it maintains its shape and the fillings will not clump easily, making sure the stuffing stays fresh.

  • Safe for dogs (no zipper design)
  • Waterproof and soft fabric material
  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • Available in different sizes for all breeds
  • Material is not breathable

2. JOEJOY Dog Bed

If your furry friend has anxiety issues, the JOEJOY DOG bed might just be the bed you need. This large dog bed has a breathable suede exterior which means that the surface is soft and fuzzy with tiny holes to facilitate proper air circulation. Hence, the dog stays comfortable and cool in warm conditions.

The non-slip bottom ensures it stays steady on the floor, so, no worries even if your furry friend is highly energetic. In addition, there is additional thick side support for allowing dogs to rest their heads on the side for complete relaxation.


Key Features:

  • Faux fur
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Sturdy and thick sides
  • Breathable suede exterior


Further, the neutral colour of this dog bed ensures it goes with any decor making it versatile and stylish.

  • Ideal for dogs who like to snuggle
  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Four side bolster walls for neck and head support
  • Weak seam stitching (stuffing may come out)


For dog owners looking for a small dog bed with a doughnut shape, the FEANDREA Dog Bed will be a feasible choice. This doughnut dog bed has an inner cushion filled with memory foam pieces to make the dog feel comfortable and improve the bed’s overall longevity.

The anti-slip bottom of this dog bed has rubber dots which provide stability and avoid issues like slipping or sliding. Also, the soft padding is filled to the brim in this calming dog bed which ensures that the dog gets a good sleep.


Key Features:

  • Long plush
  • Soft padding
  • Memory foam
  • Fluffy and durable


Further, this dog bed has a zipper on the bottom to remove the inner cushion for cleaning purposes. Also, the manufacturer of this dog bed suggests keeping it away from heat sources of 40°C or above.  

  • Has memory foam
  • Easy cleaning (washable cover)
  • The doughnut shape makes the dog feel safe
  • Only suitable for small dogs

4. Jaspuriea Medium Dog Bed 

If you have a dog of medium size and looking for a dog bed that will easily fit into the crate then, Jaspuriea’s Medium Dog Bed is a feasible option. This calming dog bed easily fits into a dog crate and is machine washable. This anti-anxiety calming dog bed is durable and has extra soft plush which provides ultimate comfort to the dog.

In addition, the high-quality Oxford material with anti-slip dots ensures that the bed remains steady. The fabric is water-resistant so, less chance of it getting dirty.


Key Features:

  • Anti-slip
  • Ultra soft plush
  • Water-resistant fabric


Furthermore, the evenly distributed PP cotton filling in this dog bed provides an impeccable experience for dogs supports their muscles and relieves them from joint pain as well.

  • Machine washable
  • Anti-anxiety dog bed
  • Anti-slip and dirt-resistant
  • Not suitable for dogs prone to chewing

5. SunStyle Home Waterproof Dog Bed for Dogs

If you need an orthopaedic dog bed that is waterproof then, SunStyle Home Waterproof Dog Bed will be the right choice. The egg crate foam design of this orthopaedic dog bed is such that it evenly distributes the dog’s weight to increase pressure on bones and joints.

Also, the non-slip dots at the bottom of the bed help in fixing the position. The fabric used is durable and can handle daily wear and tear. The high-density egg-crate foam ensures that the dog gets proper rest.


Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Durable inner zipper
  • Dutch velvet Oxford material


In addition, the durable invisible zipper in this orthopaedic dog bed helps remove the cover easily for cleaning purposes.

  • Machine washable
  • Helps improve joint pain issues
  • Suitable for use in every season
  • Only suitable for medium-sized dogs

6. Toozey Dog Heat Pad Electric

Toozey Dog Heat Pad is not exactly a dog bed but, works just like an electric dog bed. This electric pad uses pristine heating pad Japanese technology and an advanced IP68 waterproof PVC material. The dual heating wire heats up the bed quicker to provide comfort to the dog.

The heating pad has an automated feature of powering off. So if you forget to switch off the power button, it will turn off after a certain temperature level. This is possible because of the sensing wire that is covered over the heating wire.


Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Ultra soft crystal velvet
  • Adjustable timer and temperature


In addition, the heating wire in this electric dog bed has a 7-layer protection layer for ensuring the dog’s safety.

  • Chew resistant chord
  • Adjustable temperature and timer
  • Helpful for dogs having arthritis issues, recovering from an injury or of old age
  • The material is not soft enough to facilitate cosy sleep

7. Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

If you need an elevated dog bed for your furry friend, buying an Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Dog Bed will be a good investment. This elevated dog bed is made of strong iron material and has a breathable fabric which facilitates proper air circulation.

This helps in reducing the pressure on the joints of the dog and provides comfort. The breathable fabric ensures the body temperature of the dog remains normal.


Key Features:

  • Durable Iron frame
  • Breathable mesh fabric


This elevated dog bed design suits large dog breeds like Boxer or a German Shepherd. But, is available in different sizes to accommodate small and medium-sized dogs as well.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for heavy dogs
  • Hand wash only (tap water no other substance)

8. Senzkon Foldable Waterproof Dog Bed

For dog owners looking for a foldable dog bed for use, the Senzkon Foldable Waterproof Dog Bed is an option they must surely explore. This bed is made of nylon material and has two buckles which can easily be hung on a backpack. The material is lightweight so, easy to fold and carry around.

The 1200D oxford material and PU waterproof paint-coat make it water-resistant and you can easily clean it using a damp cloth or a brush.


Key Features:

  • Nylon fabric
  • Foldable design
  • Water-resistant


In addition, dog owners can use this portable dog bed in crates, carriers, on a different bed, or in tents while camping.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Anti-slip bottom fabric
  • Foldable, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Less filling so, limited support to the dogs having joint pain issues

9. Dog Bed by Allpetsolutions

If you are in search of an earthbound dog bed for your furry friend then, Dog Bed by Allpetsolutions is a suitable option. This dog bed is made of cotton material and features high walls with plush padding. This provides the dog with a sense of security and privacy. Also, the rim is not that high and your furry friend can easily have a comfortable sleep in this earthbound dog bed.

In addition, the cushion in this dog bed is reversible with one side having fleece lining to provide warmth to the dog and the other side is plain fabric. So, in hot summer, you can flip the fleece lining side to provide a cooling effect.


Key Features:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Reversible cushion


Furthermore, the three raised walls in this dog bed ensure that the dog feels safe and secure while resting. The fourth wall is lowered to enable easy access.

  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Strong stitching and lining
  • The reversible cushion feature works well
  • The walls are high but, lightweight so, the bed tips over easily

10. PawHut Pet Sofa Couch

The PawHut Pet Sofa Couch is a type of dog bed that is suitable for dog owners who prefer protecting their pups and providing a personal space. The bolstered edges of this couch-type dog bed stop puppies from falling off. Also, the cushion is filled with foam and helps increase pressure on the muscles of the dog while resting.

The soft material continuously keeps the body warm which allows dogs to rest or play on the sofa itself. So, it is feasible to use for dogs suffering from joint pain, arthritis, or recovering from bone disease.


Key Features:

  • Couch design
  • Removable cover
  • Wood, Sponge, PVC, Plastic material


Further, the cushion of this dog bed is removable and washable separately.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Removable and washable cushion
  • Not suitable for dogs weighing more than 6 pounds

11. Baodan Large Dog Bed

If you have a heavy-weight dog and seeking a compatible bed for the dog then, the Baodan Large Dog Bed is an option you must certainly explore. This large dog bed has a soft surface thanks to the fleece and filling of high-density PP cotton. This helps keep the dog warm and facilitates proper sleep.

In addition, the non-slip backing with gels effectively keeps this dog bed mattress in place without causing slipping issues.


Key Features:

  • Non-slip bottom
  • Soft fuzzy surface


Further, this dog bed is suitable for outdoor use and you can carry it on your road or camping trips as well.

  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for dogs weighing up to 75lbs
  • Ultra soft and dog skin-friendly surface
  • Material is thinner than expected

12. Victoria & Carter Large Dog Bed 

To provide ultimate comfort to your furry friend, the Victoria & Carter Large Dog Bed is a viable option to consider. This large dog bed is designed for medium and large dogs using high-quality polyester material. The material used makes it breathable and makes it easy for dogs to rest in a cosy environment.

In addition, this large dog bed has lots of padding and is thick, soft, and squishy making it the perfect dog bed for dogs prone to joint or bone-related issues.


Key Features:

  • Non-slip bottom
  • Ultra-soft surface


Further, the non-slip bottom base of this large dog bed ensures there is less movement which minimises the risk of injuries due to slipping.

  • Perfect for dog crate
  • Suitable for medium and large size dogs
  • Machine washable (Don’t iron, and avoid using bleach)
  • Not enough padding to help dogs with joint problems

Buying Guide: Best Dog Beds UK

After going through the list that includes some of the best dog beds in the UK, you might have picked one or two dog beds that suit your furry friend and match your preference. But, if you are having a tough time deciding which one of the handpicked dog beds is the perfect choice, don’t worry. This buying guide will help you get over the line with this tricky decision.

Dog beds – why do dogs need them?

A dog bed is a simple piece of furniture that helps dogs feel comfortable and cosy. They use it as their place and sleep, relax, or rest a bit. There are different types of dog beds available in the market. But, before we get into the details, let’s check out some of the reasons why dogs need beds.

Reasons why dogs need beds

  • Provides personal space to dogs
  • Keeps them protected in different weather conditions
  • Helps them relax and recover from joint pain or other health issues

In addition, dog beds are helpful for dog owners as well. One of the significant reasons is less shedding of fur and protection from fleas and germs. Both of these prospects reduce the chances of allergies and keep dog owners and their family members safe.

Features to look for in a dog bed – Buying prospects

To buy the best dog bed for your furry friend, you’ll have to consider different features and make sure it meets your requirements and is suitable for your dog. These features can also be considered crucial buying prospects. Here are some of the prominent features you need to look out for in a dog bed:

#1. Size and shape of the dog bed

The size and shape of the dog bed help you determine how much spacious the bed is. If you have a rough estimate of your dog’s measurements, and compare them with the size and shape of the dog bed, you will know whether or not it is a perfect fit. The size and shape should be spacious enough for your furry friend to curl or stretch inside.

However, make sure the size and shape of the dog bed is not too large. The reason behind this is, that a dog bed that is too wide or large will make the dog feel insecure as it will be exposed wide open. Likewise, a bed that is narrow and small, will make the dog feel cramped and uncomfortable. So, avoid too much space and less space.

#2. Material and filling of the bed

The dog bed you buy should be made using good quality material and filling. A good quality material and filling indicates that the dog bed is strong, breathable, and hypoallergenic. The durability of the material makes sure the dog bed can withstand scratching, chewing, and washing without compromising the quality.

The breathable feature of the bed prevents issues such as overheating, and sweating, by keeping the dog fresh and cool. The hypoallergenic material reduces the risk of allergic reactions, skin infections, and irritation issues, and makes sure the dog stays healthy.

#3. Design and additional features

Your furry friend’s bed must have additional features and proper design. A good design and extra set of features suggest that the dog bed is functional, convenient, and easy to use. For instance, a dog bed with a non-slip design ensures there is no sliding or moving on the floor and the bed remains stable.

Likewise, additional features such as handles, zippers, pockets, or buttons make it convenient for dog owners to use the bed. For example, the zippers or buttons allow fill and adjust the cover of the dog bed which makes it easy to wash, a handle on the dog bed helps with shifting the bed across the house, and features like pockets provide space for keeping small toys or food treats.

#4. Requirements and preferences

The dog bed you choose must meet your and your furry friend’s preferences. You’ll have to analyse their sleeping behaviour and consider their age, health, and overall personality before buying a dog bed. For instance, if your furry friend is old, they are likely to have joint pain issues and an orthopaedic dog bed is the best choice for such dogs.

Further, if you are residing in a warm or humid area, you might need an elevated dog bed which facilitates cooling and air circulation. Also, if your furry friend has a knack for hiding in different places to get rest or sleep, you may want to consider buying a dog bed of cave shape. Lastly, make sure the size of the dog bed is not bigger than the area where you plan on placing the bed.

#5. Dog bed price

The cost of dog beds in the UK varies based on different parameters such as size, type, material, quality, and brand manufacturing of the dog bed. Some of the dog beds that provide additional features will cost you more but, if they meet your requirements and preferences, you should consider buying them.

For example, orthopaedic dog beds provide cushioning to help dogs feel relieved of joint pain. The memory foam used in these beds might be costly but, it is useful for old dogs, especially if they are having arthritis. Likewise, if you need a dog bed for simply providing a personal space, you’ll need a simple dog bed sheet which doesn’t cost much.

Factors Affecting Dog Bed Price

Dog bed prices are crucial buying prospects and impact decision-making heavily. To pick the best dog bed that fits your budget preferences, it is important for you to, get some insights into what factors affect the cost of a dog bed in the UK. Let’s have a peek at some of the prominent factors affecting dog bed prices in the UK:

#1. Shape and size of dog beds

The shape and size of a dog bed influence the prices of dog beds as it is an indicator of production cost i.e. the labour and material used in making the dog bed. So, a large dog bed with complex shapes means higher prices. This is mainly because the material used will be more and shaping it will require some additional effort, which ultimately increases the production cost.

For instance, a flat dog bed is made of a single fabric and filling so, the price is lower. On the other hand, a doughnut dog bed or cave dog bed will need multiple pieces of fabric and fillings to achieve the desired shape. So, the prices of both these dog beds will be more compared to a flat or a small dog bed.

#2. Quality of the material and fillings

The quality of the fillings and material used in the dog bed impacts the dog bed price because it reflects the strength of the dog bed, the breathability of the material, and how hypoallergenic the dog bed is. High-quality material and fillings ensure longevity while providing comfort to dogs. But, these durable materials demand high investment in production and hence, elevate the overall price of a dog bed.

A dog bed made of material such as microfibre, faux, denim, or fleece will cost more in comparison to a dog bed that is made of material and fillings like polyester, cotton, or nylon. Interestingly, faux material is not as durable as polyester but, is costly. The distinction is simple, this material is scarce and expensive compared to polyester. Also, faux material is fluffy and makes the dog feel comfortable. Not to mention, the amount of microfibre, faux, fleece, or denim used in dog beds is more and hence, the high prices.

#3. Features and designs

The designs and features of a dog bed affect the cost as they co-relate with factors like ease of use, convenience, and functionality. So, more functionalities mean more features and higher costs. Likewise, the more dog-friendly designs of beds, the higher the price. This is because they are tough to build and production cost is high. Also, maintaining such beds is difficult.

A bed with features such as a washable and removable cover, zippers, handles, or a non-slip bottom design make it easy for you to clean the bed and handle it with care. But, there is a lot of additional stitching, sewing, or adjustment that goes into making such dog beds. These factors increase the labour costs and hence, are reflected in the final price of the dog bed.

#4. Preferences and requirements

Your furry friend must feel comfortable and satisfied while they use the dog bed you buy. Both these aspects are part of preferences and requirements. It may seem unusual but, they do have a significant impact on the cost of the dog bed. For example, some dogs resent being in small areas, so, they will need a large dog bed.

Likewise, for dogs who are prone to injuries and have thin bodies, dog owners will require a raised dog bed with a slightly confined space so, the dog doesn’t jump off. In addition, dogs prone to arthritis will need orthopaedic beds to leverage the benefit of memory foam and other orthopaedic materials used in making such beds. Furthermore, to keep dogs cold in warm weather and enable proper air circulation, a dog bed with cooling features is preferred.

All of these preferences and requirements elevate the prices of a dog bed. The reason is simple, large dog beds need more material, raised dog beds have different designs, orthopaedic beds use different materials, and cooling features are added to a dog bed to prevent overheating so, the cost of labour, material, and additional features add up to the production cost and thus, elevating the dog bed prices.

#5. Brand reputation

The brand reputation is one of the significant factors affecting the dog bed prices. A brand using the specific technique in manufacturing durable, and cost-efficient dog beds build up a reputation and has a loyal customer base. Such dog beds are likely to cost more. However, not all the brands have high prices. Different brands use different methods to make quality dog beds using different materials to meet customer preferences.

For instance, some brands prefer building a stylish dog bed with different designs, while others prefer making a dog bed that is filled with various features and provides different functionalities. Regardless, the prices of the reputed brands will remain high and you must not get carried away with low-price dog beds. These beds might not maintain durability, or breathability or provide any other useful feature.

Additional factors affecting dog bed prices

In the previous section, you observed some of the prominent factors affecting the prices of dog beds. But there are a few other factors as well. Here are some of the additional factors affecting dog bed prices:

  • Supply and demand of the dog bed

If a dog bed is popular, innovative, and high in demand, the prices are hugely impacted. The prices of such dog beds are high, especially if they are manufactured by a reputed brand. Also, if the supply of such popular or innovative dog beds is less in comparison with the demand, the prices will skyrocket. For instance, if a dog bed provides features like self-cleaning, self-cooling, and self-warming, or has a unique patent or manufacturing process, the price will remain high.

In addition, if the supply of these quality beds matches the demand, the prices can get low but, not too much. Also, if a dog bed is available at a low price, it is possible that it is not that popular in the market or customers simply don’t trust the brand. But, this doesn’t imply for every low-price dog bed. Many manufacturers build dog beds particularly to match customers’ budgets.

  • Shipping and delivery

Delivery and shipping charges are often reflected in the prices of the dog beds, especially if you buy a large dog bed. The cost of transporting large dog beds is higher. So, if there is a dog bed that is shipped from a different region, the prices will be significantly high.

Thus, the delivery distance will have a huge say in the prices of a dog bed. This also suggests that if the dog bed is available in nearby areas, the cost might be low as well. For example, a dog bed that is shipped from Manchester to London will have a low price compared to a dog bed shipped from far areas, or an entirely different country.

  • Warranty of the dog bed

To provide assurance to dog owners and showcase the product’s reliability, dog bed manufacturers provide a warranty. A good quality dog bed with a warranty period will cost more in comparison with a non-warranty dog bed. Also, if the warranty period is more, chances are the prices will be much higher.

For example, a dog bed made of durable material such as faux, microfibre, denim, or fleece and a high warranty period let’s say, 3-5 years or more will be expensive. However, this doesn’t imply that a dog bed with less warranty period is not durable or will not cost more. Warranties are subjective matter and different brands choose different time buffers based on their material used and customer support services.

Types of Dog Beds

The features of dog beds, buying prospects and factors affecting costs must have provided clarity on which dog bed to buy. But, before jumping onto a specific dog bed, you need to analyse the type and match your requirements.

You don’t want to end up buying an orthopaedic dog bed when a normal flat dog bed would have been enough. Below are various types of orthopaedic dog beds that are available:

#1. Rectangle dog bed

The rectangular beds are flat and cushioned. You can use this dog bed if your dog likes to stretch or tends to shift a lot while sleeping. The dog bet mattress doesn’t weigh much and is easy to move and store.


  • Can accommodate almost every dog and easily fits into crates, kennels, and cages or be placed under the dog bowls or sofa.
  • Doesn’t restrict the dog’s movement and makes the dog feel comfortable
  • Available in different sizes, designs, and materials as per preferences and requirements


  • Not suitable for dogs who need more cushioning and insulation as generates less warmth
  • Less durability, and less resistance towards chewing, scratching, or biting behaviour of dog

#2. Orthopaedic beds

Orthopaedic beds are made to provide comfort to dogs who have joint pain issues, arthritis, or other bone disease. These type of dog beds contain thick and dense foam base which prevent sagging and keeps the dog’s spine, hips, and joints, aligned and cushioned. The foam base is usually made using memory foam which is durable and lasts longer.


  • Facilitates cosy and comfortable sleep
  • Reduces inflammation and stiffness and supports joints, hips, and spine of dogs
  • Regulates temperature i.e. keeps the dog warm in winter and cool in hot summer


  • Advanced features make these beds costly in comparison with others
  • Overheating issues for some dogs, especially with thin skin coat
  • The heavy fabric may cause allergic reactions or irritation issues in some dogs

#3. Elevated dog beds

Elevated dog beds or raised dog beds, are the ones which are raised above the ground with the help of a PVC or metal frame. This type of dog bed is feasible to use if you reside in humid or hot weather conditions. The elevated design facilitates proper cooling and air circulation to keep dogs cool. One of the key features of elevated dog beds is that chances of fleas, mites, or pests harbouring inside the bed are slim as it is not easily accessible on the ground.


  • It doesn’t retain heat and prevents overheating issues
  • There is less growth of mould, and bacteria ensures hygiene and minimises the risk of infection
  • Reduces risk of dog falling or rolling off the bed because of the stability


  • Less cushioning and insulation so, not suitable for all dogs, especially those who prefer cuddling in the bed
  • Difficult to get small or senior dogs on or off the elevated dog bed without straining their muscles or joints
  • Might wobble or even collapse because of the movements of a heavily weighed dog

#4. Bolster dog bed

The bolster dog beds have raised edges or walls that act as supportive borders around the bed forming a nest or sofa-like feel for the dogs. This dog bed is suitable for you if your furry friend is habitual of curling or leaning against some object while asleep. They provide a sense of security to the dog. In addition, these dog beds have removable centre cushion or pillow that is washable separately.


  • Raised edges make the dog feel secure
  • Can be used as a built-in pillow so, dogs can easily rest their head while asleep
  • Available in different sizes, designs, and shapes to match dog and dog owners’ preference


  • Not spacious enough for dogs to stretch out or switch positions while sleeping
  • Raised edges of this dog bed make it difficult for dogs to climb so, they cannot get in or out themselves without causing strain to muscles
  • There are many components and parts attached so, maintenance and cleaning become harder

#5. Doughnut dog beds

The doughnut dog beds are round soft and fluffy dog beds. They have a raised rim which makes it similar to bolster beds. the fluffy material makes it suitable for dogs who like burrowing or snuggling. The material of this bed provides warmth and comfort to dogs, especially if they are feeling anxious. In addition, the cover of this dog bed is easily removable and washable.


  • Dogs can rest their head and neck as it acts as a pillow as well
  • The layer of this dog bed forms a den or nest-like feel making dogs feel secure and cosy
  • Comes in different sizes, colours, shapes, and designs so, easy to pick a suitable one


  • Susceptible to damage as it is less durable
  • Not suitable for dogs if they are prone to chewing, scratching, or biting behaviour
  • The material used poses a significant threat of allergic reaction or infection for some dogs

#6. Cave dog bed

These dog beds have a flap that covers the top of the bed and forms a cave-like structure. Cave dog beds are for dogs who like to sleep under covers or hide. This behaviour makes them feel safe and Cave Dog Bed manages to provide that. Further, the fleece lining on this bed ensures the dog remains warm and comfortable while sleeping.


  • The cave-like shape helps make the dog feel safe and reduces their stress levels
  • It retains the body heat of a dog and provides insulation in cold weather conditions
  • Comes in different designs, shapes, and colours to match the dog and its owners’ preferences


  • Dogs who are claustrophobic or afraid of the dark will feel isolated or trapped
  • The majority of the component or parts need to be replaced or washed so, maintenance is tough
  • Not suitable for dogs who are prone to biting, chewing, or searching behaviour

Additional types of dog beds

Apart from the above-mentioned dog bed types, some other variations are available to meet different requirements. Let’s have a peek at some of those additional dog bed types:

  • Self heating dog bed – these dog beds include a heating element or pad which warms up the bed to relax the dog. In winter, this type of dog bed is the best bet for a dog owner to keep their furry friend warm. Also, dogs who have thin hair, are old or have poor blood circulation benefit from this bed as it contains a thermostat which helps regulate the temperature. However, these self heating dog beds require more electricity and are costly as well.
  • Cooling dog bed if you reside in an area with hot and humid conditions, the cooling dog beds will help provide comfort to your furry friend. They have cooling pads, or other such mechanisms to prevent overheating. In addition, the gel or water filling in cooling dog beds absorbs heat and scatters to provide cooling comfort to the dog.
  • Hammock dog bed – the hammock dog beds are suspended above the ground with a wooden or metal frame. This bed is suitable for dogs who prefer sleeping in a rocking or swinging motion. The motion helps them relax and provides relief from spine or back problems. But, the hammock dog bed is not very stable so, not suitable for large energetic dogs.
  • Plastic dog bed – made of plastic-coated material, and has a hard yet smooth surface. The plastic dog beds are feasible to use if you and your furry friend reside in hot humid conditions. They provide cooling and harbour fewer fleas, pests, or dust mites which minimises the risk of allergies to dogs and also, makes them easy to clean. However, the smooth surface makes it slippery for some dogs, especially for those who are energetic.
  • Wooden dog beds – these beds are made of wood or wooden frames and have a soft and cushioned base. These beds are suitable for dogs who prefer relaxing in a specific space without any disturbance. They are stationary and provide gentle support to dogs’ spine and help them relax. But, the wooden material used in this dog bed makes it non-feasible to use for dogs who like cuddling in the bed.
  • Earthbound dog beds – these types of dog beds are made using eco-friendly materials like cotton, hemp, or wool. If your furry friend is prone to allergies or has sensitive skin, this dog bed is a feasible choice. They are breathable and hypoallergenic so, keep dogs cool and prevent allergies. The cover for the earthbound dog bed is removable and washable. But, this dog bed is not feasible for use in cold temperatures, or for aggressive dogs who are prone to biting or scratching behaviour because of less durability.

Tips on Using Dog Beds

You saw the types of dog beds that are available in the market in previous sections of this article. Now, if you are not careful with the usage, your furry friend will have difficulty adjusting to the dog bed you buy for them. So, to make sure this doesn’t happen, here are some of the tips you need to consider while using a dog bed for your furry friend:

#1. Pick a dog bed of proper type, size, material and shape

You need to make sure you measure your dog and pick the dog bed type that suits their sleeping behaviour and is of proper size and shape. This will make sure that the bed is not too wide or too narrow. This is crucial because narrow beds restrict the dog’s movement and compromise their sleep whereas, too much wide space might cause them to come off the bed while asleep.

In addition, the material of the dog bed must be durable, breathable, hypoallergenic, washable, and provide warmth and comfort to the dog. Also, for humid conditions, it should have features that reduce warmness and keep the dog cool. Further, the dog bed you pick should be non-slip to prevent sliding or slipping issues.

#2. Set up the dog bed in a quiet, comfortable, and safe location

Your furry friend needs to feel relaxed when they are using the dog bed. This can only happen if the dog bed is set up in an area with minimal distractions, and disturbance. If they have a preferred spot within the house, you can put the bed in that specific area. Also, if the dog bed is adjustable you can place it in their crate, cage, or kennel for easy transition.

Further, you can also keep your furry friend’s bed near your bedroom or inside the room itself. This can improve bonding between you and your furry friend. Also, keeping your furry friend’s bed closer to your bed will reduce separation anxiety.

#3. Train your dog to get used to their bed

When you place the bed for the first time in their regular spot or near the area where they sleep, they might feel anxious. Some dogs might even resent the dog bed and try to clear the space. So, you’ll have to train your dog to get used to their new dog bed. Below are some tricks you can consider to train your dog:

  • Make it visually appealing – your furry friend needs to associate their new resting place positively. To make them approach the dog bed, use their old mattress or a visually appealing cloth that is familiar. This will make them come near the bed. You can also try using a cloth that has your scent to make this easier.
  • Allow sniffing of the dog bed – when you introduce the dog bed, your furry friend might feel overwhelmed or anxious. Try calming them down and take them to the bed. Allow them to sniff the dog bed and get a sense of the scent of the bed.
  • Praise positive behaviour – if your dog is responding positively to the new bed, use different treats or toys to praise the positive behaviour. This gesture will ensure they register this experience positively and associate dog bed as a good thing.
  • Lure them using food or toys – once your furry friend is familiar with the new dog bed, you need to try and put them on the bed. If they resist, you’ll have to change the strategy. This means, using food or toys to lure them towards the bed. You can place small dog food in the path leading to the bed and place other toys on the bed. This will make them hop onto the bed easily.
  • Command train the dog – while you are using food treats, or toys to lure your dog to go towards their new bed, you can also, command train them. Use phrases like “go to bed”, “bedtime”, or “go to sleep” to make them realise that it’s time to go to bed. Intially you will have to use commands to make them lie down on their bed.
  • Repeat the training process – not every dog is obedient so, you’ll need to repeat the training process many times, especially if you have an energetic or aggressive dog. You’ll have to remain patient while training such dogs and make sure they don’t hurt themselves or damage the dog bed.

After every successful stage, you must provide your furry friend with some small treat, cuddle them, or allow them to play with their toys. Even if they are not exhibiting much progress, make them feel comfortable. Punishing them is not an option as it will scare them. Make sure you remain calm and use your gentle voice to train them.

#4. Clean dog bed regularly

Dog beds can manifest germs, fleas, and bacteria which could cause health issues for dogs and owners as well. You can use mild soap and water to clean the dog bed or follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer for cleaning the bed.

For instance, some dog beds are not machine washable and need to be cleaned by dog owners themselves. Whereas, many dog beds are machine washable so, you can consider buying such dog beds to save time on hand washing and get better cleaning as well.

Perks of Using Dog Beds

A dog bed can benefit both the dog and its owners. If owners manage to buy the best dog bed for their dogs and train them to use the bed effectively, there are many benefits. Let’s start with analysing some of the prominent perks of using dog beds for both dogs:

  • Improves sleep quality

In general, dogs require a sleep of 12-14 hours. Not having a spot to rest or have less sleep could compromise their physical and mental health. Also, at times, they don’t get to sleep properly due to less space. This affects their body posture. Buying a dog bed eliminates these prospects and helps your furry friend receive proper sleep.

The dog gets to sleep in their natural position without any disturbance. Dogs also get relief from pain as the material of dog beds provides much-needed relief to the spine and neck of the dog. In addition, getting proper REM sleep ensures their overall health also remains steady.

  • Provides warmth and cosiness

Dogs need to keep themselves warm to maintain their health. So, if they are sleeping on a simple carpet, mattress or the floor, they could get health issues because of the less warmness. Direct contact with the floor can make them lose their body heat.

Also, there is a risk of skin infection, or allergies due to random germs present on these surfaces. Not to mention, the lack of softness of the surface could irritate them. A dog bed resolves this issue as it comes in a different range of materials that can offer warmth. In addition, some of them have a specific design that facilitates heavy cushioning and insulation to keep the dog warm.

  • Supports bone health

Normally, joint or bone issues are observed in senior dogs but, the adult and small dogs also face these issues. Arthritis, hip dysplasia, and osteoarthritis are some of the prominent joint or bone-related issues dogs face. In fact, normal injuries can also compromise a dog’s joints or bones causing inflammation issues and restricting their mobility.

Dogs suffering from these issues need proper rest and a dog bed provides much-needed comfort and relieves pain. Some dog beds are even designed to provide orthopaedic support to dogs. These beds adjust as per the dog’s body weight and minimise the impact of gravity on their bones and joints to relieve pain and speed up recovery.

  • Provides personal space

Dogs like spending time with their owners but, they need some personal time as well. If you are an experienced dog owner, you know they tend to rest, sleep, and store their food items at a specific spot in your absence. While this is normal behaviour, there is always a risk of them getting injured, or wandering off in the wild if they have a personal spot outdoors.

So, to neutralise such a situation, a dog bed help comes in handy. Some of them are designed specifically to provide personal space to dogs so, they feel safe and comfortable. This dedicated space allows them to have some time for themselves and the cosiness and warmth of the dog bed make them feel good.

  • Cooling effect

Usually, the intent behind using a dog bed is to facilitate warmth and cosiness but, in hot and humid conditions, dogs need to have some cooling experience to avoid skin burns. A dog bed with cooling gel, breathable material or proper circulation can cool down the body temperature of the dog.

Raised or elevated dog beds are the ones which facilitate cooling effects and prevent overheating or sweating issues in dogs. In addition, the water or cooling gel in dog beds absorbs the heat from the dog’s body and makes them cool.

Perks of dog beds for dog owners

A dog bed not only benefits the dog but, their owners as well. So, if a dog owner manages to buy a good quality dog bed, they are likely to leverage the following benefits:

  • Avoid potential allergies – if the dog is sleeping alongside the dog owner, there is always the risk of skin allergies, infection, or parasites. The dog bed helps dog owners to isolate their dog’s sleeping area and minimise the risk of health issues. In addition, it also improves the sleep quality as there will be no dog snoring, or kicking, and more space for dog owners to have a proper sleep.
  • Protection of carpet and furniture – dogs are messy and smelly, and often leave dirt, shed hair, and odours in different areas of the house, especially on the carpet and furniture. Even if they rest or sleep in a specific spot, it could get dirty. A dog bed helps dog owners reduce the risk of damage to carpet or furniture and also, maintain cleanliness as the shedding and germs will only manifest near the dog bed.
  • Easy cleaning – the material used in dog beds is easy to clean. Some of them are hand washable and others are machine washable. So, instead of cleaning the surrounding area after everyday nap, dog owners can simply clean the dog bed they allocated to their furry friend. This saves lots of time.
  • Portability – some of the dog beds are light in weight and portable. This makes it easy for dog owners to carry them within the house. The portability feature benefits owners who travel frequently with their furry friends. They can fold the bed and store it in their car without any hassle.

Drawbacks of using dog beds

There are ample benefits to using dog beds for dogs and their owners but, there are plenty of disadvantages as well. The drawbacks are manageable but, dog owners need to be cautious while using dog beds. Below are some of the drawbacks of using dog beds for dogs and their owners:

  • Fire and shock hazard – dog beds pose a significant risk for fire and shock, especially if they are electric ones. The wiring mechanism or chords used in such beds may get damaged or chewed by the dog which could lead to malfunctioning or overheating issues. Also, the exposed wire can cause fire, burns, or electrocution which could be fatal for dogs. Hence, dog owners need to check the bed for any such malfunctions and address the situation as they are also at risk.
  • Behavioural issues – many dogs develop behavioural issues once, the dog bed becomes a critical part of their sleeping cycle. They may develop separation anxiety, and exhibit protective behaviour or dominance. It is similar to what happens when they get attached to a specific toy. In general, the dogs will become more aggressive or possessive.
  • Cleaning and maintenance – dog beds help improve a dog’s sleep but, for owners, it’s difficult to clean and maintain the bed, especially if the dog is exhibiting protective or aggressive behaviour. In addition, some of the beds have different materials and designs which makes cleaning and maintenance tough. Also, some dog beds are not machine washable and hence, dog owners have to hand wash the bed which is time-consuming.
  • Buying cost is high – normally the dog beds are expensive but the buying price is higher if, the dog bed is of high quality, has pristine features, and is bigger in size. Likewise, there are many other factors which influence the prices and make it an expensive buy for a dog owner. For instance, an electric dog bed or a cooling dog bed will cost more because of the extra features used in the bed.
  • Storage issues – big-size dog beds are difficult to store in the house and it’s one of the biggest challenges for dog owners. The issue is inevitable for dog owners who have large dogs and have bought big-size dog beds or have less storage space to accumulate a dog bed.
  • Not suitable for all dogs – even with comforting material or design, some dogs will not like the dog bed, especially the plush or soft ones. Yes, they are suitable for small dogs but, larger dogs will not receive proper support for their joints and bones. Also, the pressure formed by the material of the dog bed could cause skin irritation, hair loss, allergic reactions, or pressure sores. In addition, the bone and joint pain could worsen and cause hip dysplasia, arthritis, or osteoarthritis.
  • Health issues – the fabric used in some dog beds can easily trigger allergic reactions and cause health issues for dogs. The dogs might also react to the dirt, bacteria, mould, or dust mites, that are manifested over time. Dog owners are also exposed to the germs present on the dog bed and are likely to have health issues if not cleaned properly.
  • Personality mismatch and preference – both dog and dog owners might not like having a dog bed. Dogs might not like it because they are used to sleeping on a couch, mattress, floor, or with their owner. Also, they might simply not like the colour, shape, or design and style of the dog bed. Similarly, dog owners will not like the design of the dog bed, or miss sleeping with their furry friend in their sleeping bed.

Things to Avoid While Using a Dog Bed

To avoid the drawbacks and other issues pertaining to the usage of dog beds for dogs, owners need to consider different prospects and avoid certain things while using the dog bed. Below are some of the prospects to consider:

  • Avoid using dog beds for aggressive dogs

If the dog is prone to aggressive behaviour such as snapping, biting, or growling, dog owners must avoid using the dog bed. The reason is, that the dog will start to consider the bed as its own territory and protect it every time you approach the area. This aggressive behaviour is not fruitful for both the dog and its owner.

In addition, the biting and snapping behaviour can also damage the dog bed and cause injury issues. Hence, dog beds should be avoided for aggressive dogs and still, if you plan on using them, you need to train your dog to behave and get used to the bed.

  • Sharing of dog bed

Sharing the dog bed is something dog owners must completely avoid. This is mainly because sharing a dog bed with other dogs or pets could expose the bed to different types of germs or bacteria. The faeces, urine, or saliva left by the dog can cause significant health issues.

The health risk is more if the dog using your furry friend’s bed is sick. It could make your dog have infection issues, rashes, fever, or itching. In addition, the dog owner and their family members are also at risk of getting exposed to different bacteria, or germs which could cause rabies, ringworm, or leptospirosis.

  • Avoid excessive sunlight exposure

Dog owners make the common mistake of leaving the dog bed outdoors for too long. Either they put the bed for drying, or forget to take it back after use. Regardless, excessive exposure to direct sunlight could damage the material. From a health perspective, your furry friend could suffer from dehydration, exhaustion, excessive thirst or heat stroke because of the overheating issue.

Hence, dog owners should not put dog beds out too long to avoid such issues. If you have to put the dog bed outside, make sure the area has proper shade and ventilation. Also, if your furry friend is inside the bed, you need to provide them with an ample water supply and monitor their body temperature.

  • Avoid placing dog beds in noisy or busy areas

Placing the dog bed is something dog owners consider an easy task but, it isn’t. You need to make sure that the dog bed is set in a proper location as per your dog’s behaviour and sleeping habits. As a responsible dog owner, you need to avoid placing the bed in busy or noisy areas.

The reason is obvious, if your furry friend rests or sleeps near the area with more noise or traffic, it is likely to get disturbed. This disturbance can compromise their sleep cycle and have a severe impact on their health.

  • Forcing the dog to use the bed

The dog bed is comforting and a nice gesture from your side but, not all dogs would feel comfortable using a dog bed. As a result, many dog owners force their dogs to adjust to their new dog bed which can impact the dog’s behaviour and weaken the relationship.

The reason for resistance is for a simple reason, they prefer sleeping on the floor or carpet. Hence, you must avoid forcing your dog to use the dog bed. If you wish to make them use it, proceed patiently. Train them and let them know it’s a good thing.

  • Avoid buying a low-quality dog bed

Buying a dog bed that doesn’t match the dog’s size, weight, or preference, or is made of low quality is something you must avoid. For instance, if a dog’s bed size is small dog might feel restricted or cramped. This could make the dog uncomfortable and they might not get a proper rest.

In addition, if the dog bed is too soft, it could cause discomfort on the dog’s skin or fur and not provide enough pressure to relieve joint pain or bone-related issues. Now, if the dog bed you buy doesn’t have a breathable fabric, it could cause suffocation or overheating issues for the dog. Likewise, you don’t want to buy a dog bed with less fabric or too much ventilation as it would make the dog cold.

  • Using bleach or chemicals for cleaning

The germs and stains on dog beds are difficult to get rid of but, dog owners must not use any chemicals or bleach for cleaning the bed. The use of chemicals or bleach must be avoided as it could damage the fabric used in the bed and compromise its durability as well.

In electric dog beds, the use of chemicals could spark ignition or cause a reaction that could be dangerous for dogs. Dog’s skin could get burned, causing skin irritation, or allergic reaction. Dog owners need to follow specific instructions while cleaning dog beds to prevent such issues. In the next section, you will find specific tips you can consider while cleaning the dog bed.

Tips on how to clean a dog bed properly

Cleaning dog beds is not easy and dog owners need to follow specific instructions or guidelines mentioned by different brands or manufacturers of the dog bed. Here are some useful tips for cleaning dog beds properly:

#1. Remove the cover

If the dog bed you purchased has a cover, you need to remove it before washing or cleaning the bed. This is crucial as the cover area is the one with the dirty smell of dog fur, has the smell of urine, or shredded fur. Some of these covers are machine washable and you can clean them separately without the cushion of the bed.

However, not all the covers are machine washable. Some of them are only hand washable. So, if you have a dog bed with such a cover, you will have to use water and soap or detergent to wash the cover. Remember, the cover may be washable but, you need to thoroughly analyse the guidelines mentioned for cleaning as some manufacturers recommend only using water for washing their dog bed.

#2. Wash the complete bed

Many dog bed covers are not removable and even if they are, you need to wash the complete bed to make sure it is dirt-free. The reason is simple, the cushion beneath the cover also has traces of dog body fluid, dirt, or other stains. You can use a large bathtub or a container to wash such dog beds as it will allow you to submerge the bed entirely and have proper soaking, and access to all areas of the bed.

To have proper cleaning, you can use warm water, add some detergent (if feasible), and also include some vinegar to eliminate bad stains and smells from the dog bed. After adding the solution, you can squeeze and knead the dog bed. This will help you scrub the bed and get rid of the stains and dirt. Once you get rid of the dirt, empty the tub and rinse the bed until the mixture of soap or detergent is gone. This will ensure proper cleansing and minimise the risk of allergies.

#3. Dry the cover and the bed

Once you have washed the dog bed, it’s important to allow it to get dry. If you have washed the cover and cushion separately, you’ll have to dry them both before putting them back together. This will make sure there is no moisture left inside, or any unpleasant smell or stains.

To dry the cover and cushion bed, you can use a dryer (maintain low temperature) and make it dry. If you don’t want to use the dryer, you can simply put the cover and bed outside to make it dry. However, you need to make sure the temperature is not extremely high. Otherwise, the fabric of the dog bed will get damaged and also, the structural integrity of the bed is compromised.

#4. Vacuum the bed

You need to vacuum the bed in between the washes to ensure there is less dirt on the dog bed. Also, after drying the cushion vacuuming can eliminate the germs which might have manifested while drying.

These are some basic tips that can help you clean and maintain the dog bed. However, based on different types of dog beds, the cleaning method will vary and dog owners will have to make sure to follow the instructions to avoid any issues.

For instance, if you are cleaning an orthopaedic dog bed, memory foam dog bed, or fluffy dog bed, you might have to do it yourself without the assistance of the machine. The reason is simple, the washing machine might damage the fabric and reduce its effectiveness.

Further, if there is an electric dog bed, you might have to proceed with caution and follow every minute detail mentioned by the manufacturer. This is mainly because of the electric wiring that is within the bed to facilitate heating. Here are a couple of prospects to consider while washing an electric dog bed:

  • Unplug the bed – if the plug is connected it could put the dog at risk of suffering from electric shock.
  • Look for malfunction or damage – any sort of damage or malfunction in the electric dog bed will be dangerous for both dog and dog owners as the damaged wires could cause fire or shock hazards.

Lastly, dog beds that are raised, made of wood frame, or are huge like a sofa, can only be washed using mild detergent and damp cloth. Using a washing machine is not feasible, the alternative can be a vacuum cleaner.

FAQs for Best Dog Beds UK

What is the average price of a dog bed in the UK?

There are various types of dog beds available in the UK so, it’s difficult to provide a specific price. But, based on factors such as dog bed size, material, design, and manufacturing brand on average you can expect to pay £10 to £50 for a small dog bed, £20 to £100 for a medium sized dog bed, £30 to £200 for a large dog bed, and £40 to £400 for extra large dog beds. Remember, these prices may vary as per brands of different dog beds so, it may be expensive or cheap as per the material used, size, and other features.

Should I buy a human sized dog bed for my dog?

In general, we know dogs are lured towards human beds because of the elevated walls, comforting fabric, and extra space. Many dog owners even allow their dogs to sleep in the bed. So, buying a human sized dog bed is not a bad idea and you must definitely consider it. There are many perks of buying a human sized dog bed for canines. These dog beds provide ample space for dogs to stretch themselves, curl up in the bed, or sprawl out. Also, the fabric of the human sized dog bed is comforting for the dog as it keeps their body warm. It could also help improve the bonding between you and your dog.

How to stop a dog from chewing his own bed?

Chewing on different objects is one of the common behaviours of dogs. You may have seen them chew on different or new stuff quite often. But, if you are a rookie and see your dog chewing on the new dog bed you bought, don’t panic. This is natural and you need to observe this behaviour and figure out the reason behind the chewing behaviour. So, figure out whether they are teething, feeling anxious, bored, or suffering from other medical conditions. Once, you know the underlying cause you can use different strategies to contain such behaviour. For example, redirecting their attention to lucrative food items or toys if they are teething.

Why do some dogs prefer sleeping on the floor or carpet and not on a dog bed?

Some dogs prefer resting or sleeping on the floor or carpet instead of a dog bed because of factors like temperature, comfort, and security prospects. Temperature because the insulation provided by carpet or floor may possibly be better in comparison with the dog bed. Now, the floor or carpet is not restricted in shape or size like a dog bed. So, naturally, dogs who are active and tend to move or stretch a lot in sleep will not like the dog bed as it restricts these movements. Lastly, dog beds always pose a risk of injury and create a sense of separation anxiety hence, to feel secure and connected with their owner, dogs will prefer floor or carpet. Dogs like Bernese Mountain, or Bearded Collies, with thick cover, will prefer the floor because the fur makes them feel warm and they want to cool themselves. On the contrary, dogs with less hair such as chihuahua, or dachshund will sleep on the floor to feel warmth. In addition, dogs like Great Danes, or Greyhounds who like to sleep stretched will resent the dog bed and prefer resting on the floor.

Which dog bed is commonly used in the UK?

The most commonly used dog bed in the UK is the rectangular dog bed also referred to as mattress bed. These dog beds are laid flat and suitable for most dogs as it doesn’t restrict movements while the dog is asleep. Other dog beds that are used more often include bolster beds and orthopaedic dog beds. Bolster beds are popular because the raised edges protect the dog and keep the dog cosy as well. Orthopaedic beds are also popular because of their orthopaedic design which provides support to dog’s bones and joints. These beds contain memory foam which helps relieve pain and discomfort in dogs having arthritis, hip dysplasia, or patella luxation.

Final Remarks on Best Dog Beds UK

Picking the best dog bed uk is a daunting task but, I hope the product list mentioned in our article helped you get a better perspective into different types of dog beds available and narrow down your search. As a responsible dog owner, you need to check the size, material, and other features of dog beds before buying one.

Remember, each dog bed type has its unique feature and serves a different purpose. The list mentioned in the article includes a variety of dog beds and based on your preference you can pick the best dog bed for your furry friend. For instance, a raised dog bed helps protect the dog while a doughnut dog bed helps provide a warm space for dogs to rest.

Likewise, an orthopaedic dog bed will be helpful in providing relief to dogs suffering from joint pain or bone-related issues. So, instead of comparing different dog bed prices, focus on the intent and features of different dog beds to select a suitable dog bed for your furry friend. Lastly, if you get stuck with multiple choices or are confused regarding which type will be the best fit for your dog, share it with us. Our team will help you clear the confusion.

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