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7 Best Dog Gravy Granules to Make Dog’s Meal Delicious

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Dogs can get bored after having the same meal regularly and as a dog owner, you often try and mix things up. There are many ways you can change their food and make it more enjoyable. Using dog gravy granules is one way you can make your dog’s meal more exciting. But, Can dogs have gravy granules? if so, what are the best dog gravy granules out there in the market?

Don’t worry if you don’t have the answer. This article will provide you with information about some of the best dog gravy granules. In addition, for better assessment, I have also included a buying guide that will help in understanding different prospects related to dog gravy granules and also, provide an answer to your query – Can you buy dog gravy UK?

Best Dog Gravy Granules

Dog gravy granules are a type of dry food that can be mixed with water to make gravy for dogs. They are tailored for dogs and are different from human gravy granules. Vegetables, Meat, Minerals, and Cereals are some of the ingredients that are commonly found in these gravy granules.

In addition, dog owners can use dog gravy granules are also useful as dog toppers or supplements. Below is a list of the best dog gravy granules for you to pick:

1. Winalot Dog Food

For dog owners looking for allergen-free, natural ingredient-composed dog gravy granule products, Winalot Dog Food is a definite option to consider. This dog food pack contains natural ingredients and is in the form of paste. The nutritional value of this dog food is good and you can expect your dog’s digestion to improve after using this food product.



In addition, the Winalot Dog Food also improves the dog’s metabolism and coat and skin health.

Main Ingredients:

  • Meat
  • Sugar
  • Vegetables
  • Vitamins and minerals

Further, this dog gravy granules food pack retains some nutritional additives like Calcium iodate anhydrous, and other flavourings for nutrition.

  • Supports digestion
  • Makes dog’s coat shiny
  • Improves overall skin health
  • Suitable for adult dogs only

2. Barker and Barker Tasty Topper Liver

Barker and Barker Tasty Topper Liver is suitable for improving dogs’ immune systems and for toilet training. The manufacturer claims to have used only porked liver for this and is formulated for luring fussy eaters and boosting their appetite. This liver topper treat is high in protein and facilitates the healthy growth of our furry friends.



In addition, This dog granule gravy in powder form is ideal for raw feeding and you can use it to add flavour to the regular diet of your furry friend.

Main Ingredients:

  • Powdered pork liver

Further, this granule gravy powder for dogs has no added flavours or additives in the ingredient mix.

  • Suitable for every dog
  • Helps improve the immune system
  • Useful as flavour topping on a regular diet
  • The smell is not good

3. Pedigree Mixed Selection

If there are weight issues, or urinary stone issues for the dog, Pedigree Mixed Selection is a suitable option. This adult dog wet food retains natural ingredients and dog gravy granules and can be used as a dog topper for dogs having dry dog food meals regularly.



In addition, 100% natural ingredients in this gravy, help to improve the digestion and bone health of dogs.

Main Ingredients:

  • Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Beef and liver mix

Further, the ingredients used in pedigree mixed selection contain high protein and help in improving the coat and skin health.

  • Useful against urinary stone
  • Helps manage the weight of dogs
  • Optimal digestion and better skin health
  • Delivered in pouches, not box

4. Pointer – Beef Flavoured Gravy Bones

For dog owners looking to improve the dental health of their dogs using dog gravy granules, Pointer’s Beef Flavoured Gravy Bones is the perfect option. These gravy bones are biscuits that can be fed to dogs as snacks, or as a dog topper, on our canine friend’s regular meals.



Also, these gravy bones have no artificial colours or flavours in them so, you can use them without worrying about any allergic reaction.

Main Ingredients:

  • Beef
  • Vegetables
  • Oils and fats

Further, you can use these gravy granule biscuits as dog chews, if not as dog toppers.

  • Easy to digest
  • The teeth of dogs get stronger
  • Useful as a food treat to train dogs
  • Taste is not good

5. Applaws – Natural Wet Dog Food Pouch

For dogs that have sensitive stomach issues, Applaws’s Natural Wet Dog Food Pouch is a suitable option. This wet dog food pouch contains natural ingredients. The dog gravy granules inside this dog wet food, help deal with stomach issues, and also, improve overall gut health.



Further, there are no additives present in this natural wet dog food topper and is grain-free. Dog owners can easily use it as a dry dog food topper.

Main Ingredients:

  • Potato starch
  • Chicken breast
  • Vegetable gelling agent

In addition, this wet dog food topper also helps improve a dog’s coat health.

  • Easy digestion
  • Helps with hydration
  • Suitable for senior-age dogs
  • Quantity is less, and too much watery

6. COYA Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Topper

If you are looking for dog gravy granules with pure raw meat, COYA Freeze-dried Dog Food Topper is the right choice. This dog food topper is made in a way that it can be used with both dry and wet dog food. The ingredients used in this dog friendly gravy granules topper retain high protein and can offer ample nutritious benefits if used properly with a dog’s regular meal.



The intense flavour makes this dog food topper irresistible for dogs. Also, the ingredient composition helps improve the dog’s coat health and skin and supports their gut.

Main Ingredients:

  • Raw meat
  • Vitamins and minerals

Further, this gravy topper for dog food has no extra fillers or artificial preservatives added to the mix of ingredients.

  • Pellet form gravy
  • Boost dog’s immunity
  • Improves skin and coat health
  • High price
  • Less quantity

7. Anima-Strath Granules

Anima-Strath Granules are suitable for senior-age dogs. These dog gravy granules are made to help boost the immune systems of these dogs. The manufacturer claims to use 61 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in the mix.



In addition, the ingredients used in Anima-Strath Granules are pretty much useful as dog supplements and can help increase the dog’s vitality.

Main Ingredients:

  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins and minerals

Further, these granules also retain essential proteins and antioxidants that facilitate better skin and coat health in dogs.

  • Boosts Immune system
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Improves digestion and gut health
  • Cost is high
  • Dogs may resent herbal flavour

Buyers Guide: Best Dog Gravy Granules

As you can see, the curated list of dog gravy granules includes various types and based on your furry friend’s preferences and diet requirements, you can pick a pack with the best dog gravy granules. However, you must also realise, that not all dog gravy granules are healthy. Some of them are quite dangerous for our canine friends.

Thus, it’s crucial for dog owners to have a clear perspective on what dog gravy granules are healthy for their furry friends. Let’s understand and get into the details of dog gravy granules.

In general, Dog gravy granules are small pellets that are made of vegetables, meat, and seasoning. These gravy granules for dogs are sold in packets or jars and easily dissolve in water. Once dissolved in the water, it forms a thick and savoury gravy that is poured on the dog’s regular food for serving or simply given as a drink.

Identifying the best dog gravy granules

Identifying the best dog granules for dogs is not easy. There are many aspects that you may have to consider. Below are some of the prominent prospects that you need to consider while recognising the best dog gravy granules:

  • Ingredients

Analysing ingredients is one of the most crucial prospects to consider while identifying the best dog gravy granules. The best dog gravy granules food pack will not have toxic ingredients such as onion or garlic. Also, there will be no presence of artificial flavours, preservatives or colours that might trigger allergic reactions or health issues in dogs.

A dog gravy granule packed with good ingredients will include meats, herbs, vegetables, and spices that are not harmful to dogs. Look for such ingredients while buying dog gravy granules.

  • Nutritional value

A dog dog gravy granule will provide ample nutrition for dogs. You should look for the dog gravy granules pack that will offer more protein nutrition but, have less salt (low sodium gravy for dogs), sugar, and low fat.

Also, check the calorie content of the gravy granules to see whether it suit your dog’s nutrition requirements.

  • Flavour

A dog gravy granule pack that has a flavour that matches your dog’s preferences is a good choice, especially, if it also, meets the dietary needs of your furry friend. However, dog owners must avoid picking dog gravy granules with flavours that can cause health issues for dogs.

For instance, some dogs are allergic to animal proteins like chicken. So, granules with chicken flavour must be avoided. Some of the flavours of dog gravy granules that are common are chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, and vegetables.

Factors Affecting the Price of Dog Gravy Granules

The prospects that are features of the best dog gravy granules pack, affect their prices significantly. There are a couple of other factors that affect the price of dog gravy granules. Below are some of the factors affecting the prices of dog gravy granules:

#1. Quality of Ingredients

Ingredients used in dog gravy granules will have a significant impact on their prices. For instance, a dog gravy granule pack with quality nutrition ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and herbs will have higher costs in comparison with the ones using artificial or low-grade quality ingredients.

In addition, the quantity of dog gravy granules will also influence their prices and the more the quantity, the higher the cost.

#2. Nutrition

Dog gravy granules with more nutritious elements will have a higher cost. So, a high-protein dog granule pack will cost more to dog owners. Also, the dog gravy granules with low fat, sugar, and salt proportions will have a higher cost in comparison to other gravy granule packs available for dogs.

#3. Brand

A reputed brand that offers dog gravy granules will have high prices because of the quality ingredients used in the mix. These brands have suitable equipment and extensive processes to formulate their dog gravy granules product packs.

However, this doesn’t undermine new brands with fresh products in the market. It’s possible you may find your best dog gravy granule pack from a pristine brand that is not popular but, has proper ingredients and nutrition balance.

#4. Availability

Some dog gravy granule products are easily available but, some are not. The supply and demand of the dog gravy granules will influence the prices. For instance, gravy granules with certain ingredients mix or flavour are in more demand but, their stock is limited. So, their prices will be high.

Whereas, the dog gravy granules with more stock and less availability will be cheaper and easily affordable for many dog owners.

#5. Packaging

The packaging of dog gravy granules will have an impact on their prices because different brands choose different ways to pack their dog gravy granules. Some of them come in jars or packets while some are packed in bulk or loose forms.

To understand this better, let’s have a peek at different forms of dog gravy granules. This will help you know how the prices are affected based on packaging.

  • Dry form

These dog gravy granules are crunchy and solid and can be sprinkled as topping on a dog’s wet or dry food. The dry-form dog gravy granules will have vegetables, meat, and some nutrient additives or natural flavours to make the dog’s meal tasty. Barker and Barker product in our product list is an example of dry-form dog gravy granules.

Now, dry-form dog gravy granules are packed in packets or jars that are easy to store and use. They are compact and lightweight so, their shipping and handling costs are low. So, they are cheap.

  • Wet form

This form of dog gravy granule is soft and moist. You can mix it with the broth or water to make gravy or soup for the dog. Vegetables and chicken are the main ingredients used for wet-form dog gravy granules. In addition, these granules have high protein and added Vitamin B.

Further, the wet-form dog gravy granules are packed in cans and pouches for portability and convenience. Also, they are pre-mixed and ready to use so, dog owners buying them don’t have to worry about mixing the granules. However, the production and packaging costs of these packs are high so, costly in comparison to dry gray granule packs.

  • Paste form

The paste form dog gravy granules is semi-solid and sticky. They can be squeezed out of the tube to make gravy for dogs. The gravy mainly includes herbs, vegetables, spices, and meat. Also, they are low in sugar and salt content.

  • Powder form

Powder-form dog gravy granules are fine and powdery and be mixed in water to make a gravy or bone broth for your dog. These dog gravy granules are rich in type II collagen and can help improve a dog’s joint health. It also has prebiotics and probiotics in it which helps with digestion and improves the gut of dogs.

Dog Gravy Granules – Feeding Tips

Dog gravy granules are good for dogs only if served properly. You need to carefully include the gravy granules in your dog’s regular meal so, that there are no side effects or health issues after the dog eats them. For instance, giving more than two teaspoons of dog gravy granules can cause

So, a couple of the things you need to consider while feeding your dog gravy granules to your dogs:

  • Consider the dog’s age, size, breed, and activity level before feeding dog gravy granules.
  • The amount of dog gravy granules should not be more than instructed on packs or by the vet.

Now, for different weights of dogs here are approximate quantities of dog gravy granules to serve,

  • Upto 11 lbs – 5 g
  • 11 to 22 lbs – 10 g
  • 22 to 44 lbs – 15 g
  • 44 to 88 lbs – 20 g

For dogs more than 88 lbs you can provide them with 25 g of dog gravy granules. Now, as for the frequency of feeding, you need to consider the dog’s age. So, here is how you can feed different age dogs the gravy granules.

  • For puppies up to 6 months of age – feed once a week
  • Adult dogs with age range 6 months to 7 years – twice a week
  • Senior age dogs with age 7 years or more – once a week

These are some of the feeding tips for dog owners to consider while serving dog gravy granules. But, before including them in dogs’s regular meals, they must always consult their nutritionist or vet for their furry friend’s safety.

Perks of using dog gravy granules

Using dog gravy granules safely can have various benefits for dogs. So, the following are some of the prominent perks of using dog gravy granules for dogs:

#1. Improves flavour and texture of regular meal

Many dogs resent the smell or taste of their regular meals. So, using dog gravy granules for such dogs is beneficial. Because these granules can act as dog food toppers and improve the taste and texture of their regular food.

In addition, using different forms of granules, dog owners can make different sauces or recipes for their furry friends without compromising health prospects or their preferences.

#2. Extra nutrition

At times, dogs may need more nutrition because of an increase in appetite or for special dietary needs. Regardless, dog gravy granules can help provide the required nutrition. For instance, some dogs may need to improve their immune system so, using dog gravy granules that can match the necessary nutrition requirement can help boost the nutrition intake and improve their nutrition system.

So, products like Barker and Barker Tasty Topper Liver and Anima-strath granules which are tailored for improving a dog’s immune system can be used as dog toppers. Likewise, based on the nutrition or health requirements of the dogs like joint health, skin and coat health, or digestion, you can pick the product that has the necessary ingredients to tackle these issues.

#3. Prevent boredom and improve the behaviour of dogs

Often dogs get bored after having the same food daily. They get bored and begin to lose their appetite or refuse to eat their meal. This situation is tricky because you cannot change a dog’s diet completely. You need to maintain the nutrition balance.

So, using dog gravy granules is a perfect way to prevent boredom and improve dogs’ behaviour. Adding dog gravy granules with different nutrition elements and flavours for the next few meals can improve dogs’ behaviour and make them feel good.

Drawbacks of using dog gravy granules

Using dog gravy granules has ample benefits but, if dog owners are not careful with the use, or serve them randomly to their furry friends, there are a few drawbacks as well. Here are some of the drawbacks of using dog gravy granules:

#1. Obesity or diabetes issues

While going through the ingredients of different products, you may have noticed one aspect. Dog gravy granules are high in calories. So, if your furry friend is receiving a high amount of gravy granules it can increase their body weight and cause diabetes or obesity issues.

#2. Cause allergies or intolerances

Many dog gravy granules may include the ingredients that can cause allergies to the dog. Likewise, some dogs are intolerant towards certain ingredients, such as onion or garlic. Powder form dog food toppers may have dog gravy granules that use onion or garlic powder.

Both these substances are toxic for dogs and cause serious health issues such as diarrhoea, vomiting, itching or swelling. Thus, it’s crucial to analyse the ingredients thoroughly and make sure there are no toxic ingredients in the mix.

#3. Contamination (Spoilage)

Dog gravy granules need to be stored properly. Otherwise, with exposure to environmental conditions like direct sunlight, or moist conditions, it can get spoiled because of the reaction. It is important to seal the pack or jar of dog gravy granules you use to avoid such instances and, store them in a cool and dry place.

Further, check for the expiration date and discard any product that is past its shelf life. Also, if you suspect a change in smell or composition of the granules, discard them even if they are not expired for the safety of your furry friend.

So, use the dog gravy granules in moderation because it’s just a dog food topper and not a regular meal. Because you don’t want your dog to comprehend it as a regular meal.

Things dog owners must avoid while serving dog gravy granules

  • Avoid serving granules made for humans – serving granules made for humans can cause health issues for dogs. Because the majority of them retain ingredients that are not suitable for dogs or toxic for them in general. If served, they might face issues such as kidney damage, dehydration, digestive upset and other serious health issues.
  • Overfeeding dog gravy granules – an excessive amount of dog gravy granules can increase a dog’s weight and cause diabetes or obesity. In addition, too much gravy granules can also trigger pancreatitis and is painful for them. You may see dogs have diarrhoea, vomiting issues, abdominal pain, and loss of appetite. So, don’t overfeed dog gravy granules to your furry friend.
  • Don’t add artificial ingredients or flavours – adding artificial ingredients or flavour with dog gravy granules can cause different health issues for your furry friend. They could suffer from kidney damage, dehydration, high blood pressure, and seizures if salt flavour is added. Likewise, adding sugar flavour can cause diabetes, obesity, and hyperactivity issues.
  • Avoid serving as a regular diet – dog gravy granules have nutritional benefits but, you must not serve them continuously. Your dog might begin to consider it as their regular meal and resent eating their regular diet. This can lead to nutritional imbalance in their body and they may suffer from different health issues.

FAQs for Best Dog Gravy Granules

Why should I use dog gravy granules for my dog?

Dog gravy granules can help provide help in adding nutritional value as per the dog’s requirements. Adding them to their regular diet can also help in improving the taste and adding different textures to their food. Different dog gravy granules have different nutrients and can help improve a dog’s health as well. You should use gravy granules for dogs as per the requirements of the dog or as per the vet’s instructions to address certain medical conditions.

What is the general cost of dog gravy granules in the UK?

It is difficult to determine the general cost of dog gravy granules UK, but, considering the quantity prospect, you can expect dog gravy granules prices to range from £7 to £100. The prices can get high based on the variety and brand you choose. For instance, some dog gravy granules are available for £7 or £8 per kg price while some cost a whopping £120 per kg.

Are there any risks of serving dog gravy granules to dogs?

Yes, there are certain risks involved while serving dog gravy granules to dogs. If served in excessive quantity, it can cause diabetes or obesity, if there are artificial ingredients such as xylitol, it can cause allergic reaction in the dog, and if they are served after the expiration date, they can lead to infection or food poisoning issues in dogs.

What happens if I serve human gravy granules to my dog?

Human gravy granules are not good for dogs and if you serve them to your furry friend, there are some serious health consequences. Your dog will not be able to digest them so, will have diarrhoea or vomiting issues. Also, the presence of onion and garlic in the mix can lead to toxicity and anaemia. Likewise, sodium poisoning, dehydration, obesity, and pancreatitis are some other health issues your dog might face if served human gravy granules.

Final Remarks on Best Dog Gravy Granules

Dog gravy granules include meat, vegetables, minerals, and cereals that can help provide nutrition for dogs. Dog owners can use it as dog food toppers or as supplements for their furry friends based on their nutritional requirements and preferences.

But, remember, not all the gravy granules are good for dogs. Some of them contain ingredients like alcohol, xylitol, sugar, and spices that can lead to health issues like obesity, dehydration, pancreatitis, food poisoning or infection. So, check the products thoroughly before buying and pick the one that contains ingredients that are safe for your dog. Also, when buying the pack, make sure the manufacturer uses the best gravy for dogs UK.

Lastly, I hope the product list curated by our team at Wewantdogs helped you with your search for the best dog gravy granules UK. Also, if you are stuck deciding which dog gravy granule product will help your furry friend from a nutritional perspective then you can share such queries in the comments. I will help you pick the best dog gravy granule food pack for your furry friend.

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