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8 Best Dog Walking Gloves UK for Enjoying Your Daily Dog Walks

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As a dog owner who loves walking their dog in the UK, you may have surely bought a pair of gloves or at least thought of getting one. If you bought a normal pair of gloves, you may have faced issues while walking your furry friend. So, you may have looked for the best dog walking gloves uk for getting a better pair of gloves. 

So, if you are one of the dog owners who is looking for a new pair of dog walking gloves, continue reading. I have curated a list of different types of dog walking gloves and also, provided details about them. Analyse the prospects and pick the best dog walking glove for your furry friend. 

Best Dog Walking Gloves UK 

Dog walking glove is made with a variety of materials with different properties and benefits. They provide durability, comfort, and better performance in comparison to the normal ones. Also, there are many types of dog walking gloves available in the market. Choosing one specific glove can be a tricky decision. 

So, here are some of the best dog walking gloves for you to consider for dog walking: 

1. TRENDOUX Soft Warm Touch Screen Winter Thermal Gloves Men Women

For dog owners who prefer having a dog walking gloves that are useful in other outdoor activities, TRENDOUX Soft Warm Touch Screen Winter Thermal Gloves are a good option to consider. These winter gloves are made using premium material from blending technology. 



The gloves are made with alpaca wool but, are softer and warmer in comparison with a normal knit glove. 

Key Features:

  • Elastic warm cuff
  • Durable and skin-friendly
  • Anti-slip palm 
  • Touch screen fingertips

In addition, these gloves are windproof and cold-proof and keep dog owners’ hands warm. 

  • Light-weight and easy to wear
  • Thicked cuff for better warmth
  • Brushed lining for more warmth
  •  Elastic is slightly weak

2. Cotop Hand Gloves Outdoor

Cotop Hand Gloves are made using elastic soft fibre and are quite comfortable and flexible. They are made for sustaining extreme cold temperatures and keeping hands warm. Dog owners can use these gloves because they are made using water-resistant material and are suitable for outdoor activities. 



The fingertips of these gloves have durable microfibre and are also useful as dog walking gloves. 

Key Features:

  • Silicone cross strigulas 
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Windproof and breathable

In addition, the finger part has a metallic electric screen touch mesh that helps in using mobile easily while walking dogs.

  • Water-resistant
  • Suitable for outdoor activities
  • Snug-fitted cuff seals 
  • Not comfortable 

3. WITERY Thermal Gloves

For dog owners looking for winter leather gloves that are helpful while dog walking, WITERY Thermal Gloves are the ones they can consider. These gloves are made of high-quality wool material and are soft and comfortable. The leather fabric is soft and prevents wind easily. 



In addition, the sleeves are foldable and safe to wear while camping, skating, or riding. 

Key Features:

  • Anti-slip grip
  • Warm and thick lining
  • Foldable

Further, the anti-slip grip design helps dog owners walk their dogs without having to worry about lead slipping out of their hands.

  • Two-way wear
  • Fleece, velvet and real leather material
  • Elastic knitted fabric
  • Designed for men 

4. Gel Cycling Gloves Fingerless

Gel Cycling Gloves Fingerless by SAWANS are made for both men and women. These cycling gloves are fingerless and can also come in handy as dog walking gloves. The gel padding in these cycling gloves for shock absorption keeps the hand warm while handling dog lead. 



Also, there is no numbness or fatigue because of the silicone printing on the palm. This printing ensures a better grip while cycling or holding dog lead.  

Key Features:

  • Non-slip silicone printing
  • Pull tab 
  • Gel padded

In addition, the air mesh vented fabric fades sweat easily and makes gloves dry easily. 

  • Breathable fingers
  • Reflective straps for visibility
  • Soft smooth fabric for wrist
  • Velcro doesn’t work properly

5. WESTWOOD FOX WFX Winter Gloves

WESTWOOD FOX WFX Winter Gloves are useful to use for various outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, cycling, or camping. You can use it for dog walking because the palms of these gloves are made of non-slip silicone and have a good anti-slip effect. 



So, the lead won’t get out of the hands and you can easily walk your dog.

Key Features:

  • Fastening zipper 
  • Unique zipper design
  • High-density fabric

In addition, touch screen fingertips allow users to operate their mobile phones while dogs walking in cold weather.  

  • Multi-purpose winter gloves
  • Adjustable zipper 
  • Lightweight and windproof
  • Touchscreen feature doesn’t work properly

6. Yobenki Winter Gloves

For dog owners looking for a waterproof glove, Yobenki Winter Gloves is a suitable option. These winter gloves have a double waterproof design and are made using water-repellent outer fabric. It has an insulation of 3M which provides enough warmness in cold weather. 



The extended elastic knitting cuff can closely fit the wrist and prevent the wind from keeping hands warm. In addition, the anti-slip leather allows proper grip so, holding dog lead while walking shouldn’t be a problem. 

Key Features:

  • Thick fleece
  • Elastic wrist cuff
  • Anti-slip leather 

The waterproof feature only ensures that it doesn’t get wet on water splash so, it won’t protect your hands from heavy rainy conditions. 

  • Fastening buckle 
  • Washable
  • Insulation cotton
  • Cannot sustain rainy conditions 
  • Fitting issues 

7. Winter Touch Screen Thermal Gloves by coskefy

If you are habitual of using other items while walking your dogs and need gloves that can help you use your stuff while dog walking, Winter Touch Screen Thermal Gloves are a feasible option. These gloves are made using stretchy lycra fabric for locking heat inside and keeping hands warm. 



In addition, the ergonomic design of the gloves helps in providing warmth and lock the heat inside. 

Key Features:

  • Fleece lining 
  • Thickened elastic wrists
  • Touch screen sensitive 

Further, the silicone material used in these gloves helps in providing a good grip for dog owners to hold lead while dog walking. 

  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Useful in different weather conditions
  • Useful as normal gloves as well
  • Sore fingers after frequent use
  • Not windproof 
  • Cost is high

8. TOLEMI Thermal Gloves

TOLEMI Thermal Gloves have a unique design. It has stretchy fabric that stays close to the skin for a proper fit. Also, it uses fleece fabric that helps in reflecting body heat and is breathable. The index fingertips and thumb can be used to operate your mobile phone easily. 



In addition, these walking gloves provide a good grip and dog owners can easily handle the dog lead while walking. 

Key Features:

  • Silicone gel palm
  • Soft and comfortable 
  • Anti-slip palm

Further, the silicone gel palm in these gloves makes it easy for both men and women dog owners to have a proper grip on dog walking lead, and control other items as well. 

  • Drying absorbent comfort lining 
  • Windproof and water repellent
  • Expensive
  • Stitching quality is poor 
  • Barely keeps hands warm

Buying Guide: Best Dog Walking Gloves

Even with the list of the best dog walking gloves at your disposal, you might find it difficult to pick the best pair of dog walking gloves that is ideal for you and your furry friend. So, to help you narrow down the choices and pick the best dog walking gloves I have included different prospects in this buying guide for you to consider while buying dog walking gloves. 

Features of dog walking gloves

Dog walking gloves are tailored to provide comfort to dog owners and make their walk with their furry friends more enjoyable. Below are some of the common features of dog walking gloves: 

  • Waterproof material 

Standard gloves may get wet and cold while exposed to extreme weather conditions such as rain or snow and the hands can get uncomfortable because of frostbite. Dog walking gloves use a waterproof material that is helpful in keeping hands dry and warm in snowy or rainy weather conditions. The material can help in getting rid of dirt or smelly wetness. 

  • Anti-slip grip

A normal glove would usually have a slippery palm and can make it tough for you to hold the lead or other objects. But, a dog walking glove will have an anti-slip grip feature that helps in gaining better control of the lead and stops it from slipping out of your hands. Also, the anti-slip grip reduces the risk of injury or abrasion that is caused because of the lead. 

  • Foldable design 

Standard gloves are rigid or bulky and can take up a lot of space in the pocket while not in use. Dog walking gloves are made using a flexible material and hence, you can easily fold or roll up the gloves, make it compact and store it in your pocket or bags while not using it. 

These were some of the basic features you may find in a dog walking glove. Also, nowadays, you may find some additional features in dog walking gloves. Below are some of the additional features to expect: 

  •  Fingerless or half-fingerless design 

Some of the dog gloves have a half-fingerless or fingerless design that exposes the fingertips of the dog owners. This feature is helpful for dog owners who have difficulty in executing other tasks like opening doors, or holding poop bags, or keys while wearing full-covered dog walking gloves. 

  • Thermal technology 

Thermal or heated technology features in dog walking gloves provide extra warmth in hands for extremely cold weather in the UK. The thermal technology in dog walking gloves is battery-powered and there is a special fabric that helps trap the heat and reflects back on hands. 

  • Reflective material

Reflective stripes are used in dog walking gloves to provide more visibility. The material used is highly-reflective and there is more visibility in low-light conditions. There are logos, stripes, or patterns on the back of the hand of the gloves, the fingers, or the cuff. 

Lastly, some of the gloves also come with touchscreen compatibility to allow dog owners to use their mobiles without taking out the gloves at all. This may seem a notch extra but, is helpful in using maps, or making important calls while walking the dog. 

Factors affecting the cost of dog walking gloves

 The cost of dog walking gloves is affected because of a variety of factors. Below are some of the prominent factors which affect the prices of dog walking gloves: 

#1. Material

The material and quality of dog walking gloves are significant factors in determining the longevity of the gloves and also, how well they can protect dog owners’ hands from extreme cold temperatures. So, the gloves made of high-quality material i.e. wool, leather, or fleece will cost dog owners more. 

On the contrary. Material such as cotton, nylon, or polyester, are low-quality materials and will cost less in comparison to the wool, lather, or fleece material dog walking gloves. In addition, additional insulation or features like touchscreen compatibility, or reflective strips can also affect the cost of dog walking gloves. 

#2. Size

The size of the dog walking glove and how well it fits in dog owners’ hands will influence their prices. Some gloves are too big and don’t fit in the dog owner’s hand. So, they are not effective in providing a proper grip, comfort, or warmth. 

However, dog walking gloves with adjustable straps, stretchy fabric, or elastic cuffs often fit better and are more rigid and flexible. Hence, the price for such flexible and durable dog walking gloves is comparatively higher. 

#3. Brand

The brand and the reputation of dog walking gloves will have a crucial impact on their costs. The reason is simple, brands with high reputations are known to be of good quality and hence, their prices are high in comparison with other brands of dog walking gloves. 

#4. Availability and demand

The demand and availability will have a huge impact on the cost of dog walking gloves. So, as per the demand and availability of dog walking gloves, the prices will fluctuate. For instance, less availability and more demand will elevate the prices. Likewise, the typical dog walking gloves that are available anytime are low in price. 

Types of Dog Walking Gloves

You saw some of the basic factors affecting the cost of dog walking gloves but, the type of dog walking glove you pick will also have an impact on their price. Below are some of the types of dog walking gloves that are available in the market: 

  • Waterproof gloves – these types of dog walking gloves are made to keep their hands dry and warm in snowy conditions. In general, they have a waterproof layer and a breathable inner layer whereas other gloves have a waterproof membrane between two layers of fabric. Waterproof gloves are expensive but, are comfortable and durable. 
  • Touchscreen gloves – these dog walking gloves allow users to use their phones without taking them off while walking their dog. The material used for making them is conductive(copper or silver) and stretchy (acrylic or spandex) one can easily use it for touching, taping, or typing on the screen. 
  • Insulated gloves – dog walkers who live in extremely cold areas in the uk, can use insulated gloves. Insulated dog walking gloves are useful in providing extra warmth and comfort to their hands and also prevent stiffness or numbness. This is possible because of the layer of insulation like thinsulate or fleece. They trap the heat and ensure there is no loss of warmth. In addition, some of the insulated dog walking gloves also have durable material and stop wind and abrasion. 
  • Grip gloves – these dog walking gloves improve dog owners’ grip on dog lead and make controlling their dog easy. The grip dog walking gloves protect the hands of dog owners and prevent friction burns. In addition, they also reduce the risk of fatigue and strain on hand and wrist muscles that can trigger injuries.

Perks of using dog walking gloves

Using dog walking gloves can provide many benefits for dog owners. Below are some of the prominent perks one can avail while using dog walking gloves: 

  • Protection 

Dog walking gloves help protect the hands of dog owner’s hands from different hazards. They protect hands from ice-cold weather, wind, mud, snow, dirt, insects, and sunburn and also, prevent injuries like scrapes, blisters, burns, or frostbite. In addition, dog walking gloves also help in safeguarding the hands from a variety of bacteria, germs, or viruses. 

  • Grip 

While dog walking, it’s always possible that a dog makes an attempt to escape or pulls hard to chase another animal. This can cause burns in the dog owner’s palms and also cause severe pain. A dog walking glove helps in reducing friction and minimising pain and also, helps get better control with the grip lining of the gloves.

  • Warmth

While walking with dogs in the cold, dog owners often face difficulty handling the lead, even if they have gloves on. Normal gloves can only provide some warmth and comfort. Dog walking gloves can keep the owner’s hands warm and cosy in extremely low temperatures and regulate their body temperature stopping the heat loss. 

  • Ease of access 

Using phones or accessing other touchscreen devices is a lot easier with dog walking gloves. Dog owners can use their devices without having to take their gloves off. The ease of access allows dog owners to stay connected and communicate with others while walking.  Also, in case of emergencies, they can use their device without having to worry about taking their gloves off. 

Tips on Using Dog Walking Gloves

To leverage the benefits of dog walking gloves, you need to use them efficiently. Otherwise, you may end up having skin issues or lose your dog because of a lack of control. Below are some of the tips to consider while using dog walking gloves:

#1. Pick a proper size 

To use a dog walking glove efficiently, you need to pick a glove of the proper size so that it fits properly in your hands. A dog walking glove that is too loose or too tight will compromise control over your dog. Also, you might not be able to move your hands properly because of stiffness and blood circulation is also compromised. 

Hence, make sure you analyse the size charts mentioned by the manufacturer before buying any dog walking gloves. For a better fit, you need to look for features like elastic cuffs, or velcro straps for better adjustment. 

#2. Clean gloves regularly 

Dust, bacteria, sweat, and bad smells can make gloves unhygienic and lead to irritation or infection issues. So, it’s crucial for you to wash the dog walking gloves daily. Also, you need to ensure they are dried to prevent any damage, mould, or mildew.  

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or simply wash them using mild vinegar, detergent, or baking soda to remove smells and stains from gloves. 

#3. Store gloves properly 

It is important to store the gloves properly to maintain their quality and improve their longevity. Store the gloves in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, or heat. Use a glove box, or a glove holder to keep them protected and organised. In addition, make sure you don’t fold them or crumple as it can lead to wrinkles that can affect the shape and compromise the material.

#4. Replace gloves

Even after maintaining the gloves regularly, frequent usage can make them wear out and they might not fit properly in your hand or lose their efficiency in providing warmth. So, if you notice signs of wear and tear or feel the thermal effect is fading away, change them. 

Drawbacks of using dog walking gloves

While there are many perks of using dog walking gloves for dog owners, if you are not using them properly, they also have some drawbacks. Below are some of the drawbacks of using dog walking gloves:

  • Maintenance

Maintaining dog walking gloves is tough, especially if they are used by dog owners regularly. They get dirty, smelly, or wet and require regular washing and cleaning. This is crucial to maintain hygiene and prevent infection issues on hand. 

  • Compatibility 

Not all dog walking gloves have the touchscreen feature and accessibility to other such devices. Also, some of them may not be compatible with other screen types. For instance, a glove made for using the smartphone might not provide the same functionality on different touchscreen devices like a smartwatch or bracelet. 

  • Uncomfortable

The dog walking gloves come in different sizes and for some dog owners, they are uncomfortable. They may either not fit well, or feel well on the hands. Some of the gloves are too tight and not breathable. A dog owner will not only feel uncomfortable but may also risk losing mobility, compromising blood circulation, and not having a proper grip.  

In addition, the gloves can also affect their skin causing sensitivity issues, or irritation. This happens because some dog walking gloves have material that might feel rough and also, too much warmth can lead to sweat production which can also cause irritation.

  • Cost  

There are many types of dog walking gloves available and based on their size, quality, and features dog owners have to spend more amount of money to buy a perfect dog walking glove pair. Because brands curate different gloves using user preferences and some of the gloves include additional features and some may include more premium material. Regardless, their prices are high as they are curated to sustain in extreme weather conditions. 

Things to avoid while using dog walking gloves 

You saw some of the tips for using dog walking gloves. Following the tips will help you use the gloves for a longer time but, there are some drawbacks as well. So, below are some of the things you must avoid while using dog walking gloves to ensure efficient usage:

#1. Don’t use random glove 

You need a proper type of dog walking glove while going outside with your dog. Because if you pick a random glove, you might face issues. For instance, insulated gloves might not be a doog idea in hot and humid conditions. It may cause excessive sweating and cause overheating.

#2. Avoid gloves that are damaged 

Using gloves that are damaged, dirty, or worn out is not a good option. You need proper warmth from the gloves and grip to use while dog walking. If you use a dog walking using a glove that has holes, cracks, rips, or peeling, you can expose your skin and controlling dog lead can get tricky. 

In addition, you also risk getting skin issues and feeling uncomfortable because of loss of elasticity, shape, and functionality while using a damaged dog walking glove. 

#3. Use incompatible dog walking glove

Different dog walking gloves have a variety of features and using incompatible dog walking gloves can cause problems. For instance, the metal zippers on gloves can scratch or damage the lead and also get tangled. This can interfere with the lead’s functionality and compromise the walking experience. 

FAQs for Best Dog Walking Gloves UK

Why should I use dog walking gloves?

In general, normal gloves are made for keeping hands warm and not for other uses. A dog walking glove is specifically designed to provide other features such as a strong grip, touch compatibility, water repelling, and wind resistance. Also, the dog walking gloves have durable material to help you grip the dog lead and control it easily while walking. In addition, the dog walking gloves protect your hands from dust, and dirt preventing any infection or irritation issues while walking. 

What are the features of the best dog walking gloves UK?

The features that indicate the best dog walking gloves uk are –  durable material, waterproof, good grip, breathable (proper ventilation), wind-resistant, touch screen compatibility, and reflective strips. All of these features signify the best dog walking gloves in the UK. They are made differently and are helpful in many different ways. 

How much does a dog walking glove cost in the UK?

The general price range for dog walking gloves begins at roughly £8 and can climb up to £50 and maybe more. Because based on the features, quality, size, and brand of the dog walking glove. In addition, the demand,  availability, or type of dog walking gloves will have a significant impact on their prices. For instance, waterproof and water-repellent feature dog walking gloves will cost more when compared to simple thermal l dog walking gloves. 

Which type of dog walking glove is the best option for dog owners in the UK?

Different dog walking gloves provide different utility. Also, there are many factors like weather conditions, preferences, and requirements that play a crucial role in deciding which dog walking glove will be suitable. Still, there is one dog walking glove that one can pick while in the UK is a waterproof glove. The reason is simple, the weather in the UK is unpredictable and a dog owner will need a dog walking glove that can protect their hands and avoid exposure to water or snowy conditions. 

Final Remarks on Best Dog Walking Gloves UK

I hope the reviews for the product list of the best dog walking gloves in the UK in this article helped you with your search for dog walking gloves. There are various types of gloves mentioned and based on their features and perks, you can pick the one that suits your preferences. 

For example, a reflective strap dog walking glove is helpful for dog owners residing in areas with more dark or foggy conditions. Likewise, a waterproof material dog walking glove is useful for individuals residing in areas with extremely low temperatures. Also, regardless of the type, the common factor for dog owners here to look for is a good grip and proper ventilation in the palms. 

Lastly, dog walking gloves are helpful in maintaining the dog walking experience in extreme weather conditions. A good pair of dog walking gloves that are comfortable, of proper size, and of good quality will ensure a dog owner has a nice walk with their furry friend, With proper maintenance of these gloves and cleaning them regularly, you can use them for longer duration. Also, if you get stuck while choosing the best dog walking glove for your furry friend, don’t worry. Hit your query in the comments and our team at Wewantdogs will assist you with it.   

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