Can Dogs Eat Crab Sticks? Exploring the Safety of Imitation Crab Sticks

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Do you know? Crab sticks don’t contain crab but taste exactly like a crab. Because crabs are very expensive but very delicious, they invented crab sticks.

I remember going on vacation with my dog. I was on the beach enjoying crab sticks. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring his dog food. Now he gave me a hungry stare, so I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my crab stick. As soon as I gave it to him, he ate the whole crab stick in a moment. He wanted more but I doubted that can dogs eat crab sticks.

The answer is no, dogs should not have crab sticks. Crab sticks are made from many types of meat and other ingredients like paste made from starch and finely pulverised white fish Pollock (surimi) or other meat, egg flour, artificial flavours, sugar, a lot of salt, and additives that are definitely not good for dogs. When all these things get together, which can upset the dog’s stomach or make him seriously ill.

Now you might be wondering why fish and other ingredients in imitation crab meat sticks can be hazardous to your dog. Let’s discuss this.

Can Dogs Eat Crab Sticks

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Can Dogs Eat Crab Sticks?

Crab sticks are not considered toxic dog food, but I would never recommend you feed your dog. Even though I know a small piece of crab stick won’t make your dog ill.

Seafood is considered a healthy option for dogs unless they aren’t allergic to it. But the imitation crab stick is highly-processed convenience food which contains many ingredients which are not safe for dogs.

When there’s too much salt in the system, it can lead to increased fluid load, causing elevated blood pressure and worsening the signs of heart disease. As the amount of salt increases, this leads to salt toxicity (hypernatremia)“. says Sandra C. Mitchell, DVM from PetMd.

Moreover, Crab sticks are nothing but fat. It will not even provide the necessary nutrients to your dogs. Therefore, when it is an emergency and you think you can feed crab sticks instead, then it may be not a good idea. Neither it is healthy nor dog-safe food. Instead, you can give treats.

Before giving your dog any other human food, such as chicken, make sure you do your homework. To find out more, check our guide on can dogs eat raw chicken for more tips.

What to Do If Your Dog Has Eaten Lots of Imitation Crab Meat Sticks?

If you prepare imitation crab sticks for dinner, you put them on the table, and a moment after you were not around, your dog ate all the crab sticks. Then the first thing you should do is stay calm and not panic.

What to do when dog eats lots of crab sticks
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Keep your dog under your constant watch and notice unusual behaviour. Let him walk and then check if his stomach if it’s hurting or not. You might notice the symptoms mentioned below.

  • The dog might feel Nausea and vomiting.
  • Stomach ache or tightening.
  • Bad and darker stools.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Heart diseases.
  • Skin and fur problems.
  • Swelling and redness all over the body.
  • In rare cases, cancer can be caused by regular consumption of imitation crab meat sticks.

If you have noticed any bad symptoms then take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. Only a vet can guide you on what to do next.

Want to know if your dog can eat cooked pork? Check out our guide on “can dogs eat cooked pork” for more tips.


Can Dogs Eat Crab Sticks?

If you keep it as a very rare treat, then yes, you can give crab sticks to your dog. But make sure it should not be the main part of your diet. If you frequently feed crab sticks, there are chances that your dog gets ill.

How many crab sticks can I give my dog?

You should give a few, like 2 or a maximum of 3 crab sticks at a time, and not more than that. If you are serving for the first time, you should give him only one piece of it and then watch his reaction after eating. If he shows bad symptoms, then step back and call your vet.

How should I store crab sticks for my dog?

You should make sure that you store your crab stick properly. It should be kept in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and out of your dog’s sight. You should finish it within two to three days of opening the packet.

What are the alternatives to crab sticks for dogs?

There are several healthy alternatives to crab sticks for dogs, such as cooked, unseasoned meat or fish, plain sweet potatoes, commercial dog treats, freeze-dried meat or fish treats, and unsalted peanut butter. These options provide essential nutrients and are healthier for dogs than crab sticks. Consult a vet before making changes to a dog’s diet.


Mostly all pet parents would wish to feed tasty food to their pets. And in the same way, they also find human food tasty. I appreciate you because you try to find out whether can dogs eat crab sticks or not. Many owners don’t even concern this much. Then their dogs face medical issues.

A dog’s digestive system is not made to digest too much salt, artificial flavours, additives, and food colours. And all these harmful ingredients are part of crab sticks, therefore it is better to avoid giving crab sticks to your dog or if your dog loves crab sticks, then keep them under the rare-treat category.

While the occasional crab stick as a treat is ok, dog eating fish or crab sticks regularly can cause health issues.


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