Can Dogs Eat Kale? Is Kale Safe for Dogs?

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Kale is one of the leafy vegetables, which is rich with all the essential nutrients, and beneficial for the human body. But, what about dogs? Is kale safe for dogs? Can dogs eat Kale? Should you feed your pup this green-leafy vegetable?

Well, in today’s topic, you will get all the relevant answers to your questions regarding the green-leafy vegetable i.e. kale. This time we have done some good research work about kale, and would like to share the knowledge with you.

So, you also get a fair idea about it. Plus, it’s important for you to know about the ingredients you would like to feed to your pup.

In this blog, we will also discuss the nutrients and benefits of kale, how much kale is healthy for your dog, the safest ways to feed it, and other related topics.

So, let’s dig in to explore the answers: can dogs eat kale, or is it safe for dogs?

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Can Dogs Have Kale?

The short answer is yes, dogs can safely eat kale in small amounts. In fact, It’s non-toxic and high in antioxidants, vitamins A and C, calcium, iron and other minerals that are beneficial for your pup. So, it won’t harm them to have a bit in their meal. But, you shouldn’t give too much, as kale also includes oxalates. It reduces the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, creating stomach-related issues for them. Such as vomiting, diarrhoea, liver toxicity, pancreatitis, etc…

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Additionally, don’t forget to remove stems before feeding them to your pup, to prevent choking issues while eating. If you serve them cooked kale, it will be more beneficial for their body as compared to raw kale. This is because raw kale is tough to digest and deregulates the function of the digestive system, which then leads to severe health complications in the future.

Benefits of Feeding Kale!

It has been noticed that in recent times, kale has become a famous green-leafy vegetable among humans. And everyone adds it to their salad, meal, etc… Plus, many pet parents want to add it to their furry pal’s meal, or give it in the form of a treat or something.

Well, it’s a good idea to add it to your dog’s meal because it is non-toxic for them, and if you fed them in moderation it won’t hurt their stomach. This is because kale is rich in vitamins K, A and C, and antioxidants like carotenoids, flavonoids, chlorophyll, etc… All these essential nutrients, and antioxidants add benefits to your furry pal’s health, such as:

  • Helps to maintain eye health.
  • Provide a strong immune system to fight against the germs
  • Maintain strong bones and muscles, to keep them active
  • Regulates the digestive system
  • Promote healthy skin, and maintain the glossy look of your pup’s coat.
  • Due to high antioxidant feeding kale help to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.
benefits of feeding kale
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Additionally, kale is a low-calorie leafy green, so you don’t have to worry about your furry pal’s digestive system and immune system.

Note:- If you want to add more nutrients to your furry pal’s meal, then kale is a good option. Not only, your dog will get the natural nutrients benefits, but they will also love the taste of it. Just, remember one thing, do not replace it with a regular meal. Feed them as an add-on to their meal or a healthy treat, and moderation is key.

Kale provides many vitamins and minerals that are great for dogs. Other fruits like plums can also offer benefits, but some may wonder – are plums bad for dogs?

Ways to Feed Kale to Dogs!

Before you serve this nutrition pack, it is important to know the safest feeding ways, so that you don’t hurt your pup’s stomach. For your better knowledge, we have jotted down the easiest feeding ways, which will guide you to feed your pup correctly.

  • It is recommended to buy organic kale, and it should be fresh enough.
  • Thoroughly wash the kale, and remove pesticide, and dirt from the leaves.
  • If you want to feed him raw kale, then it is suggested to chop them into fine smaller pieces and add them to puree. This will give a soft texture and will be much easier to chew and digest properly.
  • You can even serve them cooked kale, make sure to remove the stems before feeding to your furry pal.
  • Kale can also be served as an add-on to your furry pal’s meal. Or you can feed them as a healthy treat.
  • Avoid adding spices, oil, seasoning, and other toxic ingredients. Make sure you serve it plain or mix it with their meal, or in a treat form.
ways to feed kale to dogs
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Follow these simple, easy steps for feeding your furry pal correctly, he will surely enjoy the taste of this nutritional ingredient.

Here’s a suggestion, while introducing a new ingredient or dish to your pup, don’t force them to eat it. Plus, you can also consult the vet before introducing any new ingredient or food to your dog. They will guide you better on whether your pup’s body can digest it or not.

Experts:-The leafy green contains several potentially harmful natural compounds, including calcium oxalate and isothiocyanate. Calcium oxalate can cause health issues such as kidney and bladder stones.

So, now you know the pros and cons of kale. Accordingly, feed it to your furry pal, and do not exceed the 10% feeding ration, it is more than enough for him.

How Much Kale Is Enough for Dogs?

As we have got an idea, kale is one of the green leafy vegetables, which is good for your dog. It is enriched with essential nutrients, but it’s important to know the feeding ratio. This is because too much of anything can lead to health issues for your dog. Such as it can lead to digestive issues like vomiting, diarrhoea, liver toxicity, pancreatitis, etc…

When you feed occasionally or in moderation, make sure to not cross 10% In other words, make sure that you are not feeding more than 10% daily calories to your pup comes, which comes from treats like cooked kale.

In this way, you will not overfeed your pup, and won’t replace it with his regular meal. Additionally, don’t forget to remove stems before feeding them to your pup, to prevent choking issues while eating.

Want to know more about feeding bananas to puppies? Check out our article “Can Puppies Eat Bananas?” to learn if and how much bananas can be a healthy treat for your pup.


Can dogs eat raw kale UK?

Yes, raw kale is safe for your pup, but it’s much more difficult to digest as compared to cooked kale. If your pup has a sensitive stomach, it is suggested not to feed them raw, you will create trouble for him. One thing can be done, if you want to feed raw kale, then before serving add it to the puree, it will become a little soft. This trick is way easier, and will be digestible by your furry pal.

Can puppies eat kale?

Yes, you can safely feed kale to your puppy. You can add finely chopped cooked kale to his meal as an addition and serve it to him. Kale is one of the green leafy vegetables, which is healthy for your puppy’s health. Enriched with vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, iron, potassium, and fibre, which adds essential nutrients to your puppy’s health during his development stage.

Do you have to cook kale for dogs?

Well, you can feed raw kale to your pup, but a cooked one is preferable. This is because steamed kale is much easier to digest as compared to raw kale. If you feed raw kale to your furry friend with a sensitive stomach, it will probably make them feel sick and give them gas.

What part of kale can dogs eat?

Dogs can eat curly kale, and regular kale leaves, both are non-toxic for them. It is advisable to feed them raw or steamed in small quantities, as an occasional addition to their diet. The curly leaves are easily identified by their wavy texture.

Can dogs eat kale stem?

It’s true that kale stems are edible, but not recommended for dogs. This is because kale stems are hard, and bitter by nature. Plus, it contains high oxalate content, which is toxic to your dog’s health, and will create stomach-related issues for them. So, it’s better to avoid feeding stems to your dog.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Being a pet parent, it’s important for you to know what you are feeding to your pup, and whether it will add benefits to his body or not.

As we read about kale, it is safe to feed to your pup, but in moderation. Make sure you remove the stem and cooked well enough before serving it to your pup. This is because kale stems are tough and can create choking issues. And if you feed raw kale, it will lead to stomach issues, especially if you are parenting a dog with sensitive stomach issues.

However, this vegetable should not replace the regular meal of your pup, it can only feed as an add-on to their meal or in form of a healthy treat. It is also advisable to consult the vet before introducing new ingredients/food to your pup, they can guide you better on whether it will suit their body or not.

It’s important not to overfeed any new food, including kale and other veggies like beetroot. While beetroot offers nutritional benefits, too much can cause digestive upset. Check with your vet on safe amounts if you’re wondering can dogs eat beetroot.

Happy Feeding!

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