Why Is My Female Dog Whining and Carrying a Toy?

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“Why Is My Female Dog Whining and Carrying a Toy?” is one of the most common questions among dog owners, especially female dog owners. Whining is one of the vocal communication methods of dogs, it is a common way to gain their owner’s attention or to communicate particular anxiousness.

However, such consistent whining can be very irritating for owners, they also start carrying a toy in their mouth and very quickly become possessive about it. When there is such frequent and sudden whining, it can be an alarming situation for the owners.

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Reasons Why Dogs Whine

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There are various reasons why dogs whine and simultaneously carry their favourite toys in their mouth. They usually follow this behaviour to gain their owner’s attention, or it may be due to a certain underlying issue. Here are some of the following reasons why your dog whines while carrying a toy:

False Pregnancy:

Your dog might be experiencing this false pregnancy. This situation leads female dogs to act as if they’re pregnant when they actually are not pregnant. This phenomenon usually takes place after the female dog has experienced her ‘heat’, but was not able to fertilize her eggs.

Therefore, a female dog may showcase such behaviour of carrying toys around as if it was its real puppy. Therefore, if you try taking the toy away from her, it will continuously whine.


A simple reason why dogs whine when they grab a toy is to gain their owner’s attention. Whining seems to be the best method for a dog to gain attention, however, you should tend to ignore such winning as this may become a habit for your dog, and it can be irritating.

Your Dog Wants to Play!

Dogs are very energetic animals. Owners might have noticed when your dog comes up running towards you and drops the toy at your feet. If you ignore them, then they will start whining.


Whining may be a response to a worrying situation that may concern your furry friend.

Intention to Bury:

Dogs have a tendency to bury objects that are very precious to them. For example, it may hide stuff in the yard or under a pillow. If your dog fails to find a burying spot, it may carry the toy around whining in frustration.

Methods to Reduce a Dog’s Toy possessiveness:

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  • Put your dog’s toy away when not in use
  • Establish rules on when your dog can have the toy
  • Make sure that your dog understands that the toy is yours and you can take it anytime away from your dog
  • Teach your dog the ‘Leave it’ command.
  • Set timings when your dog can have the toy


Why is my female dog whining and carrying a toy?

If your female dog suddenly starts whining, it may be due to the hormonal changes in her body. Or she might be pregnant or experiencing heat. The toy is a medium through which she shows care and affection.

Should I take the toy away during a false pregnancy?

Yes, you can do so. However, this will make your furry friend more anxious and stressed out! According to me, you just let her play with the toy as she experiences this hormonal change. It will only last for a couple of weeks maximum.

What are some of the false pregnancy symptoms in dogs?

Decreased appetite
Very protective of its toys
Showing aggression when you try to touch the toy
Reduced activities
Weight gain

My dog keeps carrying a toy and whining, is she pregnant?

No, this behaviour is also observed in spayed female dogs. This behaviour can be observed during false pregnancies also. Even if your dog is not spayed, it is very difficult to differentiate between a false and real pregnancy. Thus, it is also advisable to consult your vet on this topic!


I hope your doubt regarding “Why Is My Female Dog Whining and Carrying a Toy?” is resolved through this article. As we know by now such whining is related to anxiety and pain for dogs, therefore, whining should be considered in a playful manner. As our furry friends are always full of joy and playfulness.


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