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Most dogs are lactose intolerant and haven’t drunk milk since weaning. But I am sure that your dog demands milk because they get attracted by the smell of fat in the milk. Now, oat milk can be the best alternative to cow milk.

Oat milk is not considered a toxic food for dogs, instead, oat milk is full of nutrition, which is very good for the health of your dog. So now the question is can dogs have oat milk? Yes, they can have oat milk. The only thing that should be considered is the quantity of milk. Dogs can have plant-based milk, but not in excess. Some dogs can not digest milk if it has been taken in excess.

can dogs have oat milk
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Benefits of Oat Milk for Dogs

Oat milk is plant-based milk. There is no side effect and it’s full of healthy nutrients. It also helps dogs to grow healthy. You even do not need to make a lot of effort to make this treat. let me mention some important benefits in detail.

  • Oat milk is also known for its dairy-free quality. This is not the case with any other type of milk other than plant base milk. It also saves you from allergens and irritants.
  • Also, oat milk has a low level of glycemic index, which is the best option to control your dog’s blood sugar level.
  • Serving oat milk is also a good way to feed your dog many vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, calcium, potassium, iron and vitamin D.
  • Oat milk has moderate to high fibre which can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer which is again very healthy.
  • Among all these benefits, oat milk also regulates red blood cell count and haemoglobin levels to prevent anaemia.
  • Not only that but, it also helps you to maintain the dog’s immune system which is because of the presence of antioxidants and vitamins. These also help to prevent any kind of infection.
  • When oat milk is further fortified with calcium and vitamin D, it helps to straighten your dog’s bone structure.

Milk is a safe treat in small quantities,” says Anna Burke from American Kennel Club

Oat milk can be a healthy treat for dogs in moderation, but owners need to be careful not to overdo it. The same goes for other human foods like gravy granules – be sure to research can dogs have gravy granules before feeding them to your pet.

Before Giving Your Dog Oat Milk

Before you give oat milk, you should be aware of a few things which I mentioned below.

  • First thing is, you should be aware of his allergies and check with the packaging that is there anything in the ingredients to which your dog is allergic.
  • Before adding any food to your diet plan, you should appoint your vet and ask to check your dog if has any allergies or if is it good for the dog.
Checking Before Giving Your Dog Oat Milk
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  • Dogs should not have sugar in their diet, therefore you should serve sugarless milk.
  • Moreover, check the ingredients and make sure that xylitol, a chemical used as a sugar substitute should not be in the milk. These are toxic for your dog and this will lead to a serious medical issues.
  • If you are serving oat milk for the first time, then in the initial days serve it in very small quantities and observe your dog, if he develops any allergy, stop serving oat milk and immediately consult your vet.

Oat milk is dairy-free, so it avoids the issues that milk products like ice cream can cause for lactose intolerant dogs. This makes many dog owner wonder, “can dog eat ice cream?”.

How to Make Oat Milk for Your Dog?

Now you know can dogs have oat milk? So now let’s see how to make oat milk for your dog in 3 easy steps. If you are preparing it on your own, then just make sure that you do not add any sugars or additives.

  1. Blend 1 cup of rolled oats and 4 cups of water in a blender for about 45 sec on a high setting.
  2. Next filter that mixture with a fine cloth and pour it into a bowl or any container. For that, you can also use a coffee filter if it works.
  3. After separating oat pulp and liquid, you are ready to serve milk to your dog. It is that simple to make quick oat milk treat for your dog at home.
Oat milk for dog recipe
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Ways to Give Your Dog Oat Milk

You should not just serve a bowl of oat milk to your dog first. Gradually, introduce your dog to oat milk by adding a small amount of oat milk to his daily diet. In the first week, you should observe and check your dog if his stomach is okay with oat milk or not.

You can also add your oat milk with kibble to make it more attractive and tasty. Moreover, you can use oat milk in any of his food recipes to make it more healthy and soften to eat.

Whenever your dog behaves well, he must be treated with healthy oat milk. As you can also give it as a treat.

What Are the Risks of Oat Milk for Dogs?

Normally, table food or human food is not dog-safe food. Where there are very few types of people foods which are not toxic to dogs. But even if it is dog-safe food. It will harm your dog if it is consumed in large quantities.

Therefore, it is better to feed oat milk in moderation and prefer to use organic oat milk.

Stomach-related Issues: As I mentioned previously, You should not serve oat milk in large quantities. If you do, your dog can suffer from tummy aches, pain, vomiting, and diarrhoea, even if your dog is not allergic to oat milk.

“One fairly common carbohydrate reaction in dogs is lactose intolerance. The signs include diarrhoea, bloating, and abdominal discomfort after ingesting cow’s or goat’s milk.” says By Krista Williams,DVM from VCAHospital.

If your dog saw symptoms like gastrointestinal upsets, farts, and limited drinking and eating, then it is time when you take him to the vet and find out the reason behind it.

Hyperactivity: Many oat milk brands have added sugar and flavour to them. High sugar can increase a dog’s heart rate leading to increased anxiety. It is better to give oat milk which has naturally sweetened using natural ingredients.

Obesity & Diabetes: Human food is incomplete without sugar. But if you are serving people food to dogs, make sure you give natural oat milk occasionally in a small amount. Since the dog’s stomach is not made to digest human food, your dog can suffer from obesity and diabetes

Allergies & Intolerances: You should check with your vet if your dog is allergic to any type of food, especially oat milk.

Risk of serving oat milk
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There are a few symptoms that can be seen after you serve oat milk to your dog.

  • Lethargy
  • Seizures
  • Weakness
  • Itchiness
  • Swelling of the face, lips, ears, or eyes
  • Stomach pain 

Hence, you should know if your dog already has an allergy to any specific food. Oat milk is neither toxic to dogs nor unhealthy. The only thing you should consider before serving oat milk is, to serve it in small quantities and in moderation. Mostly anything in access can be injurious to health.


What kind of milk is safe for dogs?

Dogs are usually lactose-intolerant. So cow milk or any other type of milk which we humans consume is not safe for your dog. Plant-based milk like soy milk, oat milk, almond milk, or rice milk is normally considered dog-safe food since they are lactose-free.

Can puppies have oat milk?

No, puppies should not have oat milk because they do not have a strong digestive system. Also, you do not know if he is allergic to it or not, therefore puppies should not have oat milk or else they will suffer from serious health issues.

What should I do if my dog accidentally drinks oat milk?

If your dog accidentally drinks oat milk, then do not get panic and do not worry, he will be fine. In case he has an allergy to oat milk, you just need to observe him and note down his symptoms. If he has a digestive issue, vomiting or diarrhoea then consult your vet. Mostly your puppy will not be going to have any problems.

What alternatives are there to oat milk for dogs?

Yes, there are many alternatives available in the market like water and unsweetened soymilk, oat milk, almond milk, or rice milk. But remember that to remain hydrated, you have to give water. Nothing can replace water to stay hydrated.

Is oat milk toxic to dogs?

No, oat milk is not toxic to a dog. But if it has taken access, he might suffer from stomach-related problems. Therefore, never only serve oat milk in his diet and keeps some food with it.

The Last Sip

Oat milk is full of nutrients and vitamins. It is also lactose-free. But the question is can dogs have oat milk? In general, yes dogs can have oat milk, but they must not have particular allergies. If you just take care of timing, quantity and no added sweetness.

But before you start giving oat milk, make sure you consult your vet. And buy or make only naturally made oat milk. And last but not least, keep your dog under observation if you feed him oat milk for the first time. Do not wait to consult your vet if you see any wrong symptoms.

I hope you found this article informative and helpful.

While oat milk is generally safe, some other human foods like raw eggs may be risky for dogs. Be sure to check out our guide on "can dogs eat raw eggs" for more tips.


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