Do Dogs Burp? Gas and Giggles

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Do you ever wonder that do dogs burp like we humans do? Burping is common in humans. It happens when excess gas is expelled from the stomach towards the mouth. But what about dogs?

Do Dogs Burp

Do they also experience this gassy digestive phenomenon? Let’s understand if there is any reason for concern behind this burping in dogs. And as pet parents what should be preventive measures?

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Do Dogs Burp? A Scientific Exploration

The canine digestive system isn’t the most glamorous topic, but understanding how it works puts us in a better position.

Both dogs and humans have a tube called the Esophagus and a bag called the stomach where food goes after they eat. In the stomach, food is mixed with chemicals and mashed up. Sometimes, this makes gas in the stomach. This gas can come out of the mouth as a burp in dogs and humans[1].

Dogs do burp, but not as loud as we humans do. There are some things which can cause frequent burping like eating too fast, eating the wrong food, or some stomach issue. Sometimes dogs do spit up food that is not digested.

There is a slight difference as there is no gas coming out. Pet parents can tell if their dog is burping. This is normal you don’t need to worry. We can help our dogs to have healthy stomachs by making them eat slower and giving them the right food.

Do Dogs Burp

Do Dogs Burp? Causes and Concerns

Here are some of the common causes of burping in dogs:

Eating Fast

“Flatulence is the formation of excess gas in the stomach or intestines. Excessive flatulence may result in belching also known as burping”

“Swallowed air most likely makes the largest contribution to flatulence and flatus. Exercise and eating too fast can increase air swallowing”, confirms Dr Malcolm Weir at VCA Hospitals.

Naturally, when dogs eat food too fast they gulp down some air together too. This can cause air to gather in the stomach. That can be released as burps.

Gas-Producing Foods

Some foods can cause gas issues more than others, such as beans, broccoli, cabbage, dairy products, and spicy foods can all increase the amount of gas in the digestive path. Low-quality ingredients or diets made with lots of fermentable fibre tend to cause a lot of pet gas[2]

Stomach Issues

Sometimes burping can be a sign of some underlying issue, such as gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux, or intestinal parasites. These issues may cause vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, or weight loss in dogs.

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However, some dogs may burp more than usual. That can be a sign of concern, here are some signs to look for:

  • Excessive Burping: occasional burping is not a cause of concern but excessive and regular burping can indicate a problem. If the smell of burping is foul, burping with a loud sound, or burping with discomfort or pain. All these signs may suggest bloating, cramping, or inflammation.
  • Possible Health Conditions: There are some potential issues such as food allergy or bowel disease, pancreatitis, liver condition, or weak kidney. All these issues can affect the digestion and absorption of food, leading to burping.
  • When to seek the Vet: If you find any sign of discomfort, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. The vet can examine the dog and run some tests to find out the cause of the burping. The vet can prescribe medication or suggest dietary changes to help reduce the burping situation of your dog.

Preventive Measures

After learning about the potential risks, let’s discuss some preventive measures:

Mindful Eating

The major cause of burping is eating too fast and swallowing air. Pet parents must slow down this by providing special bowls or toys to make dogs work for their food.

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There are such toys available where dogs can solve puzzles to eat small bites of food. These tips may slow down their chewing and they may swallow less air.

Balanced Diet

Another big concern is eating the wrong food, which produces gas in their stomachs. Dog parents should follow the advice of a vet and provide food according to their nutritional needs. This will remove potential foods that can cause burping.

Avoid diets that contain a lot of fermentable fibre including chicory, inulin, pectins, psyllium, plant gums, oats, barley, beet pulp, fruits and legumes.

Additionally, some pet foods are designed to be highly digestible, which by definition means that less material will make it to the large intestine. Look for the words “highly digestible” or “low residue” on the label.

Physical Activity

Exercise is another great option for a dog’s health and well-being. Puppies generally have more energy than adult dogs and so require more exercise in short bursts, like the Zoomies.

This will also improve digestion and prevent burping. Exercise will help a dog to maintain a healthy weight, which can reduce burping and other health issues.

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Also, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor exercises available, that provide all dogs with mental stimulation and keep them active, which can help to live a happy and active life and also reduce health issues.


What Does It Mean When a Dog Burps?

Dogs burp when there is excess gas in the stomach that needs to escape. Excess gas in your dog’s stomach can arise from swallowing air while eating and drinking (known as aerophagia), or from the gas produced from digestion inside the GI tract, or in the bloodstream.

What Does a Dog Burp Sound Like?

As you may know, swallowing air while eating causes gas to build up in the digestive tract, resulting in burping. Next time your dog eats, pay attention. His burp sounds a lot like a human belch.

My Dog Keeps Burping and Why Does It Stink?

Any imbalance or upset in the gastrointestinal tract can cause burping—and sometimes these burps can smell terrible! This is because, instead of swallowing air, air is being produced in the stomach and the first part of the gut. Air rises, so this eventually escapes as a burp.

Is It Weird That My Dog Burps?

Burping is common in dogs. Most of the time the bodily function is harmless. Sometimes it may be a cause for concern. If your dog passes gas very frequently or the smell is particularly foul, it may signal issues like inflammatory bowel disease or intestinal parasites.

Do Dogs Burp or Fart?

Dogs will occasionally burp as a way of releasing excess gas from their gastrointestinal tract. Gas will form from the interaction of alkaline foods, or foods that have a high pH level, digestive enzymes and stomach acids. The gas that builds in the gastrointestinal tract will escape either as a burp or as flatulence.


In conclusion, do dogs burp? Then yes dogs burp but not as noticeable as we humans do. Burping is a natural process in which gas gets released. Many factors can cause this condition.

Maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding some foods can help our dogs to reduce burping. Smaller meals and slow eating helps a lot, and at any sign of discomfort, we must consult with the vet.

By learning about the digestive system and food habits we can provide our dogs with healthy and happy lives!🐶🐾


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