How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost? Should You Buy One?

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German Shepherds aka GSDs are one of the most popular dog breeds in The United Kingdom. German Shepherd dogs are good pets, companions, and work animals. As a dog lover, it’s natural for you to have one at home. They are loyal and brave dogs. So, How much does a German Shepherd cost?

The short answer is- german shepherd prices can range from  £250- £3000. This article will provide you with some helpful insights into the pricing range, and factors and help you decide whether you should consider buying one.

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How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost?

German Shepherd prices may vary as per different factors. The cost of a german shepherd varies depending on their age (puppy or adult), health conditions, and location (rural or urban). 

The price of a German Shepherd puppy ranges from £300 to £1000. Whereas an adult German shepherd’s price ranges from £500 – £2500 and even more. 

Further, you might also need to invest in pet insurance if you plan on buying one of these beautiful creatures. This is mainly because they have a high risk of injury. Having insurance for German shepherds will cost you roughly anywhere between £400 – £700 a year. However, this range also relies on different parameters such as location and coverage.

Factors to Consider While Buying a German Shephard

Generally, there are no issues when buying a german shepherd puppy. Still, there are certain aspects you can consider before buying a german shepherd.

Image by: sduben / iStockphoto

#1 Age

It’s crucial to consider the age not only because of the cost but, also the life expectancy factor. A German shepherd probably lives for about 12 to 15 years. They are very active dogs and are known to live long healthy life.

In addition, there is no specific condition for insurance. However, German shepherds hold a high risk of injury during their lifetime and that’s why you may need insurance for them.

#2 Health condition

German Shepherds tend to develop a few health problems such as hip dysplasia and bloat. Hip Dysplasia is a problem that you can detect before buying them. However, if the test doesn’t detect the issue, your german shepherd dog will have problems walking without pain at some point in their lifetime. 

Bloat occurs when a stomach fills up with gas which generates pressure to build on its different organs making them tough to operate. 

If the stomach is not relieved from this pressure it will die. Hence,  detecting bloat is also important. Once it is detected there are many steps you can take to help prevent it from occurring again and save your dog’s life.

#3 TypeCompanion, Show or Working Dog

You have to decide what type of dog you need. There are three common types – companion, show, or working dog. On the basis of your requirement, you can pick a specific type.

  • Companion

These dogs are not costly as their condition is not top quality. For instance, they might miss some teeth, colour fading or some other major issue. As a dog, lover these traits rarely impact the mindset, because proper grooming can make their condition better.

  • Show Dog

Show Dogs usually are of breed standard qualities, meaning, they are in a healthy state and have a good temperament for competing in shows.

  • Working Dog

A working German shepherd dog has top qualities, it’s basically a herding breed. They are good in working practices such as scent competitions or sports like Schutzhund. In addition, they are also active in other competitions or activities which involve searching, tracking, climbing, jumping and so on.

#4 Gender

Picking a gender may not seem important but it is. Both male and female german shepherds are loyal and safe for children. But, both have some distinctive qualities that separate them. Let’s observe the distinction:

Traits of a male german shepherd

  • Stronger, bigger and dominant by nature
  • They hike their back legs to make their territory

The male german shepherd’s behaviour is driven by sexual maturity. So, additional focus is needed on socialization. Thus, an experienced dog owner can handle the male german shepherd.

Traits of a female german shepherd

  • Strong but, smaller and less dominant in comparison with male ones
  • They have their cycle every 6 months and need continuous supervision to avoid unwanted pregnancy

in comparison to male ones, females require more care and hence, they are suitable for beginners.

#5 Color and Coat length

The traditional coat length for a german shepherd is a short coat with double layers. In addition, guard hairs on the top cover a softer and underneath hair that delivers warmth & protection. However, there are a variety of coat lengths available as per your preference.

Further, picking the colour is entirely up to the individual choice. However, keep in mind, that german shepherds’ colour will change while they grow. So, if you buy a puppy after hitting 2 years of age you’ll observe either a dark shade or a lighter shade of the dog.

But, how do you get a proper German Shepherd Dog, what are the Reliable sources?

Reliable Sources to Get a German Shepherd Dog

Image by: Ibrakovic / iStockphoto

Buying from a reliable source means you get an authentic German shepherd breed, and not some random backyard breeder’s sick dog which may just look like a GSD but isn’t. Following are some of the reliable sources or mediums to acquire a genuine GSD.

  • Newspaper ads

While newspaper ads contain a lot of bogus ads in them, but, many breeders use this as a medium to sell their GSD. You’ll find many legit ads in the local newspapers. You may have to put in some extra effort but, you can easily find the dog that suits your budget.

  • Online ads

Online ads can also provide you with information about any sale of a german shepherd dog. Sure, the internet is no better than newspapers when it comes to fake ads, but, there are ample verified or classified ads that are available.

  • Shelter or rescue group

Don’t miss shelters and rescues for your finding your GSD. As many of these organizations receive puppies frequently and they look to allot those to different houses.

A nicely-organized shelter or rescue allows you to pick a German Shepherd match for your lifestyle. You can look online for GSD rescues and local shelters in the UK and find many.

However, before adopting or rescuing, find out every detail about the dog. For example, was the puppy exposed to children? Did they live with other dogs or not?

  • Dog club

You can easily find different types of dogs in both local and national dog clubs. These clubs basically help you find other breeders using their own connections and programs. In fact, they also put on a dog show so that others can see different breeds in action.

  • Get in touch with dog professionals

You can contact a local veterinarian, groomer, or professional trainer of dogs to get in touch with other reputable breeders in town. You will certainly find quality leads.

But, don’t follow these leads blindly. Use the same cautionary measures you will while going through newspaper ads or online classified ads. Verify their suggestions and then decide whether or not you will follow the lead.

These were some of the ways you can ensure you get a proper German shepherd as a companion. But, regardless of how well you know dogs, you must know about their needs and behavioural aspects.

Behaviour Traits of a German Shepherd

Let’s peek into some specific behavioural aspects and needs of a german shepherd.

  • They are smart

German Shepherds are smart. They can easily grasp commands, your daily routine, household expectations and all the high-energetic activities you demand from them. This intelligence factor also makes them stubborn and if you are not hard and consistent they will use it for their benefit.

  • Highly-energetic

Not only they are smart but, also energetic. You will have to take them to the park so they can play and utilise their energy. Because if they don’t get enough exercise they will probably act out and misbehave.

  • Require mental stimulation

Other dogs may get tired because of excessive exercise, however, german shepherds need more physical activity. They are working dogs so, also require mental challenges as well. To drain their energy completely you’ll have to use the both physical and mental exercise.

  • Good listeners

The ears of German shepherds are massive. They can hear minute sounds and are always eager to hear your voice.

  • Guarding habit

Earlier the German shepherds were used to guard the fields of sheep and cattle. On any type of intrusion, they immediately alert their owner. So, the guarding behaviour is instinctive. However, at times they get aggressive towards familiar dogs or known people. To avoid such a situation you have to train them properly.

  • Affectionate towards their owners

In general, German shepherds easily bond with their owners. They get close to one family member than the rest and are lovers instead of fighters. They want to spend just maximum time cuddling with you at night after they finish working during the daytime.

  • Loyal

Regardless of gender, the majority of German shepherds are loyal and clingy towards their owners. Not only in terms of obedience but, they will always follow their owners everywhere they go. In short, you’ll never feel lonely if you have a German Shepherd in your house.

Monthly Expense of Owning a German Shepherd

You have the information regarding the cost, behaviour and needs of a german shepherd. However, once you buy one you’ll have to regularly spend some money to keep them healthy.

Image by: AsyaPozniak/ iStockphoto

Generally, you will need a budget of around £150-200 to cover the basic requirements of your german shepherd dog. These expenses shall cover the cost of food and Vet checks. In addition, German shepherds shed heavily and they will require professional grooming.

Further, the budget will only keep increasing. But, why? Let’s analyze.

Reasons why budget increases

  • Food quality

German shepherds have high energy requirements. So, it’s crucial to feed them high-quality food. The costs for quality roughly range from £60-90.

  • Toys

To meet the chewing needs of the german shepherd, you’ll have to get some toys, especially if you have a puppy german shepherd. So, you may have to spend around £20-100 on toys.

  • Grooming

You can groom your dog at home, however, to maintain a healthy and shiny coat it’s best to get it done by a professional. This will prevent excessive shedding. A professional groomer may charge you £50-150 for their services.

  • Training/Exercise

GSDs are high-energetic dogs. You can train them at home. But, if you are a beginner or your dog is suffering from behavioural issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, or a medical condition, then you’ll have to hire a professional trainer. If you opt to train the dog on weekly basis, the trainer may charge you between £80-100.

  • Vet consultation

Regular check-up of your dog is important for keeping them healthy. In fact, for a puppy dog, vaccination is vital. And as your dog grows you may even consider spaying surgery. The annual expenditure on your dog’s vet visits or medical bills may roughly range between £800-4000.

  • Crate

A crate is helpful if you plan on crate-training your dog. If you take your dog in a car on daily basis, you may need an additional crate for the car as well. Buying a crate will cost you around a minimum of £50.

Tips on saving money while buying or nurturing a German Shepherd Dog

The cost of nurturing a german shepherd is high. So, you are probably wondering – Is there a way you can cut some costs? You can, but, not without a compromise. The reason is simple, the trainers or breeders who put the dogs for sale invest a lot of time and money. Their efforts reflect in the price.

Still, if you have a budget constraint and have to save your money, you can do it smartly. Following are the tips you can follow for cost-cutting:

Tip #1 Buy a retired dog

This is the best bet on saving money. These dogs are done with their career or are neutered. The price of such dogs is less because they are not as active as young puppies. But, make no mistake, they are fit because they have passed health testing requirements in their early days.

You can easily buy a retired dog for roughly £200 and the maximum price may go up to £500. The maximum price of a retired dog is the low buying price of a puppy.

Tip #2 Grooming the dog yourself

You can cut costs if you avoid hiring a professional groomer. A professional groomer’s minimum charge for one grooming session is around £50. It can go as high as £150. So, with the slightest of experience, you can groom the dog at home itself.

Tip #3 Don’t buy a crate

A crate for a german shepherd dog can cost about £50. If you have a specific reserved place for the dog, then you can save a few pounds by not spending much on them.

Tip #4 Train the dog yourself

A professional dog trainer will charge a lot to train your german shepherd dog. One training session can cost you around £100. So, if you have prior experience owning a pet dog, you can easily save some money.


What is the German Shepherd’s price in the UK?

German shepherd price UK ranges anywhere between £500-2500. This price range covers puppies and a few adult GSDs. If you buy a trained GSD it may even cost more than £2500.

Are German Shepherds high-risk?

German shepherds are one of the most dangerous breeds out there. This is mainly because of their biting severity and frequency of biting. Their bite is powerful and that’s why they are high-risk.

How much does a german shepherd puppy cost?

Buying a German Shepherd puppy from a reliable source or reputed breeder will cost you around £500-2500. You will also have to spend additional costs for vaccinations and other requirements.

Authors Take

The article provides you with an estimated price range for a german shepherd. So, should you buy one? Well, it’s not cheap but, if you are a dog lover and in search of a loyal companion then you should definitely consider buying a german shepherd dog.

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