How Much To Put A Dog Down UK? Understanding the Costs

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The young pup you adopted, the trusting and friendly sweet pooch. You made great memories and you’ll cherish them for life. They were with you through the thick and thin of life. They charmed up the whole room with their presence. Petting them was almost healing. 

how much to put down a dog uk

Your companion can no longer keep up with you, your energy. They’ve gotten old and it would ease their suffering to be put down. To put down your furry friend is one of the hardest and most noble decisions a pet parent has to make. But when do you realize that it’s time?]

Key Takeaways

  • The dog’s life should be assessed before euthanization. Criteria include Quality of Life, Mobility Issues, Loss of Appetite, and Getting Old.
  • In UK the cost of putting down a dog ranges from £50 and £100.
  • Euthanization is the process of injecting an overdose of anesthesia into the front paw of a dog.
  • After euthanasia, you will have the option to cremate or bury.
  • You can ask for a hair lock or paw print as a memorial.

Reasons to Put Down a Dog 

There are behaviors and physical agility that can be signs of their declining health.

  1. Quality of Life

Evaluate your dog’s life. 

  • Can they still enjoy the activities they do? 
  • Are they quiet or restless
  • Do they have a medical condition they can’t recover from?
  • Do they still interact with family members? 
dog in corner

Answering these questions will help you realize if your dog is leading a life of suffering or is enjoying it. It is important to assess and share your observations with the vet. 

2. Mobility Issues

Consider if they can perform certain functions. If they can move around. 

  • Are they able to sleep peacefully? Or do they keep changing positions? 
  • Do they still have enthusiasm for walks or not? 
  • Do they get tired easily? Do they pant a lot more often?  
  • Do they struggle to play or jump?

Addressing these concerns will put the pieces together and help you know the steps you should take to help your friend, preserve the mobility they have left.

3. Loss of Appetite

How do they act around food? This can point towards a bigger problem. 

  • Has their appetite reduced
dog eating food
  • Do they show less interest in treats? 
  • Is there a decrease or increase in their water intake? 
  • Do they suffer from Diarrhea or Constipation? 

“Diarrhea is one of the first signs seen in parvovirus, a viral infection that can cause life-threatening illness in susceptible dogs”, says  Ryan Llera from VCAHospitals.

There are many reasons for loss of appetite, ranging from dental issues to behavioral issues.  It is best to consult a vet and do a full checkup to get a diagnosis. 

4. Getting Old

There are signs that point to declining health and movement. This points to the obvious fact that your young pup is no longer young. 

  • Is your dog avoiding physical contact? 
  • Do they have bad breath? 
dog bad breath
  • Has there been a change in their weight?
  • Are they peeing or pooping in the house? 

It is advised to see a vet. They can prescribe treatment and help you navigate the situation better. 

How Much to Put Down a Dog UK?

It can happen that all efforts and treatments can still lead to no progress. As disheartening as that is. It is important to consider your friends, family, and vet’s opinions before taking this huge step. 

dog getting checked

As a responsible pet parent, you will have to face the reality. If you can no longer keep your buddy comfortable, it’s time to put them down. Your dog’s comfort and well-being should be a priority throughout the process. 

Depending on the veterinarian, the price to put a dog to sleep can vary. However, in the UK, it usually ranges between £50 and £100. The price differs based on the size of the dog, as bigger dogs need a higher dosage. 

The decision to euthanize is usually taken when the pet is suffering from terminal illness or is in much pain. A veterinary can offer guidance on that choice.

The Process

Reader discretion is advised. This can be hard to read for some people. 

  1. An excessive amount of anesthesia injected into the front leg vein typically results in euthanasia. It can also be given to other parts of the body. 
  1. A patch of fur is shaved off, and all your furry friend will feel is a tiny prick of the needle. There is usually a nurse present to hold the dog and calm the dog. 
  2. Your dog may feel dizziness followed by being unconscious
  3. Death occurs quickly. You may witness twitching and small gasps. These are the dog’s instincts and they calm down quickly. 
  4. Their eyes may remain open and they may release their bladder

It is up to you if you wish to be present with the dog during the process. It can have a calming effect on your pet. Try to be composed and collected as any signs of panic can stress out the dog as well.


After euthanasia[1], you will have the option to cremate or bury. Cremation can be expensive. If you are unable to choose, you may keep the dog with the vet while you consider your options. 

Your faithful buddy was part of your family and it is common to grieve. There can also be anxiety and fear about the decision you took. If it was too early or too late? It is better to realize that you took away your dog’s pain and suffering. 

Grieving dog

There are numerous methods for celebrating your dog’s life. At the crematorium, paw prints are available upon request. Most veterinarians will gladly supply your pet’s hair lock. Creating a scrapbook filled with memories is also a good idea.


Is Dog Euthanasia Legal in UK?

It is legal and acceptable to euthanize your dog. Consider a vet’s opinion before making the decision. If their pain or illness is treatable, there is no need for euthanasia. 

When Should I Put My Dog to Sleep UK?

There are many reasons to euthanize your pet. Assess their quality of life, their mobility, and their sickness. If their illness is no longer manageable, if they are in constant pain, it is the kindest decision to take. 

Can a Vet Refuse to Put a Dog Down UK?

If the vet during the examination finds that the dog is in perfect health or their illness is treatable, then the vet may refuse. The vet may refuse on ethical grounds as well. It is best to get a second opinion. 

How Painful is Dog Euthanasia?

The dog will feel a tiny prick of injection, to which they might whimper or cry. But the process is quick and painless. If the vet is unable to find the nerve and injects outside the vein, it can cause pain

What If I Can’t Afford to Put My Dog to Sleep?

You can ask the vet for a payment plan. You can contact dog shelters in your area as some provide discounted euthanasia. There are options for Mass Cremation, the downside is you may not have any ashes to take home. 


Although a dreadful and depressing procedure to go through. It is important as this relieves your pet of a life full of pain and suffrage. The average cost to euthanize your dog is between £50 and £100. 

You can keep their ashes or scatter them in your dog’s favorite spot. Whatever you do you will always have your best buddy’s cherished memories with you. And perhaps, when you feel ready, you can get a new friend. 


  1. Facts About Euthanasia (Small Animals). (n.d.). Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Retrieved January 9, 2024, from Cornell University.
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