How To Get Dog To Wear Boots? Tips and Tricks

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Dog’s paws are soft pads, which provide them comfort while walking. It is also the sweat gland, which makes them an important part of their body. This is why it is necessary to maintain their paw health and keep them safe.

How To Get Dog To Wear Boots?

Dog boots help to protect your dog’s paws from external elements, but the main concern here is how to make your dog wear boots. Dogs are curious and mischievous creatures which increases the difficulty.

But don’t have to worry, through our blog, “How to get dog to wear boots?” we will help you explore all the tricks and tips.

Why Your Dog Needs Boots?

Dog’s paws are soft, while walking they go through a lot of pressure which makes them dry. They are also prone to getting injured so to protect your dog you need boots.

Why Your Dog Needs Boots?

Here are some major reasons why your dog needs boots:


While walking your dog’s soft paws have regular friction with hard and rough pavements, stones, and sharp objects which leads to the dog’s paw getting injured.

Dog boots protect a dog’s paw from this injury-causing elements and materials. It keeps their paws soft and they can walk freely without any difficulties.


If your dog is allergic to grass and weeds then making them wear boots can reduce your problem. Due to wearing shoes the contact between this grass and your dog’s paw is blocked preventing the allergic reaction.


The dog needs regular walking to maintain their health, but during this walk, there is a lot of dirt and debris on the road. This dirt and debris gets stuck in your dog’s paw while walking.

Not cleaning the dog’s paw regularly will make these elements stay, resulting in developing infection. This is especially a concern when walking dog in rain, as more mud and dirt get stuck in their paws. This infection be serious and cause discomfort to your dog while walking.

Wearing boots prevents dog paws[1] from attracting dirt and protects them from this infection.

Rough terrain

While walking on the road your dog has to walk on rough terrain, the dog’s paw being soft and smooth gets cracked. Cracked paws are more prone to get injured and dust and debris get stuck in them easily.

Cracked paws can be prevented through boots. Boots protect dog’s paw from the rough terrain and keeps them soft as they were.


dog wearing boots

During winter the roads are covered with snow, which can make your dog’s paw extremely cold. Apart from this, the de-icers used to melt the snow can cause chemical burns to your dog’s paw. This de-icer chemical remains on your dog’s paw while walking and if your dog licks it then it can be fatal.

Wearing shoes not only protects your dog’s paw from snow but also the harmful chemicals.

As mentioned by Dr. Jennifer Coates DVM, in petmd, "Dog snow boots are the most reliable way to protect paws in winter. They provide a nearly impenetrable barrier against sharp ice, snow, dampness, and chemicals and can help with traction."


During summer the pavements are hot and when your dog walks it can lead to the paws getting burnt. Your dog may not even be able to walk on this hot pavement and face difficulties. To avoid this discomfort during summer wear your dog boots[2].

Choosing the Right Size and Style of Boots for Your Dog

Right Size and Style of Boots for Your Dog

Choosing the right size and style of boots is very necessary for the comfort of your dog. Here are a few tips on how can you select the best dog walking boots for your dog:

  • Using measuring tape measure the right and accurate size of your dog’s paw. Knowing the correct paw size is important, so make sure you have arranged the dog’s paw correctly while measuring. Refer to our guide on how to measure dog paws for boots to ensure you get the proper sizing.”
  • When choosing the boots for a dog choose the waterproof and water resistant one. The boots should have a strong grip and must be flexible with a soft sole.
  • Make your dog try all the styles of boots and choose the one which is more relaxed and will not harm your dog even if worn for a long time. Instead of choosing the fashion choose your dog’s comfort first.

How To Get Dog To Wear Boots?

Here are some tips and tricks you can follow to make your dog wear the boots:

  • To start let your dog just sniff the boots and reward them with a treat if they show a positive response. Let your dog have his own time getting familiar with boots.
  • Once your dog is familiar with boots then make him wear the boots. If they are not allowing you to do so, try providing them with treats or distractions like toys.
  • After your dog wears the shoes, secure them with a velcro strap, and let them walk on their own.
  • Make your dog run and play wearing the shoes in the house itself and let him be comfortable with the process.
  • Once your dog is comfortable walking indoors you can take him for a short walk outside.
  • This process can be time-consuming so do not rush, let your dog take his own time with each step. Keep patience and do not scold or punish your dog if he is not learning properly. Provide him with positive reinforcements to encourage.

How To Help Your Dog Walk in Boots?

How To Help Your Dog Walk in Boots?

To help your dog walk in boots follow the following steps:

  • Start with a slow and short walking session of about 5 to 10 minutes regularly.
  • If your dog is chewing or playing with the boots then distract him with the treats.
  • Make your dog run and play wearing the shoes, it will make him more comfortable with it.


How to get dog to wear boots?

To get your dog to wear boots you need to train them properly. One of the best ways to make your dog wear boots is to give them treats. First, let your dog sniff the boots properly then make them wear the boots and command them to calm down.

How long does it take dogs to get used to boots?

It takes a few days or a few weeks for your dog to get used to the boots. The time a dog takes to get used to wearing boots depends on various factors like the training process, your dog’s learning skills, and your attitude. While training your dog to wear boots don’t force them let them take their own time to be comfortable.

Why are boots good for dogs?

Boots are good for dogs, it provides dog, with comfort, grip and stability while walking. Apart from this it also protects dogs from dirt, debris, hot pavements and sharp objects. It provides dog comfort while walking and you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt anymore.

How long can a dog wear a boot?

A dog should not wear a boot for more than 1 to 2 hours. Dogs have sweat glands in their paws, so if they wear boots for a long period then it can lead to discomfort.

Will my dog get used to wearing boots?

Yes, your dog will get used to wearing the boots. The dog needs proper and repeated training to get used to the boots. You need to give your dog time and have patience. Once your dog gets comfortable with wearing the boots he will gradually get used to it.


As we know boots are the best way to keep a dog’s paw safe during the walk and one of the requirements. We hope through our blog, “How to get dog to wear boots?” we have solved your this issue reducing your stress.

By following the tips and tricks you can easily make the dog wear boots however, remember the dog should not wear boots for too long. Dog should wear boots only for 1 to 2 hours not more than it. Dog’s paw are also their sweat gland and wearing boots longer can lead to discomfort and irritation in them.


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