How to Go Camping With a Dog? Camp With Canine!

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Imagine a beautiful sunset from a cliff, the sun going down and you are with your family. There is also a happy bark, from your dog. But is it safe? How to go camping with a dog?

For this, you need to plan. Planning is not just for grown-ups, even dogs appreciate a well-thought-out adventure!🐶

Now, why bother planning, you ask? Well, think of it like this: would you head into a chocolate factory without a sweet tooth? No way! Similarly, camping with your dog needs a sprinkle of planning magic.

So, grab your walking boots and your dog’s favourite toy because we’re about to embark on a camping adventure. So, without further ado let’s roll!

How to go camping with a dog

How to Go Camping With a Dog? Tips!

Camping isn’t just about pitching tents and toasting marshmallows, it’s about sharing the great outdoor experience with your family too! So, before you start this adventure there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Ensure the vaccinations are up to date, shielding your sidekick from any unexpected bugs that might try to spoil the fun.🐶

Check for those parasites, the ones that can turn a happy tail into an itchy tale. Ensure your dog is parasite-free so that their only worry is deciding which stick to fetch first.

Now, Read up on the pet policies and make sure you’re aware of any specific rules. Get any necessary permits, and consider it their VIP pass to the camping.⛺

Tip 1) Essential Gear for the Dog

Here is the list of stuff you need to have a comfortable camping adventure with your dog:

Gear CategoryUsage
Collar, Leash, and IdentificationSafety and style! Durable and comfy. Don’t forget the ID tag.
Shelter and BeddingA cosy nook for royal naps after adventure. Tent, crate, bed – fit for a dog!
Food and Water SuppliesFuel up at the outdoor doggy buffet. Collapsible bowls for wherever, whenever.🌊
Safety GearAdventure essentials – first aid,💼 reflectors, and more.
Upgraded GearTake glamping to the next level. Cushy bed? High-tech leash? Woof!
a happy dog in the tent

Tip 2) Training and Socialization

Training your dog for camping is important. There may be some situations where these commands come in handy, let’s see them:

  • Sit: The polite “bottoms on the ground” command. Useful for pre-meal patience and calm greetings.
  • Stay: The art of remaining in one spot, is perfect for setting up camp without a curious canine nose in every bag.
  • Come: This is essential for off-leash adventures, think of it as your dog’s caped crusader moment.
  • Leave it: A vital lesson in self-control. This command ensures your dog avoids sniffing or munching on things they shouldn’t, like that mysterious forest fungus.🐶

Repetition🔁 is the key to success, and treats are the golden stars for them. Reward each mastered command with a treat.

Before the tent goes up, let's ease your dog into the camping scene: Introduce camping gear in your living room. Make it a game, the more positive the association, the better. ⛺

Nature🏞️ can be overwhelming, so take it slow. Remember, patience is important!

Tip 3) Choosing a Dog-Friendly Campsite

Before you prepare for your camp it is important to find a dog-friendly camping place, let’s see how can you do that[1]:

trekking with the dog
  • Dive into the resources, every campsite has its rulebook, and it’s essential to understand them. Check for any leash requirements or breed restrictions, it’s like understanding the local customs before visiting a new land.
  • Now not all campsites are created equal. Some have rough terrains, while others offer smooth trails. Choose wisely.
  • Choose a site near a lake or river for those spontaneous doggy swims. Dog-friendly trails add an extra layer of adventure, it’s like a playground designed just for your dog.🐶
  • Your dog’s enthusiasm is contagious, but let’s keep the decibels in check. Consider a peaceful coexistence with fellow campers is the ultimate goal.
  • Camping⛺ is a team sport, and your dog is your MVP. Leaving them unattended risks their safety and the peace of the campsite. It’s a golden rule, where you go, your dog follows.

If you’re car camping, make sure to choose a campsite with enough space to set up one of the best tents for camping with dogs. This will ensure your pup has plenty of room to relax after a fun day of adventure.

Tip 4) Activities for the Dog

Camping isn’t just about humans soaking in nature, it’s a family affair, so fun is inevitable. Now what activities we can do with our dogs too? Let’s see:

1. Hiking and Exploring

Just like us, dogs have different energy levels. Pick trails that match your dog’s energy.

Whether it’s a stroll or an uphill climb, tailor the adventure to their wagging capabilities. Hiking is a workout, even for your dog. 🐶

Like a water cooler at the office, take breaks for your dog to rest, hydrate, and soak in the scenery, ensuring the trail is as enjoyable for them as it is for you.

2. Water Activities

For water-loving dogs, a camping⛺ trip without a splash is like a biscuit without gravy.

trekking with the dog

Check the campsite rules, if water activities are a go, it’s time to dive in! Rivers, lakes, or puddles, let your dog embrace their inner water spirit.

Safety is key, especially if your dog is a first-time swimmer or the aquatic type.

3. Dog-Friendly Activities

Whether it’s fetching a ball, playing hide and seek, or just rolling in the grass, choose activities to their interests.

Camping is more than a tent and a campfire, it’s a canvas for shared adventures.

These activities ensure that your dog doesn’t just accompany you but actively participates in the camping joy.🐶

Even outdoor-loving dogs can get cold after swimming or hiking. Know how to keep dogs warm while camping by having towels, blankets and a warm shelter easily accessible.

Tip 5) Night-time Routine

Dogs love familiarity. If your pup has a favourite blanket or toy, bring it along. It’s like a bedtime teddy bear, providing comfort and a touch of home in the great outdoors. As a responsible camping parent, keep a watchful eye on your dog during the night. ⛺

Dogs, much like us, may wake up disoriented in a new environment. A reassuring glimpse or a gentle pat can go a long way. If you hear an unusual bark or whimper, investigate gently. It could be a sign that they need a midnight bathroom break or just a reassuring cuddle. 🐶

a dog sitting infront of camp fire

As the crickets sing and the night breeze rustles the leaves, your dog’s nighttime routine is not just about sleep but creating a secure and comforting environment. Lights out, campers!

Tip 6) Emergency Preparedness

In this camping fun, we must prepare for some unpredictable emergencies. Let’s see how can we do that:

  • Locate the nearest vet’s clinic or emergency services, your lifeline in case your dog needs a healthcare hero. Note down their contact information, ensuring it’s accessible.
  • If your dog has any existing health conditions or requires regular medications, be the organised caregiver. Carry a supply of essential medications and ensure you have the contact details of your vet on speed dial.
  • Familiarise yourself with evacuation routes, it’s like having a treasure map to safety. Identify safe meeting points where you and your dog can regroup if separation occurs.🐶
  • Unpredictability is nature’s middle name. Plan for unexpected, sudden weather changes, wildlife encounters, or any unforeseen circumstances.
Lastly, Every adventurer needs a first-aid kit,💼 and your dog is no exception. Here are things you can add to the kit: Bandages, antiseptic wipes, and tweezers for tick removal. Happy camping!⛺


❓Where Do Dogs Sleep When Camping?

Most of the time dogs sleep in the tent with you. Though, some dogs are more comfortable sleeping outside on a blanket, while others may prefer to have their tent or sleep in the car for a secure, quiet space.

❓How to Go Camping With a Dog?

Get him adjusted to the environment. If your dog hasn’t been camping before, he may be a bit overwhelmed. Packing for your pooch. Leash up around the campsite. Keep your dog comfortable. Fill up on first aid. Think water safety.

❓Can I Leave My Dog in a Tent?

Don’t leave the dog in the van or a crate in the tent, not only could they get too hot, they could howl the campsite down while you’re gone. You could book her into kennels for the day but you’d need to make sure she was up to date with all her vaccines, including kennel cough.

❓Is It Good for Dogs to Go Camping?

Camping can be beneficial for both you and your dog, but only if you do so safely. Because you are spending time outdoors and in unfamiliar territory, there are a few dog camping tips to keep in mind for a safe and worry-free vacation. Dogs can get overheated in the sun, just like humans can.

❓How Do I Keep My Dog Warm at Night When Camping?

Consider buying a sleeping bag or pad. Buy a doggie puffy coat. Place a warm water bottle next to them, wrapped in a shirt. Always bring a lightweight fleece or down blanket. Cuddle your dog.


In conclusion “How to go camping with a dog?” Let the leash be your guide, the trails your playground, and the starry night your nightlight. 🌝

Enjoy the camping experience with your well-prepared, dog-friendly location, safety kit and collars. Before you head out, consider an important question – how cold is too cold for dog camping?

Now, as you embark on your camping journey, remember this: you’re not just camping, you’re creating memories with your loyal friend. So, here is to a camping adventure filled with love and laughter.


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