How To Make A Dog Poop Quickly? Gut Guide!

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Studies have been dedicated to finding similarities between man and man’s best friend. Through years of evolution, dogs have picked up human traits and emotions. Unfortunately, they’ve also picked up health issues like constipation. We’re going to find out: “How To Make A Dog Poop Quickly?”

Dogs have fallen from predators to lap dogs as people have domesticated them. Naturally, they’ve developed health issues. Let’s try to relieve some of our canine friends’ pain.

How To Make A Dog Poop Quickly?

How To Make A Dog Poop Quickly?

Lack of movement and dietary flaws can cause constipation. If your pet has consumed undigestible items like hair, garbage, or plants it can cause blockage. This results in having trouble defecating.

Dehydration can lead to improper, slow digestion and thus, constipation. A lack of fibre or an increase in fibre can lead to constipation. Natural factors like ageing can also cause it. Old dogs are more prone to constipation than younger pups. Although, young pups do need a push to pee and poop.

If you notice that your doggy has to exert while pooping and it’s only a small amount, it is a symptom of constipation. Symptoms include stone-like, dry stool or mucus stool. It is your sign to take action for your pup’s health.

How To Make A Dog Poop Quickly?

Dietary Changes To Make

Diet has a direct correlation with digestion and defecation. Some small changes that you can make are:

1. Shift To Canned Food

Canned food has a lot more moisture than kibbles. This is a good way to hydrate your dog and improve their digestion.

Dr. Jennifer Coates from PetMD states: “Dehydration can cause constipation in dogs because the body responds by reabsorbing as much water as possible from the feces, making it hard and difficult to pass.”

Shift To Canned Food

2. Add Pumpkin To Their Diet

Pumpkin is high in moisture and fibre. Adding a spoonful of unsweetened, xylitol-free canned pumpkin can help digestion greatly. You can top your pup’s meal with a bite-sized pumpkin or make a puree. Give a small dog a spoonful of pumpkin and a large dog two spoons.

Add Pumpkin To Their Diet

3. Add Probiotics To Their Diet

Probiotics are also known as good bacteria for guts. It aids in digestion and can help with defecation. It is strongly advised to consult your vet beforehand. There are a lot of bacteria that can be good for your pet, and not enough research to decide on your own.

Add Probiotics To Their Diet

4. Access To Fresh Water

It is important to keep your pup well-hydrated. Water can soften the stool. There are various ways to trick your pet into drinking water. Switching to wet food can help as it contains moisture. Consider getting a water dispenser, this can keep the water fresh and cool.

Access To Fresh Water

5. Exercise

Ensure that your pet gets regular movement. This can get the bowel system moving. It is a good idea to play a game of fetch[1] before your pup poops.


Quick Home Remedies

  • Rub Your Pup’s Belly: Giving your pup a belly massage before they do their routine can get things moving. Try rubbing their belly clockwise then anti-clockwise. Do this right before you take the walk.
  • Squirting Stimulation: Use a spray bottle and squirt some cold water on their rear. This should make the rear contract, the same way it does when they poop. When they reflex their muscles, they should defecate.
  • Manual Stimulation Method: Rub your puppy’s belly then use some baby wipes to rub their rear. This is especially useful in younger pups. It is how their mothers help them defecate. Make sure to keep some towels under them.

When To See A Vet?

If you’ve noticed that your pet hasn’t defecated in 24-48 hours, it is best advised to see a vet. It is usually nothing serious and making dietary changes can help.

When To See A Vet?

Your vet may provide stool softeners and ask to make changes in diet. In some cases, the vet may perform enemas to provide relief to your pet.

It is strongly recommended to consult your vet and not perform these remedies at home.


How to make a dog poop quickly?

There are numerous reasons why your dog may have trouble pooping. Making dietary changes can make a difference. You can also try home remedies like spraying some cold water on your pup’s rear. Rubbing your pup’s belly before a walk can get the bowel movement going. If your dog hasn’t pooped in 24-48 hours. It is best advised to consult a vet.

How to make a constipated dog poop quickly?

Making dietary changes can help. Try adding pumpkin puree to their food as pumpkin is high in fibre. Shifting to wet, canned food can help increase water intake which helps soften their poop. Ensure that your pet is getting regular movement. You can rub and massage their belly, this will provide some encouragement to poop.

What foods help dogs poop?

Changing diet is a good idea to help a constipated dog. You can try adding pumpkin to their diet. Cooking for your doggy can also make positive changes, use olive oil or coconut oil. Make sure your pet is well-hydrated. Try encouraging them by investing in a water dispenser which will keep the water fresh and cool. Adding flavour to water is another good idea. Serve unsalted bone broth.

Should I be worried if my dog isn’t pooping?

Dogs usually hold in their poop. It is a matter of concern if your pet hasn’t pooped in 24-48 hours. Consult a vet and follow their instructions and prescriptions. They might suggest stool softener or laxative. If necessary, the vet may perform an enema to give your dog temporary relief. It is advised to not buy laxatives or stool softeners without consulting your vet.

How many poos should a dog do a day?

Young pups may poop more often while adult dogs may poop one to three times a day. Senior dogs, however, poop only once a day. Although the frequency of poops depends on your dog’s diet. If they are consuming too much fibre or too little fibre.


A healthy diet and lifestyle full of fun and excitement can keep your dog fit. Never pressure or push your pet to poop on command as it can cause performance anxiety. Always be patient with your pooch.

We believe this has provided clarity on your question: “How To Make A Dog Poop Quickly?” We wish your pet gut health.


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