How To Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally?

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A lot of dog breeds experience discolouration around their eyes. This is more prominent in white fur breeds. It is more of an aesthetic issue and reflects their health. Let’s find out: “How To Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally?”

We will be understanding the causes and how you can help.

How To Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally?

How To Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally?

Tears serve the purpose of moistening the eyes and is necessary for eye health. It protects your eyes from external particles and infections. Tear Stains occur when there is an excess of tears and they overflow and settle between fur hairs. Pet owners report damp fur under the eye area. Epiphora is the medical term for this condition.

There are many reasons for tear staining. It can be that your pet has blocked tear ducts or tear ducts that don’t drain properly. This requires surgery. Regular tear staining can mean yeast infection. It is also possible that your pet is allergic, it can be to some kind of food, dust or even smoke. If the water is high in mineral content it can cause staining, you can try giving your pet distilled water.

“The characteristic reddish-brown color of dog tear stains is caused by an iron-containing dye molecule called porphyrin,” says Dr. Rhiannon Koehler from PetMD. “When the body breaks down red blood cells, porphyrin is released. This molecule is excreted in the bile, tears, saliva, and urine of dogs.” 

Tear stains can also occur in puppies that are teething. This is as a result of swollen gums and fever. You may notice it’s teething if you find blood stains on chew toys.

How To Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally?

Changing your pet’s diet can help. Distilled water, contains no minerals and can help staining. Foods especially high in iron also cause tear staining. A balanced meal is the key to a healthy appearance.

Home Remedies For Tear Stains

Wash your dog’s fur around the eyes with non-tear dry shampoo. Make sure the shampoo doesn’t irritate the dog’s eyes. Dab the area with cornstarch with a makeup brush or pad and comb it out to control excess precipitation.

Home Remedies

You can also choose to trim the facial hair. Set a routine, and trim every two weeks. Mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with a glass of water. Apply this solution with cotton and wash it off with water. Do this once a week.

Applying coconut oil[1] can help as well. You can use a wipe to dab coconut oil. In case you use your fingers, ensure that you wash your hands afterwards to avoid germs and bacteria.

Never use soap, bleach or alcohol. It will do more harm than good. Dog soaps are alright to use. However, bleach or alcohol can cause distressing burns and rashes on your dog’s skin.

How To Prevent Tear Stains?

Making dietary changes can help prevent tear stains. Add half a spoon of apple cider vinegar[2] to their water. It is more beneficial than regular vinegar. Make sure to have a bowl of fresh water next to apple cider vinegar water, just in case your pup doesn’t like the taste. You can also give your puppy a bath with a spoonful of vinegar as it can improve pH levels.

Adding coconut oil to their food can also help. It is good for the skin as well as the immune system. Avoid giving more than 1/4 tablespoon of coconut oil in a day as it can cause diarrhea. Use coconut oil to massage your dog before a bathing session.

How To Prevent Tear Stains?

Give your pet a balanced meal that has no grains. Grains don’t pose any harm to your pet although, it’s not essential to their diet. Grains can cause allergic reactions in your dog. Ensure that your pet gets regular exercise.


How to remove dog tear stains naturally?

Use a non-tear dry shampoo to wash the tear stain area. You can also use dry cornstarch to dab the area, this will help with excess precipitation and oil. Trimming their hair near their eyes and nose can help. Using coconut oil to moisturize can help as well.

What is the best homemade tear stain remover for dogs?

Mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with a glass of water. Use a cotton ball to dab the solution on the tear-stained fur. Make sure to avoid the eyes. Let it dry and then wash it off with warm water. Repeat this once a week to see the results. Making dietary changes can also help.

Can tear stains really be removed?

With appropriate diet changes and home remedies, tear stains can be removed naturally. Give only distilled water to your dog as excess minerals can cause tear stains. Make a solution of a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide with a glass of water and use cotton to apply on fur.

How do I stop my dogs tear stains?

There are many ways to prevent tear stains. Keep the hair around the eye and nose area trimmed. Make a routine of cleaning the eyes and the eye area. Add apple cider vinegar and coconut oil to your pet’s diet.

What foods cause tear stains in dogs?

Red meats are high in iron and can cause tear stains in dogs. Try removing them from their diets to see if it helps. Give your pup distilled water instead of regular mineral water. Excess minerals can cause tear stains.


Tear stains make your pet less aesthetically appealing. In dogs, tears can be a symptom of underlying diseases. It is best advised to consult a vet if home remedies aren’t working as desired. The vet may reach a diagnosis by exclusion.

We tried to address the question of “How To Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally?” It is important to note that while home remedies may provide temporary relief or help prevent further staining. Yet it still doesn’t replace a professional’s advise.


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