How to Teach Dogs to Put Away Toys?

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Tired of scattered toys? Teach your dog this fun and useful trick! This guide details a step-by-step process using positive reinforcement to train your dog to put away their toys.

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Key Takeaways

  • Goal: Train your dog to place its toys in a designated basket/box.
  • Steps:
    1. Choose a toy storage area.
    2. Teach “Drop” with treats, then transition to “Put away” with the basket.
    3. Gradually reduce treats and increase praise.
    4. Practice consistently.
  • Patience and positive reinforcement are key.

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Requirements for Training

The main aim of this training is to train your dog to pick its toys and place them in a specific basket or box after a certain time or whenever you want. Following are some of the items that you’ll need for this training exercise:

Basket (Toy Box):

A basket or a toy box is required, where your dog will place all its toys after playtime. After training, your dog will on its own place all the toys in the box itself. You can buy a dedicated toy box from your local pet shops, or for the time being, you can use a cardboard box during the training process.


Use your dog’s favourite toys for this activity as it may respond to the toys it plays with regularly, and may ignore if other toys are being used.


As you are training and practising this new skill with your dog, have a few little pieces of dog treats available to praise good behaviour.

Steps to Train Your Dog to Put Toys Away

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Teaching your dog to put away its toys can be a fun and useful trick for keeping your home tidy. Here are some steps you can follow to train your dog to put away its toys:

  • Choose a designated toy storage area, such as a basket or box.
  • Show the toy to your dog and let it play with it for a bit.
  • Once your dog is done, use the command “Drop” and offer a treat as soon as the toy is released.
  • Repeat the “Drop” command and treat process several times, until your dog is able to drop the toy consistently.
  • Change the command from “Drop” to “Put away” and hold the toy basket or box in front of your dog.
  • Say “Put away” and give the treat immediately after your dog drops the toy into the designated storage area.
  • Repeat the process with other toys and gradually reduce the frequency of treats while increasing the praise and positive reinforcement.
  • Practice regularly to maintain the skill and make it a habit.

Teaching your dog to put away its toys takes time, patience, and positive reinforcement, but the end result is a well-trained and organized pet. Remember to be consistent and keep training sessions short and fun for the best results.

When your dog regularly follows the designated order of actions around nine out of ten times, you can start to back off on the treats and wait two to three times for them to perform the task correctly before rewarding them. They will eventually do it without any rewards.


When should I take my dog’s toys away?

It is always recommended to take your dog’s toys away after playtime. As even your dog has emotions and wants to have fun, if you keep taking away its toy whenever you want, your dog will become disobedient and aggressive towards you.

Should I put my dog’s toys away?

Toys are not a luxury but rather a necessity for dogs and other pets. The well-being of your dog depends on its toys. When you must leave your dog at home, toys keep them entertained and reassure them when they’re anxious. Even the development of some negative behaviours in your dog can be delayed with the use of toys.

Do dogs remember where they put their toys?

Dog’s brain can remember the way that toy looks and even smells before its owner brings it into the dog’s room.


This article should have addressed your concern about “How to train your dog to put toys away.” Although it takes a lot of effort and patience, this exercise is a lot of fun and an impressive trick to do in front of your friends. 
Use less appealing food and fresh and intriguing toys if your dog is more interested in the treats than the toys. You’ll soon have a canine co-worker on your side if you make the experience lighthearted and positive.


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