Pug Feeding Chart UK – How Much to Feed a Puppy Pug?

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Are you a new pug owner looking for guidance on how to properly feed your furry companion? Pugs are a popular breed known for their charming personalities and cute appearance, but it’s important to remember that they have specific nutritional needs to maintain their health and well-being.

In this article, we will provide you with a pug feeding chart specifically tailored for the UK to help you determine how much and how often to feed your pug puppy. But it’s not just about the quantity of food – we’ll also discuss the importance of choosing a high-quality diet and the potential risks of overfeeding or underfeeding your pug. Keep reading to learn more about ensuring that your pug grows up happy and healthy!

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How Much to Feed a Pug Puppy — Feeding Chart

Well, Pug puppies are at a growing stage, they will be required healthy food, enriched with all the essential nutrients for better development of their body. So, being a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to take good care of their health.

Pug Puppy Feeding Chart-min

For your better knowledge, we have displayed a Pug puppy feeding chart so that you feed correctly to your Pug puppy.

Suppose, if you are parenting a young Pug puppy who weighs around 2 kg. In such a scenario, you need to feed 50 grams of food daily and make sure the total calorie intake ratio should be 353 kcal per day.

On the other hand, if you are parenting an older Pug puppy who weighs around 5-6 kg. Their feeding ratio should be 110 grams of food daily, and their calorie intake ratio should be 503 kcal per day.

If you carefully follow the Pug puppy feeding schedule, you won’t jumble up. And the correct amount of food will be given to your Pug, which is good for his proper development of the body.

We have also covered the Miniature Dachshund puppy feeding chart in our next feeding blog.

Adult Pug Feeding Proportion

Your Pug puppy reaches adulthood when they turn one year old, and it’s important to feed them healthy, high-quality food to maintain their health. In addition, good food not only helps in development but also boosts the immune system, prolongs lifespan, and reduces the chances of getting severe health issues in the future.

Adult Pug Feeding Chart-min

For your reference, we have prepared an adult Pug feeding chart, which will give you better clarity regarding feeding and calorie ratio. It will help you feed him the correct amount of food, and you won’t end up feeding him over the limit or under the limit, it will be in an appropriate ratio.

Suppose you are raising an adult Pug whose weight is around 8 kg, and he is moderately active. Then in such a case, it is suggested to feed him 144 grams of food daily, and the total calorie intake ratio should be around 599 kcal per day.

Note:- The feeding frequency will be cut down to twice a day, and you need to switch to adult dog food. This is because your adult Pug body’s nutrient requirement will change with age and activity level. It’s always better to seek a vet’s advice, they will guide you right in case of their food, and nutrients requirement by checking his health.

Senior Pug Feeding Proportion

Just like other breeds, Pug also needs extra care, when they start getting aged. Their health, activity level and weight vary, and their feeding habits also change. You have to be very careful with his feeding ratio because if you will feed him more calories or quantity then there are chances he will encounter obesity issues, which can lead to further severe health complications.

Senior Pug Feeging Chart

We have prepared a senior Pug feeding chart, which will help you to select the appropriate feeding ratio so that you don’t over or under-feed your furry pal.

For instance, if you are parenting a senior Pug, that is inactive and weighs around 6 kg. Then in such a case, the feeding ratio should be 72 grams daily, and the total calorie intake ratio should be 376 kcal per day. On the other hand, if he weighs the same, and is moderately active by nature, then in such a scenario you can increase the calorie ratio.

Note:- It is suggested to seek a vet’s advice before you switch your pug’s food from adult to senior dog food. They will guide you better regarding the nutrient percentage that needs to be there in your senior Pug’s food. So, accordingly, you can select the senior dog food for your furry pal.

Pug Feeding Tips

Every Pug’s parents get confused about how much should they feed their Pug, which will help to keep him healthy or give him a healthy lifestyle. This is the reason, it’s important to maintain a Pug diet plan and follow the Pug feeding schedule.

Feeding your Pup right, is very important, as it helps you to avoid overfeeding your furry pal.

Pug Feeding Tips
Africa Studio – Shutterstock

PetMD states, “Pugs should be fed based on their body size to avoid overfeeding. Typically, this is 1 to 1.5 cups of food daily. The exact amount of food will be decided by the dog food brand recommendations and your veterinarian’s opinion on what suits your Pug’s health needs and lifestyle.

We already explored the feeding ratio of Pup puppy, Pug adult, and Pug senior. Before you feed your Pug, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to avoid any mistakes.

So, here we have jotted down four factors calorie intake ratio, Pug’s weight, activity level, and foods to avoid upon which you can get a fair estimation of the feeding ratio.

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1. Calories Intake Ratio

Pugs need to be fed different amounts as they grow with time. It’s very important to check his weight repeatedly to get an idea of how much you need to feed him every day.

Furthermore, it is recommended to check out the pug feeding chart as per his age, and weight, to avoid overfeeding him. For instance, if you are parenting an older Pug puppy, then first check his weight, suppose it lies around 7 kg, then it is suggested to feed him around 422 kcal per day for his better well-being and maintain his weight.

Similarly, follow the same concept, first, check your Pug’s weight and according to the Pug feeding chart given by the vet, or food package feed him.

2. Activity Level

As your Pug grows in age, it’s obvious its weight, and activity level will vary. And there are chances they will become inactive with time, and their appetite decreases due to which they will not be so excited about their meal. So, it’s recommended to check his activity level and accordingly feed him so that you don’t add unwanted fats to his body.

Pug Activity Level
Anastasiia Shavshyna – iStock

For instance, if your Pug is in the adulthood phase, and weighs around 6 kg, its calorie intake ratio will be around 483 kcal per day. In addition, it solely depends upon their activity level. In other words, high activity level demands more calories and vice versa scene.

As he reaches seniorhood, their activity level decreases and the calorie intake ratio varies from around 376 kcal per day.

3. The Weight of a Pug

Well, Pugs’ weight varies as they grow old. So, being a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to feed him the correct amount of food and calories. This will help you to maintain your furry pal’s weight, and protect his body from getting infected with any severe issues.

It has been noticed that the Pug are prone to obesity issues, and in some cases, if not taken care of properly then there are also chances that he will be underweight which will affect his appetite.

To find out whether a Pug is overfed or underfed, the simple way is by checking his ribs. If you can easily see his ribs, it means your Pug is underfed, and need to be fed accordingly. But, if you cannot see ribs and only body fat is visible, even after touching him, it means he is overfed, so you need to cut down his meal.

Weight of a Pug
nimis69 – iStock

It’s advisable to first check the weight, and then select the feeding ratio of your furry pal. For instance, if your older Pug puppy weighs around 2 kg it is recommended to feed 353 kcal per day. On the other hand, if your Pug is in the adulthood phase and weighs around 6 kg, it is recommended to feed 463 kcal per day.

The best way is to take him to the vet for a proper checkup, get the exact weight of your Pug, and accordingly feed him.

4. Foods to Avoid

There are certain types of human food which you should avoid feeding to your Pug, it’s not good for their health. We know they eat human food, but that doesn’t mean you can feed them any type of human food.

As we know, Pugs are prone to obesity, and if you don’t keep an eye on their eating habit they can face overweight issues which can lead to other severe health issues.

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How many times a day should I feed my pug?

Well, pug puppies should be fed at least four times a day i.e., morning, midday, and in evening. Plus, side snacks and treats should also be given to them. When they reach adolescence or adulthood, then also four-time meal is recommended as per the individual’s appetite and health.

Can Pug eat eggs daily?

Eggs are full of nutrients, it’s a great source of protein, fatty acids, and vitamins for your furry pal. Yes, you can daily feed an egg to your Pug, it will not harm his body. In fact, eggs will add nutrients and keep his tummy full, and won’t feel hungry quickly.

Do Pugs need to be walked every day?

Pugs belong to small breed sections, they easily get tired, and their activity level decreases with time. For them, it is suggested to take them for a short walk, where they will not go out of breath and will not get tired also. In addition, daily exercises will also help to keep him active all day.

Are Pugs always hungry?

Well, Pugs are foodies, they just love to eat, and whatever you will give them they will just nibble it. It becomes very important to keep an eye on their eating habits, and not let them just grab food from your plate or table. Their love for food can be one of the reasons behind always staying hungry. Another reason can be no matter how well you feed him, he will always feel hungry if he is suffering from obesity issue, where his body demands more and more food.

What human food can pugs eat?

As we know, dogs’ diet is different from human being’s diet; their food type and nutrient value vary as per their breed, age, and weight. If we talk about Pug, there are few human foods that you easily feed them. For instance, carrots, apples, fish, chicken, white rice, peanut butter, eggs, etc… If you provide them in moderation, t won’t harm their health and maintain their digestive system properly.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Now you know very well how much should a Pug eat, and our Pug feeding chart has given you a clear image of the calorie and food ratio, which helps you to feed your Pug correctly.

Our different feeding charts will surely help you in feeding your favourite furry pal. Along with Pug Puppies, we have also covered adult and senior Pug so that you get all the information in one place only.

In addition, those additional feeding tips will also help you more and give you a clear image of the feeding ratio. Before feeding, you know what factors need to be observed and accordingly feed your Pug.

For future reference, refer to our Pug feeding chart, for happy and correct feeding!

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