Border Collie Feeding Chart – How Much to Feed?

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Border Collies are highly energetic breeds who like to take part in physical activities. They make sure the task is done. Furthermore, they are also known for their intelligence and hard-working quality. It’s a fact, they require high-quality food, and more calories to meet their body requirement. Being a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to take good care of your furry pal’s feeding habits.

But how much does Border Collie eat a day? Is there any Border Collie feeding chart?

To answer your question or to clear your doubts, we have done some footwork regarding the Border Collie feeding chart. Along with that, we have also covered major factors upon which your Border Collie feeding tips depend.

Keep reading to know about the Border Collie feeding chart, and feeding tips, for better knowledge.

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How Much to Feed a Border Collie Puppy — Feeding Chart

Your Border Collie puppy starts eating puppy-formulated food after the 4th or 6th week of his birth. In his initial days, he needs his mother’s milk for the better development of their body. It also helps to strengthen his bones, and immune system.

When he reaches the 4th week, start offering him high-quality puppy-formulated food, and he will slowly take interest. After the 6th week, he will only rely on puppy food. Feed him high-quality puppy food which is enriched with all the essential nutrients.

Border Collie Puppy Feeding Chart

For your reference, we have prepared a Border Collie puppy feeding chart, which is bifurcated into younger and older puppies stage-wise. According to your puppy’s age and weight, you can select the feeding and calorie ratio. This will surely help you in feeding him the correct amount of food and will add benefits to his health.

Suppose, your younger Border Collie weight is around 4-5.5 kg, it is suggested to feed him 119 grams of food daily with 676 kcal per day.

Note:- During the puppy stage, you need to feed him at least thrice or four times a day. So divide the recommended food ratio into four equal intervals, and then feed your furry pal. This will help you to keep a track of his daily calories, and you will not end up feeding him more food.

Adult Border Collie Feeding Proportion

Once your Border Collie reaches their adulthood, you need to switch from puppy-formulated food to adult dog food. This is because their body will demand different nutrients for growth, and their activity level will also vary from high to moderate to low with time.

We have attached an adult Border Collie feeding chart, which is bifurcated weight-wise. In addition, the feeding ratio and calorie intake ratio are also given, so you don’t get jumbled up while feeding your furry pal.

Adult Border Collie Feeding Chart

Suppose your adult Border Collie weighs around 16-19.5 kg. Plus, he is full of enthusiasm, likes to go out for a walk, carry out any physical activity, etc… In such case, it is recommended to feed him 319 grams of food daily, and the total calorie intake ratio should be around 1090 kcal per day.

On the other hand, if he weighs the same but is not an active one. Then it is suggested to feed him fewer calories because his body will not be able to digest it easily.

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Senior Border Collie Feeding Proportion

When it comes to feeding your senior Border Collie, you need to be very careful. According to his health, weight, and age, you need to feed him. Make sure that you don’t over or under fed your senior Border Collie, which will then lead to health issues in the future.

For your reference, we have prepared a senior Border Collie feeding chart. This will guide you to select the food ratio and calorie ratio as per his weight and activity level.

Senior Border Collie Feeding Chart

For instance, if you’re raising a senior Border Collie, then you need to check his weight. Plus, keep an eye on his activity level. Then you can select the feeding ratio. Suppose he weighs around 16-19.5 kg, then 213 grams of food daily with 847 kcal per day is more than enough for his diet.

Note:- As your Border Collie grows old, their activity level decreases and so does their appetite. This is one of the reasons you need to switch his food to senior dog food. During senior hood, their body needs different nutrients. It’s always preferable to seek advice from the vet, and take your furry pal from time to time to check-ups.

Border Collie Feeding Tips

So far we have discussed the Border Collie feeding guide. Not only the puppies’ feeding guide, but we have also covered adult and senior feeding ratios also. Before you start following the chart, it’s important to look at the major factors of the feeding guidelines for your furry pal.

With age, your furry pal’s weight, and activity level varies. But so do their digestive function, metabolism, and joints also get weak with time. So, looking at all these factors, you need to select dog food for him.

In addition, from time to time you need to switch the food. From puppy-formulated food to adult one and then to senior dog food. This is because it carries different nutrients percentage and benefits, so from time to time his body demands different nutrients, and you need to feed him for a better life.

Other feeding guides: Dachshund feeding guide & Guide to French Bulldog feeding chart, will help you to feed the correct amount of food to your furry pal.

1. Calories Intake Ratio

As Border Collies grow old, their activity level and appetite vary with time. So, it’s very important to take him for a regular check-up, and keep a track of his weight, health, etc… All these will help to feed your furry pal the correct amount of food and calorie ratio, which will not increase his weight or lead to any obesity issue in future.

For instance, if you are parenting a younger Border Collie puppy, then his calorie intake ratio will vary from the adult Border Collie calorie ratio. This is because there is a difference between their body, age, and activity level.

Note:- Always ensure that you have a track record of your Border Collie as per his age, weight, and activity level. Accordingly, you are feeding him the food and calories, which helps his body to develop and provide a healthy lifestyle.

2. Activity Level

Border Collies are high in energy in their adult years. But, with time, it’s quite difficult to take them out for exercise or a walk. You need to plan some game activity or something to complete his exercise routine. In other words, make it fun or interesting, and then you will see his active participants in the exercise schedule.

Activity Level of Border Collie
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It’s a fact, the feeding ratio depends upon the activity level of your furry pal. If he is highly active, then he will be needing more food and calories to meet his body’s requirements. So, his metabolism will work effectively to digest all the food easily. On the other hand, if with age his activity level decreases then you need to cut down his calorie ratio because then you will be just feeding him and gaining his weight.

Let me explain it to you with an example, an adult Border Collie weighs around 12-15.5 Kg and is highly active. Then it is suggested to feed him 900 kcal per day. But if your Border Collie is an oldie and weighs the same. Then you need to cut down his calorie ratio, around 700 kcal per day is more than enough for their body.

3. The Weight of a Border Collie

One of the major factors to look upon while feeding your Border Collie is to check his weight before you fix his feeding schedule. Furthermore, they are prone to obesity, so you need to be careful while feeding them. It is advisable to check the weight first and then select the feeding ratio of your furry pal so that you don’t overfeed him.

You can check whether your furry pal is overweight, underweight or at moderate weight by touching his back, seeing his ribs, etc…

If you can see his ribs easily or can feel his bones while petting, then it means he is underweight and needs more calories for a healthy body. On the other hand, while petting you can only feel flesh and fat, and then your furry pal is overweight. In that case, need to cut down his eating ratio or calories to bring him back to moderate weight.

For instance, if you are raising an adult Border Collie who weighs around 16-19.5 kg, it is recommended to feed him 1090 kcal per day. But, if weighs the same and is older in age, then you cannot feed him the same calorie ratio. You need to cut down to it, around 847 kcal per day

Note:- You can check his weight on your own with the help of a bathroom scale. Or you can take him to the vet, they will give you the exact weight figure. This will help you to select the feeding ratio.

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How much food should a Border Collie eat a day?

Well, the feeding ratio of Border Collies varies as per their life stage, weight, and activity level. The feeding ratio of puppies is different from the adult one. For instance, if you are raising a Border Collie puppy whose weight is around 4-5.5 kg, it is suggested to feed 676 kcal per day. On the other hand, the adult Border Collie feeding ratio will vary. For better knowledge, you can download our Border Collie feeding chart UK, it will give you better knowledge and help in wise feeding.

Does Border Collie need a lot of food?

Yes, just like other breeds, Border Collies also required more food and calorie for the better development of their body. When they are at the growing stage, their body requires more calories, around 903 kcal per day. When they reach their adult stage, this calorie ratio varies as per their weight, and activity level.

Why is my Border Collie always hungry?

One of the reasons could be that your Border Collie might not be getting a sufficient amount of food, as per his body’s requirement. Due to this, he urges to eat more and demands treats, snacks, or meals at odd timing of the day. A second possible reason could be he might be suffering from severe health issues such as obesity, and diabetes in which his body requires more food and calorie to satisfy his cravings.

How many times a day should you walk a Border Collie?

If you are raising a Border Collie, it is advisable to take him out daily for a walk and carry out 2 hours of exercise, it will help you to keep him active all day. You can divide his walking time into three intervals like morning, evening, and night walk. In this way, he will remain active all day, and his brain will also remain active.

What happens if you don’t exercise a Border Collie?

Exercise is mandatory for dogs, it helps to keep them mentally and physically fit. If we talk about Border Collies, they are prone to anxiety, and if left alone for a long time they start getting separation anxiety. For their mental health, it is suggested to take them out for a walk, carry out physical activities, and keep them active. All these will help him to stay fit and live a longer, healthy life.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Now, you know very well how much should a Border Collie eat.

Our Border Collie feeding chart has given you a clear image of the calorie and food ratio, which helps you to feed your furry pal correctly.

Along with the Border Collie puppies feeding guide, we have also covered adult and senior Border Collies, feeding guides. So that you get all the information in one place only.

In addition, those additional feeding tips will also help you more, and give you a clear image of the feeding ratio.

For future reference, refer to our Border Collie feeding guide UK, for happy and correct feeding!

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