When Is Dog Barking Considered a Nuisance?

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No one likes it when a dog keeps barking and creating a nuisance. Not only that but sometimes your dog makes you embarrassed. But when is dog barking considered a nuisance? Basically, there are no particular parameters that this much should be legal.

There can be any reason why your dog is making a nuisance Let us see why dogs bark before we get to the point when is dog barking considered a nuisance.

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Why Do Dogs Bark?

Dogs like to live with their family. They also seek love and security. But for pet dogs, their owners are their family members. It is normal for dogs to get distressed and exhibit bad behavior if left alone for lengthy periods. They do not like to be alone.

Unfortunately because of unbalanced work life, dogs tend to get distressed and exhibit bad behavior if left alone for lengthy periods.

Why Do Dogs Bark
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Some careless owner left their dog at home alone when they go on trips and also when they go to work. Also, there are some other factors that make your dog bark.

“Some dogs may be experiencing a psychological issue, such as separation anxiety, that causes them to bark excessively. These conditions require a visit to their veterinarian or a veterinary behaviorist to diagnose and treat.” says Teresa Manucy, DVM from PetMd.

  • dislikes being left alone
  • frustration
  • guarding instinct
  • attention seeking
  • frightened
  • boredom
  • excitement

When Is Dog Barking Considered a Nuisance Too Much?

If your dog frequently has intermittent barking over lengthy periods or continuously barks for 30 minutes for 5 days over a 7-day period or barks for more than a combined total of 1 hour in 24 consider it a nuisance.

Depending on where you live and how your neighbors are If he is constantly barking and your neighbors are getting disturbed by it. they can sue under the act enforcement action under the Environmental Protection Act of 1990.

Moreover, if your dog has a habit of barking at night and you have kids also. When your kids are trying to sleep at night and your dog is constantly barking it is also called a nuisance for your own.

Barking and the Law

Most of the time your neighbors are the ones who will face constant barking from your dog after you. And so many neighbors find it very disturbing, you can be unaware because you may go to the office.

Law for barking
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Your neighbors can complain about the council then they might investigate if your dog barking is causing a nuisance around. their officers will decide whether it is true or not. If they conclude that he is really a nuisance then you need to pay attention.

“If it amounts to a Statutory Nuisance we may take enforcement action under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This may include the serving of an Abatement Notice on the person responsible for the dog/s requiring the stopping of the barking.” stated in Mid Devon District Council.

Certain breeds of dogs, like pit bulls, may have to be muzzled in public places in the UK. To learn more about what dogs have to be muzzled in UK, check out our guide for more understanding.

How to Reduce Excessive Barking

  • Dogs bark because of many reasons they get excited, frustrated, bored, or scared. Dogs are also social and active animals. Therefore, they need to exercise and have companions to stay healthy and happy. Now there either start barking because they are bored or they want attention.
  • You have to make sure your dog has things to do for the entire day.
  • Plan his day. There are chances that your dog is barking because he wants to play with you or wants something else from you. When you do not pay enough attention, they have to bark constantly in order to gain your attention. Planning his whole day will not only stop him from barking but also keep him happy and well behave as he does not need to ask you for everything every day.
How to reduce barking
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  • You can also opt for the anti-barking collar. Consult your vet before you go for it.
  • Also, you can distract him by taking him for a walk whenever he starts barking more than usual.
  • Also, you can train him when is he a puppy to be calm by providing them with treats as a reward for being calm.
  • Make sure you give them time-to-time meals(Two meals a day) and also water so they do not feel thirsty and hungry.
  • Moreover, you should try to ignore him whenever he starts barking and also keep him in his room alone for some time daily to teach him.
  • These are a few things you can do to make your dog stop barking.
  • Using the best dog muzzle when your dog is barking excessively can be an effective training tool, but be sure to consult your veterinarian first.


Can you call the cops if a neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking?

Yes, you can call the cops if a neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking. But do not dial 911 for dog barking complaints. Instead, you should contact the police department’s non-emergency line. But it will only make the bad situation worse.

What is the law on barking dogs in the UK?

The ASB route will be taken if it is a nuisance. If it amounts to a Statutory Nuisance we may take enforcement action under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This may include the serving of an Abatement Notice on the person responsible for the dog/s requiring the stopping of the barking.

What counts as an excessive dog barking?

There is no set definition of what excessive dog barking is. Only the owner can be in a legal dispute in the matter of a dog barking nuisance. So generally, when any character makes a noise that is irritating and meddling, it is called a statutory nuisance.

Should dogs be punished for barking?

No, you should never try to stop your dog from barking by yelling, throwing objects, or spraying water at him while barking. Even you should not use citronella-spraying collars. Instead, try to understand his reason behind barking.


So now you know when is dog barking considered a nuisance. There can be a number of reasons why your dog keeps barking. Definitely, some breeds of dogs bark more than other breeds. But most of the time either they are suffering from something and they want your attention or sometimes they want to just spend time with you.

There are several methods that you can apply to teach your dog to behave well and stop barking without any reason. If your dog suddenly starts barking too much then you should also show him o eternity I hope you found this article informative and that you have resolved your query.

If other training methods don’t work, consider looking into how to muzzle train a dog as a last resort for excessive, uncontrollable barking


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