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The 15 Best Dog Muzzle UK for Controlling Aggressive Dogs

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Author: Jacob Kay

As a dog owner, there are many reasons why you may need a dog muzzle, to train the dog, and control their barking, or biting behaviour. If you have a dog that is aggressive in nature and highly energetic, you may have thought of buying a dog muzzle. However, there are many types of dog muzzles in the market and picking one can get tricky. This article will help you pick the best dog muzzle UK.

Dog muzzles come in different sizes and types so, you may have to analyse various features before buying one. To help you with such analysis, I have included a detailed buying guide that involves some insights on how you can pick the best dog muzzle, tips on how to use it effectively and perks. Read the guide to have clarity on what you should look for in the best dog muzzle uk.

Best Dog Muzzles UK

If you need a dog muzzle it’s not a sign that your dog is dangerous. You are being precautions and keeping other people and canines safe. The device has a simple working mechanism, it covers the dog’s snout and mouth preventing movements. This reduces excessive barking and unnecessary chewing behaviour.

The dog muzzle can be a handy device. So, whether you have a calm or highly aggressive dog, you will find a muzzle that meets your requirements and preferences in this dog muzzle list.


To get a dog muzzle that is usable on dog walks and wearable by dogs for a longer duration, BASKERVILLE ULTRA MUZZLE is the perfect dog muzzle. This basket dog muzzle is wearable for a longer duration as the manufacturer claims to have a patented design for its head strap. It provides comfort to dogs while they wear it.

In addition, this basket dog muzzle has a shape for custom fit, so, you won’t have to worry about fitting your furry friend into this muzzle. Also, the collar loop keeps this dog’s muzzle stable and secure.


Key Features:

  • Padded face straps
  • Lockable next strap clip
  • Strong thermoplastic rubber


Further, this dog muzzle is useful to retrain aggressive dogs, control wildlife scavenging, and interact with new people in different places without posing the risk of them biting the stranger.

  • Ideal for aggressive dogs
  • Padded straps, no metal work on dog face
  • Lockable neck strap, collar attachment, and head strap
  • The nose strap has a metal hook which may irritate some dogs

2. HEEL Nylon Dog Muzzle

For dog owners who prefer covering their dog’s mouth without causing any strain or injury, the HEEL Nylon Dog Muzzle is an option they must consider. The nylon material is of high quality and is designed to fit well. The interior of this soft dog muzzle has an extra soft padding that helps comfort the dog.

The HEEL Nylon Dog Muzzle provides all-round protection that means no biting, chewing, or barking. The straping is such that it also allows the dog to eat, drink, and pant.


Key Features:

  • Durable buckle
  • Non-sticky velcro
  • Mesh breathable material


In addition, the ergonomic design of this dog muzzle ensures that it stays in the dog’s mouth without falling off.

  • Soft and lightweight
  • The snout and neck strap is velcro and adjustable
  • Fit and secure lock buckle, provides all-round protection
  • Fitting is secure but, some dogs remove the muzzle after a few efforts

3. Soft Basket Silicone Muzzle by MINGRI

This basket dog muzzle is soft so, for dog owners who get stuck between picking one dog muzzle out of the first two, Soft Basket Silicone Muzzle by MINGRI will provide them with a mid solution. This dog muzzle is of basket design but, not as hard as the other basket dog muzzle. The dog muzzle is made such that it stops the dog from biting, barking, and chewing.

The material used is flexible and safe to use while socialising, visiting public places, or dog walking. The adjustable straps and removable front grills provide more comfort and access.


Key Features:

  • Reflective tape
  • Non-toxic rubber
  • Soft inner padder


Further, the manufacturer claims to have used environmental protection material in making this dog muzzle so, no harm is done to the environment.

  • Quick-to-fit buckle
  • Soft and lightweight
  • The material won’t hurt the dog’s mouth or skin
  • Material is way too soft

4. JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzle

JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzle is a feasible option for dogs with flat faces. This snout dog muzzle manages to cover the face and has holes for the nose and eyes. The unique eye-hole design helps dogs have better vision and makes them look good.

In addition, the breathable mesh edges ensure the material doesn’t rub on the eyes and nose of the dog.


Key Features:

  • Adjustable nylon strap
  • Ventilated mesh structure


Bulldogs, pugs, and boxers are the dogs that benefit the most from this snout dog muzzle.

  • Suitable for dogs with short snouts
  • The stitching of the material is good
  • Breathable design and dog skin-friendly
  • The dog cannot drink, pant, or have food while wearing this snout dog muzzle

5. ILEPARK Dog Muzzle 

The ILEPARK Dog Muzzle is made using soft fabric and is suitable for all dogs. However, it works best for small-breed dogs. The fabric design of the muzzle is soft, breathable and gentle, it ensures there is no risk of injury to the dog’s mouth.

This dog muzzle helps in stopping barking, biting, and chewing behaviour. But, also has less restriction on movements, ensuring that the dog can drink and pant with ease.


Key Features:

  • Adjustable buckle
  • High-density nylon strap


Further, the adjustable buckle on neck straps, helps users alter the length easily and is simple to make the dog wear.

  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • Adjustable lock and buckle, simple wearing mechanism
  • More suitable for small breed dogs

6. Mikki Dog and Puppy Soft Breathable Nylon Muzzle

If you have a Dachshund, Cavalier Spaniel, Jack Russell, Whippet, or Westie, then Mikki Dog and Puppy Soft Breathable Nylon Muzzle is a feasible option. This nylon dog muzzle is made using soft yet strong material and has extra padding for comfortable fitting around the snout of these dogs.

The dog muzzle has an adjustable strap with a ‘quick fit’ snap lock and collar attachment to stop the removal of the muzzle from the snout.


Key Features:

  • Collar attachment
  • Quick fit snap lock


In addition, this dog muzzle allows dog owners to train their dogs with the muzzle on and allows drinking water and panting.

  • Helps stop barking, chewing, and biting
  • Lightweight muzzle, and a good alternative to a basket dog muzzle
  • Less flexibility
  • Not suitable for long-term usage

7. ewinever Dog Muzzles

If you are looking to use a dog muzzle for a short period of time then ewinever Dog Muzzles is perfect for you. They are not expensive and available in different sizes in bulk at a low price. The material used is strong and the dog doesn’t feel burdened while wearing it.

The connecting strap to the neck is adjustable and keeps it secure. You can adjust the tightness and your dog will be able to yawn and pant without any restrictions.


Key Features:

  • Breathable soft nylon material
  • Waterproof, durable and adjustable


In addition, these dog muzzles are multifunctional and you can use them to control your dog to stop eating random food outside and use it to prevent biting and barking behaviour while dog walking.

  • Suitable for all ages and sizes
  • Good air permeability, easy wearing
  • Useful for dog owners who have multiple dogs
  • Stitching is weak

8. SlowTon Nylon Dog Muzzle

SlowTon Nylon Dog Muzzle is a useful tool for dog owners who are looking to control their furry friend’s bad behaviour. The design for connecting this dog muzzle is simple and keeps it secure. The D-ring helps gain better control of the dogs and dog owners can adjust the muzzle easily.

The flannel material used in this dog muzzle can handle the pull and not get damaged. In addition, flannel padding is soft, and safeguards dogs from being scratched by the edges.


Key Features:

  • Soft flannel padding
  • Lead and collar connector
  • Reflective stripe and Adjustable velcro


The SlowTon Nylon Dog Muzzle helps prevent injury to other people or dogs, behaviour restrains, of the dog, and stops your dog from eating food from dustbins.

  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Allows dogs to breathe, pant, and drink
  • Lightweight, comfortable fits snugly and stays securely on dog mouth
  • Velcro is weak
  • Some dogs remove the muzzle easily

9. Dog Muzzle Soft Nylon Muzzle by TANDD

For dog owners preferring a breathable and anti-slip dog muzzle for their furry friend, Dog Muzzle Soft Nylon Muzzle by TANDD is the muzzle they need to consider. The breathable mesh design allows dogs to breathe freely and the triangular fixation of the muzzle is firm so, no chance of the muzzle falling out.

In addition, the manufacturer claims that the PVC material used is environmentally friendly. Also, the adjustable strap of this dog muzzle keeps it stable and the dog will not be able to remove it.


Key Features:

  • High-quality mesh
  • Soft and durable material


This muzzle will work for Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds Dog, Labradors, Corgis and other long-snout dogs.

  • Anti-slip overhead design
  • Suitable for long-snout dogs
  • Material is odourless, soft and wear-resistant
  • Dog’s teeth get stuck in the mesh (when attempting to open the mouth with a muzzle on)

10. CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle

CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle is a leather dog muzzle that helps secure the dog’s mouth without causing any discomfort. The unique design of this handmade leather dog muzzle provides a proper snug fit and ventilation that is comfortable for dogs.

In addition, this basket dog muzzle is durable and so, you don’t have to worry about dog biting or eating rubbish from the street.


Key Features:

  • Multifunctional
  • Cross-weave design


This dog muzzle is helpful for PitBull, AmStaff, Staffordshire Terrier, Pitbull Terrier, Bull Terriers etc.

  • Has two adjustable straps
  • Ventilation for proper breathing
  • Cost is high
  • The fastener buckle is weak

11. Ancol Plastic Muzzle

If you have an aggressive dog who poses a risk to others while dog walking, Ancol Plastic Muzzle is what you need to contain such behaviour. The muzzle is strong and has a pre-moulded shape which is suitable for aggressive dogs.

In addition, the muzzle also prevents the dog from eating garbage or licking their own wound. The basket design ensures that the dog doesn’t suffocate.


Key Features:

  • Basket design
  • Buckle closure
  • Plastic material


Further, dog owners can use this basket dog muzzle to treat and train their dogs as it has gaps to feed food treats so, you can feed water as well.

  • Strong and secure muzzle
  • Easy to wear and comfortable
  • Too rigid, rubs too much
  • Fitting is loose near the dog’s nose

12. Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs by Goodboy

For dog owners looking to contain barking, chewing, and biting behaviour but, want to keep their furry friend’s nose and mouth free Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs by Goodboy is a suitable dog muzzle. The open design helps the dog breathe easily and the neoprene padding keeps the dog comfortable as there is no painful chafing.

Also, there are sliders in this dog muzzle to prevent the dog from losing the straps and provide better control to the dog owner over the exact fit.


Key Features:

  • Adjustable strap
  • Neoprene padding


Further, there is an additional overhead strap provided with this muzzle to help dogs adjust to the muzzle.

  • Snout and mouth remain unrestricted
  • Comfortable design, no painful chafing
  • Cost is high
  • Not suitable for use on dogs with small noses

13. Nasjac Dog Muzzles

Nasjac Dog muzzles have metal rings added as connectors. These rings are strong and connect the snout straps and neck straps of the muzzle. The design is such that it improves the muzzle’s solid degree. The soft flannel padding makes the dog feel comfortable.

In addition, the adjustable loop is useful as a quick fit for the neck and snout to make sure that the muzzle is not too tight for the dog.


Key Features:

  • Flannel padding
  • Reflective nylon strap material
  • Adjustable velcro and metal buckle


Further, dog owners can connect this dog muzzle with the metal D-ring to have better control over the dog’s head movements.

  • Metal ring connects snout and neck strap
  • Durable material and will not break even while dog training
  • Wide muzzle design, prevents dogs from barking and biting
  • Suitable for small breeds
  • Some dogs easily take it off after pawing

14. IREENUO Dog Muzzle 

If your dog is habitual of eating garbage, screaming at other dogs or biting them, then you can try using the IREENUO Dog muzzle. This muzzle is made of soft fabric and contains dog barking, chewing and biting behaviour. The design is different from a traditional dog muzzle as it leaves enough space for the dog’s mouth to gasp, breathe, and drink.

The velcro design lets dog owners adjust the muzzles as per the dog’s mouth shape. The adjustable loop connecting to the collar keeps it secure and ensures it remains fit.


Key Features:

  • Breathable fabric
  • Adjustable length
  • Velcro and buckle design


Further, the velcro design is strong and there are minimal chances of this dog muzzle breaking while using.

  • The combination of buckle and velcro makes it easy for the dog to wear it
  • Adjustable size, dog owners can adjust the muzzle according to the dog’s mouth shape
  • Velcro is not strong enough for large dogs

15. Dog Metal Face Basket

Large dogs will need strong dog muzzles to control barking, or biting behaviour so, if you have one such dog, you can consider buying a Dog Metal Face Basket dog muzzle by Yinrikom. It has four adjustable straps that dog owners can adjust to fit in the dog’s mouth for more comfort.

Further, to match the size of the dog’s head, there is a manual size adjustment feature available. Dog owners can change it accordingly.


Key Features:

  • PU leather material
  • Riveted basket wire design


Dog owners can also take out the hole punch, place it on the strap hit it with the hammer to make a new hole for better fitting.

  • Leather inner cushion
  • Stops dog from eating garbage, bite, or bark
  • Quality material, no rust, fine breathable leather, and durable
  • Expensive
  • The stitching is good but, comes off after frequent usage

Buying Guide: Best Dog Muzzles UK

The list of best dog muzzles uk includes different types and it can get tricky to pick a suitable muzzle for the dog. Some of them may be a poor fit, and some may restrict the dog’s breathing, make it difficult for them to drink, and panting issues. So, to help you analyse which dog muzzle will suit your furry friend the best, I have provided detailed information regarding dog muzzles. Let’s start with understanding the features.

Dog muzzle – features

A dog will wear the muzzle over its mouth covering the snout. The muzzle keeps them from eating, licking, or biting. They are made using different materials like plastic, leather, metal, or some fabric. Some of them are even designed such that a dog can drink water. These are some of the key features of dog muzzles that you need to consider while buying. let’s see why:

  • Material – a dog muzzle has to withstand the dog’s mouth movements while they bark with intensity or try biting someone. It should not break and prevent direct contact. Hence, the material feature is crucial for dog owners to consider. The muzzle must be highly durable, yet lightweight and easy to clean. Common materials used for making dog muzzles include – rubber, plastic, leather, nylon, or metal.
  • Size – the material is important and so, is the size of the dog muzzle. It must fit properly into a dog’s snout but, not too tight. In addition, dog owners need to make sure that the muzzle they buy doesn’t interfere with the nose or block the dog’s vision. Also, there should be enough space for dogs to pant and slightly open their mouth as well.
  • Design – the dog muzzle must have a design that allows the dog to breathe freely, eat food treats, and drink water. Some common designs of dog muzzles that facilitate these prospects are basket muzzles, mesh muzzles, and soft muzzles.
  • Adjustability – dog muzzles with proper design are less likely to cause issues for the dog still, the muzzle on dogs must have quick release mechanism, adjustable buckles and straps. The reason is simple, it helps adjust or completely remove the muzzle in case of emergencies like say dog is suffocating, overheating, or choking.
  • Safety – the dog muzzle must prevent your dog from licking, biting, scavenging, barking, or licking its own wound for their safety. Likewise, it should provide protection from other dogs who may cause harm to them while outside.

Factors affecting prices of dog muzzle UK

The prices of the dog muzzle in the UK may vary based on different factors. Material, Size, Design, Brand, and different types of dog muzzles can influence the cost of a dog muzzle. We already saw how these factors are important for you to consider while buying a muzzle dog in the UK so, let’s analyse how they impact the prices.

#1. Material of dog muzzle

The material of a dog muzzle impacts the price based on how comfortable it is for dogs, how durable it is, and ease of maintenance. Different materials have different production costs, and quality, and need to be maintained differently. For instance,

  • Leather dog muzzle – this material is durable and can withstand biting or chewing of a dog. Maintaining this dog muzzle is easy. However, the price of a leather dog muzzle is high because of its heavy and stiff quality. In addition, the prices are often high because they can absorb moisture and odours that make dogs uncomfortable. Leather dog muzzles are helpful for dogs who are prone to chewing or biting behaviour.
  • Nylon dog muzzle – this dog muzzle is flexible and synthetic and can stop barking and biting behaviour. The material is lightweight, easy to wash, and water-resistant. But, nylon is less durable and not as secure as the leather dog muzzle. In addition, it can also trigger heat on dog skin because of friction. They are only useful for dogs that are not very aggressive.
  • Plastic dog muzzle – the plastic material is cheap and versatile, it can stop scavenging and wound licking. The material is easy to shape and mould as per the dog’s snout. It allows the dog to breathe easily, have food treats, and also, drink water. But, plastic dog muzzles can break easily. Also, it is sharp for a dog’s skin or teeth.
  • Rubber dog muzzle – dog muzzle with rubber material is flexible and helps prevent biting and chewing. It also prevents wear and tear and is easy to sterilize. But, the price of a dog rubber muzzle is high. Also, there is a risk of infection or allergy issues for dogs wearing rubber dog muzzles.
  • Metal dog muzzle – metal dog muzzles are strong, durable, and can control aggressive barking, biting, and chewing behaviour in dogs. Sterilising this dog muzzle is easy and it is wear and tear resistant. However, a metal dog muzzle is expensive and it may corrode over time or cause injury to the dog’s nose or mouth.

#2. Design of dog muzzle

The design of a dog muzzle has a direct impact on its functionality, appearance, and safety. The complexity of designing different types of muzzle varies, as well as the effectiveness and attractiveness. For instance, basket muzzles are more expensive than mesh muzzles as they have a more elaborate and sophisticated design which allows dogs to breathe freely, drink water, and receive treats.

In addition, the basket muzzles are soft, safe, and effective and are high in demand so, the cost is high. Mesh dog muzzles are cheap because their design is simple and subtle. These muzzles help stop barking and biting but, are not as safe or effective as basket dog muzzle.

#3. Size of the dog muzzle

The bigger the size of the dog muzzle, the higher the prices. This is mainly because of high material consumption, weight distribution, and design for adjustment options provided. Large dog muzzles need more material to cover a dog’s mouth and snout properly.

Small dog muzzles cost less because the material used is less and also not as bulky or heavy as a big dog muzzle. It is lightweight and causes less discomfort than big bulky dog muzzles but, may break easily.

#4. Quality and availability

Dog muzzle quality and its availability will have a significant impact on the prices. High-quality indicates the material used is authentic and the demand for such quality dog muzzles will be high. So, these types of dog muzzles will cost more.

On the other hand, dog muzzles made with cheap, rigid, or casual material will have less price but, will not be as effective or durable as the ones with high quality.

Types of Dog Muzzles

There are many types of dog muzzles available for dogs and based on the dog’s behaviour, temperament, and mouth size, dog owners can pick the best dog muzzle type. Below are some of the main types of dog muzzles.

#1. Basket Dog Muzzle

These muzzles have a basket-like shape and cover a dog’s mouth. It allows dogs to breathe, and have food and water. Basket dog muzzles are ideal for outdoor usage and activities like dog walking, or training. The material used in making these types of dog muzzles is usually plastic, or metal.

Perks of using a basket dog muzzle

  • Dogs feel comfortable as the muzzle doesn’t restrict their movement, and allows them to drink water, have small food treats, or pant.
  • Basket dog muzzles are versatile and adjustable. They come in different sizes, colours, and shapes.
  • These muzzles are durable and very easy to clean.

Drawbacks of using a basket dog muzzle

  • Prevents biting but, not barking. The dog may also lick the wound because the movement is not restricted.
  • The design of this dog muzzle can intimidate others. It is bulky and makes dogs look scary.
  • Doesn’t fit well on dogs with flat or short snouts. Pugs and bulldogs are the dogs who will have fitting issues with a basket dog muzzle.

#2. Short snout muzzle

A short snout dog muzzle is made for dogs with short or flat snouts like bulldogs, boxers and pugs. The material used for making a short snout muzzle is soft mesh or fabric. It wraps around the dog’s snout and keeps the mouth closed. This helps in preventing scavenging or biting. It has holes in the nose and the eyes.

Perks of using short snout muzzle

  • Unlike basket dog muzzles, short snout muzzles fit dogs having a short snout. In addition, these dog muzzles won’t slip or fall out on movement and also, not cause any discomfort.
  • The design of short snout muzzles ensures dogs don’t scavenge the food from dustbins or ground.
  • A short snout dog muzzle makes the dog look funny and more adorable.

Drawbacks of using short snout muzzle

  • Covers a dog’s entire face and also, obstructs its dog’s vision. This can make them feel confused, uncomfortable or anxious.
  • Short snout dog muzzle covers the nose of the dog. The restriction makes it hard for them to pant and breathe. This leads to suffocation or overheating.
  • They do not stop the dog from licking their wounds or barking.

#3. Soft dog muzzle

Soft dog muzzle for dogs is made flexible using material like nylon, leather, or mesh. It has an open design that makes sure that a dog doesn’t bark or bite. It wraps around the dog’s snout and keeps their mouth closed.

Perks of using a soft dog muzzle

  • Handy for short-term usage i.e. vet visits, short walks, or grooming visits.
  • The design is simple and hence, the dog doesn’t look threatening, scary or aggressive. Works well for dogs with small noses because they don’t interfere with the nose or the vision.
  • Easy to use, as they have a simple buckle or strap mechanism. The price is less compared to other dog muzzle types.

Drawbacks of using a soft dog muzzle

  • Not suitable for long-duration usage as it can restrict a dog’s breathing, panting, or drinking.
  • The friction of the material can cause heat or discomfort even if it’s soft. Also, the material is less durable and dogs tend to chew through easily.
  • Doesn’t allow the dogs to breathe freely, receive food treats, or drink water. This can lead to dehydration or stress issues.

#4. Homemade muzzle

A homemade dog muzzle is a type of dog muzzle that can be made using household items such as a scarf, sock, belt, or lead. However, these dog muzzles are only useful in emergency situations and dog owners must not use them as a regular dog muzzle.

Perks of using a homemade dog muzzle

  • Instant availability in case of emergency like injury, as it is easily made using household items.
  • Cost is very low when compared to a commercial dog muzzle type.

Drawbacks of using a homemade dog muzzle

  • The size may not fit as it is made at home without proper equipment. This also makes it ineffective, and unsafe and most probably dogs will feel discomfort.
  • It may restrict dogs breathing, panting, or drinking, leading to issues like suffocation, overheating, or dehydration.
  • Not useful to train dogs, and definitely not a substitute for a regular dog muzzle.

Tips on Using Dog Muzzles

After looking at different types of dog muzzles, and the pros and cons of each type, it’s crucial for you to know how to use dog muzzles efficiently and safely. This is mainly to avoid any injury risk, or health issue for your furry friend. Here are some tips you can consider for using dog muzzles effectively and safely:

#1. Identify the purpose

You need to have clarity on the purpose when deciding to use the dog muzzle. Ask yourself why you need it for your dog and what outcome you expect after initiating the use. This is important because different dog muzzle types serve differently and you need to analyse your dog’s behaviour before picking one.

For instance, if you need a muzzle to stop your dog from biting other people or dogs, you will need to select a strong and secure dog muzzle like a basket dog muzzle. Now, if you need a dog muzzle just to stop excessive barking, a soft muzzle is a more suitable option.

#2. Introduce your dog with the muzzle

Your furry friend might not like being trapped in a muzzle, especially if they are energetic and love exploring stuff. So, begin slowly. Here is how you can do it:

  • Put the muzzle near your dog. Allow them to have a glimpse of it. They will try and sniff the muzzle and if so, don’t stop them.
  • Keep the muzzle for a few seconds in the beginning stages and observe their behaviour. If they show a positive response, provide them with a food treat or give them a toy to help them develop positive associations.

#3. Try to make the dog wear the muzzle

Once your dog is comfortable with the muzzle around, you can try and slip it on their mouth. Allow them to settle in the muzzle. Keep the muzzle on for a few seconds and take it off. Repeat this for the next few days. Observe the behaviour each day and check their snout and mouth area to make sure there is no injury or other issues.

#4. Increase time interval

When you feel your dog is comfortable with the muzzle, increase the time buffer. Keep the muzzle on for a longer period and if they are exhibiting normal behaviour, you can take them out for a walk or simply start with small exercises in the backyard.

Keep rewarding their positive behaviour and train them to follow your cues even with the muzzle on. This is because they will try and chew on it or become more aggressive and you need to ensure the situation doesn’t escalate.

#5. Continuous Monitoring

You need to monitor your furry friend’s behaviour at each stage to make sure they are comfortable with the usage of the muzzle. This means you need to keep an eye on them even if they are not exhibiting aggressive behaviour or resenting.

If they are feeling discomfort you will see them bark aggressively or make an attempt to get rid of the muzzle. Also, check for signs indicating rubbing, scratching or pawing on the muzzle. To rule out suffocation make sure the muzzle is not restricting the nose.

#4. Use it wisely

A dog muzzle is not a permanent solution to control aggressive behaviour, biting, or barking issues. You need to use it wisely. Using it more can cause issues for the dog. The continuous usage can cause discomfort or injury and it can also compromise a dog’s natural ability to pant, eat food treats, or drink water.

Further, frequently using the muzzle can make the dog feel punished. This can cause anxiety and psychological issues and trigger aggressive or negative behaviour in dogs. To resolve such an issue, you may have to visit the vet to make them better.

Perks of Using a Dog Muzzle

The tips mentioned for using a dog muzzle may have shown you how useful it is. So, if you are careful with the usage of the dog muzzle, you can leverage several benefits. Below are some of the prominent perks of using the dog muzzle:

  • Protects other dogs and people

Even with complete training, dogs sometimes act instinctively when they feel danger or feel threatened by someone or a fellow canine. Often they bite the other dog or person and this can be dangerous for both. A muzzle helps in preventing such situations, especially when dog owners are out on a walk in a crowded area.

The dog muzzle covers the mouth stops movement of the dog’s mouth and restricts jaw movements. This can help in avoiding such incidents and other risks, However, dog owners need to address this aggressive behaviour as a muzzle is not a cure for their aggressive nature.

  • Keeps dog healthy

On many occasions dogs eat stuff randomly and end up getting sick, especially if they have eaten from garbage, ingested toxic substances, or food items with foreign bodies. This leads to severe health issues such as intestinal blockage, choking, infection, or poisoning.

A dog muzzle ensures that the dog doesn’t randomly swallow food items or objects that can trigger different health issues. This is possible because of the tightness of the muzzle on the mouth which prevents the movement. However, dog owners must not use the muzzle all the time or train dogs to identify safe food.

  • Makes dogs feel relaxed

Many dogs feel anxious and are also shy while on a walk with their owners. When approached by other people on the street, they get stressed and tend to get defensive. They might also react aggressively to save themselves when feel threatened.

The muzzle used in such cases is an indication to other dog owners or people that the dog should not be approached. It’s an indirect way of warning them. But, this should not become a routine habit, as it can manifest a false sense of security in the dog. You must train them to greet other dogs and individuals to help them get rid of shyness or anxiety.

  • Controlling dog’s behaviour

The muzzle helps dog owners manage their furry friend’s behaviour. It can help control barking, chasing, or lunging behaviour. A dog may exhibit such behaviour out of frustration, excitement or fear and is an unpleasant experience for dog owners, especially when dogs walking outside.

So, to control such behaviour, dog owners may have to use different dog muzzles. For example, a basket-designed dog muzzle will allow them to provide food treats and help with positive reinforcement.

Drawbacks of Using a Dog Muzzle

There are many perks of using dog muzzles for both the dog and its owners. However, if dog owners are not cautious with the usage of the dog muzzle, there are some drawbacks as well. Here are some possible drawbacks you might encounter while using a dog muzzle:

  • Discomfort or Injury issues

A muzzle can make the dog uncomfortable and can trigger physical injury issues. These issues arise when dog owners neglect to double-check the fitting of the muzzle. A tight muzzle can stop a dog’s blood circulation, damage their teeth or gums, and cause skin abrasion.

On the contrary, a loose-fit muzzle will come off easily or get stuck causing discomfort for the dog. In addition, the loose muzzle can rub against the eyes, ears, or nose of the dog causing infection or irritation issues. Also, if the muzzle is not tight enough, it puts the dog and others at risk. The dog may eat rubbish and get sick while others risk getting barked at or bitten by the dog.

  • Overheating, Suffocation and Dehydration

Dogs need to have proper breathing to avoid the risk of suffocation. They also, need to pant properly to regulate their body temperature and prevent overheating. A tight muzzle will restrict panting and also not allow dogs to breathe properly.

Further, dogs will not be able to drink enough water and get dehydrated when the dog’s muzzle is on for a longer duration. So, to avoid these issues dog owners need to ensure they don’t use the dog muzzle frequently and for longer periods.

  • Stress and anxiety problems

Dog owners who use dog muzzles more than usual or let’s say as the only solution to deal with barking, chewing, or biting behaviour it’s not less than a punishment for the dog. The dog will begin to get frustrated with continuous and inhibit stressful feelings or suffer from anxiety issues.

Also, sometimes they may get aggressive and resent your company because of the muzzle. This can weaken your relationship with the dog so, make sure you prevent these issues by not overusing it.

  • False sense of security for dog owners

Once a dog shows positive behaviour after dog owners use the muzzle, many of them think that the barking, biting, or chewing behaviour is stopped and is under their control. But, this is a false assumption for dog owners to make. A muzzle will not resolve the underlying cause for the aggressive barking, barking, or chewing behaviour of the dog.

Hence, dog owners must avoid complete reliance on dog muzzles to control their behaviour. Trying a lead, collar, crate, or harness is much better and if there is no change in the condition, you can try consulting a behaviourist or a professional dog trainer.

  • Skills are compromised

In an attempt to control the behaviour, a dog muzzle limits a dog’s social interaction with other canines and people. This can compromise their social skills and they will be isolated socially. In addition, the lack of licking, sniffing, and other activities can make them express less emotions and hinder their skills.

They might lose the ability to explore new environments because of less sniffing and lack of licking can make them lose interest in cleaning the body themselves. The lack of socialising and compromise on these skills can make the dog feel less confident and isolated which is not good for their mental health.

  • Safety risk

Many dog muzzles are made soft and are not suitable for use on dogs with aggressive behaviour or have strong jaws. These dogs can easily remove the muzzle or break it. While it risks other’s safety, it can also harm the dog, especially if they try and chew the material of the muzzle.

The chewing of a dog muzzle can leave fabric inside the digestive tract or cause choking if it gets stuck in the oesophagus. The pieces of fabric may also put the dog at risk of poisoning and other health issues.

Things dog owners must avoid while using dog muzzles

You saw the potential issues and risks that you and your furry friends might face if the dog muzzle is not used properly. To minimise these possible risks and issues, below are some things dog owners must completely avoid while using a dog muzzle for their furry friend:

  • Muzzle must not cover nose and mouth

Dog owners need to avoid using a dog muzzle that covers their entire mouth and nose. This can make it tough for them to breathe (which leads to suffocation), make them pant less (causes overheating), and less drinking of water (causes dehydration). Also, the fitting of the muzzle must not be too tight as it can trigger these issues.

  • Avoid using a muzzle to punish the dog

Even if the dog’s behaviour is extremely aggressive, dog owners must not use the muzzle to punish their furry friend. Yes, using the muzzle helps control aggressive behaviour but, using it for every bad behaviour continuously is not good for dogs. They might start to feel less confident and will resent the use of a muzzle. It’s also possible that they will refuse to interact with the owner.

  • Don’t use a dog muzzle that is not suitable

Using a dog muzzle that doesn’t fit the dog i.e. size is not proper or not according to the behaviour or temperament of your dog, it can cause issues. The dog may either break the muzzle putting others at risk or ingest the pieces while chewing through the material. Both these instances are not good. The muzzle should be strong enough to withstand chewing, biting, or aggressive behaviour.

  • Avoid using it for a longer duration

The dog muzzle is made of different materials and using it for a longer duration can cause infection, irritation, or injury issues. Dogs can have problems near the eyes, ears, nose, or mouth skin. In addition, long-time use can also bore the dog and they would get frustrated. To avoid such instances, dog owners must avoid using it continuously.

FAQs for Best Dog Muzzles UK

How much will a dog muzzle UK cost?

The general price range for dog muzzles in the UK is £5 to £20. These prices rely on various aspects like material, types, size, and brand of the muzzle. For instance, a basket dog muzzle will have a price range of £5 to £20, whereas a soft dog muzzle will be available in a range of £3 to £20. Some dog muzzles will have additional features and may cost more so, expect the prices to be higher i.e. £20, £25, or more. Dog owners need to consider different factors before deciding which type will suit their dog.

Which dog breeds in the UK will resist wearing a dog muzzle?

There is no exact answer to this but, based on factors like the shape and size of the snout, temperament, personality, training, and socialisation there are some dog breeds that may resist dog muzzles. Dogs like Pugs, French Bulldogs, or Boxers will not like wearing one because of flat faces. Even if dog owners find a suitable muzzle, they will not be able to breathe, eat, or drink properly. Some dogs have different personality and temperament issues. They do not like changes and may need more time to adjust to a muzzle. German shepherds, Border Collies, Irish Setters, Anatolian Shepherds, and Doberman Pinschers are such dogs and will not like wearing the muzzle.

Is it mandatory to use a dog muzzle in the UK?

No, it’s not mandatory to use a dog muzzle but, you need to follow the guidelines for dangerous dogs mentioned by the government. You need to make dangerous dogs wear the muzzle for the safety of fellow canines and other people. Aggressive dogs tend to bite other people and hurt dogs so, it’s best for dog owners to use a muzzle when they are out in public places.

What dogs have to wear dog muzzles in the UK?

In the UK, there is no legal requirement for dogs to wear a muzzle, but, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, Pit Bull Terrier, and Fila Brasileiro are the dogs that have to wear a muzzle.

Final Remarks on Best Dog Muzzles UK

A dog muzzle helps cover the dog’s snout and mouth to control or stop barking, eating (waste or garbage), or biting behaviour. Mostly, dog owners who have aggressive dogs or the ones who need more training before dog owners decide to walk them in public or visit other public places need this.

In short, to manage a dog’s behaviour dog owners will need to will have to use a dog muzzle. A dog owner needs to analyse the features of different dog muzzles and match them with their requirements and dog preferences. You may have to spend some time training your dog to make them wear a muzzle but, it’s for the safety of other canines and people hence, necessary.

I hope that you were able to pick the best dog muzzle UK from the extensive list of dog muzzles provided in the article. The list contains different types and you can analyse the features, perks, and drawbacks before buying one. Conduct thorough research and consult a professional dog trainer or a behaviourist to use it effectively without forming dependency.

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