Why Do Dogs Play After Eating? Let’s Find Out!

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You might have encountered a situation where your pup really gets excited when you serve him his meal. Or after meals, they have the tendency of doing all the hyper activities. Right? Well, ever thought why do dogs play after eating? Why do they get crazy after eating? Like, for they don’t even give a chance to digest their food.

Well, here’s a research work for your knowledge, which will give you a clear image.

Keep reading more to know about the reasons, specific time gaps, and preventive tips to control your canine’s sugar rush/hyperactiveness after having their meal.

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Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After Eating?

It’s true, dogs get excited after having their meal. This could be possible because of the ingredient used in the meal or out of happiness/good environment.

For instance, if your canine’s meal is rich in carbohydrates and glycaemic, it’s likely will boost your pup’s sugar level. Other filler ingredients can lead to mood swings, and due to the sugar rush his body will act differently, he will get more excited, will jump from one corner to another, want you to play with him, etc.

Another possibility could be that he is overwhelmed by the treatment he’s getting from you, the love you shower on him. Your canine is expressing his joy, celebrating his blessed life, because as we know dogs need to do hard work to get their one-time meal. But, here he is getting a meal without any effort, and getting that secure vibe also.

How Long Should Dogs Wait to Play After Eating?

Just like humans are advised to do any rigorous activity or exercise after their meal. Similarly, as recommended by the vet, dogs should not be involved in any kind of activity. This is because physical activities such as running, jumping, and stretching, could lead to injury and illness.

Furthermore, your pup’s body needs time to work well. After a meal, it’s a good idea to let your canine rest so that the digestive system can do its job.

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However, keeping 2 hours gap is the average estimation by the experts and vets. The rest time also depends upon your canine’s diet, and metabolism. The ideal gap is 2 hours, but in some cases, it might take more time to allow your pup’s body to calm down.

How to Calm a Dog Down After Eating?

As discussed above, for at least 2 hours dogs cannot play after eating their meal, it’s not good for their digestive system. So, if your dog has a habit of playing just after his meal, you need to stop him, to prevent him from encountering further health issues.

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  • Try to skip feeding food with high-glycaemic carbs. This is because it’s very important to lower the sugar rush in his body.
  • Take him out for a walk, and train him to walk slowly, so that it will help the digestive system to work effectively.
  • Take your dog for an allergy test because it has been seen that if he is encountered with any type of allergy, then also it’s possible his activeness will increase.
  • If you train your furry pal to stay calm when food is being served, it will help you greatly. Command him to sit and then have his food so that he will eat slowly. Allow him to chew his food properly. Plus, if your furry pal continuous barks then don’t serve him a meal, let him calm down.
  • Even after trying so many methods, he still gets excited, and crazy after having his meal. Then it’s better to consult the vet, they will guide you in a better way, and will probably prescribe you the eating schedule.


Is it OK for a dog to play after eating?

As per the survey, and expert consultation, it has been observed that you should not take your pup for a walk, or play with him after his meal. This is because if you won’t follow the rule, the risk of bloating and GDV will not decrease, and will lead to life-threatening issues.

Why does my dog want to be petted after eating?

If after completing his meal, he comes down to you and wants you to pet him. Then it means he prioritizes and loves you more, and he feels safe with you. It’s a good sign that, apart from food, you are equally important to him.

How to keep the puppy calm after eating?

Well, it’s tricky to calm down puppy. They are notorious creatures, and keeping them calm after eating is a tricky job. You can do one thing, after his meal keeps him back in the crate, and train him as well to rest after lunch or dinner. This will help food to digest, and he will not get much excited after having a meal.

Does sugar make dogs hyper?

Yes, sugar makes dogs hyper. Just like humans, dogs’ bodies also get affected by the intake of sugar in large quantities. It can increase your furry pal’s sugar level, which can lead to behavioural changes and mood swings.

Why do dogs play with their food?

It has been observed that dogs consider eating as an activity, and so they like to play with their food and feeding bowl. It let them feel their food is more alive and excites them to fill their tummy with yummy food.


Dogs like to play after eating their meal because of the ingredients used in the meal. It kind of boosts their sugar level, and stamina, which keeps them hyperactive.

As per the experts, and vet recommendations, pet parents are advised to not let their dogs play right after meals, at least keeping 2 hours gap between them.

If your dog has a habit of immediately running to play right after his meal, you need to stop it, Otherwise, rigorous activity can lead to injury or illness.

You can skip giving him a high-glycaemic meal, ingredients rich in carbohydrates, meal with filler ingredients, etc. Only healthy ingredients need to feed your furry pal, it will not boost his sugar level.


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