Why Does My Dog Hump Me and No One Else?

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As pet owners, we all know that our dog’s behaviour can be a bit confusing at times. One of the most confusing behaviours is when your dog humps you, and not any other family member or visitor. It’s natural to be a bit embarrassed and even offended by the act. But have you ever wondered: why does my dog hump me and no one else in the family? Is it normal for dogs to hump on their pet parents?

Humping is actually quite common in both male and female dogs. Plus, for pups, it’s very common to hump, as they considered it they are showing affection to their beloved ones.

So, if you are confused or concerned about your canine companion humping habit, then we have an answer for you. Yes, we have jotted down the possible reasons behind your pup’s unwanted behaviour. Along with that also provided a solution and tips to overcome this humping habit of your furry pal.

Without wasting any more time, let’s just scroll down and check out the possible reasons, solutions, and tips to overcome this issue. Because knowing why your pooch displays this type of behaviour is essential. In addition, with knowledge about canine behaviour comes understanding, something all pet parents need to take better care of their canine companion.

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Reasons Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me!

No matter how old your dog is, it’s very common to encounter a situation, where he will simply hump on you, and every time they have different reasons to carry out this behaviour. So, we decided to give you basic consequences, and possible reasons behind your dog humping habit on you. It will give you a fair idea, of what exactly your pup is trying to convey to you.

1. He Wants to Grab Attention

Suppose you are too busy for your canine companion and haven’t given much time in the last few days. It’s common to encounter a situation, where he will try to be around you, hump or jump on you just to get your glimpse or attention.

to grab attention
Credit: Ohotnik

So, there is nothing to worry about or get scared of it. If your canine companion wants your attention then it is suggested to give him some time, play with him and make his mood happy. By carrying out such acts, he will reduce adapting unusual behaviour.

2. Dogs Hump When They Want to Play

Another possible reason could be he wants to play with you. That’s why he just humps on you or jumps to take you out and have some fun sessions. They might also bring their leash, move around you, will call you by waiving their paws, etc…

So, nothing to worry about it, just need to spare playing time for your canine companion. It’s important to take them out for a daily walk and have physical activities to keep them fit and healthy.

3. Tries to Socialize or Communicate

It has been observed that young dogs, and especially pups, like to socialise with other pets or people in an environment where they feel more comfortable. For instance, if you took your pup for a walk in a park, and there are already other pets. Then there are chances they will try to interact with them by jumping on or humping on them, waiving their paws, etc… Nothing to worry about, they are simply trying to get to socialise with other pets.

tries to socialise or communicate
Credit: Sinseeho

The same gesture they do with people who give them a good vibe, just like you. Or he just gets so much excited to visit a social event that he expresses his feeling by humping you. It’s his way of saying thank you for such a visit.

4. Dog Feels Overly Excited

Another reason your pup humps or jumps on when he sees you is that he is very excited to see you after a long day. And this is his way of showing his happiness and welcoming you home from a long day of work.

If you find it annoying, then you can provide him with regular exercise, which will help burn off excess energy before it leads to more intense behaviours like humping. With patience and consistency, it’s possible for your pup to learn healthier habits. So, they no longer feel the need to hump excessively when feeling overly excited.

5. Sexual Behaviour Factor

Many pet owners have experienced the uncomfortable situation of having their beloved dog only humping them and not anyone else. This behaviour could be due to a variety of factors, but sexual arousal is often one of them.

In addition, if your dog has been spayed or neutered, then they might still have natural hormones that make them act out sexually. In other ways, like humping on you, things, or any other pets. On the other hand, dogs that haven’t been spayed/neutered can also carry this behaviour out of sexual factors.

It is advisable to take your canine companion to get spayed or neutered as soon as possible. This is because his hormonal changes will bring drastic transformations in his behaviour. Plus, it is also possible he might act aggressively at some time and try to dominate you.

6. Dog Feel Safe and Protected

It’s fact, dogs don’t feel safe with everyone they meet, they are only comfortable with their pack or beloved ones. So, if you find that your canine companion is only humping on you, and no one else in your surrounding. Then get one thing clear, he feels safe and protected around you, and your presence. So, it’s his way of showing his feelings towards you.

dog feel safe and protected

You don’t have to worry much, let your furry pal enjoy your presence and move freely. If anything happens, you are there for him and will surely save him from the predators.

7. Medical Factor

There are many severe underlying health issues, skin allergies, and joint pain, which you won’t be able to see or observe until and unless the vet indicates or your pup shows any kind of symptoms. So, if you encounter any such scenario, where your canine companion is continuously carrying out some behaviour such as humping you. Then in such cases, it is suggested to immediately look into the matter.

In some cases, the humping may even indicate an underlying health problem, such as arthritis. It is important to have your furry pal checked by a veterinarian. Additionally, it is important to take good care of him and give him speedy treatment to overcome his health issue.

8. Habitual Behaviour Factor

Another possible reason could be a habitual factor. Your canine companion might have encountered that carrying out such behaviour, will help him to reduce his stress and grab your attention. So, that’s why whenever he feels a bit stressed, he continued to hum on you. When he adopted this behaviour, you might have found him cute. But now it’s irritating for you, on the other hand for your pup it’s still a happy gesture, so he is habitual of this behaviour.

If you want him not to add to his habit, then it is recommended to stop him. Don’t give him his treats, and whenever he tries to do it, command him “no” and make an angry face. This will help you to reduce his habit. Eventually, he won’t try to do it on a daily basis like he used to do it.

9. A Display of Social Status Dominance

It has been noticed, that dogs do show their dominant power in a social environment. Especially when they are in a pack. So, if you take him to socialize and he repeatedly tries to hump on you. He thinks that by doing this, he will be able to show other animals and people that you belong to their pack. It’s better to stay away from you or simply back off.

Showing dominant power could be the reason, and if you find it annoying or uncomfortable. Then it is advisable to train your pup regarding the same. Try to teach them, showing so much dominance is not a good habit.

Tips to Prevent Excessive Humping Behaviour From Your Dog!

Well, dogs hump for many reasons, mostly they do it out of affection, and love. But, if it’s done on a repeated basis, then it might become a bit annoying. Plus, it has been observed that many pet parents complain about this humping behaviour, and they don’t like it. So, to help you out, I have a few simple tips, which will surely help you to reduce the humping behaviour of your canine companion.

  • Appoint a professional trainer, or you can also train your canine companion regarding certain unwanted behaviour. Like from the initial stage, command them not to do it, or you can also retrain them regarding the same. Plus, stop giving them their favourite treats if they don’t listen to you.
  • If sexual behaviours are a factor, then neutering your canine companion is the best option. It will automatically reduce the chances of humping or jumping him due to being sexually active.
  • Try to keep your canine companion engage, or busy by playing with them, giving them their favourite toys, chewing toys, taking them for a walk, etc… All these will keep them busy, and their mind will not divert to other things. In this way, there are fewer chances he will adopt unwanted behaviour like humping you unnecessarily.
  • When you take him out in a crowded area, be careful with whom he is getting socialized because many times pups do adapt behaviour to what they observe.

These are a few tips for preventing your canine companion’s unwanted behaviour. It is advisable to try these tips, they will surely help you to get rid of your pup’s humping behaviour unnecessarily, and on a regular basis.


Why do dogs hump only certain people?

It’s true, dogs hump only on certain people. They prefer only those with whom they are emotionally connected, and trust. It’s normal behaviour for dogs to jump or hump on people, with whom they feel safe and secure. If they prefer humping on you, it means they consider you as a part of their family or pack.

Why do most male dogs try to hump me?

It has been noticed that male dogs are more energetic as compared to female dogs. To release their excess energy, stress, anxiety, or sexual factor, they try to hump or jump on you. Doing such action, helps them to get rid of their excess energy easily.

Is it bad if my dog tries to hump me?

There is no harm if your canine companion tries to hump or jump on you, it’s a very normal behaviour for them. This is because it’s their way of expressing their affection towards you, and dogs only hump on those with whom they feel connected or secure. So, if your dogs hump on you, then consider yourself a lucky one. As they prefer only you, over the rest of the other members of the family.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Here, summing up our blog on: Why Does My Dog Hump Me and No One Else? So, now you know very well, what can be the possible reasons behind your canine companion’s humping behaviour on you.

One thing to keep in mind, it’s very normal behaviour for dogs to hump on their favourite one, so don’t get scared or get aggressive. They hump on due to many reasons, and not necessarily because they’re sexualizing you. It may be because they are emotionally connected and feel secure around you. Or they want to spend time with you, have playing sessions, tries to communicate or might be in pain or something.

Ultimately, it’s important to first understand why your dog humps on you, and then respond to the behaviour. Furthermore, if it’s becoming uncomfortable for you, then seek the vet’s advice.

So, don’t get annoyed or scared, when he tries to hump on you. In fact, shower love and affection on him, and he will surely like it.

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