Why Does My Dog Keep Looking at the Ceiling?

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Author: Tilly Walker

Unlock the mystery of your dog’s upward gaze with insights into why dogs may keep looking at the ceiling. Explore the intriguing factors, including the dementia aspect, shedding light on this peculiar canine behavior.

Well, understanding why your dog keeps looking up can help strengthen your bond with them and ensure their well-being.

Why Does My Dog Keep Looking at the Ceiling

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs looking at the ceiling may indicate various factors, including potential dementia.
  • Observing other behavioral cues and consulting with a vet can help identify the root cause.
  • Understanding your dog’s actions fosters a deeper bond and ensures their well-being.

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Reasons Why Your Dog Looks Up at the Ceiling

As we know, dogs do adopt weird or unusual habits, but each behaviour has some reasons behind it. Similarly, there can be reasons or causes behind staring at the ceiling continuously or giving a blank look. For your reference, we have done some good research work and come up with the ten possible reasons behind your dog staring at nothing or the ceiling. Let’s have a look!

1. Picked Up a New Habit

One of the possible reasons behind your furry pal looking at the ceiling could be that he might have learned this habit from another pet. Or by watching you doing something like cleaning the ceiling.

It’s also possible that they might have developed this habit on their own. And not copied from other pets or watching you. So, you don’t have to worry much about it, and you can simply train your canine companion to get rid of his behaviour.

2. Lights and Shadow

It’s true, your dog’s way of observing things is different. When you switch on the lights, the shadows created by them can be fascinating to your canine companion. For instance, the way the light hits the ceiling and creates different shadow textures. This can be quite watchful for your canine companion. It can be said that your pup likes to observe things closely and admire them.

lights and shadow

If you want to confirm that they are mesmerized by the shadows, you can simply check it by moving any object. And see if they are attracted by the reflection or shadow or not. In such a scenario, you don’t have to worry much, and let him enjoy his admiring time.

3. Seeking Attention

Ah! Your dog will do anything just to get a glimpse of you or to seek your attention. Being a pet parent, you must have encountered many unusual behaviours of your canine companion, right? Where they will do anything to get your attention. Similarly, giving a blank look at walls, things or even at the ceiling is one of the reasons to get your attention.

This is because they know very well you will pay attention to their body gesture, and behaviour. So, whenever they feel neglected or out of love, they will practice such behaviour. Further, doing so if they get a positive outcome, then they will add this to their behaviour just to seek attention.

seeking attention
Credit: Page Light Studios

If you don’t want him to do this every time, then it’s best to give them their time. For instance, regularly take them out for a walk, play with have, and don’t miss the cuddle sessions. If they feel loved, their mind will not divert to adapt such unusual behaviour.

4. Cold Breeze

Well, the cold breeze can be one of the possible reasons behind your dogs giving blank looks at the ceiling. Let me explain it to you, not only cats, but dogs also have a curiosity to know everything.

So, yeah, it is possible they will watch the ceiling carefully, to track how the fan is able to give the cold breeze. Or if your house has a crack or hole from where outside air is coming, then also they will be curious to check it out.

There is nothing to worry much about if your canine companion is just checking it out of curiosity. All you can do is explain them by giving directions from where the cold breeze is coming.

5. Your Canine Is Sensing Something Up There

How scary it would be to face the scenario, where you woke up in the middle of the night and noticed your canine companion is giving a blank look at the ceiling. Right? Well, if you ever experienced such a scenario even during the daytime also, then don’t panic. Just need to call pest control and not the Ghostbusters.

your canine is sensing something up there
Credit: Xavier_Ascanio

Yes, it may look like your canine companion is giving a blank look at the ceiling. But, in reality, they are tracking the insect’s noise, and trying to follow them. If you want clarity or proof, then do notice their snout. It will be facing the ceiling, and their ears will continuously twitch because they are trying to track the insects.

So, no need to worry, just need your home clean and pest free. Then you will not find your canine companion carrying out any such unusual behaviour.

6. Dementia Factor

Well, dementia is one of the health factors that can be the reason behind giving a blank look at the wall or ceiling. Yes, just like humans, dogs also suffer from dementia factor. Staring at anything for a long time is one of the obvious signs of dementia issue. In addition, it has been noticed many dog breeds encounter neurologic disorders.

If you want to confirm that dementia is the cause of your canine companion’s habit, then look for other symptoms of dementia. Such as disorientation, sudden irritability, loss of appetite, dirtying the house, and changes in sleep patterns.

Once you are confirmed, then for better recovery consult the vet, and start his medication on time.

7. Growth in the Eyelid

It has been observed that dogs suffer from eyelid growth. It’s not necessary every eyelid growth leads to tumour issues. According to PDSAaround 75% of eyelid lumps in dogs are benign (non-cancerous).” So, yeah, it’s possible due to the discomfort of eyelid growth, your pup might be staring at the ceiling to get rid of the pain or something.

growth in the eyelid
Credit: RossHelen

If you notice, they have watery and red eyes, itching issues, and vision problems. Then it’s suggested to take them to the vet clinic ASAP. This is because if you will delay, it’s possible that the lump will become harder to operate. Further, can lead to severe tumour issues in the future.

8. Partial Seizure Factor

If your canine companion is continuously staring at the ceiling, without any reason, and moving their eyes up and down. Then it is possible they might be having a seizure health issue, it’s also known as a partial seizure issue.

Well, several things can cause seizure issues, such as cancer or epilepsy. Plus, the signs they are suffering from seizure is that within a second they switch to an unconscious mind. Or, move their eyes upward and give a blank look at the wall, any stuff or ceilings.

To clarify they are suffering from seizure issues, you can check for other health symptoms, and take them for the test. Here’s a suggestion for you, do not waste time, immediately seek a vet’s consultation for your pup’s speedy recovery.

9. Noisy Neighbours

Another possible reason could be your noisy neighbours. Yes, you heard it right. If you live in a multi-storey house, and your home ceilings are not sound-proof, and you are able to hear noise from the upper floor. Then this might be possible, your pup is staring at the ceiling to identify from where the sound is coming.

Further, as we know, a dog’s hearing range is more than a human being’s. It’s a fact, they can even hear those sounds, which humans cannot hear easily. In such a situation, you need to check with your neighbours, and if this is the reason it can be easily overcome by advising your neighbour to make less noise.

You can also assure your canine companion, that everything is fine, and no need to worry!

10. Foreign Body in the Eye

As dogs like to play outside in the mud, or park, there is a possibility while playing a few foreign particles (hair, dust, grass, or any other small particles) may enter their eyes, and lead to irritation issues. To overcome the irritation issue, they might try to rub their eyes, scratch them or look upwards at the ceiling to get rid of the pain, or irritation.

foreign body in the eye
Credit: MaRussya

To help your canine companion, it’s suggested to wash their face thoroughly with room temperature water, take a wet cloth and wipe their eyes carefully, to get rid of the foreign particles. In this way, you avoid eye irritation issues, and if the problem resists, then it’s best to seek the vet’s advice for better treatment.


Why does my dog keep staring at the ceiling and barking?

It’s possible your dog might have noticed something very unusual activity, and he is alerting you to be aware. In other words, if your dog barks at the wall or ceiling, there is a possibility he has observed something, which has driven his attention. It’s your responsibility to look after the matter and solve his issue.

How do I know if my dog is in pain?

If your canine companion is in pain, he will carry out general behaviour such as flattened ears, body shaking, becoming cranky or aggressive, panting or crying, scratching, licking, and other similar behaviour. So, if you notice any such act or behaviour, it’s suggested to give attention to his problem and try to resolve it.

How do I know if my dog is depressed?

It has been observed that depressed dogs will indicate some symptoms such as a lack of interest in taking participation in activities, decrease appetite, turns needy, wanting attention, and other similar reasons. If your dog indicates any such symptoms, it’s recommended to take good care of him, as he needs your time and love, take them for a walk, and play with them. All these will help to boost him mentally and physically and bring back his mind to a normal state.

Is it normal for dogs to look up at the ceiling fan?

Most of the dogs have the habit of looking up at the ceiling fan, and there could be many reasons behind such behaviour. For instance, they wonder, from where the air is coming, and are captivated by the sudden turning on the lights, and fan shadows. There could also be many other reasons if your pup falls under the normal reasoning part it’s OK, but if something is bothering him, then you need to look into the matter immediately and take action.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Hereby, concluding our blog: Why Does My Dog Keep Looking at the Ceiling?

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading our blog and got your doubts cleared regarding your canine companion’s blank staring habit. As now, you know, very well, there could be many reasons behind the such act. So, all you need to do is carefully observe his body language and find out what are the possible consequences, and solve it quickly to give them relief from that situation.

Additionally, if your pup keeps doing this on a regular basis and if there is no apparent explanation, then it might be best for you to take them in for a vet checkup just in case.

Ultimately, it’s always important to pay close attention to any changes in their behaviours. So, you can act quickly should any serious issues arise in the future.

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