Why Does My Dog Nibble My Nose?

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Do you ever wonder why your dog loves to nibble on your nose? Sometimes it’s OK, but if he regularly starts carrying out this habit then it’s become irritating. Right? So, that’s why it’s very important to ask yourself: “Why Does My Dog Nibble My Nose?

In this blog, we are going to discuss your canine companion’s biting habit, especially giving small bites on your nose. So, my pal, you have landed on the right page. Here, you will get all your answers and solutions to overcome this habit.

For your preference, we have done some good footwork and gathered an ample amount of information from the experts. Guess what? We came up with six possible reasons behind your canine companion biting nature.

Additionally, we have also jotted down tips to get rid of the habit of nibbling your nose on a regular basis.

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Reasons Why Your Dog Bites Your Nose

Below, we have jotted down the six possible reasons behind your pup’s giving a soft bite on your nose, ears, cheeks, or palm. Let’s have a look, and find out how to stop them from carrying out the nibbling habits.

1. Your Dog Bites Your Nose to Play

There are several reasons behind your dog’s biting behaviour. But, one possible explanation could be he’s calling you to play with him. Yes, you heard it right. Dogs do have a habit of nibbling each other when they want to play. Similarly, he carries out the same act with you to indicate his feelings. If you are raising a young dog, then it’s very common to encounter such behaviour.

your dog bites your nose to play
Credit: Ирина Мeщeрякова

So, yeah, next time get this clue, when they softly bite your nose or ears. It means they want you to throw the ball, play with him, or take him out for a walk. No need to worry about it, just enjoy the playing session with your canine companion.

2. Nibble Your Nose to Get Attention

Nowadays, you are too busy with your work? Not giving much time to your canine companion? If so, my pal, it’s obvious he will adapt any unusual behaviour just to get your eyes on him. For that, even if he needs to nibble your nose or move around you. He will do it just to get a glimpse of yours.

For instance, if you are not giving him attention, and when he tries nose nibbling or hitting you with paws to call you. During that time if you immediately pay attention to him. Then he will take into account, that by carrying out such behaviour you will always listen to him. So, he tries to give a small bite, when he wants to get your eyes on him or attention.

Well, here’s a suggestion for you, learn to give them time, and full attention. Plus, don’t make them feel neglected. In this way, he will slowly get rid of his unhealthy habit to seek your attention.

3. Your Pup Is Happy to See You After a Long Day

One of the reasons for his nibbling habit could be that he is happy to see you after waiting for a long day. Being a pet parent, you already know, there are a few body gestures. Which indicated your pup is welcoming you or waiving you. Similarly, coming running towards you, and trying to nibble your nose, and face. It is a kind of indication he is happy to welcome you home back.

your pup is happy to see you after a long day
Credit: xavierarnau

So, next time if he welcomes you like this, do not get annoyed. If you don’t want him to adapt such body language, you can train him anytime.

4. Your Dog Bites Your Nose Because of Teething Pains

If you are parenting a puppy, then teething might be one of the reasons behind his biting habit. When pups are young, they go through the teething phase. Just like a human child look for a tether or any soft object to satisfy their urge of chewing, and, get rid of gum pain. Similarly, your pup finds nose, palm, and cheeks to satisfy their urge of chewing.

To overcome your pup’s chewing habit, all you can do is give them a good quality chew toy, with a soft surface to satisfy his urge of chewing. In this way, he will not try to give a small bite on your nose, palm or any other place.

On the other hand, in the case of an adult dog, it might be possible they are suffering from severe toothache issues. It’s their way of expressing they need medical help. In such a case, you take him to the vet and get his dental check-up.

5. He Thinks It’s OK to Nibble Your Nose

Another possible reason behind the habit of nibbling your nose could be that in the initial days, you have not stopped him, and he thought it was a good habit. For instance, when he used to nib or bite our nose, and you enjoyed those cute moments and didn’t stop him. So, by observing you smiling, he assumes, that whenever he does such a thing it will make you smile. He continues with his nibbling habit.

Here’s a suggestion for you, if you want to get rid of this nibbling habit, command him to “stop”. And whenever he tries to give small bites, don’t give him treats. He will understand that it’s not a good habit, and, so you are not giving him his treats.

6. They Are Grooming You

As we know, dogs groom themselves by scratching, nibbling, licking, or itching to get rid of parasites, dirt, fleas, etc… We also know, they have this habit of grooming the other member of their pack, which includes their siblings, or any other pet with whom they are living. Well, you are also part of their pack, to keep you clean, they try to lick, and bite you. So, this can be one of the reasons he bites your nose, in his vision, he’s just cleaning your nose pores and nothing else.

they are grooming you
Credit: dtephoto

There’s nothing harm in it, but if you observe them repeatedly carry out this habit. Then in such a scenario, all you can do is tell them to stop or command them “no” and walk away from that place. In this way, he will slowly understand you don’t like getting grooming sessions from him and will simply stop this habit.

Tips on What to Do if Your Dog Bites Your Nose

It’s OK if sometimes your pup bites your nose, or face, it is acceptable. But, if he keeps on doing it on a regular basis, then it’s not a good idea to let him continue his biting habit. No matter, whatever the reason behind his biting behaviour, it’s better to command them to get off it.

To help you out, we have some useful tips, which will surely help you to stop your dog from biting your nose. Let’s quickly check out the prevention method to get rid of his biting behaviour.

  • The first and basic thing, which you can simply imply, is to train him again. You need to hire a good trainer, or you can also train him well. All you need to do is command him not to carry out such behaviour. Whenever he tries to do it, stop him then only, and remind him it’s not a good habit.
  • Whenever he tries to nibble or lick your nose, try walking away from that place, and do not call him to play. Repeat this act, twice or thrice the time, once he will understand you don’t like his biting habit, he will not do it.
  • Only give rewards when he is doing a good thing, or behaving nicely. And when he tries to bite or do any other unusual activity, simply stop feeding him his favourite treats.
  • You can also do one thing, have enough stock of the good quality of chew toys, and bones. So, whenever he tries to bite your nose, mouth or arms, simply offer him those toys to play with it. In this way, you will be able to overcome his biting behaviour, and he will be able to satisfy his urge of biting.
  • Never get so busy, that you don’t have time to spend with your canine companion. Yes, you need to give him an ample amount of time and attention. So, that he doesn’t have to carry out such biting behaviour to get your eyes or attention.

By following these simple tips, you will surely be able to overcome your canine companion’s unhealthy habit of biting your nose, mouth, arms or any other place. In addition, handle this situation very calmly, as your pup might take time to understand and get rid away of his biting habit.

Here’s a suggestion, do not, lose your temper or else you will end up in big trouble. As there are chances, he might adopt any other weird habit.


Why does my dog lick and nip my nose?

There could be many reasons behind your pup’s habit of licking or biting your nose. The most common reason could be expressing their love, seeking attention, wanting to play with you, giving love-bite, out of pain, and many other related reasons. It’s up to you to find out the reason, and enjoy love bites or licking until it’s out of affection and not hurting you.

Should I let my dog lick my nose?

It has been observed that experts/vets suggest not to let your pup lick your nose or mouth area on a frequent basis. This is because their saliva does contain germs, and it’s high a possibility of spreading infection, which can make you sick easily.

Why does my dog softly bite my arm?

Sometimes it’s very difficult to identify whether your pup is doing normal mouthing or out of aggression. It has been noticed that some dogs do bite arms out of fear or aggression also, so you need to be careful. If you notice any aggression, or hard biting, then immediately consult the vet to overcome his aggression issues.

Is it OK to kiss a dog on the nose?

It’s very common, for pet parents kissing their pup’s nose or forehead to express their love and affection. But, it’s suggested to avoid kissing on their nose or head, when they are suffering from any skin allergy or ear problems because bacteria will spread all over their coat and will create health issues for you as well. So, if your pup is not well try to avoid kissing their face, or head for your betterment.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Oh! Great that you’ve made it this far. So, concluding our blog on “Why Does My Dog Nibble My Nose?” Now, you know very well what possible reasons: why does my dog lick my nose? Still, we can take a quick recap!

The most common reasons behind your pup biting, chewing or nibbling your nose can be: he wants your attention, to spend time with you, to have a good playing session or just their way of expressing their love and affection for you. Additionally, there are other reasons also like tooth pain, aggression, or he just feels it’s completely OK to carry on such a habit.

To deal with such scenarios, along with the reason, we have provided the solutions to stop your canine companion from carrying out such behaviour. Plus, also listed down helpful tips to completely avoid the biting habit.

With patience and consistency, you should be able to train your furry friend to stop these behaviours over time. Always show love and affection to your pup or else he will again land up adapting such unusual behaviour or habit to express his emotions or anything.

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