Why Does My Dog Straddle My Foot? Understanding The Behavior

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Dogs are adorable and friendly animals, but sometimes their weird behavior confuses their owners. If your dog is doing the same then you might also be thinking why does my dog straddle my foot? There can be several reasons why he is doing that.

Dogs are very attached to their owners so they like to be around their owners. They also communicate with humans in their own way. Usually, dogs share their emotions and also cuddle us if we are not happy. Basically, dogs behave a little bit differently with their owner than with other people.

Dogs know you love them and they also feel like they have rights over you. When they put their step on your feet, they might be showing other dogs that you are his and he is yours. Let us see what are the other reasons that your dog tries to stand over your feet.

Dog tries to stand over your feet.
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Common Reasons – Why Does My Dog Straddle My Foot?

Dogs can stand over your feet because of many reasons like they are not feeling well and they want your attention. Or he is just doing it to dominate you? You must know why your dog stands over your feet as in some cases you might need to resolve the cause behind this behavior.

You Have a Spoilt Dog

As human kids and adults, dogs can also be spoilt. This kind of dog always does whatever they want to, despite everything. They step on your feet when they are up to something and you resist his plan.

They also do not like any kind of responsibility. They are such moody that they do things they want. In case you have a dog like this, you should not worry. You can train him and mould him into a well-behaved dog. Stop pampering him and be a little bit hard on him, give him a treat only when he obeys your command.

He Just Wants to Be Near You

This is one of the most common reasons for a dog to step over your feet. He might want to just be with you. Now you must be wondering why only on my feet.

It is because the feet are most easily accessible. Especially when you are with someone else, he does not have space to join. And the only open part he finds where he can cuddle and touch first.

If this is the case, then you are lucky. When your dog loves you so much and wants to spend time with you. You should take him on a walk so he can feel good and you can also spend some time with your dog to make him feel good.

Dog wants to Be Near You
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Your Dog is Not Feeling Good

Your dog can do this whenever your dog doesn’t feel good. He might feel down, sick or stressed. The only person he has is you. If he comes to you, he might feel comfortable and also he will not feel alone.

If you are standing then touching your feet can make him feel comfortable. You should observe his behaviour at that time. If you observe the following then you should pay attention to your doggy.

  • Is he looking sad? 
  • Are his ears in a falling position?
  • Does his fur look dull? 

Now after observing if you think why does my dog straddle my foot, try to resolve it as you are the only one he got.

You Are Not Feeling Good

Your dog will stand on your feet not only when he is not feeling okay, but also if you are not feeling good. Dogs cannot talk with humans so they will not be going to ask you what happened to you, but they can sense that something is wrong with you.

Dogs are very good at sensing human feelings “A pile of recent studies show how canines pick up chemical and physiological cues from people that allow our moods to become “contagious.” Says STACEY COLINO from Nationalgeographic. This means they can differentiate between their owners’ fear, excitement, or anger.

Some people believe that their dogs could also sense pregnancy. Therefore, if you do not feel good and you have your dog with you, feel lucky!

Studies have shown that pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression than people without pets. People with limited human social support often experience feelings of loneliness and isolation, both of which can worsen depression. A pet helps to decrease these feelings by providing companionship to its owner.” As stated in Perelman School of Medicine.

Your Dog Is Possessive or Dominant

Possessive or dominant dogs both will stand on your feet for different reasons. Possessiveness and dominance may seem the same but they are very different. If your dog is dominant then he will try to take you under his control, which is a sign of a spoilt dog. But if he is possessive, he will just show other dogs and people that you are his owner and he does not want to share with you.

Possessive dog
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You can do one experiment. Whenever your dog stands on your feet, you just move your leg from his feet. If your dog shows aggression then you need to be warned, your dog is showing dominance on you. This should be immediately taken into action. Possessiveness and dominance, both should be handled properly by the owner. Otherwise, it could be dangerous for the owner.

He Is Feeling Insecure

Dogs can feel fear, anxiety, and insecurity. Dogs can come to you as closely as possible when they are feeling something negative about themselves or the environment around them. They come to you to ensure that he will be okay in your presence.

Moreover, if you are feeling the same and your dog is around, he will catch your feeling by observing your face. And then they will also feel scared and insecure. Also, he will decide whether he needs to protect you or hide behind you. In both cases, he will step on your feet.

If you had two dogs and now only one. Then one left dog might feel the anxiety of separation. Also, when his close person gets separated from him. In case you have doubt that he is suffering from insecurity, take him to the vet immediately.

He Is Doing It for Fun

It is possible that your dog is not doing it because of any above-mentioned reasons. He might be doing it out of fun. If you want to confirm that he is doing it for fun, then his ears must be upside and his tail must be wagging. If you do not have any problem, then let him do whatever he wants.

What to Do If Your Dog’s Behaviour Is Unwanted

There are several things you can do to make him stop to stand over your feet if your dog’s behavior is unwanted. You if are wanding why my dog straddle my foot, then to avoid that.

  • You should have enough toys and an area where your dog can enjoy playing. So whenever he does something like that, you can distract him by giving alternatives.
  • You should train your dog and teach some commands like “off” or “leave it.” This will help everywhere but especially you can prevent him stand over your feet.
  • If your dog is showing dominance or he doesn’t obey your command, then you should seek professional help from a certified dog trainer or behaviorist.


Why does my dog hover over my foot?

As we humans like to sit next to our loved ones. In the same way, mostly all dogs like to sit over their owner’s foot. They are doing it because they have affection for you and they feel safe near you. Dogs would prefer to sit on a hard surface than a soft one. Therefore, when you are sitting on a couch or your bed, they sit around your feet.

Why does my dog rub her body on my feet?

Dogs are social creatures. They like to be in touch with their close ones. By rubbing their body to (the only open part of your body they can touch first) your feet, they are trying to show their love to you. This behaviour is also known as  “Lean on Me”. This will make your relationship stronger.

Which gender dog is more affectionate?

Usually, male dogs are more affectionate with their owners. They will always be ready to cuddle you and love to play with you. They rarely sit alone. It will be always you who end up fussing. Male dogs can do it all day.

How do you know if your dog is protective?

If a dog is being protective, he will stand in front of the owner, facing either another dog or a person who is approaching the owner. If he is protecting you then first, he will bark and then snarl, show teeth, snap or even bite.


If we talk about dogs’ behaviour of stepping on your feet, you might be worried that why does my dog straddle my foot. To be honest, it is very common behaviour for dogs. They step on your feet because of several reasons.

The only thing you should make sure that if your dog is being dominant or he is unhappy, Immediately work on that part. Otherwise, you can slowly teach him to behave well if he is doing it because of other reasons. Try to train him when he is a puppy, so it won’t be hard when he became an adult.


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