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The 7 Best Dog Grooming Table UK for Ultimate Dog Grooming Experience!

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Author: Jacob Kay

Dog grooming is necessary and for some dog owners, it’s quite expensive. The costs are even higher if the breed they own is of high maintenance and needs regular cleaning, trimming, or clipping. To cut costs, many dog owners prefer grooming their dogs at home, avoiding continuous visits to a professional dog groomer. So, if you are looking to groom your dog at home, you’ll have to buy one of the best dog grooming table UK.

In this article, you will find a list of some some the best dog grooming tables that are available in the market. I have also included a buying guide which includes details like – dog grooming table features, buying prospects, details of different types of dog grooming tables, their benefits, drawbacks, tips on using dog grooming tables, how to train a dog to get used to the grooming table and so on.

Best Dog Grooming Tables UK

A dog grooming table is a device which simplifies the grooming process for a dog owner. It helps in improving the dog’s appearance and maintaining skin health. These tables provide adjustable features so, you can alter the height and adjust angles while trimming, or putting the dog’s hair from the dog’s body.

They come in different types and based on your needs and preferences for dog grooming, you can select the appropriate one. Here is a list of the best dog grooming tables UK:

1. Yaheetech’s Foldable Dog Grooming Table 

For dog owners looking for an adjustable and foldable grooming table, Yaheetech’s Foldable Dog Grooming Table is a suitable option. The legs of this grooming table are retractable and they can be folded back to the centre part. The retractable design makes it more feasible to use and is portable as well.

In addition, it has a height-adjustable arm that allows changing the height. The surface of this grooming table is non-slip, waterproof, and has a comforting texture for the dog.


Key Features:

  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable table legs
  • Non-slip table surface
  • Detachable loop noose


Furthermore, the smooth round edges protect the dog from injury so, you can groom your dog properly. Also, the lead loop has a strong buckle that makes it easy to tighten the noose.

  • Nice stability
  • Strong metal accessories
  • Can handle dogs weighing roughly 220 lb
  • Heavy knocks to the leg can cause it to bent

2. BTM Adjustable Portable Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Table

If you are looking for a portable dog grooming table that is durable yet easy to store then, the BTM Adjustable Portable Dog Grooming Table might just be the grooming table you need. It’s made of a stainless steel frame, PVC feet pad, and MDF board. The folding feature allows you to store it easily and save space.

The frame of this grooming table is adjustable and comes with two nooses to meet different requirements. Also, the grooming table has 8 tension knobs that allow you to adjust the optimal height.


Key Features:

  • Foldable
  • Solid and durable
  • Adjustable height
  • Non-slip and waterproof


In addition, the rounded table edges ensure there is less risk of injuries and the anti-slip rubber in the feet provides more stability so, that the dog doesn’t fall off.

  • Adjustable arm and neck lasso
  • Strong steel legs and nice stability
  • Offers extra storage space (1 lower rack)
  • Anti-slip rubber, scrap resistant and static-free board
  • The table is heavier so, might be tough to handle

3. PawHut Adjustable Dog Grooming Table

The PawHut Adjustable Dog Grooming Table is helpful for dog owners who prefer extra precautions. It has two slings that help secure the dog on the table safely. The material used in this table is stainless steel, metal, rubber desktop, and particle board which makes it strong, reliable, and stable.

The non-slip surface is made of rubber desktop and dogs can stand on the table for a longer duration. Also, the corners are rounded and minimise the risk of injury to the dog.


Key Features:

  • Adjustable height
  • Bottom mesh tray
  • Non-slip footpads
  • Durable metal frame


Further, there is a bottom mesh tray that allows you to put your grooming accessories and is removable if not needed.

  • Easy to clean
  • Strong metal frame
  • Mesh metal basket for storage
  • Only the legs are foldable

4. BALLSHOP Dog Grooming Table 

BALLSHOP Dog Grooming is perfect for dog owners who have a designated space for the table in the house, are skilled, and need a low-cost dog grooming table. This dog grooming table is foldable and the rope is made using strong nylon material that will not hurt the dog.

The adjustable design allows you to change the length as per your requirements for using grooming tools efficiently without putting your dog at risk.


Key Features:

  • Durable
  • Foldable
  • Adjustable design


Further, the design of this dog grooming table is streamlined and makes it easy to install. You won’t have to use tools for setting up this grooming table.

  • Low price
  • The grooming arm is foldable
  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • Noose is thin
  • Table legs are not foldable

5. The Fellie Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table

If you plan on grooming your dog at home regularly then, Fellie Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table will be a suitable option. This dog grooming table consists of a hydraulic system and is highly stable. Its folding absorption design makes lifting more stable and easily handles weight of about 330 lbs.

The table top is made of anti-skid rubber which is corrosion-resistant, non-slip, and easy to clean. The stable lifting system is made of metal and its height can be adjusted without taking up extra space.


Key Features:

  • Adjustable arm
  • Free lift hydraulic pump
  • Anti-rust and waterproof


In addition, the manual hydraulic system allows you to set up the ideal height as per your needs for better grooming.

  • Anti-rust and waterproof
  • Can accommodate three dogs
  • Adjustable and detachable table arm
  • Needs to be assembled at home

6. Pedigroom Professional Heavy Duty Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table

If you need a heavy duty hydraulic dog grooming table then, the Pedigroom Large Professional Heavy Duty Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table is an option you must certainly explore. The table has a non-slip leather matting that helps dog owners significantly. The hydraulic system ensures the owners can adjust the height of the table at their convenience.

The metal frame and stainless steel H bar with two nooses keep the dog’s position steady. In addition, the locking system helps prevent any unusual accidents while dog grooming.


Key Features:

  • Hydraulic system
  • Non-slip PVC leather
  • Adjustable grooming arm


Furthermore, four wheels help with the movement of the table so, dog owners can adjust it to trim or cut any specific region. Two of the four wheels are lockable as well.

  • The surface is easy to clean
  • Stable, durable, and safe for dogs
  • Can handle weight up to 250 or 260 lbs
  • Heavyweight and expensive
  • The owner may need to learn how to use it

7. SHELANDY Electric Dog Grooming Table  

For dog owners who don’t wish to operate a hydraulic dog grooming table, the SHELANDY Electric Dog Grooming Table will be a suitable choice. This dog grooming table has an electric motor that facilitates a height adjustment mechanism. It is connected to the foot-operated pedal so, dog owners can easily use it without applying pressure.

The motor is covered with metal to prevent damage or injury. In addition, there is an overhead grooming arm and restraints available to keep the dog in a steady and secure position for proper grooming.


Key Features:

  • Electric motor
  • Non-slip rubber mat
  • Waterproof table top


Further, the table surface is shielded with non-slip scratchproof PVC matting and is easy to clean. The adjustable rubber feet make it easy to form a level surface that will not damage the flooring.

  • Adjustable grooming arm and loop
  • Ideal for experienced dog groomers
  • Powerful electric motor for adjusting the height
  • Less mobility
  • Too costly for new dog owners, as they might have to learn how to use it

Buying Guide: Best Dog Grooming Table UK

The list of various dog grooming tables mentioned includes different types of tables and selecting any specific type can be tricky. So, if you’re stuck with the decision-making, this buying guide will help you get more clarity on which dog grooming table will be suitable and meet your preferences. Let’s begin with understanding some of the key features of a dog grooming table.

Dog grooming table – features

A dog grooming table is an accessory or a utility for dog owners who prefer grooming their furry friends themselves. In general, a dog grooming table includes a flat surface, an adjustable arm that holds a loop or harness, and a non-slip mat. Below are some of the key features of a dog grooming table which you need to consider while buying the table:

#1. Size/Capacity and weight

This feature of a dog grooming table should be a top priority. You will need a table that can accommodate your furry friend and also, allow you to groom them without having to worry about the space. In addition, you also need to consider the weight of the grooming table to avoid any accidents.

The weight is a crucial prospect as heavy-weight dogs often tend to break the tables. This can injure the dog and you will have to buy a new table, not to mention, the cost of treatment for the injury the dog sustained will make your expenses elevate instantly.

#2. Adjustment and height

Grooming your dog is not easy, especially if the height of the table doesn’t complement your height. You may have tried grooming your dog on a regular table with low height and that experience might not have gone that well. In fact, bad grooming experience while using normal tables of uncertain height and weight is what leads to dog owners thinking of buying a dog grooming table.

So, the grooming table you purchase must be high enough for you to work on your dog without bending or straining your back too much. To facilitate better grooming, make sure the table is adjustable and you can alter the height as per your needs.

#3. Material durability and non-slip

Your dog’s paws might damage the table or their movements might compromise the structural integrity of the dog grooming table. Also, grooming will leave lots of dirt, fur, and other stuff that will require cleaning. If the material of the grooming table is not grooming-friendly, you might have to put in extra effort to clean it.

The material feature becomes a crucial buying prospect if you want to save the time and hassle of putting in extra effort for cleaning the table. In addition, alongside durability, you need a table that is non-slip and provides more stability. If the material is not offering proper stability, your dog will slip while you are grooming and it poses a risk of an injury.

Hence, the materials that offer durability, non-slip, and waterproof features in a dog grooming table are – PVC, vinyl or rubber.

#4. Portability and foldability

From the grooming perspective, a portable dog grooming table or a foldable dog grooming table doesn’t make sense. Also, the manufacturers charge more for adding these features to the grooming table for the dogs. So, from a grooming and budget point of view, the foldability and portability are not so encouraging. You can choose to ignore it while buying the table.

However, if you think of storage i.e. putting the table in a different area while not in use, these features make a strong case. You need a portable dog grooming table to store it in your house, especially if the area is constricted. The foldability feature allows you to fold the legs of the table and shift it to a different location. Also, the wheels added to the table enable easy movement, especially if the table is heavy.

#5. Flexibility and Rotatability

While you groom your furry friend, you will have to access different body parts to ensure complete grooming. Normally, a simple table design will restrict certain areas, and it will be difficult for you to groom your dog. You’ll have to continuously change the position of the dog to access different areas.

So, if the grooming table has flexibility and rotatability features, it will save lots of time and effort. The reason is simple, the table with rotatability and flexibility feature will allow you to tilt it at different angles and you won’t have to change your dog’s position and yours frequently. The flexible and rotative feature will also minimise the risk of injury in dogs.

#6. Storage and accessories option

There are different tools that you will use while grooming your furry friend. Placing them on the grooming table might not be convenient for both you and your furry friend. There is a risk of injury to the dog and if it falls off, damage to the tool. The misplacement of tools can often set off your mood and you might end up making a mistake or hurt your dog.

To avoid such issues, the table you pick for grooming your dog must have additional attachments or features to store various grooming accessories. So, look for drawers, hooks, shelves, or baskets on the grooming table. These additional storage facilities will simplify your grooming process and allow you to groom your dog properly. In addition, you can also look for tables that contain wash stations, dryers, bathtubs, or clippers for better grooming.

Dog grooming table – buying prospects

The features of the dog grooming table that you just read heavily impact the decision-making. They are one of the prominent buying prospects. But, these aren’t the only ones, there are other buying prospects that you need to consider while buying a dog grooming table for your furry friend.

So, let’s have a peek at different buying prospects and understand how features of a dog grooming table are important to a buying prospect:

#1. Features of the dog grooming table

In the previous section, you saw some of the key features that are crucial for you to consider while buying a dog grooming table. Size and weight, height and adjustability, material durability and non-slip feature, portability and foldability, and storage and accessories are significant buying prospects as they influence the overall grooming experience for both the dog and its owner.

These features should match the preferences and needs of both dog owners and their dogs because if not, it can lead to different issues. Let’s analyse why these features are crucial buying prospects and have a peek at the possible issues that you might face if you don’t consider the features,

  • If a table is too small or not durable enough, it might break and injure both the dog and the dog owner. Also, the irregular size of the table makes it tough to groom certain areas.
  • The weight of the table should be light so, that dog owners can carry it after use and store it properly. However, it should not be extremely light and must sustain the dog’s weight.
  • A grooming table with less height will make it awkward for dog owners to groom their dogs, especially if they are tall. They will have to bend their backs too often to access specific areas to trim. This can make grooming stressful for the dog owner.
  • If the surface of the grooming table doesn’t have a non-slip feature, there is always the potential risk of the dog sliding off the table. So, a secure arm, padded edge, and a non-slip surface are crucial for ensuring the dog’s safety.
  • The adjustable features such as rotatability, hydraulic lift, portability, and foldability, help in moving the table easily while grooming. Not having such a flexible feature will make grooming more challenging and time-consuming.

#2. Intent and usage frequency

The intent of use and frequency of usage are important buying prospects. You must have a rough idea regarding the purpose of using a grooming table and how many times you plan on using it at home. The decision should not be random, as there are different dog grooming tables available out there and selecting the best grooming table might be good from the quality point of view but, not meet your preferences.

For example, if your dog doesn’t need regular grooming or you plan on using the table once in w while, buying a professional dog grooming table is not necessary. You must check out different features and see which one fits your purpose the best.

#3. Space and storage

The dog grooming table you select must fit in your house. You need to have a rough idea about the dimensions of the potential area you plan on storing the grooming table. Because if the table you choose is big or large, it will become an obstruction in the house. Likewise, too small of a size can cause instability issues.

Further, the dog grooming table must not weigh too much as it will be difficult to store them, especially if dog owners prefer shifting tables to different rooms after usage. Instead, they should consider having the table with wheels so, they can easily move the table around. Thus, the space and storage availability must be a priority for you while buying the dog grooming table.

#4. Cost of the table

Budget is one of the prominent prospects and you should not neglect this. I say this because the majority of dog owners, buy a dog grooming table to save money by reducing the frequency of grooming sessions. So, if you blindly go in and buy a dog grooming table that has all the features, it will be an expensive buy.

It becomes an expensive buy because there are certain features that you might not need and they are the ones which impact the cost the most. For instance, if you have good grooming skills and have experience handling tools using a tool bag or something, you don’t need an additional storage facility on the table.

#5. Personal preference

Many dog owners get influenced by lucrative offers that involve low prices, warranties, or guarantees and end up buying the dog grooming table without considering their personal preferences and dog’s needs. This often leads to frustration and disappointment as the grooming experience is compromised.

Hence, as a responsible dog owner, you must thoroughly analyse different features and make sure they match the needs of you and your furry friend.

Lastly, before you make the decision, to buy a specific grooming table, have a conversation with your friends in the dog community. Inquire which table is helpful, ask about the brand, and also, check out different opinions online. If the manufacturer of the table has an active customer service facility, use it to verify the price, features, and potential offers that might be involved with the table.

Factors affecting the price of dog grooming table

After analysing different features and buying prospects of the grooming table, you might have thought of the price. To be honest, a grooming table with good quality will be expensive. Let’s see why:

  • Size and weight – a dog grooming table of a big size and with more weight, will cost more in comparison with lighter and smaller tables. The material used in making big grooming tables that are of heavy weight is more which impacts the production cost. So, the size and weight influence the prices of dog grooming tables heavily.
  • Quality and durability – to increase the overall lifespan of the dog grooming table, the manufacturers use high-quality materials such as stainless steel, wood, or aluminium. These materials are costly because they provide more durability, and quality and are easy to clean. These materials may elevate the prices but, will ensure the table is free of corrosion, scratches, or stains.
  • Height and adjustability – these factors simplify the grooming experience and also, influence the prices. The reason is simple, the grooming experience gets better as it provides more flexibility to the dog owners. The adjustability feature and height change features are added to the table to offer different variations to the dog groomer so, you can expect the cost to be high.
  • Type of dog grooming table – there are various types of dog grooming tables available and based on their working mechanism, features, and quality the cost may vary. For instance, a folding dog grooming table will cost less in comparison with hydraulic and electric dog grooming tables. The distinction is obvious, the folding dog table doesn’t have a hydraulic system or use of an electric motor and has fewer features. Hydraulic and electric dog grooming tables have different mechanisms and contain more features so, the cost remains high.
  • Additional or safety features – safety is an important aspect and many dog grooming tables include features that help dog owners keep their furry friends safe and prevent possible injuries. The additional safety features mainly include padded edges, secure arms, non-slip surfaces or rubber feet.

Types of Dog Grooming Table

There are different types of dog grooming tables available in the market. Each of these dog grooming tables includes specific features, serves a different purpose, and has its distinctive working mechanism. You can select a dog grooming table that will meet your preferences and intent of use. Below are the types of dog grooming tables that you will find:

#1. Foldable dog grooming table

If you are a newbie and looking for an affordable and simple grooming table for your furry friend then, buying a foldable dog grooming table will be a perfect fit. The surface of a foldable dog grooming is flat and non-slip. Also, it has an adjustable arm that holds a loop or harness for securing the dog.

Working – the foldable dog grooming table works by having a flat surface that is foldable in a smaller shape or half. The non-slip mat in this dog grooming table ensures the dog doesn’t fall or slide off the table. The adjustable arm is helpful in securing the harness or a loop to secure the dog in one place. In addition, the arm can also be connected to the grooming table with a screw or clamp as per the dog’s height.

Perks of using a foldable dog grooming table

  • Suitable for new dog owners for occasional use
  • Easy to set up, and no power source is needed
  • Lightweight and portable so, easy to carry around
  • Not that expensive and has no complex features or components

Drawbacks of using a foldable dog grooming table

  • Not very comfortable for some dogs
  • Not stable or strong. Wobbles or collapses under heavy weight or pressure.
  • The position is fixed so, not very adjustable or flexible. Thus, no changes are feasible to its orientation

#2. Portable dog grooming table

A portable dog grooming table is a more sophisticated choice and is slightly better in comparison with a foldable dog grooming table. The surface is non-slip and flat. The adjustable arm in the portable dog grooming table will help in securing the dog with a harness or a loop.

Working – portable dog grooming table is known for its stability and balance. The weight and force are distributed across the surface of the table and the non-slip mat counteracts it to prevent sliding or movements. The pressure and tension of the dog are controlled with the tightness and length of the loop or harness to prevent dog escape.

Perks of using portable dog grooming table

  • Lightweight, portable, and no power source needed
  • Easy to carry around and store in the house
  • Offers better stability and balance than foldable dog grooming tables

Drawbacks of using portable dog grooming table

  • Will not sustain heavy-weight dogs
  • Direction cannot be changed because of the fixed position

#3. Hydraulic dog grooming table

When compared to portable and foldable dog grooming tables, hydraulic dog grooming table is more expensive and advanced. You can adjust this grooming table to different heights with the help of a hydraulic lift. It is foot-operated and so, not much effort is needed for the adjustment. It is strong and can accommodate heavy-weight dogs easily.

Working – the hydraulic dog grooming table has a foot pedal or a lever that helps in controlling the flow of the fluid in the cylinder. The pump exerts pressure as it forces the fluid in the cylinder which makes the piston move upwards or downwards. So, the hydraulic table operates by balancing the force and pressure of the fluid and the table. The valve and pump regulate the pressure. In addition, the loop or harness works by forming a balance between the pressure and tension of the dog and the arm.

Perks of using a hydraulic dog grooming table

  • Strong material and can sustain the weight of heavy dogs
  • Adjustable and flexible in comparison to portable and foldable grooming tables
  • The optimal position is achieved so, the risk of potential injury for the dogs is minimal

Drawbacks of using a hydraulic dog grooming table

  • Set up is tough as it needs more power source
  • Material is heavy, and not portable so, difficult to move around
  • Slightly more expensive than a foldable and portable dog grooming table

#4. Electric dog grooming table

In comparison to other grooming tables, the electric dog grooming tables are the most sophisticated. It has a durable surface, bathtubs, storage baskets, and rotating tops. The electric motor in this grooming table helps adjust the table at different angles and heights.

Working – this dog grooming table works on the principle of electric power and motion. The table operates by creating a balance between the motion and power of the motor and the table. The switch and the battery control power and motion and ensure the supply and speed of electricity. The dog’s movement and weight balances motion and power. In addition, the loop or harness operates by making a balance between the tension of the arm and the pressure of the dog.

Perks of using a dog grooming table

  • Can handle excessive weight and pressure without collapsing or wobbling
  • Flexible and adjustable, dog owners can easily tilt, rotate, lower or raise the height as needed
  • Safe and comfortable for dogs and less risk of injury as the dog’s optimal position is achieved
  • Has additional attachments and features which help in making the grooming process easier

Drawbacks of using a dog grooming table

  • Not portable, heavy so, cannot be moved easily
  • Hardest setup when compared to other grooming tables
  • The additional features and components elevate the prices significantly

Additional types of dog grooming tables

The dog grooming table types mentioned in the previous section are some of the prominent dog grooming table types. Now, in this section, you will see some of the other types of dog grooming tables that might come in handy for you:

#1. Wall-mounted dog grooming table

The well-mounted dog grooming tables are attached to the cabinet or wall with screws or brackets. Afterwards, the surface is folded up or down when not in use. This saves space and is convenient. The table also has an adjustable arm which holds a harness or loop that helps secure the position of the dog.

Further, the arm can be connected to the table or wall with a screw or clamp. The arm can be attached as per the dog’s height for better positioning. The working principle for this dog grooming table is leverage and stability. This is the reason why it needs a strong and flat surface to sustain the dog’s movement and weight.

Here, the dog’s weight and force are distributed evenly across the surface of the table. This reduces the risk of sliding or slipping. The weight and force are neutralised by leverage and resistance screws, which also prevent the table from getting detached.

Perks of using a wall-mounted dog grooming table

  • Easy installation, space-saving, and doesn’t occupy any floor space
  • Affordable and doesn’t contain expensive or complex features

Drawbacks of using a wall-mounted dog grooming table

  • Fixed position so, no flexibility or adjustability
  • Stability relies on it’s connection with the wall or cabinet

#2. Sling dog grooming table

This type of dog grooming table has a hammock or sling which holds the dog in a suspended position. The sling can be attached to a stand, a frame, or a ceiling using straps or hooks. This grooming table works on the principle of tension and gravity. It creates a balance between the force of the sling and the weight of the dog.

The weight and force of the dog are distributed nicely across the sling and stop the dog from sliding or falling off. The force and weight are counterbalanced by the tension and pressure of the harness or loop. This ensures that the dog is neither too tight nor too loose. Also, the hooks and straps make sure the sling doesn’t swing or get completely detached.

Perks of using sling dog grooming table

  • Supports more weight without collapsing or wobbling
  • Is more stable and sturdy in comparison with a wall-mounted table
  • Safe and relaxing for dogs, with less risk of injuries

Drawbacks of using sling dog grooming table

  • Heavyweight, needs more space and equipment for installation
  • Nor portable and moving it to a different place is almost not feasible
  • Has complex features, and the cost is also high

#3. Inflatable dog grooming table

The inflatable dog grooming table uses an inflatable surface that is filled with air using a blower or pump. Dog owners can deflate and store it while not in use. It comes with an adjustable arm which holds a harness or a loop securing the dog’s position. The arm is connectable to the table using a screw or a clamp and is movable up or down as per the dog’s height.

This dog grooming table works on the principle of volume and air pressure. The pump, valve, and nozzle are needed in this grooming table. The blower or the pump puts pressure by pushing air into the inflatable surface which results in the surface expanding. The table operates by keeping the balance between the pressure and volume of the air and the surface.

So, the blower and valve or the pump regulate the pressure and volume of air and control how much air, and at what speed is supplied to the surface. The volume and pressure of the surface are neutralised by the weight and movement of the dog and its owner. In addition, the loop and harness balance the pressure and tension of the dog and the arm to ensure a secure position.

Perks of using an inflatable dog grooming table

  • Doesn’t occupy much floor space and is foldable
  • Portable and lightweight so, easy to carry around
  • Economical and affordable as no additional complex features

Drawbacks of using an inflatable dog grooming table

  • Orientation cannot be changed
  • The dog might escape from the harness or loop and hence, no safe

Tips on Using Dog Grooming Table

Buying a dog grooming table is only going to provide effective grooming if you use the table effectively. I say this because many dog owners initiate the usage of the table without considering the prospects of effective use. For instance, they neglect the types available in the market and end up buying a dog grooming table that is not suitable for their dog or doesn’t meet their needs.

Hence, for effective use, you’ll have to thoroughly examine your requirements and match them with different types of dog grooming tables that are available. Here are some tips that you can consider after you pick a suitable dog grooming table for use:

#1. Get used to the mechanism

Once you set up the dog grooming table, familiarise yourself with the mechanism. This is important to avoid threatening situations, accidents, or injury to dogs. If you plan on having a hydraulic dog grooming table or an electric dog grooming table, you’ll have to be more vigilant.

The reason behind this is that while operating a hydraulic pump you might exert less pressure or high pressure and often there is a risk of table collapsing. The immediate shift in position can unsettle the dog and possibly injure them.

Likewise, if you are using an electric dog grooming table, you’ll have to continuously monitor the temperature. This is important as the high temperature of the table will generate excessive heat causing burn or irritation issues in the dog’s skin.

#2. Adjust the table at optimal height

For the optimal use of a dog grooming table, you need to adjust the table at optimal height. The optimal height adjustment ensures that your back is pain-free as you won’t have to bend too much while grooming your furry friend.

In addition, the adjustment of the grooming table at proper height allows you to groom your dog accessing different areas. Also, there are features in the table that enable you to adjust the angles of the table for better access.

In addition, make sure the dog is secured on the table with lead or harness. This prevents them from jumping off the table or nullifying any attempt at an escape. However, the harness must not be too tight as it could lead to pain and discomfort.

#3. Select proper grooming tools

As per your furry friend’s skin and coat, you need to collect the necessary grooming tools. Also, make sure the tools you pick are the ones that you know how to use. Random selection of grooming tools might lead to improper dog grooming.

For example, if your dog needs heavy-duty scissors to cut the hair, and you pick lightweight scissors, it will be of no use. In general, you will need a brush, a pair of scissors, combs, nail trimmers, clippers, shampoo, ear cleaner, shampoo etc.

However, these grooming tools or accessories should not cause damage to the dog’s skin or injury to them. So, make sure the shampoo has proper composition and doesn’t put the dog at risk of infection and the scissor blade is not sharp enough to cause massive injury.

#4. Regular cleaning and maintenance

Once, you are done with the dog grooming, you need to clean the grooming table. If the dog grooming table is not cleaned regularly, it will not last for a longer duration. Also, if the dog hair remains for a longer period it can mix with shampoo remains or other substances. This can lead to infection issues and possibly may compromise the non-slip surface of the table.

Hence, to use the dog grooming table for a longer duration without causing issues for the dog, you need to wash it thoroughly. In addition, check the clamps, joints, and other areas you normally operate. If the screws near the joints, clamps, or other areas are not tight, you’ll have to tighten it to avoid any malfunctioning issues.

Perks of dog grooming table

While using a dog grooming table, both dog and dog owner get the benefit. So, if you manage to follow the tips I just mentioned, you will be able to leverage the complete benefits of using a dog grooming table. Below are some of the prominent perks of using a dog grooming table:

  • Safety and comfort

The dog grooming table improves the safety and comfort of both the dog and its owner. For dogs, the risk of injury is minimised and the lead keeps them secure in one position. Also, the stability of the table ensures that the dog doesn’t fall off. In addition, the table helps calm the dog during grooming.

Further, a dog owner remains safe because the grooming table makes the grooming process simpler for them. They don’t have to change their position frequently hold their dog or shift their position. This reduces the chances of injury during trimming or cutting the hair. Also, the harness on the table holds the dog and prevents the potential issue of the dog scratching or biting the owner.

  • Efficient grooming

Grooming dogs on a regular table is fine but, there is always a risk of injury or improper trimming or cutting of hair. Even with proper skills, it is unlikely you’ll get proper grooming results for your furry friend. This happens because there are some areas such as underbelly or paws are not accessible and the grooming remains incomplete.

A grooming table makes this process easier for dog owners. They can easily access paws or underbelly areas and execute proper grooming. In addition, there are additional storage facilities on the table that allow dog owners to keep their grooming tools at their convenience. Hence, there is no need for them to carry it on themselves using a bag.

  • Dog’s appearance and health

Efficient grooming will make dogs’ fur and skin look better and also boost their confidence. For dog owners, grooming is a good opportunity to look for fleas, wounds, ticks, or infections. In addition, the touching of hands and similar gestures might also improve a dog’s obedience skills and socialisation. Further, getting rid of fleas, and other organisms also keeps dog owners healthy.

  • Saves time and money

If you are not grooming your dog at home and regularly get your dog groomed by a professional, it will elevate the budget. Whether you take your dog to the groomer or they visit your house, it will consume lots of time and per-session charges will be expensive, especially if your dog needs frequent grooming.

In addition, with professional grooming, you might not get the desired results. A dog grooming table helps you groom your dog at your own pace and you can make your dog’s fur look like you wish to.

  • Improves bonding

Grooming usually takes time, especially if you are not used to doing it yourself. But, doing it yourself will make it fun for both you and your dog. The more time you spend grooming your dog, the bond between you and your dog will get stronger. Also, you can train them to be more obedient by teaching them different commands.

Drawbacks of Using a Grooming Table

There are some significant perks of using a dog grooming table but, because of the huge design of different tables, there are some noticeable drawbacks as well, especially if it is not used properly. Let’s have a peek at some of the drawbacks:

  • Cost is high

In general, the cost of a dog grooming table with good features is very high. Sure it’s a one-time investment if you are seeking a long-term solution but, the price is way too high. The cheapest dog grooming table of good quality costs between £80-100.

This is just the beginning price, based on features, size, and other requirements you can expect to pay more for a durable and good-quality dog grooming table. However, this is only a drawback for dog owners who are not skilled enough to groom their furry friends. As the returns for this one-time investment will not be fruitful.

  • Heavy and bulky

The majority of the high-quality grooming tables are heavy and bulky. While this is not exactly a drawback from a grooming perspective, it is a significant issue. I say this because, after grooming the dog, many dog owners prefer putting the table away or adjusting its location.

The weight of the table makes it almost impossible for dog owners to shift its position, especially if it’s not portable or foldable. Some dog grooming tables weigh more than 100 or 200 pounds and are stable and permanent in position so, if dog owners have restricted space in the house it can become an issue.

  • Not feasible to use for every dog

Not every dog will feel comfortable on the grooming table. Some dogs are naturally aggressive and will not like being tied to a table, while some dogs will feel fearful, or get nervous when placed on the table with lead on. These varied emotions can often lead to accidents where both dog and dog owner tend to get injured.

The dog might get injured while trying to escape from the lead or harness and in the process, they might bite or scratch the owner and injure them. So, to avoid such situations, you will have to train the dog to get accustomed to the table and its features so, that they do not panic.

  • Risky if not used properly

If dog owners don’t get themselves familiar with the structure of the grooming table or the features, it could pose some significant issues. Even if the dog is well-behaved, the unfamiliarity with the mechanism of the table, especially if it’s adjustable, or hydraulic table, can cause injury to the dog.

For instance, if you are adjusting the height of the table or changing the position slightly, a small mistake in adjustment might injure your dog or give them a dull trim or cut. The risk of you getting injured isn’t less. You might drop some tools and injure yourself.

Things to avoid while using a dog grooming table

To make sure that dog grooming with the help of a dog grooming table is executed without any hassle, dog owners need to avoid doing certain things. Here are some of the prominent things for them to consider while using a dog grooming table:

  • Neglecting features

A dog grooming table comes with certain features and is made using different materials to serve a specific purpose or provide certain functionality. The functionality features mainly include size, weight, adjustability, material, safety, comfort, portability, rotatability, and flexibility. Neglecting these functionality features is not good as it directly correlates with how useful the dog grooming table is.

In addition, ignoring the working conditions of the grooming table is something dog owners must completely avoid. If there is the slightest malfunction, especially with the height adjustment feature, dog owners should get it repaired before using it.

  • Ignoring instructions and safety precautions

The manufacturers of dog grooming tables provide certain guidelines and instructions for dog owners to set up the table and instructions on how to use it efficiently. Also, there are specific tips on how to ensure the safety of the dog and the owner. Ignoring these instructions is not good and dog owners must avoid doing so.

Ignoring the instructions and safety precautions will cause issues for both the dog and its owner. For dogs, the risk of injury is elevated and dog owners also put themselves at risk by not following the guidelines. The simplest example is dog owners getting injured while adjusting the height of the table.

  • Avoid not monitoring the temperature of the table

The temperature of a grooming table is often elevated due to friction caused by the movement of the table or the dog, excessive exposure to direct sunlight, or because of the hydraulic or electric mechanism of the table. Regardless, dog owners should avoid not checking the temperature as it can cause issues for the dog.

Lack of monitoring of the temperature will cause burn or irritation issues to dogs’ skin. Dogs having thin and sensitive skin are likely to have severe burns. Hence, dog owners need to make sure the temperature is not too high and avoid prolonged use of a table if it has a hydraulic or electric working mechanism.

  • Leaving dog alone

Dog owners must avoid leaving dogs alone on the grooming table. Yes, they are secured with a loop or harness but, your absence might encourage them to escape. In the attempt to escape, they will bite the harness, scratch the surface, or exert force to break the buckle. All of these will pose a risk of injury.

For instance, biting through a harness might damage their teeth, scratching on the surface will break their nails, and excessive pulling will cause swelling issues around the neck.

  • Avoid forcing dogs to stay on the grooming table

Forcing dogs to stay on the grooming table is not good. As a responsible dog owner, you must completely avoid forcing your dog to remain on the grooming table. Whether you are training them to be on the grooming table or actual grooming, forcing them will only escalate the situation and they will get aggressive.

So, if you see our dog feeling uncomfortable or observe nipping barking, growling, whining, biting, shaking, scratching or other such behaviour, take them off the table. In addition, some dog owners punish their furry friends if they avoid grooming tables. This should be avoided as it might register a negative experience and they will resent the grooming table permanently.

Training Dog to Get Used to a Dog Grooming Table

As I mentioned earlier, dogs respond differently to a dog grooming table. You must be aware of the possible behavioural response before you place your dog on the dog grooming table. If they respond well you might not have to train them and if they are fearful, exhibiting anxiety or being aggressive, take them off.

They will need some training to get used to the table structure before you begin grooming. Below are some tips that will help you train your furry friend to get used to the grooming table:

#1. Initiate training as early as possible

If you have made a decision regarding, home grooming, you should begin to train the dog as early as possible. The sooner you introduce them to the dog grooming table the better. So, if you have a pup that needs regular grooming, begin to train them to get used to the structure of a normal table in the house. Puppies are active and are likely to adapt easily in comparison to young or senior dogs.

You don’t have to groom them just consider this as a mock drill. Observe their reaction, if they obey your command and stay still, reward them. Likewise, make them sit for a longer duration. If the response remains positive, use a lamp attach the lead and connect with the dog. See if there is a change in their behaviour.

#2. Introduce an actual grooming table

Once your dog is used to standing or remaining in a particular position for a longer duration on a normal table, you can introduce them to the new grooming table. However, you don’t want to overwhelm them by using it straight away. They might not take it well.

Allow them to sniff the table from the ground and if they roam around or try to climb on the table don’t stop them. This will help them get a sense of the structure of the table. So, if your furry friend is comfortable around the grooming table, you can place them on the surface and observe the reaction. If their response is encouraging provide them with a treat or a reward and if not, you must discourage their bad behaviour.

#3. Command Train your dog

For proper grooming experience, you need to command train your dog. This may seem unnecessary as they normally follow your commands. Still, I emphasize this prospect because their behaviour changes once you put them on the grooming table and the anxiety often leads to radical behaviour.

Hence, use a lead or harness to control your dog while adjusting their position. This will ensure they do not jump or try to escape off the table. You can simply begin with the sit command, and gradually make them lay down or stand using different cues. Training your dog to follow your commands while they are on the grooming table will make it easy for you as they will adjust their position as per your instructions while you’re grooming them.

#4. Mock grooming

After training your dog to obey your commands, and ensuring they behave on the table, you’ll have to conduct a mock grooming session. You don’t need to use any tools. The purpose of this mock grooming session will be to make your dog comfortable with touch in different or sensitive areas of their body. Executing this mock session is crucial as it is possible that your dog might not like being touched in such areas, especially if you have tools such as clippers or scissors in your hand.

Wear some gloves or use a cloth and gently massage their body and afterwards, move towards areas like their paws, ears, tail, and underarms. They should feel comfortable and if there is any change in the behaviour, for instance, you see them growl, nip, or pull themselves away, cuddle them to make them feel secure. Use gentle hand gestures and pats while applying pressure to different areas of the body.

#5. Familiarise your dog with the actual tools

Now, when you feel the dog is comfortable with the touches in mock grooming, it’s time to introduce them to actual tools. Place different tools near the dog and if they attempt to sniff, allow it. This will help them get familiar with the scent of the tools. At this stage, you can put the clipper, scissor, trimmer, and other tools that you plan on using. However, make sure you avoid using noisy or vibrating tools directly.

Clean the coat with a soft cloth and initiate contact using simple tools like scissors, cut some parts of the coat and keep an eye on their reaction. If they are maintaining the position without exhibiting aggressive behaviour, you can use a trimmer or clipper. Make sure the noise and vibration levels of dog clippers or trimmers are low. This is crucial as high noise or vibration can unsettle dogs and they might try to escape or get away from the device. This can cause injury to them.

#6. Maintain consistency in training

Every dog reacts differently to the setup of the grooming table and will take time to adjust to it. Some dogs easily adjust after some training while others may need more time. Regardless, dog owners need to maintain consistency in training their dogs to make sure there is no issue while grooming.

So, based on how your furry friend reacts to this change and responds to the training, you’ll have to decide on the frequency of training. If your dog is obedient you might not need many sessions. But, if they are not comfortable and resist this change, you should have more mock grooming sessions.

FAQs for Best Dog Grooming Table UK

Do dog grooming tables help save money?

Yes, dog grooming tables dog help save money but, from a long-term use perspective. For instance, if a dog owner prefers grooming their dog at home daily, it saves an ample amount of money. They don’t have to visit professional groomers to leverage their grooming services for their furry friends. Also, the cost of sessions varies as per grooming needs and different dog breeds have different charges. Having a dog grooming table will save such additional expenses.

What is the general price of a dog grooming table in the UK?

It is difficult to estimate the general price for a dog grooming table as it is available in various types. Each type contains different features and is made using different materials. Based on type, the cheapest dog grooming table is foldable or a regular table. It will cost roughly between £50-£200. The hydraulic dog grooming table will cost about £300- £1000 or more. The electric dog grooming table is the most expensive one, you can expect to pay a minimum of £400 and the prices can surpass the £2000 mark.

Which dog breed owners get the most benefit from a dog grooming table?

Different dog breeds have different grooming needs. Some may need more regular grooming and some may need it occasionally. In general, dog owners owning breeds that need high maintenance, are heavyweight or have fragile bodies benefit the most when using dog grooming tables. Bichon Friss, Poodles, Shih Tzus, and Maltese, are high-maintenance dogs and need regular trimming, clipping, and brushing. Likewise, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, and Newfoundlands are heavy breeds and require durable support for grooming. Also, Dachshunds, Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and Pugs, are small and have fragile bodies, so grooming them on a normal table or floor is not feasible.

Should I use a hydraulic or electric dog grooming table?

A hydraulic dog grooming table doesn’t have an electric motor mechanism and has a longer lifetime in comparison to an electric dog grooming table. However, an electric dog grooming table is more popular in the community. So, whether to have an electric dog grooming table or a hydraulic one, comes down to factors such as personal preference, budget, frequency of use, size and space, and weight of the dog and comfort. Normally, dog owners who prefer stability and longevity opt for hydraulic and for more flexibility and ease of use, electric dog grooming tables are chosen.

Final Remarks on Best Dog Grooming Table UK

A dog grooming table helps dog owners maintain their furry friend’s appearance and overall hygiene. These devices consist of a flat surface, an adjustable arm, a harness, and a hydraulic system or electric motor to adjust the height. All of these features make it easy for dog owners to groom their dogs and save them the hassle of visiting a professional groomer constantly.

There are many types of dog grooming tables for dog owners and they can pick the one which matches their requirements. Each type has its unique features, perks, and drawbacks. You need to thoroughly analyse the prospects and select the dog grooming table that can provide you with stability, durability, and longevity.

So, I hope the list of best dog grooming tables UK helped you get an insight into which dog grooming table will be suitable for you and your furry friend. The list also includes a grooming table that is suitable for professional dog groomers. Remember, the list is not definitive so, if you think that there is some other dog grooming table out there which is better than the products mentioned in the list, mention them in the comments to help out our fellow dog lovers.

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