Can Dogs Eat Bacon? Is Bacon Safe for Dogs?

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Being a pet parent, you want to feed only high-quality food to your furry pal, which is correct. It’s normal to have that feeling of sharing everything with your pup. But, the question comes to mind whether all types of food can be shared with dogs.

One such dish that comes to mind is bacon, it is a popular breakfast item for humans, but can dogs eat it too? Is bacon safe for dogs?

In this blog, we will discuss the answers to these questions, and other related information, which will guide you in a better way to feed your pup the right food, and in the right proportion. In this way, you will be able to prevent him from encountering any severe diseases or health complications in the future.

Whether you’re a first-time pet parent or have been caring for your canine for a long time. Our blog will add knowledge about whether bacon is safe for them or not.

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Can Dogs Have Bacon?

The short answer is yes, dogs can eat bacon, but in moderation. In fact, many dogs love the taste and texture of bacon, so it can be given as a special treat. However, bacon is high in fat and sodium, so avoid giving it in large quantities. It can lead to health complications such as obesity, heart-related issue, pancreatitis, etc…

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Many dogs are allergic to fatty food, so it is suggested to consult the vet before introducing bacon/pork to your furry pal. If you notice any signs like vomiting or digestion issues in your pup after consuming bacon, it is advisable to avoid giving it in future to your pup.

Is Bacon Bad for Dogs?

Just because your dog can eat bacon, this doesn’t mean you will add it to his regular meal. Too much feeding bacon can lead to severe health complications for your pup. So, yes, bacon is bad for dogs if fed in large quantities, and on a regular basis.

Bacon contains saturated fat and is high in salt, which is not good for your pup’s health. As it leads to obesity issues, and other severe health diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc… Furthermore, your dog can get pancreatitis issue, if ingested large amounts of fat.

If you want your pup to taste the bacon, make sure it has been cooked properly, and no seasoning, salt, or spices, are added to it. Occasional treats of bacon will not hurt your pup’s stomach. In other words, moderation is key.

Ways to Feed Bacon to Dogs!

Bacon is good for your pup, only if fed in a small quantity, and on an occasional basis. Since, bacon is high in salt and fat, you need to be careful about the quantity while feeding it to your furry pal. Here, we have jotted down the safest way to feed bacon to your dog, so that it won’t hurt his stomach.

  • Before adding the bacon to the pan, remove the visible fat from the bacon. This will help to reduce the fat content.
  • Make sure you cook the bacon thoroughly before serving it to your pup.
  • Cut the cooked bacon into fine pieces, so that your dog can easily ingest it.
  • Do not deep-fry it, or add any kind of seasoning to it, keep it simple.
  • You can also add cooked chicken or turkey with the bacon to give a delicious taste.
ways to feed bacon to dogs
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Note:- Always consult the vet before introducing any new dish to your dog. Especially, one like bacon, or pork, which is already high in fat and salt, and can be a risk factor for your furry pal’s health.

You can also try mixing in small amounts of other cooked meats like seafood sticks occasionally for variety. Is it safe for dogs to eat fish sticks? is a question that many dog owners have. For further details, see our guide “can dogs eat seafood sticks

How Much Bacon Is Enough for My Dog?

So far we have discussed, you can feed bacon to your pup in small quantities. But, now the question arises, how much bacon is more than enough to feed your dog?

If your dog enjoys the taste of bacon and his body doesn’t encounter any gastrointestinal issues. It is suggested, to feed him in a small proportion on an occasional basis.

You can follow this feeding guide for better knowledge:

  • For small dogs, it is recommended to feed 1/4 strip of bacon, and it should be considered as their weight.
  • For medium size dogs, it is stated to feed 1/2 of a strip.
  • Large dogs can eat one whole strip at a time.

Well, whether you are feeding it to small or large breeds, the weight factor should be considered carefully. Furthermore, it is advisable to seek a vet’s guidance, before feeding bacon to your furry pal. As they understand his body function in a better way, then compared to you.

You can also mix in small pieces of cooked chicken or turkey with the bacon, but be sure not to feed raw chicken, which can harbor bacteria harmful to dogs. For more on raw chicken, check our guide “is raw chicken good for dogs“.


Can dogs eat bacon raw?

No, it’s not a good idea to feed raw bacon to your furry pal, it will make him sick. There are parasites and bacteria in the raw bacon, which can make your pup unwell. If it is by accident or something, he eats raw bacon in small quantities, he will be fine, but you have to be careful with their eating habits.

Is there dog food made with bacon?

Yes, there are dog foods made with bacon. Popular brands offer treats made with bacon flavour. Many pet parents try to add bacon or pork, to homemade treats for their furry pal. However, it’s recommended not to make a habit of feeding it on a regular basis, as it is not considered healthy for your pup’s health.

Why do dogs love bacon?

It has been observed that dogs love the smell and texture of bacon, so they easily get attracted towards the dish. As we know, dogs can have bacon in small quantities, but that doesn’t mean you will regularly feed them. Or make a habit of adding it to their regular meal.

Can dogs have scrambled eggs?

Yes, you can feed scrambled eggs to your dog. One thing to keep in mind, before serving eggs to your dog, make sure it is boiled enough. Plus, no oil, salt, seasoning, or spices are added to it. You can even cut the boiled egg into small pieces and can serve it to your pup, it’s not necessary that it should be scrambled.

Can dogs have sausages?

Well, on an occasional basis, you can safely feed sausages to your pup, but only the unseasoned ones, and in moderation. Make sure you cook the sausages properly and cut them into small pieces so that your pup can easily ingest them.

Can puppies eat bacon?

In the puppy’s case, it is recommended not to feed them, not even in small quantities. This is because, during the developing stage, too much of fat can lead to obesity issues, and high salt intake can lead to dehydration in your tiny furry pal. Instead of feeding them bacon, it is suggested to feed them only high-quality puppy-formulated food for their better development.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Concluding our blog on: can dogs eat bacon UK? Is it safe for them or not? Confidently, we were able to serve you the appropriate content regarding the question: can dogs eat bacon? Can dogs eat raw bacon? Can puppies have bacon?

As of now, we know, you can feed bacon to your pup. But, it is recommended to feed in small quantities and in moderation. This is because it is not considered a healthy meal for your dog. Still, if you want him to taste it, you can serve a small quantity.

Furthermore, it is advisable to add bacon to their treats, and not replace it with a regular meal. In addition, while serving no seasoning, salt, or spices, should be added because that is dangerous for your furry pal’s health.

Remember, it may be tempting, but should be fed in moderation for your pup’s better health.

If you’re considering letting your dog have prawns, consider checking our guide on “can dogs eat prawns” for additional details.

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