Can Dogs Eat Prawns? Are Prawns Safe for Dogs?

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Dogs love to eat what their pet parents are eating. So, it’s common to wonder if you can feed prawns to your dog. As we know, dogs can eat selected seafood, but can dogs eat prawns?

To clear all your doubts related to whether dogs can eat prawns or not. We have done some good research work, which will discuss in detail.

In this blog, we will talk about whether dogs can safely eat prawns, and other questions like: are prawns bad for dogs, is it safe to add them to their meal, how many prawns are enough for them, whether can dogs eat cooked prawns, etc…

Let’s just dive into it and explore all your queries, to gain better knowledge.

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Can Dogs Have Prawns?

The short answer is yes, dogs can safely eat prawns, as long as they are cooked, and in moderation. In fact, prawns are rich in nutrients like protein, phosphorus, iodine, vitamins, calcium, copper, potassium, and magnesium. It will add health benefits to your dog such as boosting energy levels, supporting the brain and nervous system and maintaining the glossy coat and skin.

However, if you want to share prawns with your pooch, make sure to remove the veins prior. Furthermore, do not add seasoning to his meal, and serve him cooked prawns to prevent choking issues.

If your pup doesn’t like the taste of prawns, you shouldn’t force-feed them. This is because there are many peaky eaters who don’t like to eat prawns, and it’s fine.

Are Prawns Good for Dogs?

Now, we know, dogs can safely eat cooked prawns. The question raised is whether there are any health benefits of feeding prawns to your dog.

are prawns good for dogs
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Well, the answer is yes, prawns do add health benefits to your furry pal’s health. It contains essential nutrients, such as protein, amino acids, omega-3, vitamins B12 and B6, vital minerals, calcium, selenium, zinc, iron copper, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. All these nutrients add health benefits like:

  • Healthy blood cells
  • Maintain brain and nervous system
  • Bone and muscle development
  • Boost immune system and metabolism
  • Allow red blood cells to carry oxygen around their body
  • Helps kidneys to function efficiently

These are the health benefits of feeding cooked prawns to your dog. Apart from these essential nutrients, it’s also true that prawns are low in calories, and high in cholesterol (good cholesterol). We recommend you feed them in moderation, especially if your pup’s diet is all about taking low cholesterol only.

Feeding raw prawns poses a choking risk, much like giving raw chicken for dogs.

Ways to Feed Prawns to My Dog!

As per facts, you can safely feed cooked prawns to your dog in the form of meals or snacks, but in moderation. Before feeding him, it’s important for you to gain knowledge regarding the techniques you should follow, so that you don’t hurt your dog’s stomach.

Here, we have jotted few feeding tips, which will guide you to feed in a better way to your dog:

  • Wash the prawns properly
  • Remove the outer shell, tail, head, vein
  • Cook the prawns, and cut them into small pieces
  • While cooking prawns for your dog, do not add any seasoning, or salt.
ways to feed prawns
Credit: Cesare Ferrari

Just follow these simple steps, it will help you to feed your dog in the correct manner. Remember one thing, just like many humans are allergic to seafood, similarly, many dogs’ bodies cannot digest seafood easily.

We recommend you feed in small quantity and watch how your dog’s body react. If they are not able to digest it, then there is no need to force-feed your dog.

There are many who question whether it’s okay to occasionally treat dogs with crab sticks. For additional advice, check our guide on “can dogs eat crab sticks.

How Many Prawns Are Enough for My Dog?

As we know, prawns are safe for your dog. It contains all the essential nutrients that require for maintaining the good health of your furry pal.

But, it is important to know how many prawns you can feed them at a time. Well, generally, 3–4 pieces of prawns are more than enough for your pooch. Plus, avoid overfeeding your dog because it is rich in cholesterol and would lead to obesity issues in your dog.

However, make sure you are feeding small pieces, and remove the head, tail, and shell before feeding it to your dog.

For other human foods like pork, be sure to research carefully before feeding to your dog. Check out our guide on can dogs have pork to learn more.


Can puppies eat prawns?

Yes, you can safely feed prawns to your puppy in moderation. Just remember when you are preparing a prawn meal for your puppy, make sure it is properly de-veined, to prevent choking issues. Plus, feed them very small pieces, so that your puppy can easily ingest in and not face discomfort or choking issue while having his meal or treats.

Can dogs eat prawn toast?

It is suggested not to feed them prawn toast because it includes other ingredients like garlic, onion, salt, and other seasonings, which are not suitable for your furry pal’s health. So, it’s a big no to feed them prawn toast. Still, if you want to make him taste the prawn toast, then it is recommended to specially prepare it for him, which does not include any toxic ingredients.

Are prawns toxic to dogs?

No, prawns are not toxic to dogs. In fact, prawns are rich in protein, iodine, phosphorus, vitamins, omega oil, etc… It adds benefits to your dog’s health such as supporting brain health, maintaining skin glow, providing strong joints and muscles for the future, etc… So, you can feed prawns to your dog in the form of meal, or training snacks.

What seafood is toxic to dogs?

It has been noticed that seafood like Tilefish, Swordfish, King mackerel, and Albacore tuna (canned) is not safe for your dog. So, here’s a suggestion to avoid these kinds of seafood in your dog’s meals, as it can lead to severe health issues for them.

Can dogs eat cold-cooked prawns?

Well, your doggo can eat freshly cooked prawns, which are specially made for them. One thing to keep in mind, remove the head, tail, and shell, so that it doesn’t create any choking issues for your furry pal. Plus, you can add fresh veggies to their meal to make it a healthy meal for your dog.

Can dogs eat prawn crackers?

It is recommended not to feed prawn crackers to your dog. Though prawns are safe, but prawn crackers recipes are deep-fried and include other ingredients, which are not good for your dog. To be on the safer side, do not feed prawn crackers to your dog, and prevent them from encountering any severe health complications in the future.

Can dogs eat scampi?

Yes, you can feed scampi to your dog, but in small quantities. It is one of the types of shrimp, which your dog’s body can digest it. We would recommend it to feed on an occasional basis, so you do not hurt your dog’s stomach.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Can dogs eat prawns UK? Well, yes, only if you serve them de-veined and cooked. It contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which are good for your furry pal’s health.

However, consumption of anything in large quantity leads to health issues, so make sure you fed them in moderation level. Plus, prawns are high in cholesterol, so too much feeding can lead to obesity issues in your furry pal.

Prawns are safe for dogs, they help to boost their energy level and keep them active. But, always remember to feed in moderation.

Happy Feeding!

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